My cousin_(1)

My cousin_(1)

It's been a while since I've had seen my uncle and his family. Last I remember they had 5 kids. 3 boys 2 girls. Two of the boys were older then I and the rest were some years younger. I had been known to be the bad one of the entire family. My mother had said that I was going to have to stay at her brothers house for the summer. Hoping that I would stay away from the city life. I was fine with that I need a break from the party seen. My mom dropped me off. Here you go. I sure hope you get something out of this I don't know what else I can do. All go mom. My uncle came out of the house. Let's set the ground rules. After hour of do's and don't he said that he was going to be gone for a month and I had this to look after. He gave my aunt a kiss by and said give the kid's one an I love them. I then started on chores splitting wood. It was hot out and I took my shirt off. That is when the kids come home from school. My aunt came out and said don't know if you remember this is Dawn. Kari. Dave. This is your cuz Steven. We said are his. Man they have grown. Yes Dawn just turned 18 last week. What no way yes my aunt said. She only looks 15 if that. Right she gets a hard time at school bully why. That's no cool. It will be nice for her to have some closer to her age her this summer. After a couple of days went on . I was finding my self looking a Dawn and thinking how turned on I am that she looks so young. I was out working in the yard when Dawn and one of her friends came over to lay out in the sun. Her friend was smoking hot. But I was more into Dawn. I took my shirt off to show my body. I was a 5'10 say 185 lb all rip muscle. Let her friend get wet looking at me hoping Dawn was to. I could here them talking and laughing. I started to work closer to here. And look at Dawn. God she was so hot looking. Wearing a bikini hot pink that showed how tan she was. I decided I wanted a close up and was about done for the day. When I got to them her friend got up and by Dawn my moms here. Her friend looks at me and says your fucking hot. I said thanks. Looking a Dawn's perfect smooth skin so fucking tight she gets up as I just look at her. What are you looking at as if she had something on her. She stood 4'9 and looked like she was about 80 lbs. Just enough tits to need a bra. And an ass that would fit in both of my hands one cheek per hand. My cock was starting to grow. Dawn walked way to go in the house I walked behind just to look at her ass in the bikini as it rode up in her cheeks showing the soft round ass. You like my friend don't you? You want to fuck her don't you? No she's not my type. Read she looked back at me with a glare. Her blond her the her side. What is your type. Well I I like blonds and hot. She went in. I wanted to add that look so hot and young like her. Next couple days. Dawn would flirt with me. Show me skin ass just enough of a tit here and there. And talk so much more. Fun like. She would even grab my muscles. I think she liked them. The very next day Monday. Mid day Dawn was messing with me. I said you best stop or I'm going to get you. She laughed did it again. I ran after her. Boy she was fast and fit. Got you she giggles. As I tickled her. I was touching her sides. And my cock was pressed against her cunt with clothes on. She moved around to where my cock was hard enough to I know she could feel it grow. Stop stop please. I did she got an ran. Oo shit what did I do fuck. The rest of the day she said not a thing. Even at supper. Well guys I think I'm going to go to my room. Which was in the basement. And watch a movie. Dawn says can I watch with you. I looked at her. If your mom doesn't mind. No go head. Just remember you need to get up early. OK I put my pajamas on. I went to my room it was more like a small apartment. I sat on the couch. Dawn did the same. We started watching. And in about a hour in Dawn started picking like last time. So I grabbed her to tickle and she right away jumps on top of me and sat on my cock. My hands on her small sides she moved till my cock was pushed right between pussycat lips. God my cock was growing so fast. And I stop tickling. Left my hands in her shirt softly touching her skin Dawn moved up and down my hard cock. Rubbing her tight cunt against my. She was going so hard I let her do her thing. I didn't want her to stop. Just then Dawn mond out and I was so wet from her. She got off me and said night. I was so hard after she left I grabbed my cock and blow my load. The next several days was same things each night I was loving it. She is of age but looks so much younger. Friday is here and I be going home Monday. Day was fine. But my aunt wanted us to stay up stairs and watch. Dawn laid on the floor in front of me to where only I could she her. She had a long shirt nighty and a hot pink undies. And I could see what I had bee rubbing against. So tight looking between her tan thighs. She would rub her self I could see. Movie ended. I going to go play a game. Dawn looks back can we play two players. Sure. We went down to my room I turned to game system on. And turned grabbed Dawn in the air she rap her legs around me my cock was already hard. Dawn says you should be in your underwear. OK that would be good. I pull my pants off. My was huge Dawn smiles and sits on my cock and get wet so fast. Mon she dose as I god you feel so good. My hands move to her ass she bucks up I grabbed hard and I control what we were doing. Dawn was enjoying me groping her. As she cam an cam I said I going to cum. Really Dawn moves off my huge cock. Can I see cum. O yes I pull it out 9.5" of solid cock veins full of blood all over. Dawn eyes grew. That is so big. I jerk my self. Can I help. Yes give me your hand with her small hand on my cock made it so much bigger. And I couldn't think how old she is but how old she looks. Right then I blow my load OMG that was so cool. I was like yes Dawn to bed my yelled down. Dawn jumped ran out. I sat there what just happened. Dawn jumped over the couch. That was fun thank you and gave me your first kiss. Time went by I went up stairs to shower my aunt says I'm going to go out with my sisters can you watch over. Sure no problem. I showered she left. When I got out I was no I shouldn't but my cock was wanting to feel the warmth again. I looked in Dawns room to see her sleeping in white underwear and a cut off top that covered just enough. I put my hand on her inner thigh with my finger touching her tight pussycat lip. Dawn you up I say. She mmms your mom went out for the night. You want to play two players with again. She lifts up for me to carry her yes. I pick her up she so small and she raps that legs around me my cock growing fast she moves her cunt up an down as we walk my fingers are at her cunt and the head of my cock. I feel her get wet as Mons in my ear. And say yes over and over. To the room we I say to the bed Dawn says. I lay her down body so hot her shirt over to show her small tits with dime size nipples. I lay over her kiss her on the lips. Then sick each tit. To her tight tummy. I get to her cunt. I bite over her undies. Dawn lifts up I up them off fast. And being eating her tight cunt as she Mons more more and cums in my mouth. O that tastes so good. Dawn grabs my head up. Looks at me and says. I'm 18 and I know I look under. But I want you to fuck me like I'm your little girl daddy. I looked her laying there spread I pulled off my underwear. Laying my cock on her tummy. You want daddy to fuck you yes daddy fuck my tight pussycat. I put the head at her hole and started to push Dawn yells out oo fuck that's huge daddy yes fuck me. As one third is in I'm thinking I like this role play as Dawn is cum and says that's it daddy fuck like the slut you want I just begin to hammer my cock in and out Dawn keep screaming yes daddy fuck your little girl pound her tight cunt I'm going cum I yell. Oo daddy I want in my face. I pull from her she moves to take my load. As I jerk my huge cock over open mouth. I see her in the role play she picked and I grab her hair. And say that's daddy's good little girl I shove my cock into mouth as far as I could and pumped load after load till she couldn't keep it in. I pull out as with my cum down her chin. Smiling at me Dawn say I like playing role playing. We should pick another one. Yes for Saturday we can start the whole day as step sis and bro

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