My Sweet Sue From '82

My Sweet Sue From '82

Title:“My Sweet Sue in '82”

During 1982 I lived with a younger woman named Karen and was fucking her as well as occasional trysts with her best friend Carla. She was several years older than Karen and both women knew what was going on but didn’t see a problem with it. I also knew that Karen would occasionally disappear for a day or two using the excuse of going to Lake Tahoe skiing when she was actually someplace else. I knew when there was snow up there and when there wasn’t. She was still screwing an ex-boyfriend of hers somewhere. You know, it was hard to break habits from the seventies and we were all in our late twenties or older then and sex was still very important. Carla had a connection for some of the best smoking weed you have ever tried in your life! She was also much better in the sack than Karen although I avoided sharing that fact with her for obvious reasons. Since Karen also had her own fairly successful business going making and selling stained glass windows and artwork she was often gone when I was not working.
Well, the three of us got together one evening and the truth came out. We decided that nothing was going to be solved by changing our behavior and we should always be honest with each other. That evening I also admitted to still having feelings for a former girlfriend of mine. Karen convinced me to go give her a call. Her name was Sue and we had dated in the late seventies. At that time she had been living just a few blocks down from my place with her good-for-nothing boyfriend who had been my boss sometime back when I was the projectionist at the Cinema adult theater. We had ended up in bed at my place the first night we had found ourselves together. She had been fighting with him that night and he had been screwing around behind her back for almost the entire time that they had been living together.
I thought she was sort of attractive but we had never become serious about each other because she had been into cocaine and booze pretty heavy and was a neurotic mess after she had finally moved out of her boyfriends place and had gone back to live at her fathers house. That was where she was living when I accidentally ran into her at her work and she asked me to drive her home that evening. She had taken a job at my dentist’s office!
When I picked her up at her job she was climbing into my small car when I quickly noticed once again that she had been blessed with a rack that any Penthouse model would have loved to possess. She filled me in on her last two years and admitted to me that she had cleaned up her act, gone on a diet of health food and herbal medicine. She was proud of the fact that she had been working steady for almost a year and a half even though she wasn’t yet earning enough money to get her own apartment yet.
She had gained back some of the weight she had lost during her long chemical addiction period and really did have the finest looking set of D-cup’s I’d ever had my hands on! During the drive to her father’s house I could tell that she was glad to see me because she needed someone to talk to. I informed her that I was now living with Karen and she seemed sort of disappointed but hid it well. I later learned they had a serious falling out. Then I told her that my union had been on strike for several weeks and that I wasn’t getting as much work as I would have liked to. She then asked me if I would take her out for dinner and a movie or something because her father was going to be drunk anyway when she got home and she really needed a friend these days. I asked her if she had been dating anyone recently and saw a tear form in her eye.
I decided that I would take her to my favorite restaurant and when I opened the car door for her she jumped out and threw her arms around me. She planted a kiss on me that pulled my eyes back into their sockets! Her body had firmed up some and felt really good! Anyway, inside of ten minutes of finishing dinner we were back in my car smooching in the parking lot! We decided to go get a motel room.
I remember that she had not been too hard to get into bed before anyway, so I went for it and I told her that she would have to promise me not to get too emotionally involved. She swore that she wouldn’t and she just needed to fuck me a couple of times because she had been alone for too long. I asked her if she planned on making a commitment to remaining sober and drug-free and she said yes. After all, it was 1982 and this was almost just like it was still the seventies for the most part. A majority of people thought disco was still the music of choice and that sex was still sort of a “genital handshake” between friends. The truth about the origin and spread of AIDS had not yet been discovered then and most young people still engaged in risky behavior whenever the opportunity presented itself. Sue looked better than she had when I had last seen her and I knew that getting herself clean had been good for her, perhaps even kept her from getting herself dead.
While we were driving I couldn’t help but remember the few times when we had been getting it on and feeling those big, soft puppies slap back and forth across my face while she sat on top of me and fucked me so wonderfully! Even back then she acted like she hadn’t had a cock in six months! My past memory of her was something that a low-budget X-rated movie script could be written about! Women who preferred being on top always did start my motor racing!
We found a room at the Travel-Inn and before we got the door behind us locked we were peeling our clothes off like they were on fire and were soon holding onto one another like there was no tomorrow. All that remained to separate my hard dick from her pussy was a flimsy pair of black panties that were already soaked through and plastered against her little pink crack.
She sat down on the end of the bed and spread her skinny thighs apart as I knelt down between them and helped her as she squirmed around a bit trying to get the panties off. Undergarments like those always looked better lying on the floor anyway. It took me about another second to get my face into her lovely blonde-fringed snatch and let my tongue discover her delicious slippery sauce. She groaned as my pointed tongue pushed between her swollen outer lips and made contact with the tiny folds of skin covering her clit. Her legs automatically opened and rose up as I started doing things to her that she obviously needed really bad. I ate her delicious pussy expertly for another minute or two as she began squirming around in earnest.
As soon as she grabbed hold of my ears I knew that I had to fuck her! I pulled myself up onto my feet and yanked off the rest of my clothes and grasped my aching pole firmly as I prepared to slide it inside her. I positioned myself over her and eased the head inside and she gasped loudly as I forced a couple of inches inside her. She was sort of tight and maybe had been telling me the truth about having not been with a man in quite awhile. One more strong push and my cock slipped fully inside her once-familiar twat. Being inside a woman balls deep is like no other feeling there is and I mean that in the best possible way. Sue locked her ankles behind the small of my back as I started pulling back out. I started fucking her hard at that point and she kept up with me really well although I noticed a few tears running down her cheeks and that made me feel guilty that we were getting it on after such a long absence from one another.
“Why the tears baby?” I asked in a whisper as I thrust deeply in and out of her.
“Oh Ted… I’ve needed this for so very long! I really need to come so bad!” She replied as she stifled a cry. She was giving as good as she was getting and was wetter than any twat I could remember. I guess the blood was draining from my head into you-know-where! We had a good rhythm going and she was getting close to coming, as was I. I hadn’t been with a woman besides Karen in quite a while myself and realized I was going to have to fight to hold back long enough for her to get off first. Well before long she unlocked her legs and splayed them out wide, letting out a loud groan as I felt her pussy contract in orgasm. I drove into her as deep as I could and held still while it gripped me snug as she came. Sue had always been a highly sexual woman in the sack and tonight was no different. I felt her fairly squirting her warm, slippery juice all around my cock as she got off. After a few more seconds I began thrusting again, pumping hard into her now hot glove. I was about ready to squirt myself and suddenly I felt her come again really hard. Her pussy tightened up so much I couldn’t believe it and I lost it immediately, spurting a huge load of cock juice deep inside her quivering, pasty-white belly!

All in all I wished we had started a serious relationship back then but she had to get through that extreme party-girl phase she had been in when we had first met. I liked to party myself but I always got up and went to work while she rarely did anything besides sell drugs. We never did get together as a couple but that was not the last night I spent with the new Sue as we tried to set a record for seeing how much skin we could rub raw over the next few weeks. Sometime during that winter she called me and told me that their was someone new in her life and that what I had done for her as far as helping her get her self-respect back and learning to feel like a real woman without alcohol or drugs was something she would never forget. I was only twenty-eight that second time we found one another back then and I still had a lot more to learn about a woman’s emotions. Well, some guys never learn…

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