Couples retreat

Couples retreat

Jon was your everyday guy, married to his wife Grace for six years, two kids, lived the same town all his life. He loved his wife and would do anything for her; and he had a great sex life too. They were together since high school and the spark was still there. They did some crazy things together and he was opened minded to anything Grace anted to try.
So when she came to him a week before their seventh anniversary and told him that she booked a trip for them to a tropical island for a week long getaway; he was thrilled at the chance to getaway from work and relax with his wife. He was a manager at his job and four weeks of vacation a year and could take off whenever; he knew that this was going to be fun because his wife had such a glow in her about the trip. Grace didn’t tell Jon anything about the trip to keep it a surprise for him.
All week he was thinking of the beach and the ocean and seeing his wife in the sexy bikini he spotted in the closet one morning. Jon and Grace were both in their early thirties and kept in shape together. Grace had a killer body and would get some looks when she was out; she kept her hair short and always had blond highlights in her brown reddish hair, she had 36D breast and a skim waist with a little plum ass. She never had any hair on her pussy and when she would wear her yoga pants Jon would always comment on how he could see her cameltoe. Jon was 6’ tall and was in good shape too, had some abs and looked like your average guy. He dick was 6½” and average girth, his wife had no complains so he never hated not having a bigger cock; what he did have was that he produced a lot of cum. He once covered Grace’s face that it looked like you poured a bottle of hand lotion on her.
The day came and soon they were on the plane south; from the airport they took a boat to the privet island. Jon could see six small huts in a cove and a bigger building up from the beach. After the boat docked they made their way up to the building and were greeted by a man behind the desk. Grace checked them in and the man told them to have a wonderful time here and the bellboy would show them there room.
Jon and Grace followed the guy out to the huts and told them that their room mates haven’t checked in yet, but he would bring them also when they come. Before leaving he told them to have a wonderful time and enjoy all that the island has. Jon turned to Grace and asked what he meant about room mates, and Grace told him that this island is only from married couples and that they only book twelve couples two to a room for a week and that the island is yours to do anything you want. She told him that couples come from all over the world to relax and enjoy some quite time among other couples without the partying of drunk college kids. Grace told him to relax and enjoy the place; Jon said ok and grabbed his trunks to change into.
As Jon looked around the room he saw that the hut had a living room area that opening out into a deck and between the kitchen/dining area there was a hatch that opened to stairs going right into the water below. Next he saw that the only privet room in the hut was the bathroom and that there was two king size beds about five feet apart with a folding grass divider. He didn’t know about that, but he wanted Grace happy so if she didn’t care never did he.
Jon changed by the bed and Grace came from the bathroom wearing the bikini he saw at home and boy did she look good; he was about to open the mini bar in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door and the bellboy opened it to let the other couple in. The other couple entered behind the guy and said hello to Jon and Grace. Jon was from a small town and sure there were people of other race in it, but he never had friends that were black. The couple who were Drew and Candice told them that this was their first vacation since their honeymoon three years ago and that they didn’t get out of Queens much. Jon headed to the kitchen as Drew and Candice unpacked and changed into their swimwear. Jon found some beer and bought some to the others as they all sat on the deck and got to know each other. Drew told them at he found this place online and it look neat because since they don’t travel, it would be nice to relax somewhere that wasn’t covered snow. They all talked more and soon it was time to head to the main building for dinner. The hall was set up that the couples shared a table after some good food and more drinks the two couples headed back to the hut and went to sleep.
In the middle of the night Jon got up to pee so he headed to the bathroom; being that if was the first night and that sharing a hut with another couple didn’t come to he at first. He didn’t notice the light on and opened to door only to be greeted by Drew peeing at the toilet. Jon still somewhat asleep, stopped and took a moment to realize that Drew was there. Before Jon turned to leave he looked down and saw something that he never saw before. Drew was holding a monster of a cock; a nine inch thick black dick. Drew shook off the remaining pee and turned to Jon; Jon tried to tell him sorry for coming in, but Drew said no problem and walked pass Jon with his huge cock hanging between his legs. Drew passed Jon and when Jon turned he could see in the moon light Drew was totally naked and Candice was too sleeping in bed. Jon peed and headed back to bed.
The next morning Jon told Grace of what happen the night before when they were alone; all Grace said was it really as big as Jon said. Jon was a little shocked by this, but played it out as being that he was the only one Grace has been with. That evening things went just like the night before; they ate and drank and when they got back to the hut Grace was pass her normal drinking point. So when they all were sitting in the living room Grace told Candice out of the blue that Jon walked in on Drew peeing the night before and told her that he had a monster cock. Grace asked Candice if this was true or not?
Jon was speechless by his wife and thought there was no way Candice would answer. Candice looked at Grace and told her that it was a little too much to handle in the beginning back after that it was the best thing she could ever have. She then rubbed the crotch of Drew’s trunks and everyone could see a burgle start to form. Grace’s eyes lit up when Candice did this; Grace told Candice that she loved Jon even thro he was her one and only and that he could last for hours and cum a lot doing so. She always wanted to know if the rumor about black men was true. Candice giggled a little and said that it was true but she would love to be with someone that could go the distances with her; Candice said that Drew was big but he was one of those once and done men. He could fuck her for an hour but once he came he was done and she always wanted more.
The whole time they were talking the tent in Drew’s trunks was getting bigger and bigger and this make both Candice and Grace wet; even Jon who never thought of himself as gay or even bi was getting horny looking at the growing burgle. Grace didn’t know if it was the wine talking, but she asked Candice if she could see it and Candice said only if Jon’s cock came out too. This was all new to the couples, but they both had the thought of you only live once; so with that Grace and Candice both pulled down their husband’s trunks and their hard cocks came out. Candice grabbed Drew dick and stroked it a little as Grace just looked in shock of how big it was. Jon too looked at it since he could get a better look in the light then before. Drew’s dick was long and thick and curve down a little before the head. Jon started to turn red in the face knowing that his cock was no match to Drew’s. Candice saw this and told him that he had a beautiful cock too and that she liked it because his was uncut. This lifted Jon’s spirit and he asked since the guys are naked that their wives should be too. Candice said that’s fair and removed her bikini as Grace followed too. Drew looked on as Grace removed her top to her big tits and her bottom to her shaved wet pussy. He looked at her milky white skin that covered her fit body as Jon watched Candice remove her top that covered her petite B cup tits and then her bottoms the show off her little patch of hair above her pussy. Now Jon never seen a black woman naked and he was enjoying ever minute. Candice dark skin, her curvy hips and her juicy ass were the signs of a true black woman. Jon looked at her pussy after she sat down and saw that she had a pair of large pussy lips that covered a pink wet pussy. Jon loved to eat his wife’s pussy sometimes even more then getting a blowjob.
So there sat the two couples naked and horny in the living room of the hut. Candice got up and moved next to Grace and started to play with her big tit as she wanted to feel them not having a pair herself. Drew watched as his wife squeezed Grace’s tits as he stroked his cock. Jon caught himself too playing with his cock as he watched his wife with this other woman as she was know kissing her and running her hands up and down Candice’s body. After a few seconds Grace drew her tongue from Candice’s mouth and turned to Drew saying that she just needed to feel his cock. She crawled across Candice’s lap leaving your ass there and her wet pussy dripping onto Candice’s. Jon moved in closet not really knowing what to do or how far this was going to go. Grace wrapped her hand as much as she could around Drew’s monster cock and spit on it before running her hand up and down it. For none of them doing this before they all were getting into it; Candice pulled apart Grace’s ass and Jon run a finger up through her wet pussy and gave it to Candice to suck on. Jon then leaned in and kissed someone else for the first time since he has been with Grace, right at the same time Grace took the first cock besides Jon’s in her mouth. Grace only could get to the bend in her mouth; Candice broke the kiss with Jon and turned to Grace telling her that with a little work she would get more in. she then told Jon how her husband has been talking for mouths about how he wanted to be with a white women. Jon looked at Drew and said to he could do anything Grace let him, because he was going to get some of his wife. Drew smiled at Jon and turned his attention back to Grace who was tried to get more of his cock in her mouth.
Jon moved Candice to the side and spread her legs wide before diving into her wet pussy; it was sweeter than his wife’s and he couldn’t get enough of it. Candice ran her fingers through his hair as he got her to a very quick orgasm and told him how wanted Drew to do this to her since they met, but he wasn’t into giving her oral that much. Jon continued to lick away at her pussy as his wife got on top of Drew. Grace lined up Drew’s huge cock with her pussy and sat down on it putting it into her tight pussy. With an “O MY GOD” she let out how big his cock was and how much it was filling her pussy. Hearing this Jon pulled from Candice’s pussy to see his wife ride her first black cock and seeing his cock covered in her pussy juice. He felt a little down now, but Candice pulled him back and told him that having a big cock is only half of being a great lover, and how he eats pussy she would trade between him and Drew over and over to have them both. Jon went back to sucking on her big pussy lips and licking up her juices as she came again.
Candice pushed back Jon and told all of them that they needed to move to the bed for some more fun.
With that they headed to one of the beds and Drew and Candice both laid on their back kissing as Grace got on top of Drew and Jon got between Candice’s legs. Jon lined his cock up and started to fuck Candice as his wife remounted Drew and continued to fuck his big cock. She leaned forwarded and started to kiss Candice as Jon watched Drew’s cock go in and out of his wife’s pussy. He started to rub his hand up and down her back as Drew had two hands full of her ass.
The smell and sounds of sex was in the air as the two couple fuck each other and both women started to cum together. As Jon was rubbing his wife’s back his hand was going farther and father down to where he would lightly touch Drew’s cock as it was fucking Grace’s pussy. That is when Drew’s cock came out of Grace and Jon’s hand was going down her back. Jon found himself holding Drew’s monster cock covered in his wife’s pussy juice. In the heat of everything, the feel of other mans cock in his hand and the size of it too was a lot for him. Some deep thoughts from when Jon was a young kid jerking off in his room came to him and how he would think of what another guy’s dick would feel like. So there with Drew’s cock in his hand Jon started to stroke in for a bit before returning it to his wife’s pussy. Right before he gave it to his he heard Drew moan out from Jon jerking his cock.
Drew to never been with a guy before nor has had group sex, but all this was feeling really good and he knew that anything that would happen would be a great expiries. Jon was about to cum and moaned out that he was about to. Candice told him to shot it on her, that she wanted to taste this load. Jon pulled out and before he got a hold of he cock Drew grabbed it and started to return the flavor and jerked Jon to cumming. Being how everyone was and how Jon could shot a lot of cum at once; he blew his load and it landed on Candice’s face and hit Grace in the side of her tits. Drew was jerking Jon’s cock through the cumming and in doing so hit him self in the face too with a big shot of cum. It landed right on his lips and he knew that there was no way of avoiding it so he opened his mouth and let Jon’s cum fall into his mouth.
Now Drew never evening tasted his own cum and when he would get the chance to cum in his wife’s mouth she always told him it was a littler salty. Jon’s cum was warm and salty too but he kind of liked it. Grace took Drew’s hand and cleaned off the cum from it and helped Candice with all the cum that was on her body. When she did this Drew’s cock came out again and Jon noticed this again. Jon not wanting to waste any moment in this now trying something he thought about a young kid lowered his head and opened his mouth. Jon took Drew’s pussy juice covered cock into his mouth, and being that Jon had a bigger mouth then his wife; he got more in then her too. Candice had rolled over by now and was sucking on Jon’s cock with his wife as Jon sucked on Drew’s. With all the fucking and now sucking Drew called out that he about to cum and Grace put her hand on the back of her husband’s head and told him that he would love this. Grace was a cum slut and couldn’t get enough from Jon even thou Jon could cum a lot. So with her hand keeping Jon from pulling off Drew blew his load into Jon’s mouth and there was a nice size load to give. Jon jerked Drew’s cock for the last of his seed and pulled off his cock. Grace gave Jon a deep kiss sucking some of the cum from his mouth before Candice give him one too getting some cum. Jon swallowed the rest to taste his first cum.
Jon turned Candice around and placed his still hard dick into her pussy and started to fuck her again. During this Grace was sucking on Drew’s dick and got it hard again; Candice turned to her husband and asked how comes he never gets hard again for her, but a white chick with big tits gets him hard. She laughed and continued fucking Jon; Grace told Drew to move up so his cock was in front of Candice and then she got on it facing her. She slid up and down on the huge cock and pulled Candice’s face into her pussy to lick it as she fucked her husband. Candice started to lick the pussy, cock, and balls in front of her as Jon fuck her from behind. Jon then pulled all the way out and pushed his cock into Candice’s asshole. Candice yelled out as he entered her virgin ass because she never would let Drew fuck her in there with his cock. She was tight and now Jon was feeling good fucking her ass like Drew felt fucking his wife’s pussy and it being tight for him. The pain was a little great for Candice, but the feeling of having a cock in her ass for the first time was becoming better and better as Jon fucked her. Candice was licking Grace’s pussy as she fingered her own pussy as Jon fucked her ass and she came again. This time squirting out a wave of pussy juice that covered the bed.
Drew asked Candice now since she got her ass fucked by Jon would he be able to fuck it later. Candice told him that she still didn’t know about that, but Grace said that he could fuck her ass now if he wanted to. Grace got off Drew and got onto her hands and knees on the side of Candice facing Jon. Jon looked as Grace and asked if she was should about that, because the ass is different then a pussy and something that big might stretch out her asshole for good. Grace said that she was horny as hell and wanted that big dick in her ass now. Drew did just that and pushed his cock it; Grace with her eyes closed and her mouth wide opened tried to hold back the tears as Drew pulled his dick out and tried to push it back in. Drew got it all the way in on the second push and held it there for a bit to have Grace’s ass relax and be able to handle the monster cock.
Drew started to push the cock in and pull out; he got a go paste going and the look and Grace’s face was priceless because of how big his cock was. Drew fucked her harder and harder as Jon started to fuck Candice harder and faster as well. With the two women side by side the guys fucked them as hard as they could. The women were both in full tears as they had their asses fucked; Grace with a huge black cock and Candice by Jon whose paste was twice as fast as Drew’s. What Jon lack in size he made up for in speed because he was fucking Candice faster and harder then she has ever been fucked. This was making Candice cum over and over and she loved it. Jon pulled his cock out to see the grapping hole he was making only to return his cock and fuck her more. Candice was losing count with how many times Jon was making her cum and Jon was about to cum too. Jon blew a load deep in her ass and continued to stay hard and fuck her ass more. Grace was cumming too but not as many times as Candice was; the feeling of this monster cock in her was great too. She pushed back on Drew’s cock and he blew his load deep in her too. Drew was soft within the first few pumps after he came and laid back on the bed to rest. Jon continued to fuck Candice who came again, and then pulled his dick from her and turned her round. He shoved his dick in her mouth and began to fuck her face with all he had. He came again filling her mouth and told her to hold it in her mouth for a moment. He moved to Grace and fucked her mouth and came in her too; he told them to swallow the cum together as he stroked his cock only to cum for the last time and shot it all over Drew’s limp cock. He told the women to clean Drew’s cock as he sat back on the couch and watch then take turns sucking Drew’s cock before both coming to him to clean his too.
As they all sat in the living the girls tried to get up to get more wine, but both had trouble walking for the fucking they got in their asses.
Jon turned to Drew and said if this happen on the second night here, what will come of the rest of the days here. They all smiled to each other and relax before all falling asleep with Candice laying on Jon and Grace stroking Drew’s cock with her head on his lap.

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