My School Project, MOM 2

My School Project, MOM 2

My School Project, MOM 2

This is second part of this story to get a better understanding of it I’d advise you to read the first part. Comments are welcome.

Saturday morning Sherry woke up at 7:30 AM. She felt wonderful, but then realized she was had dried cum all over her bottom. My god did I have a wet dream last night and not remembered it went through her mind. Her pussy felt sore and stretched, and her ass hole burned a little. She just stood their looking at all the dried cum, my god can women cum that much she wondered.

She went into her bathroom and sat on the toilet, she had very loose bowels and he shit was almost white. She continued to leak cum from her pussy. She grabbed a robe and quietly crept down the hall to her son’s room. Terry and Louis were fast asleep; there was no sign of cum on their clothes so she headed back to her bathroom and a shower.

Once back in her bathroom she got in the shower and let the water run over her. Her pussy and ass were sore but strangely she felt content, a well fucked women. She was deciding what to wear even though it was Saturday and there was nothing special planned she put on a pair of sexy panties with a matching bra, short shorts and a low cut sweater. After examining herself in the mirror she smiled to herself, well let’s see if this gets a boner from my son or Louis.

She was in the kitchen when the boys walked in; they both had only sweat pants on. “Good morning guys what can I get you?”
“Mom how about some OJ and coffee to start”, Louis chimed in “sounds good to me.” As she turned to get them glasses she heard Louis say quietly “and you babe.” She smiled to herself the outfit was working. The three sat and had coffee, she got out a box of cereal and they both devoured half the box.

“Mom can Louis stay over tonight?”
“Sure honey if it’s ok with his mom I’m good with it.”
“Good were going over his house after breakfast and I guess we should be home by three or four, ok?” She thought about it for a minutes “sure we can split a pizza for dinner, ok?” Both boys smiled, they got up and headed for Terrie's bedroom to get dressed. Sherries mind drifted back to her pussy.

The boys got dressed; they took the pendant and headed downstairs to get going. As they passed her in the kitchen she stood up, “hey no goodbye kiss?” Both boys stopped, they turned around and walked up to her. Louis grabbed her and crushed her tits too his chest “thanks mom see you later.” He then patted her ass. He moved off and before she could react Terry kissed her on the mouth, for an instant she thought he was going to give her tongue but just short of it he cupped both her ass cheek and squeezed. He stepped back and both boys looked at her. She giggled, “I hope you guys have a good day, I’ll see you later.” They were out the door in a flash. She sat at her kitchen table, wow that was certainly a sign of affection, they were a little risque but it was nice to have a man pat her ass.

As they got to Louis house they both knew the plan. His mom Maria was in the basement doing clothes, she came upstairs with a load of wash. “Well how was your evening Lou?”
“It was great mom, yours?”
“Like shit, your brother and sister are getting to be pains in my ass.” With that comment she walked upstairs to fold and put away laundry. The boys headed for Lou’s room, they had the computer on and were sitting waiting for her to pass by. After about 20 minutes they heard her heading down the hall, they put the plan in gear. “Lou I’m telling you this shit was a lousy idea for a project.”
“Terry you just have to keep working on it.” Maria entered the room “what are you two working on?”
“Our class project, hypnotism.”
“Well what seems to be the problem.”
“It just doesn’t work, I can hypnotize anyone.”
“Hey mom how about you helping us it would be good to get a good grade.”
“Well ok but first I need too check on the kids.”
“I’ll do it as Terry need complete quiet.” Lou jumped up was out in a flash.

Terry made her sit in the computer chair; the room was dark and very quiet. As he twirled the pendant he spoke in a calming manner, this time in half the time she slumped into a trance. Lou came in the room but before he could say a word Terry held up his hand to be quiet.

“Maria go down stairs and make Louis and me two vodka screwdrivers.” She opened her eyes stood up and headed for the kitchen. “Is she under?”
“I’m not sure the vodka thing is the first step, when she comes back in taste your drink if theirs vodka in it it’s even money.”
“Then what do we do?”
“We go on to the second test.”

She entered the room with the drinks, “thank you Maria now please sit down.” Again Terry raised his hand to keep Louis from speaking, he handed him a pad and pen. Lou wrote have her bring her vibrator in here. Terry told her to go get it and she did. Now Terry gave her the instructions as he had given Sherry, he used the same word. Counting back from three he snapped his fingers and she was awake.

“She looked at Terry “well honey you’re just going to have to keep trying, now I’ve got things to do”. She was up and out of the room in seconds.

“Lou she has a killer ass, her tits aren’t very big but,”
“Yeah let’s see if she likes sucking cock.”
“Ok but wait till she comes back up with another load of wash then we’ll try. This time you say dingbat first so we can see if it’s the word or my voice.”
“That works for me bro.”
They didn’t have too wait very long as she was back in fifteen minutes with another basket. They waited till she entered her bedroom, then both boys were in the doorway. Louis said “hey mom dingbat,” she blinked and went back to folding wash. Terry took two steps in the room “dingbat.” She dropped the clothes she was folding. “Well it’s my voice and the word, close the door and lock it.”

“Lou let’s take off our short so she sees our cocks then well get started.” Once they were naked Terry began, “Maria you are going to open your eyes when I snap my fingers but you will still be asleep. You are going to look at our cocks and ask us if it’s ok for you to give us blow jobs. We will agree and tell you to do sexual things which you will immediately do, do you understand?”
“Yes I do.”
“Lou go get the camera set up.” Five minutes later with the camera rolling Terry snapped his fingers. Here eyes open and she smiled. “Well hello boys, I was wondering if I could give you blow jobs before lunch?”
“That would be great Maria please strip down to just you panties.”
In a instant she was standing before them I her panties. “Maria how big are your tits,” asked Terry. “They are 36 c.” “Maria do you like sucking cock?”
“Yes but I don’t like the taste of cum.”
“From now on every time you suck a cock you will swallow every drop, do you understand?”
“Yes I do.”
“During the day at about noon or their about you will get the desire to swallow a big load of your sons cum. If he hasn’t fucked you in 24 hours you will beg for the load, do you understand.”
“Yes I will swallow all his cum and love it.”

Maria proceeds to drop to her knees and lovingly suck the head of Terrie's cock. “Maria no hands just use your mouth, gently rub my balls with your hands, and you are going to deep throat it.” Terry pushed his entire cock down her throat; she gagged but kept on sucking. Slowly she licked his cock, nut sack and then she stuck her tongue in his ass. She kept up for ten minutes, Terry grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep down her throat as he shot the first blast of cum directly down her throat. He pulled half way out and proceeded to fill her mouth to overflowing. She swallowed every drop. “Did you like the taste of my cum?”
“Oh god yes it was yummy.”
“Well I think Lou has got another mouthful for you if you want it?”
“Oh Louis baby come fill my mouth with cum please.”
Lou walked over to her and pulled his large cock out, she grabbed it “wow baby this looks delicious.” She sucked with the determination of a women possessed. In five or six minutes Lou groaned and unloaded cum in her mouth. He came so much some dribbled down her chin onto her tits. She swallowed as fast as she could she scoped the balance off her tits and swallowed. “Lou rub you dick all over her face so for the rest of the day she can smell cum.” He did, for the moment they were finished.

Terry looked at Maria now stand up and get dressed,” she did. Once dressed he spoke to her, “you will not wash your face all day, you enjoy the smell of cum it excites you. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and not remember any of this.” His fingers snapped and she looked around and picked up the clothes she had dropped. The boys had removed the camera from her room before they woke her and now hurried out back to Louis bedroom.

In his room they replayed the scene on his computer. Terry looked at Lou. “Bro your mom’s tits aren’t as big as my moms but she has a killer ass, would it be ok if we put her back under and I fucked her?” Louis looked at Terry “I’ve got an idea,
“Well let’s hear it.”
“Ok from now on I’ll be the only one who fucks your moms pussy, you be the only one to fuck my moms pussy.”
“Ok I’m with you so far,”
“In that way if they become pregnant we know who the daddy is.” “I think that’s a great idea, fucking your mom is going to be a bit difficult as what about your brother and sister?”
“Lets set up the recording equipment in my room them I’ll watch the younger kids and you can fuck her for a couple of hours”.
“Ok let’s get this started.”

The gear was set up and working Lou went down stairs, Terry sat at the computer station pretending to be reading a paper. Maria came in the room, she sat on the bed. “Having any luck with the project Terry?”
“No dingbat!” Instantly she was under. “Maria you will go to your bedroom and put on a very sexy bra and panty set, you will come back in here lock the door and ask me to please fuck you, do you understand?”
“Yes I do.” She was up and out of the room instantly. In a few minutes she was back, his mouth dropped open for a moment as she was standing their in a black bra and g string. “Terry honey I was wondering if you’d like to give me a fucking?”
“I sure would Maria!” She turned and locked the door as he propped the pillows up on the bed “come here you sexy momma.”

She lay down next to him and their tongues locked, Terry’s hand went to her clit, she was already wet. Now he slowly ran his finger from her clit across her lips to her asshole. Her movements were slow and deliberate, it was driving her crazy. Pulling him close she whispered “please fuck me now I really need it.” Terry positioned himself between her legs, she spread wide and moaned as the tip of his cock slowly parted her pussy lips and the head of his cock slipped in. “Wow Maria you really have a tight pussy.”
“I’m glad you like it, your cock feels really great in there it’s almost like they were made for each other, now please stuff your cock all the way in and fuck me hard.” Terry went balls deep she just moaned with pleasure as he started to push in and out. Her pussy was contracting around his cock with each downward stroke, he was in heaven. Without any warning she grunted and moaned I’m cumming, a torrent of warm liquid flowed out of her. Terry pushed deeper and kept fucking her. She pulled him down on her putting her face in the nap of his neck she bit the soft flesh hard. “Ugggg I’m cumming again baby.”
The warm juice flowing out of her cause Terry to climax, he shot six blasts of cum deep in her. They both lay quiet for several minutes trying to catch their breath.

She put her head on his chest, “baby could you fuck me again?” Without a word Terry rolled her over, his cock slipped into her sloppy cunt with no effort. She looked up at him, “well you may be getting sloppy seconds but their all yours lover.” This time they took their time she moaned and came at least five times before he plunged deep into her and unloaded another load of cum deep in her pussy. They were laying their catching their breath, Terry told her to get up and put on your panties. “Why should I put on my panties baby?”
“I want to see you walk around the room with cum leaking out from the sides of them.” She giggled “Ok if it turns you on I’m good with it.”

She was up walking around the room with the g string completely soaked in two minutes. “Maria I’d like some pictures of your pussy leaking like this, ok?”
“Anything you want lover.”
After about 10 pictures Lou walked in the room, “Wow mom looks like your pussy is soaked and very happy.”
“Honey I need to be fucked like this every day, cum keeps me young.”
“Mom theirs an awful lot of cum running out of you it seems like such as waste of cum.”
“Oh god I love eating cum, guys please help me eat it.”

Lou finally was unable to control himself any longer, “Maria I’m going to fuck you ass now get on the bed on all fours.”

“Lou you had better use a lot of lube on your cock and her ass.” Both Lou and Terry worked on her ass hole for five minutes. Lou positioned himself at her rear entrance and slowly put the large mushroom head in. She was rotating her ass in small circles to get it to feel more comfortable. “Hey Lou how about I get my cock back in her cunt and we double bone her?”
“I’m good with it how about you mom?”
“I’ve never had two cocks at the same time but why not let go for it!”

Terry slide under them and pushed his hard cock into her very sloppy pussy. He was amazed how tight she felt, he realized Lou’s big cock in her ass was tightening everything. She started moaning “Oh god this feels wonderful don’t stop, don’t stop, then Terry felt the warm liquid running out of her pussy bet she was still very tight, her pussy was contracting around his cock as Louis continued to pump her ass. She started crying and moaning like an animal just as both cocks started flowing cum into her.

After a few seconds they made her roll over on her back with her legs spread wide and took pictures and videoed both her holes leaking cum. They scoped it up and put it in her mouth and all over her black bush. Now Terry told her to sleep. Terry told her to change back into the outfit she was wearing earlier but leave all the cum where it was and return to the bedroom.

Five minutes later she returned and sat on the bed. She would not remember any of what had happened. She would walk around in those panties all day and not shower until at least 7 pm. Louis left the room and Terry snapped his finger she was awake.

“So what are you going to do about the project Terry?”
“I’ll just have to keep trying or perhaps change to a different project.” She shrugged and got up to leave, she hesitated for a moment as she realized she was very wet, just then her daughter called and she left the room. Louis entered “well what do you think?”
“I’m not sure at this moment, all I know is I need to sleep and eat something before I go home.” Both boys fell asleep within five minutes.

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