Stepson Matt...Baby Daddy?

Stepson Matt...Baby Daddy?

It was about a week after New Year's. John, my husband of the last few years, had already left for work. My 18-year-old stepson Matt was on top of me steadily shoving his huge cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. Even though my mind drifted to the thought of going to the doctor to know for sure if I was pregnant - I chickened out the other day and made up some excuse about an emergency family situation and said I would reschedule - I couldn't help but scream Matt's name as he rammed all ten inches of dick into me. He could have knocked me up or be in the process of knocking me up right now and I still craved his cock. I shouldn't be surprised, I thought to myself. After all, Matt had been fucking me almost non-stop since he came home for Christmas break. The thing is that John fucks me too - whenever he's home. It only lasts about ten minutes on a good night, but it was still enough to get the job done. Then again, Matt fills me up with such force when he cums. He could easily have hit a home run with his seed.

So many thoughts ran through my head as Matt and I were naked in his father's bed. He continued to pump his cock in and out as I wrapped my legs around his waist. John had already emptied his seed in me this morning. Matt had yet to make his regular deposit, but he was getting close. It was hard to really have a serious debate when a hot, muscular young man was busy fucking me. I grabbed onto Matt's muscular back and thought, "Damn, this could be the father of my baby." I should have been horrified, but I was so turned on as Matt finally gave in and shot his potent jizz inside of me. I felt shot after shot of hot cum flowing inside of me until Matt finally eased his still hard cock out of me. "No time for another round," Matt said while grabbing his balls, "I have to meet my buddies for that ski trip," he said as he got up and walked out in the hallway to go get a shower. "Oh, that's fine. You wore me out stud," I managed to say as Matt left to get his shower.

"Damn, you had me so fuckin horny," Matt said later as he came downstairs after getting his shower and getting dressed. I was making him some breakfast and had poured some orange juice. "Glad you liked it," I said as Matt sipped his orange juice. "I cranked one out in the shower because my fuckin hard on wouldn't go away," Matt said while scarfing down his bacon and eggs. "I'll be back next week for a few days before I have to go back to school," Matt said as he walked into the living room to gather up his backpack and other supplies for the ski trip. "Great," I said. "You have everything you need," I asked as I watched Matt effortlessly lift his backpack. "Yep," Matt said as he headed for the door. "I'll give you a call when i get there," Matt said as he headed out to the car full of buddies waiting for him. "Thanks," was all I could manage to say as I realized that I was glancing at Matt's ass as he walked to the car. I closed the door and couldn't help but think that that could be the boy that knocked me up - and here I was still amazed by his muscular body. Even with jeans and a shirt on, he looked so fuckin hot. "Well, I don't have to worry about it now," I thought as I went to the kitchen to have my own breakfast.

While Matt was on his ski trip, I could have told John I might be pregnant, but I wanted to wait until I got confirmation. I sure wasn't about to tell John that his son might have done the deed with his powerful cock. Matt got back from his ski trip and I needed to tell somebody, so I decided to go ahead and trust Matt. "So, I might be a big brother, " Matt said as he eased his big cock into me later that afternoon. John was at work, so I knew we had the house to ourselves. That was the only info that Matt really needed before he started stripping off his clothes. Even when I told him I might be pregnant, that didn't deter him. I should have kept Matt at a distance until I was sure, but Matt had on khaki pants and a blue dress shirt. He looked so fuckin hot.

After about a half an hour of normal conversation, Matt and I were naked in his dad's bed again. "...or maybe I'm going to be a daddy," Matt said with a grin as he shot another load of his creamy goodness into me. "Don't tell me you've never had any close calls," I asked as Matt kept up his steady pace. "Yeah, this one bitch claimed I knocked her up when I was like 15," but it turned out it wasn't me," Matt said as he picked up the pace. "You've been fuckling since you were 15," I managed to say as Matt went balls deep. "Nope," Matt said as he slammed inside of me, "I lost it when I was 13." "Come on," I said while grabbing onto Matt's bubble butt. "Yep, babysitter," Matt said as he gritted his teeth and shot a second load of cum into me.

Matt slowly pulled out and this time he actually laid with me for a while. He put his hands behind his head and added some details to his revelation. "It was an older girl. She was like 17 and my dad thought I still needed a sitter. She was on the phone bitching about how her boyfriend wasn't that good in bed. I just got done with my shower and overheard her. I was just in a pair of pajama bottoms and I walked into the living room and was like 'I bet I can do better' and she was like, 'yeah, right' and went to take her empty popcorn bowl into the kitchen," Matt said. "You weren't the big boy you are now though," I said while laying naked next to Matt in his dad's bed. "No, but I was about a good 7 - 7 1/2," Matt said. "Really," I asked. "Fuckin serious," Matt said, " I measured it since I was like 11," Matt said with a laugh that I found sexy. "When she came back into the living room I pulled down my sweatpants and stood there in my briefs and she was like 'damn, is that really you in there' while grabbing my dick."

"That's all it took," I said. "Yep. She pulled down my underwear and started sucking it and it wasn't long before she was guiding me inside of her." "And you knew what to do," I asked. "Kinda," Matt said. "I just started pumping and she keep telling me to keep going and finally I blew and she got all pissed and said she couldn't get knocked up by a fuckin kid." "So, that was when you first thought you knocked someone up, after your first time." I asked. "I wasn't sure what to fuckin think. I was starting to pull up my underwear and she started grabbing my dick again and sucking it. It was weird. She was like scared for a minute then the next she was like 'your bigger than my boyfriend and he's a fuckin senior' and had her mouth around my dick," Matt explained. "I'm assuming you didn't knock her up," I asked. "Nope, but next time we fucked she made me wear a rubber," Matt said. "You fucked her again," I asked. "Every time she babysat me,. which lasted for about another year until my dad said I was old enough not to have a sitter," Matt said. "By then, I had fucked most of her friends too," Matt said with a smile.

"Popular guy," I said as Matt climbed back on top of me. "Yeah, girls love a big fuckin cock," Matt said with a sheepish grin as he eased his cock - which had gotten hard again while he was talking about his first experiences - into me. "You ever see her again," I asked as Matt started to pump his throbbing dick into me. "Yeah, just a few months ago. She's like 23 and married now and I ran into her at this club and we ended up fuckin in the bathroom." Matt said as he picked up the pace. "Was she impressed," I asked as Matt got a steady rhythm going. "Yeah, seemed like it. She fuckin screamed as I rammed it in," Matt said as sweat started to drip from his body. "How many girls have you fucked," I asked. "Over a hundred easy," Matt said as he slammed his meat in and out at a frantic pace. "Yeah," I said. "I'm fuckin serious," Matt said while making a serious effort to hold back. "I believe me. I mean if you've been fucking since you were 13, you must have some serious notched on your belt." I said while grabbing onto Matt's bucking ass.

"Oldest was like 42," Matt said while still pumping away. "Glad to see it's not 39," I said with a smile while moving my hands back to Matt's back. "You're fuckin hot, don't worry," Matt said as he picked up the pace some. "How did you hook up with the other woman," I asked as I gasped as Matt shifted his weight some and went deeper. "It was a few summer's ago," Matt said as he slowed down the pace some. "I was doing some landscaping and cutting the lawn and stuff for this woman over on Peach Street. I thought I caught her looking at me when she didn't think I was watching. Like one day she invites me. It was so fuckin hot and her husband was at work and she asked me if I wanted a drink and shit. So I was sitting in her kitchen and I have on these shorts and nothing underneath because it's so damn hot. 'Whoa, I bet the girls love that thing,' she says,"Matt says as he fights to hold back.

"I told her I do alright and she gets all fuckin bold and asks me how big that fucker is and I tell her to see for herself and she's all down on her knees yanking my shorts down and she starts sucking it like a fuckin slut in heat. Before I can blow, she takes me upstairs and we end up fuckin on the bed she shares with her husband. She won't fuckin stop and I end up cumming like five times in the bitch. We finish the last time just as her husband's car door slams and I hurry up downstairs with a fuckin hard dick and grab my shorts off the kitchen floor. She hurries up and stuffs a fuckin hundred dollar bill in my shorts and squeezes my dick before I go just as she walks in to greet her fuckin hubby," Matt said just before he finally let go and blew a huge load into me. He kept bucking over and over. Matt spewed so much man juice that it was oozing out of my pussy and all over the sheets. The room smelled like what I imaged his dorm room smelled like after hot weekend sex. Matt and I were drenched with sweat as he went to get a shower. I did the same in me and John's bedroom.

Matt came downstairs and I was packing him some cookies and a few sandwiches to take with him back to school. Just then, my cell rang and John called to tell me that he had to go out of town. He said he would be leaving after work for the airport and he would be back in a few days. We said our goodbyes and I told Matt that his dad was going to be out of town and just the basic details. "It's not like he hasn't done this before," Matt said while eating one of my cookies. "What do you mean," I asked. "It's probably nothing," Matt responded.

"You think he's cheating on me," I asked Matt point blank. "I don't know. I'm just saying keep your eyes open," Matt said. "You're a decent person and I don't want to see you get hurt," Matt continued. That was the first really sincere thing he's said to me - outside of when we were having sex. We said our goodbyes, which ended with Matt giving me a serious tongue kiss before heading out the door. It was only recently that he started kissing me at all, even during sex. It shouldn't matter, but it was nice to know we were at least friends - with incredible benefits.

Over the next week or so, I got a couple strange calls at the house. Some woman would call and ask for John when he wasn't there. I finally asked him about it and he claimed it was his new secretary. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe Matt was hinting that John's last marriage ended because he was cheating. John told me that Sarah had cheated on him and that's why he left her about six months before we got married. She wasn't Matt's mother. That was another woman named Lorraine. She died of cancer when Matt was little. After Lorraine, John married a woman named Jenny.

He said that marriage lasted a year and ended because they just rushed into it without knowing each other. Then there was Tiffany. He said that was a mistake from the beginning and only lasted a few months. No wonder Matt was so skeptical about me. I couldn't really blame him for the way he acted towards me at first. Why bother getting to know someone who might be gone in months. I know this should have sent red flags up everywhere, but John was really sweet and did the whole wining and dining thing. I couldn't help but say "yes" when he asked me to marry him. The fact that our marriage has lasted a few years now should be some kind of record given John's history with women after Lorraine.

I didn't plan to start having sex with Matt. In fact, I thought he was kind of arrogant when I first met him. Yet, at times I would watch him with his friends and he seemed funny and polite and nice. That's when I first suspected it might be a front. Physically, I always found Matt kind of hot. This was confirmed when I saw him by the pool in a pair of swim trunks for the first time and it was clear that he had something impressive between his legs. He was just 16 then, so I held back on my desires. It's not like I didn't know he was sexually active. I had heard him either fucking downstairs on the couch or in his bedroom on several occasions. I even watched him fuck some girl on the couch after a Friday football game in just his jockstrap. Even then, he was muscular. I had to do everything in my power not to get too turned on watching his ass buck in that jockstrap as he fucked some girl - probably a cheerleader - after winning his football game. Ironically, he was a tight end.

Other than noticing that he had a nice bulge in his swim trunks, I guess the first time I really noticed that Matt was a big boy was when I would wake him up for school. Most of the time he would be half in and out of the sheets. Sometimes, he would be laying above the covers and sheets in just a pair of briefs. Even when he didn't have morning wood, it was clear that his briefs were stuffed with something impressive. Since he was sixteen then, I tried to keep it out of mind. One time when we were having the bathroom in the master bedroom remodeled, I walked in on Matt just finishing up a piss. He didn't say anything, but he wasn't shy about stuffing his dick back in his briefs and brushing past me.

In fact, Matt wasn't shy about walking around at night in either his briefs or naked if he had just finished fucking some girl and sending her home. He didn't make any effort to conceal his bulge either, which was often on display in his sweatpants, shorts and briefs. Then there were the couple times when I would go downstairs to get some tea and come back upstairs and hear the obvious sound of Matt taking care of things himself, if you know what I mean. I assume those were the nights he either didn't get laid or was just really horny. It's not like he was discreet about it. He'd often have his door slightly open. One time I heard an unexplained smacking sound and peaked into Matt's room and caught a glimpse of his balls bouncing with his hand aggressively slamming up and down. He had his eyes closed and I quietly stood watching from a distance as he erupted all over his chest and stomach with a serious of soft groans. He kept pumping and spewed out what seemed like a fountain of cum.

I crawled back into bed with John and ended up quietly fingering myself just thinking of what I saw. It's not like I hadn't seen a cock before, but that boy had the equipment of fuckin porn star and he was just sixteen at the time. The first time I caught him fucking was the day John and I got back from our honeymoon. John was fast asleep after a ten minute round and I couldn't sleep. I heard some faint noise and went into the hallway to investigate. I walked over to Matt's room and he had the door wide open. There was some girl underneath him trying not to scream as Matt shoved his dick deep inside of her. She kept whispering "damn, you're too fuckin big" as Matt said "shhh" and kept pumping at a steady pace. I slipped back off to bed before he finished. Another time, I literally ran into him in the hallway after coming out of the bathroom. He had on a pair of grey briefs and was clearly hard. I just managed to say "hi" and he said "hi" back and just reached down and adjusted his obvious erection and went back to his room.

When we first started having sex on his eighteenth birthday he didn't even really let his guard down. He refused to kiss me. To him, it was just hot sex. To be perfectly honest, that was enough for me too - at the time. It was only recently that Matt started to let his guard down and let me really get to know him. Except for the night he came in drunk and basically forced himself on me, Matt is really a decent human being. Granted, he does get aggressive when he fucks, but that too is appealing. I've talked with Matt by phone, text and email since he went back to school and we've actually had normal conversations. It feels nice being able to trust someone completely. If Matt really wanted to be vindictive, he could have told his dad that I might be pregnant and that he might have done it. He clearly didn't since John wasn't the kind to hold back his feelings. If he thought that Matt knocked me up, he would be going through the roof.

A few months later, Matt was home for a few days during the last few days of his spring break. John was on another of his trips, which became more frequent. The mysterious calls continued now and then. It was always some woman asking for John. I'd give him the message that some woman called asking for him and he'd always say it was his secretary. I guess I kind of knew something was going on, especially given John's history with women after Lorraine died. During one of our recent text conversations, Matt actually took the time to comfort me and even told me that he thought his dad was even cheating on his mom at one point, but he tried to put the thought out of his head. I was surprised how truly understanding Matt really was. He was a man physically when I first met him at sixteen. Now, he was becoming more of a man than John was on another level.

Later on his first night home, Matt was on top of me with his huge cock balls inside of me. We were laying in me and John's bed. He had been pumping for a while now. John called while Matt was getting ready to blow. He managed to hold back as John and I had a quick conversation while Matt's cock was buried deep inside of me. "I see," I said. "Well, try to get back before Matt has to leave for school again," I added. "Yes, we're getting along just fine. That's not an issued anymore. You know that," I said as Matt hoovered above me with his warm cock laying perfectly still in me. "Yes, everything's fine. Oh, you got another call from your secretary before." I added. "Alright, well try to get home when you can. Love you," I said while putting my cellphone back on the nightstand. "Sorry," Matt said. "Why, it's not your fault," I responded. "I don't want to think about it now. Just make love to me," I said. Matt did as I asked and started his steady pace again before shooting a huge creamy load inside of me. He pulled out and this time he stayed in my bed the rest of the night. "Are you glad it turned out that you weren't pregnant," he asked before we fell asleep. "I really want a baby, but right now isn't the time to have one. At least not with John," I said while running my fingers over Matt's chest before we fell asleep together.

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