Swinging With Mommy - Part 1

Swinging With Mommy - Part 1

[Hi, my name is Farhan. I am 19 years old, a Muslim boy living in Canada with my family which are my mom, my younger brother and younger sister. This happened recently and I'd thought I would share this experience with the world. When my Mom and I talked to one another, it would be in Urdu but I translated somewhat to English for your understanding as xnxx is primarily English based. This was before Ramadan.

Before I begin, I have a fairly lean body, black hair and brown eyes. I am 5'8 inches tall. My mom has long black hair, brown eyes, and 5'7 inches tall. We look different from one anther, mainly because I look a lot like my father.]

My mom sighed as she washed the dishes while I was grabbing the coke from the fridge.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. "You're always sighing like you're bored or something."

"You know, just miss having your Dad around." She said.

It's true. It has been almost a year since Dad passed away. My mom was in her mid-40's and now has to live a life without a man to talk to. It was really emotional for her to lose her husband, and I miss having Dad around to have fun with Mom. They always used to wash dishes, go for walks, watch Indian t.v drama's together. Now I have to do all that which is fine but she needs her husband for sure.

"You're not thinking of getting married again... are you?" I asked, curiously.

"No way, I'm too old for that." She said with a chuckle.

"No you're not, I've seen some men over 60 get married to women as young as 20." I said.

"I'm not into getting married again." She replied angrily.

"Do you need someone to take care of you?"

"What do you mean?" She asked

"I mean, I hope I'm helping by being there for you like I am right now. What I mean is, do you need... hmm, how do I say it, pleasure with a man?" I asked. I was kind of embarrassed when asking that.

My mom just stared at me trying to figure out what I was saying.

"Like do you need a man in bed."

"No. I mean... um... I've been thinking about that." She said, "I don't want to masturbate as that is so haram but I need someone to give me something, relief of some sort. It's just boring without Sunil (my dad's name) around."

I thought for a moment. "I have a nice idea!" I said.

My mom finished washing the rest of the dishes and wiped her hands. "What?"

"I can help you find a man, like through online for a quick date and sex if that's what you're looking for." I explained.

"No. I'm not... I mean I want a man to like you know, pleasure me but I'm scared of being alone with them. It's haram for that to happen because something unexpected might happen." Mom said sadly.

"Hmm, how about I be there with you?" I asked


"Yeah, we can become what people call swingers together. I will be there with you all the time watching over you while you have fun with the man. It's really good." I said hoping she'd think about it.

"How do you know this?" She asked.

"Actually I don't. I mean, why not try it. I'm going to be with you in case anything bad happens."

My mom was silent but nodded at the idea and agreed somewhat with it.

"Okay, we'll try it tomorrow, just for fun if you don't like it we can leave and if you do, we can stay." I said.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So I found a swingers club that evening and bought condoms from the local Shoppers Drug Store. I thought about buying Viagra or penis enlargements but decided against it as I didn't think I'd find a woman to have sex with. I just wanted to help my mother find a couple that can help her with her sexual needs.

We discussed that I would pretend to be her husband. If at any point we said our veto word, "biryani," we would without question both stop whatever we were doing and excuse ourselves.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The following day after Dinner, my Mom and I left for the Swingers Club. Mom told my siblings that we were going to visit our cousin. They didn't suspect anything.

It was a long drive to the Swingers Club but I hoped it was worth it. We entered and it was just like a nightclub you see on t.v in all those movies and television series. There were girls kissing girls, couples dancing, alcohol being served, everyone seemed to be smiling and having a great time talking and socializing with one another. Everyone was naked which was weird at first to be around but then we got used to it. Lots of boobies, dicks, and asses walking around.

We walked to the lockers. "What are we doing here?" My mom asked.

"Well, we have to take off our clothes and put them here." I said taking out a small key-lock I had.

My mom seemed very uncomfortable. I took off my shirt, pants, and my Boxer Brief's and put them in the locker. My mom was wearing her Salwar Kameez with her headscarf called hijab which covered her hair and neck as seen here:

She sighed and began to take off her clothing. There was nobody near us and it was pretty quiet here. I watched as my mother removed her clothing and I tried not to look but couldn't help notice her skinny body, big and a little saggy tits with big nipples. Her vagina was hairy but I could see the small banana-like curve begin when looking at her crotch. Her ass big and chubby. She said she wanted to keep her hijab on while swinging. I told her she could.

I walked my Mom to an empty table and we both looked around naked as the couples had fun. The music was not too loud. I used this to talk to my Mom.

"So do you see anyone you like?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" She said.

"I mean, these people are willing to have sex, well most of them. Do you see any men you like?" I hoped she'd say yes, and point to any man so I could find his wife and introduce ourselves. Or maybe we could have a threesome without myself and my mom from doing any incestuous acts.

"Um. I don't know. " She said.

I can tell my Mom was nervous. She looked down a lot and didn't seem to be looking at any men.

"If you see anyone you sort of like, let me know." I said, hopefully.

"How about you?" She asked.

"I came here for you." I explained. "To watch you like I said I would and help you."

"No, I mean do you see anyone you like."

"I see so many hot girls." I said smiling.

“What about the blonde by the table over there,” she said pointing with her eyes.

I looked over and analyzed her, she was about 5’11” and pale. She probably had B cup breasts but they didn’t look very large on her long frame. Her ass was almost non-existent but still had a little padding to it. Her mound was unkempt, with blonde hair forming a solid bush above her pussy. Her face was more cut in nature, with solid lines defining some of her features. Still she was pretty, but would have been near the bottom of my list. She appeared to be in her early 40's just like my Mom.

I searched for her partner and found him. He was about 6’0” and had a lean frame. He wasn’t bad looking either, but not super attractive. He had slightly longer brown hair, but it wasn’t too long, more of a boy band type haircut. Of course I looked at his dick before I agreed. It was going to be inside my Mother and I wanted to know what he was equipped with. He had a more average sized dick, as he was already hard it was easy to tell, about 5 inches in length and a normal sized circumference.

I looked back at my mom and told her I thought it would be a good pairing. I took her and walked her over to the white couple. We introduced ourselves.

"Hello, my name is Farhan." I said while shaking their hands.

"My name is Nimra," Mom said.

"Oh hi, I'm Steve and this is my wife Amanda," the man said.

"Oh hi, I noticed you two when you came in, you two look so young." Amanda said.

"Oh thanks, it's actually our first time in a Swingers Club." I said.

"Cool, what do you think of Swingers so far?" Steve asked.

"You're all naked which is good." I said smiling.

The 4 of us made some quick chat before discussing sex. They asked what type of sex we liked. My mom said that she just wanted for us together and for male and female to have sex, she wasn't into girl-on-girl action and not into cum in her mouth or face. This was fine by Steve and Amanda. My mom also explained that both me and her are supposed to use condoms as she could get pregnant. The couple laughed and said that almost everyone uses condoms in group / swingers sex to protect themselves. My mom also explained that she didn't do anal, again Amanda said that most swingers don't do anal with other people. (FYI, anal is not allowed in Islam.) We both talked some more about our bodies and lives before they readily agreed to swing with us.

They said they were going to use the bathroom and get us a room and left.

My mom and I looked at one another and knew we were going to get to have sex together with this couple tonight. It was a bit nerve racking and I was also a bit excited. I couldn't wait.

When they came back, we headed to a dim-lit private room and that’s where things really started to kick off. I felt Amanda's hand wrap around my dick. I looked down and saw the blonde chick sucking away at my pecker taking my limp cock into her mouth and instantly pleasuring me until I got my erection. She was good at oral sex.

There was a king sized bed in the room and I watched as my mom and Steve held hands and walked together to the bed. He climbed on top of her and started kissing her gently on the lips and body. I was glad that he was more timid in nature, I wanted my mom to be able to control the situation. I saw his dick rubbing against my Mom's belly. She looked like she was having a good intimate moment.

I looked down and the women slowly pulled her mouth off of my cock and stood up. I walked her to the bed and pushed her down on her back next to my mom. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her lips, body, neck and breasts very passionately just like what her husband was doing to my Mom.

I looked over at my mom and noticed that it hadn’t lasted long their either as the Steve was now down by her hairy pussy eating her out. I did the same, kissing Amanda from his lips and kissing her bit by bit all the way to her pussy. I used my tongue to lick her vagina completely from bottom to top, and finally suck her clit. Amanda moaned.

I rolled off of Amanda and laid down next to my mom. Amanda got the hint and got on top of me and she looked over at her husband who was next to he and winked at him. She started to suck my cock as the man ate out my Mom. Mom and I moaned together as this occurred. Amanda was only the second person to be sucking my dick and I'm guessing this was the same situation for my Mom with Steve.

I leaned my face over and kissed my mom on the cheek, over and over again . I wanted to keep kissing her, but between both of our moans it was nearly impossible. I settled for keeping her face next to mine and holding her hand right hand with my left. We were both moaning heavily and enjoyed the moment.

Amanda and Steve at the same time pulled themselves up and on top of us. My mom watched intently as the Steve put a condom on himself and Amanda rolled one on me. The man lined up his cock with my Mom’s pussy and his wife lined up mine with hers. I felt her start to slowly go down on my now 6 inch long circumcised penis and I heard my Mom gasp as the males dick went into her snatch. She squeezed my hand tightly and closed her eyes, breathing in and out of her mouth.

I squeezed my Mom’s hand and moaned in pleasure as this women slowly fucked me, up and down, up and down. I reached around with my right hand and grabbed her ass cheek. My Mom eventually let go of my hand and I looked over and she had put it on the Steve’s hips, imploring him to fuck her. I couldn't believe my Mom was taking his dick all the way into her pussy, it was so hot to watch.

It was clear that his women preferred more gentle sex while my Mom liked to be fucked. She was definitely taking the brunt of his dick.

He obliged fucking her hard and my Mother started to scream. Amanda looked down at me grabbing both my hands and we finger locked with one another; she continued to ride me slowly and steadily which was really hot and I enjoyed the pleasure of her ontop of me. Her saggy breasts bounced in rhythm as she fucked me. I looked at my Mom and her breasts were doing the same thing but much more faster, jiggling up and down together.

The next couple of minutes were Amanda and I moaning slowly together while my Mom and Steve groaned as they fucked the living hell out of one another.

My mom was breathing really heavily as the husband pulled out, so did his wife and we decided to do doggy-style next. My Mom was laying in bed sweating profusely, I guess she orgasmed. I pulled Amanda off of my dick and put her on all fours. I saw Steve pull my exhausted Mom off of the bed and position her on all fours, next to his wife.

The man and I rubbed our condom covered cocks with each-others girl. My 6 inch brown cock with his uncircumcised 5 inch white cock was hard and ready. If only he knew that he was about to fuck my Mom again. When I found Amanda's vagina's tight entrance, I lined up my dick with his wife's hole and entered her tunnel. This time I got to dictate the pace. I squeezed both her big firm ass-cheeks hard using both my hands and then put them around around her hips and began to fuck her faster and faster. She was hesitant and first, but soon she started to moan in pleasure every time I slapped her ass and pulled her towards my cock.

Steve was being gentle with my Mom at first, but then we heard my mom say, "Faster!" He began slowly at first but with each one of my Mom’s screams he got a little more confident. I couldn't believe my Mom wanted this man to fuck her fast and hard. It was incredible to watch.

His wife started to cum on my dick and I could feel it. I grabbed a hold of her blonde hair and rubbed my hands together with them, feeling her soft curls wrap around my fingers. My 6'inch dick was smacking this woman and I felt my dick begin to throb inside of her pussy. My balls were getting ready to shoot my load really hard into her this condom but I pulled my penis out of her pussy and removed the condom.

"I'm gonna cum." I said.

With that, she turned around still in doggy style form while I laid down on the bed on my back. She grabbed my hard-on with both hands and sucked my manhood, rubbing my balls with one hand and stroking my dick with the other. Holy shit, it felt so good. I groaned and said, "I'm cumming!" as I shot a jet-full of my sperm into her waiting mouth. I felt so many pumps go into her mouth I didn't know if she could swallow all of my load. But she kept on pumping and pumping my children into that tunnel until I couldn't shoot anymore. She opened her beautiful blue eyes, looked at me, opened her mouth showing me the white mess I made, closed her eyes and swallowed it whole. That was the most intense feeling in the world.

She rotated her body ontop of me and leaned her head down, kissing me on my lips. Now I know my ex-girlfriend didn't like to kiss after I came in her mouth, but this girl did and it felt like we had an intimate moment. Maybe I'm weird and sentimental but it almost feels like a spiritual gift to me when she did that and I wrapped my arms and legs around her slim body and we had the longest tongue-kiss ever.

After we had finished kissing, she told me to cuddle her which I did, spooning her and watching as her husband fucked my Mom, still in doggy style. My mom was moaning loud as Steve kept pumping her needlessly large rod into her tight wet snatch.

Then he slowed down and laid down on his back near the two of us. "Climb on me, ride me." he said.

My mom did just that, climbing over her penis, opening her pussy and impaling herself onto it.

"Ooooohh." My mom moaned as Steve grabbed both of her boobs and squeezed them while she rode him.

This is the moment I began to notice my Mom. Her now sweaty slim body, her big saggy breasts with two big pink areolas covering them, her moans, her groans, how she seemed to be enjoying this moment. Then she did the impossible! She took off her hijab and threw it across the room unleashing and revealing her long straight black hair to the couple.

"Woah." Steve groaned as my mom began to ride his dick even harder and faster jumping up and down that cock like no tomorrow. His groans were followed by my Mom's moans and they were having the most heart-pounding sex with one-another in their entire lives.

"I'm about to cum!" He muttered as he closed his eyes. "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME FUCK!" He screamed as my Mom moaned and continued to ride his prick. She kept on going and moaned one final time before resting herself completely onto his dick and leaning down to kiss him. I watched as his large cock slowly shot the remains of his load and pop-out limp out of my Mom's pussy. They shared a soft kiss together before my Mom got off of his and laid down next to him. Amanda got up and crawled over to her husband on the bed and pulled off his cum-filled condom. She turned it upside down on her big saggy titties and rubbed it for everyone to watch. What an amazing sight. My ex never did that!


After a couple of minutes, we all sat on the bed and talked for a little while. They said that we were really good, especially since it was our first time here. They asked if we felt any jealousy or anything. I said that I didn't and my Mom agreed. My mom said she enjoyed watching me (her son) get pleasure from another woman and she enjoyed being able to have sex with another man. Amanda and Steve said that they really liked us and asked if we wanted to do it again. We agreed and exchanged phone-numbers. All 4 of us gathered our clothing and put them on together, then left together. We said our good-nights and separated.

"Want to try this again someday?" I asked my Mom.

"Definitely." She said.


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