Cousin Jenna

Cousin Jenna

It was Memorial Day weekend and my grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin Jenna, my dad, and I went up north to do some work. Put the boats in, clean the house for summer, mow the lawn, etc. I was excited because it was just going to be my cousin Jenna and I up there, without my brother or her brother in the way. For the last seven years, I’ve grown sexually attracted to my cousin. Maybe it’s because I’ve never dated, never had sex yet. Jenna is 22 and I am almost 22, so I’ve wanted to see her naked and fuck her since I was almost 15 years old. Whatever the case may be, I want to fuck her. There’s other girls I want to fuck as well of course, but something about Jenna always draws me imagining doing it with her. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other all our lives. Maybe it’s because I feel comfortable losing my virginity to someone so close. Maybe it’s because she’s fucking hot and I love her. It’s a combination of everything really. So here we are. Just her and I in the basement, up north late at night. This is it. I’m going in. I’m going to have sex with my first cousin Jenna.

Jenna and I are watching TV in the basement, drinking some vodka and lemonade. The conversation turns to her asking me about her ex-boyfriend. “Hey, do you think I should call my ex up? Maybe ruin his time in North Carolina? Because look at this.” I look over at her phone and it’s a picture of her ex with another girl. “What a dick!” Jenna says. “We’ve been broken up for only a month and he already has a bitch around his arm”. I tell her not to worry and move on. “At least you had a boyfriend”, I say. “I’ve never even been with a girl, let alone kiss one”. “Really? That’s kind of sad, I didn’t know”, says Jenna. We sit quietly for a few moments before Jenna says something that completely sets me off guard, and gets me very horny. “Hey, you know if you’re going to kiss a girl for the first time soon, you don’t want to be a slob. You wouldn’t want to turn her off”. She leans over and softly kisses my cheek. I turn to her and stare into those beautiful green eyes. “Jenna”, I say in a whisper. “Show me”. Jenna and mine’s lips lock and we passionately kiss for about 10 seconds. Then I say something that could turn the situation into sexual bliss, or sheer torture. “Jenna, you’re mad at your ex, I’m mad that I’m a virgin. Let’s blow off some steam and have one magical, sexual night”. She looks at me a bit confused, but not backing away. She is still touching my shoulder and my thigh. “To be honest Jenna”, I say, “I’ve wanted to fuck you for like seven years. I always wanted to see what it’d be like. If this is weird, please just keep it between us”. Jenna looks at me and says, “No don’t worry about me telling anyone. To be honest I am very horny right now and you are here. And even though I haven’t thought about it for seven years, I can’t say I’ve never thought about it”. That’s all I needed. We’re about to fuck.

We continue to kiss, I’m holding her cheeks, and she’s touching my shoulders. I slowly begin to move my hands down to her chest. I take two big handfuls of her scrumptious boobs and start playing with them. Meanwhile, as we’re still kissing, Jenna begins to move her hands down to my crotch. I feel her warm, small hand on my rock-hard penis. We continue to do this for a few minutes. Then, “Jenna, take off your top”. She does as she’s told and removes her shirt, exposing her beautiful breasts held up by her tan bra. I stare in awe. “Now that I’ve done that, you better take those pants off”, Jenna says. I do as I’m told, and now we are standing there half-naked. Next, I take off my shirt, not that that matters, and I’m now just in my boxers. Jenna next teases me a little by turning around and slowly pulling down her blue jean shorts. She is now just in a tan bra and baby blue panties. This is the stuff dreams are made of. With her back still to me, she says, “Ready for it?” “Fuck. Yes!” I say. She pulls her panties down giving me an awesome look at her bare ass. Just as I imagined it. Then, she takes her bra off and tosses it over her shoulder and into my direction. I pick it up and take one big whiff before putting the bra aside. Next come the panties. I catch those as well and sniff them for a good few seconds, then toss them aside. I then pull down my boxers. “Moment of truth”, Jenna says. “Oh yeah!” I exclaim. We turn around and get a good look. “Fuck, look at that pussy”, I softly say. “Holy shit, that’s a huge fucking dick!” Jenna says. She kneels down in front of the basement couch, while I sit on it. She takes my cock in her hands and strokes it. Then she starts to lick the shaft from top to bottom, top to bottom. With one hand on my dick, and the other caressing by balls, she dives in. Bobbing up and down on my hard cock, she sucks my dick like a pro. “Oh fuck! Son of a fuck!” I shout. She continues to make eye contact with me while sucking my dick. It was glorious. This was the best feeling of my life so far. I can now hear Jenna making those slurping, gagging noises as she goes a bit deeper down her throat. Watching her naked body move around, plus her eyes staring deep into mine were too much. I was going to cum. I was going to cum fast. I leaned over and took her head by both of my hands, and starting thrusting my cock back and forth into her mouth. “You ready to swallow my load? There’s more where that came from”, I tremble. She gives me a head nod for yes, so I thrust once more and spew out my cum into her pretty little mouth. I take out my dick and get up. Jenna looks at me with delight and opens her mouth. There, on her tongue and in her mouth, is all my cum. “Swallow it”, I command. She plays with it for a few seconds, gargles and makes some bubbles, and then swallows the whole thing down. “AAHH”, she expresses. “That was great. Your cum tastes so good. And that dick is a champ”. “I think you’re the champ, Jenna”, I say. I immediately go up to her and we start making out again. I can taste sex in her mouth. “Now it’s time for you to fuck my pussy, you have to make me cum now!” That’s no problem for me. Jenna moves to lie out on the couch and spreads her legs, giving me the view of a lifetime. Her pussy is so wet already, and she has just the right amount of pubic hair above it, just as I suspected. I kneel down and start to kiss her inner thighs, while fondling her breasts. I quickly go back up to the breasts and kiss and suck them for a minute or two. They really are nice. “Love these tits!” I say. “HHMM, thank you”, says Jenna. Back to the pussy. I start to go to town on her pussy and clit, licking like a madman. I continue to lick as I hear Jenna moan and groan the hottest sounds ever. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh god that feels so good!” I now move my fingers in and out of her pussy while sucking on her clit. A mere 50 seconds after that, she’s ready to cum. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Oh god! Yes! I’m going to…”Boom! Jenna’s pussy juices go all over my face as I’m buried deep inside her. Her huge orgasm lasts what seems like forever. I finish licking up her juices off of her pussy, and use my fingers as well. They were covered in her cum. I pull my fingers and tongue out, go up to her face, and let her lick the juices off of my fingers. Jenna does this like a champ. I also take a few licks. Then Jenna begins to lick her juices off of my face. We passionately kiss once again, her juices mixing up in the kissing. “Oh god, I love how I taste. You are so much better than my ex. He never wanted to go down on me”. “I love it”, I simply say. “Now the real fun is about to begin. Time to fuck that pussy with this big dick!”

Jenna moves to lie down on the couch again, her ass jiggling a bit as she sits. She lays and spreads her legs wide open, waiting for me to put my dick in that tight pussy. I can see Jenna’s pussy getting wet yet again, which was kind of crazy because only a few moments ago, I was lapping up her juices. Her pussy looks so tight and inviting. I can hardly wait to put my dick inside her. Slowly, I ease my penis in. “OOHH Yeah”, I hear Jenna say. It feels so fucking good. This is incredible. We take it slow for a minute or two, then I ramp up the speed. We are still in missionary position at this point. Faster and faster I thrust in and out of her, all the while we are both moaning and groaning. “Fuck Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep going”, I hear Jenna say. “God damn, your pussy is so tight, it feels great!” I say. As we’re fucking, I can tell she’s close to orgasm. I can only imagine what it will feel like for us both. Jenna says, “I’m going to cum baby, OOHH Yeah I’m going to cum!” Then I feel her pussy walls start to tighten around my cock, and I then feel her warm juices wash over me penis. I’m getting quite close myself, and a few hard thrusts later, I stammer, “Can I cum inside you baby?” Jenna replies with a nod for yes. I’m assuming she’s on the pill, and frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck. It’s a dream to cum inside of my sexy cousin. I barely finish that thought, and explode inside of her. She yells out, “Oh god, that feels so good”. I can only grunt in agreement as my semen spews into her tight hole. After I cum, we lie still for a moment until I get up from her. I look in awe as I see this beautiful, long curly brown haired, 22 year old lie naked on the couch, with my cum dripping out of her. Jenna starts to scoop up a good amount of it with her hand, and licks it clean. I took a mental snap-shot of that for sure. I go to sit down next to her on the couch, and we cuddle for about five minutes. “Jenna, that was probably the best moment of my life”, I say. “Thank you for letting me cum inside you”. “Oh I’m on the pill, no need to worry stud”, she replies. The way she said stud instantly got me rock-hard yet again. “Let’s try some anal”, I say out of the blue. Jenna looks at me a bit hesitantly, but says, “Alright, but you have to be gentle. I’ve never done this before”. As If I had. We both get up and Jenna moves into a doggy-style position, kneeling on the couch with her ass pointed toward me. I give her ass a few slaps, while also squeezing her cheeks with my hand. Her ass feels incredible. Then, I ease my penis into Jenna’s asshole. She cries out in pain, but doesn’t tell me to stop. I start to get a rhythm going, thrusting back and forth, back and forth. “This kind of hurts, but also feels kind of cool”, Jenna says. I ask if we should stop. “No, let’s keep going a bit”, she says. Jenna starts to rub her pussy while I’m anally fucking her. I reach my arms around and play with her tits. She starts moaning when I start doing that. After a good three minutes, I can tell she’s about to have another orgasm. The way she was rubbing her clit like a madwomen, I wasn’t surprised. I, on the other hand, wasn’t close to orgasm yet, but I kept fucking her ass anyways while she came. “OOHH!” I hear her scream out. After I knew she was once again satisfied, I pulled out of Jenna’s ass and looked down on the couch. Jenna had squirted all over it. That was a very hot and erotic site. She then stuck a few fingers in her ass, and licked one. “MMHH, my ass tastes good too”, she sexily says. She does it again, and this time puts the fingers up to my face for a suck and lick. “You’re right, you’re asshole does taste good”, I say. I never thought I’d ever taste Jenna’s ass, but I have to admit, it was a pretty good taste. “Now we have to get you to cum again”, she says to me. I was all ears, and my dick was still perked up from fucking her anally. I sat down on the couch, and Jenna came over and kneeled on the ground in front of me. She took my dick in her mouth for the second time tonight. As she gave me a second blowjob, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long. “Wow I can taste my ass and pussy on this magical cock”, she says in between sucks. She goes on for only a few more moments, as I feel some of my pre-cum tricking out. Suddenly, I push her away a little before I can cum, motion Jenna onto my lap on the couch, and get ready for some cowgirl action. She hops onto my dick quickly, and before you know it, she’s bouncing up and down on me like a crazed sex animal. She must’ve still been very horny. Obviously, so was I. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, I play with her tits again, this time leaning over a little to lick them. “Your tits are better than I had imagined”, I manage to say. Jenna continues to ride me, then after some time, we both instinctively wanted to change positions. I knew this would be the grand finale, as I feel the buildup of cum in my penis. We move to doggy-style, only I’ll be fucking that wonderful pussy this time. I quickly put my dick inside of her pussy, instantly making her shriek in delight. “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy!” She says. I don’t say much, as I’m now fixated on squeezing and playing with Jenna’s ass. I continue to slap her ass, and it becomes a little red. But that only made me want to cum faster, so I stopped and started to focus all my attention to my dick. I went faster and faster into her pussy, and after a few minutes, I was ready. I swear that during those few minutes I could also feel Jenna having yet another orgasm. I made a few more large thrusts, then pulled out quickly and stroked my cock a little while Jenna turned around and faced me on the couch. “You going to cum all over my face?” She says quietly. “Come on baby, cum all over me!” “Oh you’re getting it. Right now!” I say. As soon as I finished that sentence, I stroked once more and out came all of my semen. It went all over Jenna’s face, into her mouth, around her eyes, nose, chin, everything! When I was finally done with what seemed like three loads of cum, I staggered down to her level, and sat back on the couch. Jenna turned around back to me, and said, “Holy fuck, that’s a lot of cum!” I then watched another cum performance by her. She first moved the cum off of her eyes with her hands, and lapped that up in her mouth. She opened up and showed me all my cum in her mouth, and easily swallowed it down. Next, she used her hands to scoop up my cum from her forehead, cheeks, and chin. She made a big pool of it as she cupped it all together in her hands. Finally, she held the big pool of cum up towards her mouth, and let it all drop in. She swallowed it all up, got back onto the couch next to me, and softly kissed my cheek, just as how this sexual night began.

We lay there on the couch in a spooning and cuddling position for a few hours. We were both still naked. Jenna had drifted off to sleep. I didn’t, however. I was too infatuated with what all just happened. I started questioning myself. “Did she really want this?” “How is this going to change our relationship?” “Are we going to do it again and again?” I hoped that especially that last question would be true. Now that I’ve had her, Jenna, my first cousin, I wanted to fuck her anytime I wanted to. So after those few hours went by, I cautiously got up to look at my phone. It was getting pretty late. The sun would be up in a few hours. I heard Jenna wake up and put her arms around me from behind. I told her it was pretty late, and we needed to get cleaned up and head to bed. “How about we take a shower together?” Jenna said. “Okay, that’s a great idea”, I replied. We hopped into the basement shower and began rinsing off. She was lathering up my body and washing me off, and I did the same for her. We kissed in the shower as well. It felt really nice to feel the warm water wash away my cum from her pussy. We then got out of the shower, dried off, put on our pajamas, and went off to bed. We stayed in separate rooms in the basement, as to not alert anyone of what we had just done.

The next day, I was the first to wake up I guess. I walked out of my room and towards the couch. Boy, was that a mess. There were about three large stains on the couch, most of that being from when Jenna squirted all over it. It smelled of sex in that area. We were fortunate that no one went down to the basement and saw the mess. I quickly went to the bathroom to get some soap and water and a towel to wipe up the mess. I ended up doing a pretty good job. The mess was gone and then I sprayed some air freshener around the area. Jenna came out of her room as I finished doing that. “Wow, what a night”, she said. “I can’t believe how sore and weak I feel”, she said with a coy smile. “Jenna, that was the best night of my life. I love fucking you”, I said. “I loved fucking you too”, she said. “I thought it would be weird at first, but it wasn’t at all. It felt right”. I said, “I agree, it felt right. It was so hot”. “I originally just wanted to teach you how to kiss, so you wouldn’t look like a fool”, Jenna said. “But as we kissed, I felt very aroused and I’m glad we fucked each other”. I decided to say something, and hoped it wouldn’t be taken the wrong way. “Jenna, are we going to keep on doing this? For however long we want too?” “Of course”, said Jenna. “I can’t believe we didn’t start doing this sooner. I don’t think it’s wrong, and I don’t really care if it is!” I agreed and we got close to one other and passionately kissed for a minute. My dreams had come true. I had fucked my cousin, who I had been sexually attracted to for years. And better yet, we were going to keep doing it. I’m glad she felt the same way about things.

Fast-forward to years ahead, Jenna and I are still fucking any chance we have to be alone. We still do it up north at the vacation house, and sometimes we have to sneak it. Luckily we’ve never been caught by anyone, but if we ever do, we’ll just tell them it’s what we want to do, and if they don’t like it, they can fuck off! We also set up some times throughout the year to meet up and fuck. No one suspects a thing. We usually end up fucking close to 50 times a year, mostly in a hotel or an empty house when no one is around. Obviously we won’t ever get married, but by far we’ve both said we are the best fucks we’ve ever had. Thank god I took a chance to persuade Jenna to fuck me. It ended up being the best decision of my life!

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