“Is he really nine-inches and thick? Do you think he would like a blow job from a woman in her early fifties? I used to be very good at it in my prime, though I have never had a man with a nine-inch erection.

“Would you like to watch me blow his nine-inch erection,” she asked sensing my interest.

“I will ask him and get back to you, I told her excited at the thought of watching a ten-years older, still sexually attractive woman bringing my man’s thick, nine-inch erection to orgasm while I watched.”

Later the same day Sarah was excited when she asked me if I was interested. When she told me she could organise some of her girlfriends to watch to make it more exciting for all of us I was hooked.

“Remember baby, there is a quid pro quo. In return I expect you to organize a man or men for my sexual pleasure soon after,” she told me. “Think about that just before you are ready to cum.”

A week later on a lazy Sunday afternoon Sarah has Karen and three of her women friends organized for afternoon tea. I am wearing just a pair of tight, low cut jeans as Sarah oils my naked torso.

“You know your turn on is my turn on baby,” she smiles as she oils my naked torso and teases my nipples. “I want to make this very exciting for all of us. I haven’t told the other three women that Karen is expecting to give you a blow job.

“When my women friends arrive I want you to greet them at the door, dressed just as you are now.”

Which I did as they arrived one by one. Karen was the last to arrive. Just as Sarah had told me she is still a sexually attractive woman.

“Sarah has told me lots of good things about you,” she tells me as she runs her hands over my naked torso and lightly kisses me without any mention of our mutual expectations.

As the women settle down, just as Sarah had arranged, I excused myself by telling the women I needed to check my emails.

I could hear the women’s conversation and after fifteen minutes it turned to matters of sex. “Is your man really nine-inches and thick Sarah?,” I can hear one of them ask.

“We are ready for you baby,” Sarah told me after thirty minutes as she came to my study. “Your turn on is my turn on, make it good, really exciting for all of us.

“And think about the man or men I want you to organize for me soon, very soon. Fantasize about it while Karen is blowing you,” she teases as I slide my jeans off so she can stroke my cock to a full on, thick, nine-inch erection as she kisses me.

“I will baby, I will,” I tell her as she expertly clips my cock ring under my balls.

“Wear this for us, without the belt,” Sarah smiles as she hands me a short black silk dressing gown. “Give me a minute to settle before you make your entrance.”

The silk gown felt wonderful on my naked body when I entered with the gown wide open with my full on, thick, nine-inch erection poking out at ninety-degrees. I loved the reaction from the four other women, Karen especially as they all responded with comments from, “Wow, oh fuck, he is huge, and almost bald down there,” as Sarah blows me a kiss.

Then blows me another kiss and mouths the words, ‘your turn on is my turn on’.

I am standing with my back to the wall teasing my erection with a fingertip as my lady Sarah gauges the reaction of her four women friends.

“Is that what you wanted Karen?,” Sarah teases as she helps Karen remove her dress. Her early fifties. almost naked body in heels, a black thong and matching cup-less bra are a bonus turn on, with three other envious and surprised guests watching.

“I used to be very good at this in my prime, though I have never had a man as big you, a thick, nine-inch erection, you are magnificent,” Karen smiles as she licks and teases my erection. Just as she claimed, she was very good, extremely good as she showcased her skills for me with four aroused women, including my lady watching, for what must have been more than twelve-minutes.

A bonus turn on were Sarah’s words, ‘I expect you to organize a man or men for my sexual pleasure soon after. Think about that just before you are ready to cum.’

I did think about it as I fantasized about the two men I intended to organize for Sarah as Karen swallowed.

Two weeks later just as I promised I have organized two men for Sarah’s pleasure - and perhaps mine.

“Twenty-five and Fifty for you next Sunday Sarah,” I tell her rather pleased with myself as I have her full attention.

“Why do they have nick names like that?”

“Fifty is one of the gym trainers, he is fifty-years old, super fit with a thin moustache that makes him look like a classic rake. And I almost forgot, he renowned for his oral sex skills.

“Twenty-five is nicknamed for two reasons, his age and his twenty-five centimeter erection. That converts to ten-inches. He is a very pretty, slim, blond boy, not very tall, with a diamond earring.”

“That means he is bigger than you baby?,” Sarah asks with a wicked smile.

“Yes, but not as thick.”

The two men arrive together at three on Sunday. Sarah and I are both naked under our short silk dressing gowns, no belts, as we greet them and tease them with glimpses of our sex as we move.

“I love being licked and teased, I am to please and be pleased by you two men while my man watches and enjoys, he is going to masturbate for us while I cuckold him,” Sarah tells them confidently as we watch them undress.

Twenty-five really is hung as his nickname suggests and immediately fully erect as he watches me remove Sarah’s gown and she struts around the room to showcase her naked body and glorious ass wearing killer heels.

Fifty has a magnificent toned six-pack body with a large, very thick, flaccid cock hanging out of his tiny, crotch-less black jock strap. He really does know how to present his body for both sexes as a visual turn on.

I can’t remember the last time I masturbated while Sarah cuckolded me and I am excited at the thought of it today. Very excited.

“Worship my ass,” Sarah whispers to Fifty as she stands legs spread with her hands against the wall.

The only contact Fifty has with Sarah is his tongue and lips licking and kissing her ass cheeks as Twenty-five watches on with a huge erection. Fifty’s thick flaccid cock is quickly erect as Sarah whispers, “Love it, love it.”

Sarah turns around so her back is to the wall as Fifty licks and sucks her her nipples with no hand contact.

Still no hand contact as Sarah arches her body forward as Fifty teases her cunt lips with the tip of his obviously powerful tongue.

“Love it, love it,” Sarah is moaning as she motions for Twenty-five to stand close by so she can stroke his erection.

My cock is rock hard as I watch Sarah orgasm on Fifty’s tongue while stroking Twenty-five’s erection.

“This is my sexual pleasure chair,” Sarah tells them as she leads them to the chair facing a wall length wall mirror. She does like to watch herself in the mirror while she is being pleasured.

Fifty and I are both watching in awe as Sarah motions for Twenty-five to slide his erection between her pursed lips as she teases his balls with the fingertips of one hand.

She has her legs over Fifty’s shoulders as he wraps his arms around her legs with his hands under her ass cheeks.

Twenty-five is so excited at Sarah sucking his cock while watching what Fifty is doing to her with his tongue he lasts only a few minutes.

Fifty reaches for some ice cubes I provided and puts some in his mouth, then pushes some of them between Sarah’s cunt lips with his tongue and slides his icy tongue tip along her cunt. On cue Twenty-five rubs some ice cubes over Sarah’s nipples

Sarah is really into it as she moans and orgasms, “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” as she does when absolutely aroused.

I am also very aroused while watching my lady soaking up the sexual pleasure Fifty is providing. Masturbating while watching Fifty making her moan like that is a strange though very enjoyable sensation.

Fifty lifts her ass even higher and inserts his thick middle finger into her as he is eating her cunt. As Sarah moans, “So fucking good, fuckamycunt,” I am edging myself, on the edge of a huge orgasm.

Then three more times from Fifty as Sarah moans and orgasms while chanting, “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.” I had masturbated while watching Sarah soaking up sexual pleasure from men and women in the past. This time was magical with Sarah watching me orgasm while an older man was bring her to orgasm with his tongue and finger.

An hour later after we all showered it was obvious there would be another round of sex. Lots of sexual tension with three men and just one woman sitting on a wooden bench in our oversize shower room. Sarah and I are on one bench facing the two men, Twenty-five has a new full on erection and Fifty can’t keep his eyes of it. Fifty is also eyeing my no longer flaccid cock. And Sarah keeps comparing the size of three men’s cocks.

Sarah sets the session in motion when she stands in front of me, hands on hips, legs spread and whispers, “Lick and kiss my ass while the other men watch.”

“Is this what you want?,” Fifty smirks as he motions for Twenty-five to stand in front of him and licks the tip of his erection. “And this?,” he asks as he digs his fingernails into his clenched ass cheeks as he licks his erection.

“Yes, yes, harder,” Twenty-five mutters as Fifty rakes his nails over his ass cheeks and commences sucking his erection.

“And you, is this what you want,” Sarah teases as she sits alongside Fifty on the bench seat and wraps her hand around his very thick and now very erect cock.

“Enjoy baby,” she smiles as I masturbate again while watching her hand bringing Fifty’s incredibly thick cock to orgasm while he is blowing Twenty-five.

On the following Sunday Sarah has invited Fifty for a return visit with Karen as our special guest. I heard Sarah on the phone during the week telling Karen about Fifty. “He has the thickest cock I have ever seen. Too thick for me to suck, so he had to settle for a hand job from me while my man and I watched him give an incredible blow job to a boy half his age. My man has been on edge ever since. He is hanging out for a blow job from him. Perhaps you can share him with us?”

When Fifty arrives Sarah has briefed Karen on what we want to happen. We can hear her letting him in before she leads him to our bedroom. I am standing with my back to a mirror with a raging nine-inch erection Sarah helped me achieve.

“Fuck yes,” is all Fifty mutters as he slowly undresses. “Wow, Karen smiles as she ogles his thick, flaccid cock hanging out of his skimpy, crotchless jock strap.

He commences by sucking my nipples hard, very hard. I love it. Then just as I hoped and wanted he has his hands on my ass cheeks as he licks my raging erection. Then, pleasure and pain, he is digging his nails into my ass cheeks as he takes my erection between his tightly pursed lips.

“Sarah told me you have been hanging out for this all week. Is that true?,” he teases.

“Yes, don’t stop, harder, do it harder,” I mutter as I look at Sarah and Karen for their reaction. Their faces are flushed and they are obviously enjoying.

“Your lady wants me to tongue fuck her again. Are you fine with that? Do you want to watch me tongue fuck her again,” he teases as he slides a clenched hand along the full length of my erection. “Do you?,” he teases some more as he pinches my ass with this other hand.

“Yes, yes, yes,” is all I can mutter as my body trembles and I blow.

“Now you Sarah, stand against the mirror so I can tongue fuck you while Karen and your man watch.

I never tire of looking at Sarah’s naked body in heels and right now is no exception. She is standing legs spread expecting Fifty to worship her ass. He commences by licking and kissing her ass cheeks then scratches his nails along her ass. “I was very gentle with you last week. Today I want to increase the tempo,” he tells her as he nibbles her ass cheeks.

“I was very gentle with you last week,” he tells her again as he licks and sucks her nipples. “Would you like me to suck harder?”

“Yes, harder, harder. I love it.”

By now he has a huge, incredibly thick erection, which Karen is ogling.

He kneels in front of Sarah, with his hands grabbing her ass cheeks as his tongue finds her engorged clit.

Sarah is chanting, “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” as he digs his nails into her ass cheeks. “Harder, harder, I love it,” she is moaning as he inserts and curls his thick middle finger into her, licking her with his strong tongue continuously.

“Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” Sarah moans as she orgasms, once, twice, three, four, five times before she squirts in a very satisfied long stream.

Almost immediately Karen has Fifty’s full attention as she tells him, “You have the thickest erection I have ever seen. Sarah and her man want to watch me blow you. Are you fine with that?,” already knowing the answer as Sarah helps her off with her short, black dress.

Karen is a little older than Fifty with a still attractive and voluptuous body. “Do you like my big ass,” she aks as she motions for him to slide her thong off.

She has one hand on his erection and the other on his balls as she licks and sucks just the tip of his erection. He is so thick Karen can only suck just the first two inches of it.

“You have a reputation of being a very kinky man. And a very talented one with a huge thick cock,” Karen whispers as she works on his erection with two hands.

“Perhaps another time you could fuck me while Sarah and her man watch.”

“Would you like that?

“Perhaps another man at the same time?

“Perhaps two men at the same time while I fuck you?, Karen teases as she works on him.

“Or perhaps Sarah could sit on your face, right now, while I blow you?

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, now right now,” he murmurs as he lays on his back and organizes the two women.

From my own earlier experience I knew Karen was a star performer as I watched her bring Fifty to orgasm while he was licking my lady as she sat on his face,

After that day we lost contact with Karen and Fifty. Apparently they are inseparable and moved west.

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