Sabrina's request_(1)

Sabrina's request_(1)

Summers had always been a drag for me. Don't get me wrong I did some fun things with my family growing up, but I never really hung out with my friends, most of the time either I was too busy or they were busy so it just didn't workout. Now I am nineteen and finished my freshman year of college and another summer is dragging along. I'm just at my house relaxing while my family is out doing their own things. Watching a rerun episode of CSI I had seen about fifty times my phone buzzes. I look at it and see that it's Sabrina, a girl who I had gone to high school and church with and had been a cheerleader while I had been on the football team. I'm surprised by this because while the two of us were friends in school we haven't talked much since we are at two separate colleges, with her going out of town while I stayed in town to go to college. The text read, "hey Sam, how have you been? I know it has been awhile since we've talked, but I'm in town for the summer and I need your help with something. If you could come over to my house whenever you can some time today that would be great." I replied with a simple I've been fine and I'll just come over now, what's your address? After she sent me her address and thanking me for helping her I got up changed into a sleeveless shirt and shorts I grabbed my keys and left. On my way over I wondered what she could need my help with. Probably moving something heavy or something like that. I didn't mind that, I have stayed in good shape and strong since finishing up football. I got to her house in about ten minuets and pulled into her driveway. I got out and walked to the front door and knocked. She opened the door and I realized I had forgotten how hot she was; with her long red hair, vivid green eyes, pale skin, and c-cup breasts which were complimented by a tight t-shirt and running shorts. She smiled when she saw it was me.
"Hey Sam, thanks so much for coming over. How have you been?" She said stepping back allowing me into her home. I stepped in and closed the door behind me.
"It's no problem, what do you need help with?" I said looking at her and she flashed me a smile.
"This is going to sound crazy, but first can we head down to the basement?" She said, and I'm slightly confused but just said sure and she turned around to guide me to the basement and I snuck a glance at her ass, and it was nice and curved hugging the shorts. We went down to the basement and my confusion was raised when I saw that the floor has been lined with mats and a camera had been mounted up on a tripod by the far wall.
"Sabrina, what is it you want me to help you with?" I asked looking around as she turned to face me.
"Just roll with me on this, at my college, during the spring semester, a string of sexual assaults happened and my roommate was attacked. The police have caught some of the guys responsible, but not all of them and I don't want to be attacked when I go back. So I need you to "attack" me and I want your feedback and I have the camera recording us for visual aid." She said seriously but with a small smile.
"Ok, wow. I guess I'll do it because I would hate for something to happen to you. How far do you want me to "attack" you?" I said rubbing the back of my head sheepishly.
"I want you to attack me as ferocious as you can do, if I'm attacked they won't be going easy on me. If I want you to stop the stop word is dog." She said smiling confidently and motioned to the camera. "It's rolling so whenever you're ready." She said smiling giving me a thumbs up.
Well if this is a simulation it should be as realistic as possible, turn around so I can grab you as if it's an ambush." I said allowing myself to enter the darker part of my mind to really get in the mood for such a task. I didn't feel comfortable with it, but I couldn't see this getting out of hand.
"Ok." Sabrina said turning around and just stood there. I lined her up and rushed her, grabbing her around her waist with one hand and the top of her collar with the other.
"Listen hear, do what I say and you get to live. I said into her ear and she instantly started struggling. Tightening my grip on her I started pulling at her shirt and heard the fabric ripping. She tried to kick me and I tossed her onto the ground and started ripping at her shirt. She was grunting and trying to push me away. I tore her shirt exposing her white sports bra and she said no. I didn't stop though and I could tell my dick was growing in my shorts. I squeezed her boobs and she moaned in discomfort and then I pull her bra of her tots and she her naked tits. They are glories perfectly proportional and pink.
"Dog, dog, dog." She said and I stopped and looked at her face, she looked a little terrified, but mostly she looked embarrassed. I stood up, but she just stayed on the ground panting slightly.
"I'm fine I just panicked a little bit." she said as she brushed her hair out of her face. "You can get back on top and resume she said glancing my way and I could tell she had seen my cock bulging in my shorts as her eyes briefly widened before turning away. I walked back over and got back in the position I had been. Picking up right where I left off I steadied my self on my legs and one hand still grabbing her boobs i moved the other slowly down her body, admiring how smooth, toned, and curved she was. She started wiggling even harder as I reached her hips and started to play with her shorts. She kept trying to buck me off her, but she could barley move me as I started to pull down her shorts inch by inch exposing her underwear. I couldn't see it but I could feel that there was little there and I guessed she was wearing a thong. Bring my hand back around I grabbed both her tits and started squeezing them. She tried to push my arms off her and she succeeded pushing me off her and she scrambled out from underneath me. She got up and tried to hit me but I blocked her and I pushed her up against the the wall with our faces nose to nose. I started kissing her neck as I groped her body with one hand while pinning her hands above her head with the other. My dick kept brushing up against her pussy and it was getting me off. Sabrina started to resist a little less and I could tell I was getting to her. Pushing the boundaries I crept my free hand down and placed my hand over her pussy. She gasped and started wiggling again but didn't tell me to stop. I brought my hand back up and using her momentum against her I took her to the ground once again, but this time I sat further down on her and my dick kept grinding against her pussy. She was started to struggle more, but at the same time I noticed her nipples were getting hard slightly so I changed my attack and leaned in and started playing with her nipples. She gasped as I pinched them, but started to moan a little when I licked them.
Distracting her with that I crept down her body and started to pull down her thong. She gasped and looked down and I looked up at her and I could see the lust in her eyes and I came back up with my hand and started fingering her pussy. She moaned louder and stopped resisting all together and just lay there as I started fingering her more vigorously. She moaned as I flicked her nipple with my tongue and ground my dick along her her pussy. Sitting up I ripped my shorts and underwear off and she gasped when she saw my cock spring free. I teased her even more by rubbing the head of my cock around her pussy and she moaned and tilted her head back.
"Please just fuck me, fuck me hard." She said and I obliged by inserting the tip and slowly inserting my entire cock into her pussy. She moaned as I slid in and out of her, slowly picking up speed. I started pounding her so hard that she was actually scooting up on the mat, but she bucked her body to keep me in her.
"Oh yes, yes!" She screamed as I kept fucking her pussy raw. I reached up and pinched her nipples yet again. This sent a new wave of pleasure through her, and I could feel her building to a climax. Speeding up my humping I saw that her fingers were curled and her breath was quickening. With several strong thrusts she cried out and I could feel her pussy contract around my cock. It was then that I climaxed as well, I managed to pull out and I squirted cum over her stomach. I rolled to the side of her and we each looked at one another panting and smiling.

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