Adam and the babysitter. _(1)

Adam and the babysitter. _(1)

Note: I've posted this story on another account but it got deleted so im posting it a second time. Im the original author of it.
This is my first story i've wrote, leave your pheedbacks and tell me what you think. All pheedbacks, corrections, ciritisizm and suggestions will be appreciated. This is not a true story, it's just a fantasy of mine. Enjoy!
I put up a babysitting ad on craigslist. It's not that i needed the money but i guess id like the extra cash. My name is kristen, im 16, 5'2 brunette, brown eyes, i have pretty firm round ass and i wear a C cup. I'd say im pretty attractive.

Saturday morning i got a phone call about my ad, it was faster than i expected, i was asked to baby sit a 7 year old girl for the night, i agreed to it and later on that day i had my dad drive me to the address given to me. After my dad left i rung the door bell.

A lady opened the door "Hi! You must be kristen" i nodded with a smile. "Im sherill and this is my daughter ashley that you'll be watching tonight, and over there playing video games, is my son adam, he won't be a bother, he's in his own little world right now and he'll probably continue playing video games for the night" said Sherill with a giggle.
"Aha alrighty" i said, i was kind of nervous since this was my first time ever really babysitting, unless watching my annoying 9 year old cousin counts.
Sherill was pretty attractive, she had long dark black hair, she was about 5'6, had large blue eyes and a very fat bum. I noticed she wasn't wearing a ring so i was pretty surprised she's single.
"Now let me show you around the house" she went on "bathroom's upstairs to the right, my bedroom and the kids bedrooms are at the end of the hall from the bathroom, kitchen's over there, i wrote all my contact information on this piece of paper, i left some cash on the counter if you guys decide to order pizza, ashley's bed time is 8 O'clock so make sure she's in bed by then, ill be home around 12, so once she goes to bed you can hangout in the basement if you'd like, there's a flat screen down there and we have netflix too, and feel free to help yourself to the fridge if youd like. I better go now, i'll see you later, bye!" "Thanks, bye!" I waved as she walked out the door.
I noticed her son adam glance at me, then he went back to playing his game and i didn't really bother to make conversation with him, or say anything to him. I was too busy trying to keep up with Ashley, who i'd have to say, has got to be the most annoying 7 year old i've ever laid eyes on, she just doesn't shut up or stays in one place. It was finally 8 O'clock and it was a real struggle tucking her in. Then afterwards i went ahead to the kitchen and got a soda. I sat by the counter and watched adam from a distance playing his video game. He glanced at me but didn't say anything. Adam was cute. He looked young though, but i've always had an attraction for younger guys so i found him pretty attractive. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, he was 5'2 and he didn't really look like he had abs but he wasn't scrawny either. I got up and went towards him and sat next to him on the couch.
"So what's your name again?" I asked trying to start a conversation, even though i already knew his name.

"Adam, you?"


And without even looking at me he goes "Cool" i guess he looked like he was really into his game.
A few minutes pass and i got bored so i asked him if he wanted to order pizza, and so we did.
Half an hour later the pizza arrive and we headed over to the kitchen counter and ate in awkward silence.

"So how old are you anyways" i asked out of curiosity

"13, i'll be 14 in 2 months."
I was a little shocked because he looked older than 13, not by much though.
"oh thats cool" was all i could really think of for a response. 10 minutes later adam got up and said he was tired and that he was going to bed. It was only 9:30 but i decided ill just go down to the basement and watch something on netflix so i went ahead. I noticed that they weren't logged in so i went up to adams room to ask for the log in info. I didn't really bother knocking i just went in, which wasn't very polite but i did anyways.
As soon as i walk in adam jumps up from his couch. There he was, sitting on the couch, watching a porno on his flat screen.
" what... What are you doing" i utter nervously not really knowing how to react.
"Nothing! I got bored and there was nothing good to watch on tv so i went through my mom's porn stach and digged some up, please don't tell her, she'll be pissed, i wasn't doing anything." He looked a little nervous and he was sweating. I couldn't tell if he was sweating from being scared i'll tell on him or from the embaressment or if he was just horny from the porno he was watching.

"It's fine."
"Yeah, everyone watches porn you know" i said with a little giggle.
He looked a little relieved and then to my surprise he went ahead and asked me if i wanted to watch it with him since i had nothing better to do and i was probably bored anyways. I thought about it for a minute. I mean it was a little weird, for one, he was 13, kind of awkward, not really for me but i guess for other girls. Part of me wanted to watch porn with him, but then part of me knew it would be wrong and wouldn't end well, or.... Innocent.
"C'mon it's just porn, everyone watches porn remember?" He said half jokingly and half serious.
I let out a sigh and said "alright alright" so i sat down next to him on the couch and started watching the porno with him. It was one of those long 40 minute videos so i knew it wasn't gonna end anytime soon and things would probably get a little hot. From the cornor of my eye i noticed adam glancing at me every couple of minutes. I tried to avoid eye contact with him though.
I realized that adam's bulge was really clear, he was wearing basketball shorts and i could see the outline of his dick. I tried not to stare even though it was turning me on, but i noticed his bulge get bigger and i could see the outline of his dick, i could tell that he was getting hard. His right hand was on his thigh. 10 minutes into the porno i look down i noticed that it moved up, it was almost past half way onto his crotch. I could tell he was getting horny. A couple minutes later i noticed now his whole hand is on his crotch. It wasn't moving though, it was just cupping it. I was even more turned on now and i could feel myself starting to get horny. I looked down again and now his hand was moving a little bit, he was kind of just squeezing his crotch, i guess he didn't wanna make any obvious movements so i wouldn't see. But i could tell how horny he was getting and it was getting me even more horny.
Not gonna lie, even though he was 2, maybe 3 years younger than i am, i was so willing to fuck him. I mean, he was attractive. And all that was going though my head at the moment was how much i wanted to watch him. Just watch him touch himself, his dick, grab it, and stroke it, and squeeze it. God oh how much i wanted to watch him jack off. I knew it wasn't going to happen though because i could tell he was too scared to let his hand slide down his pants, so i thought of something, maybe if i were to get up for a few minutes, by the time i'd get back he'd be jerking off, and i'd just sneak up on him so he wouldn't deny it this time. So i decided that's what i was going to do.
I got up and said i was going to the bathroom, he immedietly removed his hand from his crotch and whimpered "o-k". I stayed in the bathroom for like 5 minutes, just thinking of what i was going to do exactly. How do you approach a 13 year old and tell him you wanna see him touch himself? Or how was he gonna react when i'd catch him in action? Would he stop and apologize or keep going if i asked him?! I didn't know what to expect but i was too horny to care so i decided to just go for it and whatever happens, happens.
It was 10 O'clock now and we had 2 hours to spare before his mom got back. I walked really slowly back to his room trying not to make and noises or sudden movements and i slowly snuck up on him. And just like i had predicted, there he was, sitting, with his dick out, jacking off. I'd have to say, he had a pretty nice dick for a 13 year old, it was a little over 5 inches and it was light and looked pretty clean. I stared for a minute then finally i let out a huge sigh so he can be alarmed that i saw him.
"Oh my god!" He jumped up pulling his shorts back up, looking like he'd just seen a ghost.
"Dont you know how to fucking knock!" He yelled at me.
"Im sorry.... I guess i should have. But... Well, i don't really mind watching you..." There it was, the moment of truth, whatever he said next was what the rest of the night will depend on. It'll either be awkward as shit, with me probably sitting alone in the basement and him doing whatever in his room till his mom got back, or me having a little bit of fun. And him too, offcourse.
"Really?" He asked with a relief.
"Yeah, it'll be our little secret."
Then i headed over and sat next to him on the couch. "You can't tell ANYONE about this" he said while unpausing the tv. Then holy fuck, there it is, he whips out his dick again and starts slowly stroking it. He didn't really make eye contact, i guess he felt awkward, i mean, he was jerking off to a porno infront of the babysitter. But i could tell it got him even hornier, just the thought of it is pretty exciting. I continued to watch him as he started stroking it harder and faster by the minute.
I was way too horny now, i enjoyed watching him, but i wanted to get some action too. So without a word, i put my hand over his hand, stopping him, then i pushed his hand away and started to slowly stroke up and down his dick and rub the head of it with my thumb. At this point he repositioned himself on the couch, he put his head back, completely forgetting about the porno on the screen and he closed his eyes as i continued to jerk him off. I noticed his breathing got heavier and louder, then he slowly moved his hand to my thigh and i felt his fingers brush up my thigh to my crotch and he started squeezing it over my sweatpants, then a couple of minutes later he slid his hand inside my pants and with his index finger he started feeling around my slit untill he completely cupped my vagine with his palm. Then he started rubbing me slowly, at this point i was already way past wet. "You're so wet." He whispered in my ear as I closed my eyes and laid my head on his shoulder as we continued touching eachother. I was stroking his dick, and squeezing it, going up and down using my whole hand and he was rubbing my pussy. Then he focused on my clit for a little bit and i could feel an orgasm building up inside me.
He slid one finger in and before i know it he was already sliding a second finger in and going at a pretty hard and fast pace. I was suprised he even knew what he was doing but it was such a turn on.
A few minutes later i got up and got down on my knees on the floor between his legs and slowly put the head of his dick in my mouth. At first i started teasing it a little bit with my toung ring and running my toung in circles around it.
He put both his hands on my head and pushed my head down on to his dick untill most of it was inside my mouth which wasn't too long before i started gagging. But i continued to suck on it anyways. I could tell how good he was feeling cause he kept pumping his hips up in the air and trying to push my head down farther onto his dick. At this point his dick was pretty hard and soaking wet and i was already tasting his pre cum.
His moans and hard breathing were so hot, it just made me wanna fuck him already! But i didn't wanna stop sucking him off yet, i wanted him to cum, i wanted to taste his cum.
"Oh my god! ..... Im.... Im gonna cum, oh kristen... Oh my god.... Im cumming!" And he started to cum like crazy. All i could taste was his warm juicy cum and i swallowed every bit of it.
"Kristen, that was... Amazing."
" i want you to fuck me." Was all i could say as i took his hand and guided him to his bed and pushed him back on the bed.

"I wanna fuck you too. I wanna cum again. Make me cum again. i wanna be inside you"

I couldn't resist. I took off my pants and got up on him and sat on his dick as he pushed it into my pussy.
"You're so tight" he said as he placed his hand on my hips and started to pull me down on to his dick untill every inch of him was inside me. I started riding him and rocking my hips back and forth a he was rocking his up and down. We were both breathing pretty heavily, moaning and sweating too. He turned me over and got on top of me and started pumping me as he placed my legs on his shoulders and leaned in and started pumping faster. I never thought it would be this great to fuck a 13 year old, i could feel a huge orgasm comming on and i started to cum and he still kept going. A few seconds later i put my legs back down on the bed and pulled him in against my body as i grabbed his ass pushing him inside me as deep as i could.
"Im gonna cum again!" He announced as he was out of breath. Then i could feel him gush inside me. It was so warm and pleasantly pleasureful inside my pussy. Then afterwards we both laid back for a few minutes, catching out breaths, then we got dressed and he stayed in his room and i went down stairs and went on with my night and we never spoke of it again.

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