Ass Competition

Ass Competition

After getting a cold beer from the fridge, I walked into the den only to see my hot sister Judy sleeping on the couch. She had been reading a book and had fallen asleep, the book lying on the floor next to her.

I stopped and looked at her fantastic body covered only in a thin layer of t-shirt and cut-off jeans. Damn, she was hot. Her long hair was strewn about and her long legs were darkly tanned with no visible tan lines. The girl oozed sex and you couldn’t help but fall in love with her. I knew I had. Just looking at her was making my cock rise and I didn't even hear the knock on the door.

Suddenly I was surprised by Chrissy, Judy’s BFF who had knocked on the front door and just wandered in like she usually did. “What are you looking at?” she asked.

“I was just thinking how beautiful my sister really is.” I said. “She’s really a doll, isn’t she?”

“I think the sight of that tent in the front of your sweats tells me you were thinking about something else” Chrissy giggled.

I had a full fledged hard on now and Chrissy knew it. “I might have been looking at that perfect ass.” I said.
Chrissy stood next to me and reached out and grabbed my dick through my sweatpants and said “I think my ass is better. It’s got better cheeks and it’s tighter than hers. Here, feel it.”

Now a guy with a hard dick is never going to turn down the chance to feel a pretty ass, no matter what. Me included. I took my hand and ran it up the back of her silk shorts and grabbed a beautiful ass cheek and squeezed it. It felt great! “Wow” was all I could say.

“See, I told you” Chrissy bragged, “I’ve worked very hard to get this ass and I am very proud of it.”

“Well, it’s great, but I would have to examine it closer to make a final decision” I told her. “You can’t make a decision like that without a close-up visual and tasting inspection.”

“A tasting inspection?” Chrissy asked. “Does this mean you want to eat my ass?”

“I think it’s the only way” I pleaded. Chrissy knew that I had a thing for eating ass and we had just never got to do it. I was looking at her and giving my best “lonely puppy dog look” when I saw a big smile on her pretty face.

“Let’s see what you got big boy” she said as she started to work the silk shorts down.

“Please let me do the honors” I asked. “I want to get the first look close up”.

Chrissy laughed a little coy laugh and turned her back to me and just stood there leaving the rest of the job to me. I slid a hand up each leg and stuck my fingers under the elastic waistband and slowly pulled her silk shorts down. I stopped as the crotch area approached my nose. I leaned in and inhaled the smell of Chrissy’s pussy. It was a smell of it’s own and it made my dick even harder.

I continued to lower her shorts until they fell in a pile at her feet. She raised her leg and kicked them aside. I stared at the beautiful ass cheeks in front of me and ran my tongue up and down each one, savoring the taste of clean, young, beautiful ass. I spread the cheeks apart and got my first close look at her beautiful asshole. It looked like a flower, pink and perfect. I licked all around the edge, purposely avoiding it directly. I was in heaven.

I thought I heard something and I stopped to listen to Chrissy moaning and whispering, “Lick it, pleeeease!”

I had to oblige her and I stuck my tongue between her cheeks and licked that asshole for all I was worth. I ran my tongue from top to bottom, around the edges and even tried to suck on her ass. I looked at it and tried to stick my tongue in like a cock. I pushed all I could and could feel my tongue enter her hole.

Chrissy was moaning loudly and lost her balance. She grabbed Judy’s leg to catch herself. Judy jumped and woke up only to see her brother with his tongue buried in th ass of her best friend. At first she looked confused, but that broke into a smile as she figured out what was happening. Judy knew that I wanted to eat Chrissy’s ass for some time and was watching my dream come true.

“How long have you two been here?” she asked.

“A few minutes only” Chrissy replied.

“I see I missed a little of the action” was Judy’s reply.

“Bullshit, you were the one who started it all” Chrissy told her.

I could only moan as my mouth was full of ass and I wasn't about to let it go.

“What do you mean I started it. I was sleeping!” my sister responded.

“Art was standing there admiring your pretty ass when I showed up. I saw the boner he had and knew that if I played my cards right, he would lick my ass. It was easier than I thought to get him to eat my ass. Just look at him, he’s like a man possessed. He’s giving my ass the close-up inspection before the final decision on who’s ass is better. Mine or yours.” Chrissy explained.

Judy began to rub her tits and watch me do my magic on Chrissy.

“Take off your shirt” Judy ordered.

Chrissy reached down and pulled her shirt over her head and threw it aside. This let loose one of America’s finest set of boobs. If you looked up tits in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Chrissy’s tits. That’s how perfect they are.

I continued my assault on her ass, running my tongue up and down and in and out never letting up one bit. She loved it.

Judy pulled her pants off and showed us her pretty pussy. Clean shaven and dripping wet.

“Lick this, now” Judy told Chrissy, “Lick it and don’t stop.”

“Yes, mistress” was all I heard her reply as she leaned in and began to lick my sister’s snatch for her. My vantage point from between Chrissy’s as cheeks gave me a perfect view of the action. This caused me to lick and suck that much harder.

I could feel Chrissy’s body start to shake uncontrollably as her first orgasm hit. She held on tro Judy’s legs to keep from falling. She stopped licking to enjoy the moment. Her rapid breathing and moans let us know she was getting off. When she stopped shaking she went back to loving the pussy in front of her. Cum dribbled out of her pussy and ran down her leg. Of course I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, I licked it up noticing how sweet it was. I had wanted this for a long time and man, was it worth it.

I was surprised when Chrissy turned and looked me in the eye and said “Fuck my ass, please!”

This was what I had jacked off thinking about so many times and now it was coming true!

I stuck my finger in her ass and she jumped. This would be great. I raised up and looked at Judy who was being eaten and she smiled at me, knowing I wanted this.

I rubbed my cock along Chrissy’s ass and stopped at the entrance. I nudged my cock into the entrance of her ass and gave a little push. God, it was tight. I spit on the end of my dick and put it back in and pushed. It started in and I took my time, letting her get used to it in her ass. After a couple minutes I just about had it all the way in when Chrissy pushed back against me taking my cock to the hilt.

“Don’t play with me, fuck me” she screamed.

I picked up the pace and fucked her like it was my last time. I hammered her ass and she loved it, moaning loudly and reaching around me and pulling on my leg trying to get it in deeper.

I knew if I kept this up I was going to cum.

“Fuck me harder” she kept yelling, “Fuck me harder, deeper. Don’t stop”

Judy was lying back and had her hand buried in her pussy, watching the action in front of her. She kept looking up at me and a big smile came across her face. She knew I was happy.

Chrissy started to cum again and that was all I could take. I let go with all the cum I had deep in her ass. I don’t know how many shots I gave her but it started to ooze out around my dick and run down her leg. As my dick started to soften, I kept pumping it in and out of her ass. I didn’t want to stop.

My cock finally slid out of her vagina and just hung there with a trail of cum hanging from it. Judy laughed and pointed at my cum covered dick. Chrissy turned and saw it and said “We can’t let that go to waste.”
She turned around and started licking and sucking my dick. She didn’t stop till she had it all cleaned off. This started to bring me back to life.

Judy looked at Chrissy’s pussy and told her “You’re a mess, girl. Here let me clean that off for you.” She slid under Chrissy and began to lick and suck my cum from her ass.

I sat there watching my sister lick her friend’s ass and thought “I’m the luckiest guy in the world!”

Then I realized that Judy’s ass was exposed to my view. I could make a better decision on who’s ass was better if I sampled both asses. I moved around and spread my sister’s legs and started licking her ass cheeks. She moaned, raised her pretty ass in the air and waited for me to get it.

“I need to examine the competition” I said “You know, to see who has the better ass.”

With that I spread her legs and plunged my tongue deep in my sister’s ass. I licked and sucked on it until she was writhing on the floor. She looked back at me with my cum all over her face and said “Fuck my ass, too.”

How could I refuse? I spit on her ass to lube it up and took my cock and placed it at the opening. As soon as it touched her ass, she pushed back and it disappeared all the way in. I thought I would die. She began to fuck me and I responded by giving her ass a good fucking.

We fucked for several minutes like wild people, Chrissy leaned back on the couch and cheered us on. I could see her hand working her pussy hard and she came again.

I felt my dick working Judy’s ass and knew I was going to cum.

“Fill my ass with your jizz” she said.

That was all I needed as I let it fly inside her gorgeous ass. Blast after blast of love juice in my own sister’s ass. It began to run down her leg as my dick slid out. I was wasted.

We all huddled together and kissed each other. I could taste my cum on Judy’s tongue and Chrissy and I licked all the cum off Judy’s face. I kissed them both and said that I was happy that I had finally been able to eat the two best asses in America. I told them that the research had shown that they were equal and that further studies would have to be done to find a winner, For now it’s a tie.

They both laughed and headed for the shower. Me, I laid on the couch and had a nap. Life is good.

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