Predator Series: Chapter Seven: Lust Machine

Predator Series: Chapter Seven: Lust Machine

I walked from the basement door into the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I figured I would make a couple sandwiches for myself and watch the news to see if anything has been said about this situation. As I made my food and started to put up what all I had gotten out. I figured I would put off making her food until after I ate and watched some television. She is a bit busy with her situation.

Grabbing the food and a drink from the fridge I walked over to the lazy boy and got settled. I left around the chair a little for the damn remote. I am notorious for loosing the remote. After a few minutes of digging I fount it in the chair, and hit the News button on my harmony remote and watched in awe as it worked its magic. First the cable box came on, then the television flicked on, and then after about thirty seconds the remote sent the signal to the cable box to change its channel to the proper station. You really have to love Logitech for their smart remotes.

I sat around and watched the local news. Nothing about anyone missing yet, but I will have to keep a close eye on it. After flipping through the television and not finding anything interesting to watch I get up to go use the bathroom. I had to piss but I wanted to check the bite and make sure everything was in order.

After looking at my hand and using the bathroom I washed my hands and went into the kitchen. I made her a sandwich put it on a paper plate and walked back downstairs.

I was greeted with a wonderful site as I got to the bottom of the stairs. She was week kneed ad was breathing deeply as I walked closer to her. She has yet to even acknowledge that I had even entered the room. She looked tired and wore out as she almost hung there, but unable to rest from her restraints.
Walking over to my toy I gave a slap on her ass, and she left out a soft moan. Slowly I walk around to her front noticing her had is limp and she is salivating from around her gag. I took my hand under her chin and raised her head. She didn’t even open her eyes.

I bend forward and took a nipple into my mouth, and between my teeth. I slowly applied pressure to her nipple and she just let out a soft moan. Standing back upright I reached back and slapped her across her face. Not hard enough to do damage, just enough to sting. She jumped from the slap with her eyes wide and fixed on me as if to stare me down.

“Are we awake yet?” I scoffed at her,

She just squinted her eyes in defiance. Daring me to slap her again. As if she was going to do anything in her position.

“Remember your role here missy. I am the one in charge, not you. So you can remove that look from your face.” I spat at her figuratively,

Taking my hands and slapping her breasts a few times changed the expression on her face a couple times. From pain to pleasure, pleasure to lust.

I reached down between her legs and grabbed the rope. Pulling back on the rope the condom slid out with ease.

“Half Melted. Not bad.” I said joking,

I pulled out the condom and ripped it off the rope and tossed it aside. I walked around and her ice plug followed the first one to the ground. Walking back around her I took my nails which were not long at all and rand them from her right butt cheek, around her hip, to her stomach which I then rubbed her stomach gently and moved in close.

“You know, I am going to have fun pumping my cum inside you. I am going to fill your belly every single day. I am going to fuck that Tight little ass of yours, then I am going to fuck that tight pussy of yours, and finally going to use your mouth to clean my cock with. We are going to have lots of fun together.” I whispered gently into her ear,

She just shuttered at the thought, and yet dick jumped at the thought. One thing I am going to have to be careful about is getting her pregnant. I am horny not stupid. If I got her pregnant there is no way I could deliver a baby. Plus all the crying and taking care of it. No, if I wanted to fill her belly I will have to pump her ass full first. Better to be safe then sorry.

I walked behind her and reached for the rope to loosen her up a bit. I wanted to let her rest some while I played with her some more.

Just then her leg came flying back to kick me but before she could reach her target she shifted from the lack of balance and planted her foot into my thigh.

“Ow. Son of a bitch.” I let out as I winced in pain,

“What really. You were going to kick me in the nuts? Your a dumb woman aren't you? You are being held up by your tip toes with rope and expected to stay stable and hit me square? As tired as your legs are I think not. Then what? A daring escape?” I yelled at her as I rub my leg,

Standing back up I move behind her a gain. I put both feet between her legs and spread her legs apart some till she is barely on her feet.

“Now don't try anything stupid. I know that is asking a lot from you but you just better accept defeat and deal just enjoy your situation. It will make things easier for you.” I said as I kept on with the rope.

As I finished saying her head flew back and caught me right on the nose. Taking a few steps back and grabbing my now bleeding nose I made sure it was not broke. She did not break it, but came damn close to breaking it.

Now pissed off I walk over to the bench and grabbed a clean rag and wiped my nose. It bled like no other. Within a few minutes the already red rag had soaked in my blood and now has a deep tint of red. I reached for the Cat-o-nines and walked over to her still hanging body.

Standing a few feet away from her I just looked her over. She looks so beautiful just handing their. It was cold in the room yet her body glistened with sweat from trying to stand on her toes. The rope which ran between her crotch has became a few shades darker then the rest of the rope. Either by sweat or soaked from her wetness. So beautiful like a captured angel in hell.

THWACK! I came down across her body with the nines and left a few marks. THWACK! Then again, THWACK! And again THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. I came down across her body several times, and each time she let out a muffled scream. I was not being nice this time. She had to learn her place, and I was going to teach her that place.

After a few minutes had passed and her body now teeming with red marks from where the nines had laid. She is now breathing heavier and sweating more.

Satisfied I set the Cat-o-nines down and walked over to her and untied the knot that held her upright with no struggle from her at all. I then let her feet touch the floor and then bent her body at the waist and again, no effort to fight back yet. I then brought the rope back up to the chain and tied it back making sure to keep the rope as tight as I can get it. I then took the remainder of the rope and fed it down around her neck and tied it loosely off. I don’t want to strangle her, but just stop her from bending forward more then what she is already at.

Going back over to the bench I started to think of a way to keep her from kicking again. Grabbing a few eye bolts some extra leather, and an old broom I had laying around I managed to fashion a nice leg bar out of it. Nothing fancy but still useable.

Walking back over I quickly strapped her feet into the new restraint with out a problem.

“There that’s better. Oh wait, one last thing” I said playfully,

I walked over and untied her ball gag to let her jaws rest. Tossing it on the bench I remembered that I had some baby oil and wanted to have some fun with it. Grabbing one of the bags I had purchased from earlier I took the baby oil out and set it aside. I then stripped naked to ensure my clothing did not get nasty from this. Walking back over to my toy I took the baby oil and opened it up and then poured some on her ass cheeks. She jumped a little from the cold but that was her only response.

I gave her ass a good coat before setting the bottle down and then rubbed in the oil. I started from the top of her ass and rubbed the oil in. Running my hands across her soft cheeks I slid my fingers between her cheeks. Half cursing at the rope that blocked me from any real access, but never the less I still rubbed away. I ran my hands down between her thighs and back up again. Grazed her labia's as I gently rubbed her mound and then slid my hands back down.

By this time most of the excess oil has ran down her legs which is what I used to continue my rubbing. I ran my hands down her legs to where the leg restraint was resting and then I worked my way back up to her ass and rubbed her ass for a while. One thing I was sure of was that I was an ass man, and her ass was perfect. With the rope running between her thighs it made it sexier. A pain in my ass and I am sure a pain in her ass.

Just then an idea struck me. I ran back to the table and grab a towel to clean my hands with. I grabbed the drill changed a the bit and walked back over.

I then cleared some of the tarp away and drilled a small hole in the floor. I ran back and grabbed a screw driver and and eye bolt and stank the eye bolt.

“Perfect. Now to tie off and finish it.” I said a bit excitedly,

I untied her neck and untied the knot at the top bolt. Ran the rope down and through the bottom bolt and tied her off. I then grabbed a second rope I had. This was a little more rough and ragged but no matter it works the same. I tied the rope around her neck and then tied it to the top bolt. All the while she did not struggle.

I walked back behind her and continued my rubbing of her ass again but this time having everything exposed to me from her bent over and the lack of rope allowed me to slip my thumb in her ass a few times. Each time I did she only clinched a few times before relaxing. It seems she might have done this a few times.

Stopping for a moment I walked over and grabbed the bottle of oil and drizzled some on my cock. I walked back over with bottle in hand and dropped a little more down the crack of her ass. I used my cock to rub in the oil as I watched my cock harden which was already getting hard but was not fully hard yet.

I ran my cock down from her tail bone to her pussy getting everything nice and oiled up. She seemed not not care what happened at the moment after getting the last flogging. I continued to rub my cock up and down and pour oil from time to time down her crack. She was getting nice and oiled up.

My cock now fully hard and I am not filled with lust set the oil down on the ground and grabbed my now raging cock and put it right at the entrance to her ass. I took my free hand and grabbed her hip and pushed my cock in while I pulled slowly at her hips. She still has not protested as the head of my cock slips into her ass I rest there as not to hurt her to much. She relaxed within moments which was surprising to me but I figured she was just experienced In this area. I start to push forward further into her ass inch by inch. I get about halfway in and I hear a slight moan from her. I start to slide in deeper and a bit faster now as there is little resistance.

I slid in till my hips met her hips. Looking down at her ass and both of my hands now spread her ass cheeks to give me further access to her ass I see where my dick starts, and enters into her ass. The sight is so hot my dick twitches. I just sit there a minute, enjoying the warmth of her ass.

“Damn this feels so good. It has been way to long.” I said as I tilt my head back and closed my eyes,

Looking back down I watched with lust as I slowly slide my dick out of her ass till just the head of my cock now rests inside of her. I sat there a second just so slide back into her ass until her ass hit my hips. I pulled back and this time I did not wait. I slid in a bit faster now and then slid back out a few more times.

Starting to get a slow rhythm going, and enjoying the sensation of each stroke I heard Lorie start to moan some as I fucked her ass. Which turned me on to no end and I picked up pace and started to fuck her.

Still fucking her I left one hand off her hip and brought it down across one of her ass cheeks which let out a louder moan from her. I came down on her other ass cheek this time and she moaned louder. I continued to slap her ass and fuck it at the same time as her body and her mind betrayed her will.

The sounds in that basement were of sex and lust. Only thing that anyone could hear there was my grunting, Lorie's moaning, and the slaps of her ass.

A few moments had passed and her ass now is glowing red. I started to pick up the pace and fuck her ass fast and hard as I started to feel from the depths of my lust I was about to cum, and cum hard deep inside of her ass. After a minute or two of hard fucking I finally felt what I had not felt in ages. My balls tensed up and I felt the hot jism rise through my dick from the base and escape from the tip of my cock into her ass. I still am pumping hard into her ass as my dick is still hard.

After feeling my cum shoot out of my dick and into her ass I was renewed with such vigor and lust that I continued to fuck her. Even faster and harder then before. She was now moaning loudly and I had a grip on her hips.

Just then she let out a loud screaming moan and her ass tightened up as she herself reached a climax. I just continued to fuck her and slapped her ass as I road her out of her orgasm.

“Oh my god....fuc.....k.....fuck...yes...” was all she managed to get out,

Seems like it has been a while for her as well I thought. I just continued on pounding her ass. This went on for about fifteen to twenty more minutes as she came again in that time.

Reaching the end again I fucked her ass with all that I had. I slapped her ass from time to time leaving red hand prints on her ass. I continued to thrust into her hard as I could as fast as I could. Sweat pouring down off of both of us as most of the oil had dried except for the sloppy mess that tied us together.

“Oh fuck yes” was all I could manage,

As I shot a second load into her ass, and she let out another scream and her ass tightened and milked my cock as I fucked the last bit I could into her.

She finally loosened up and I finally went soft and slowed down my thrusts as my legs were now turning into jello after a good thirty minutes of fucking. I slowly pulled out of her ass, and watched as my dick slid out her ass gaped open. Cum slowly slid out of her ass as she breathed hard.

Feeling exhausted and knowing she was exhausted just the same I felt a bit sorry for her. Walking around to her neck I untied the rope around her neck so she could get to the ground and still be tied down. I walked over and grabbed a stool that was pushed into a corner and brought it over and sat down resting my legs.

“That was the best fuck I have had in a long while. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.” I said to her,

She just slowly went down to her knees and then laid on her side with a blank stare. She looked a bit defeated. I just sat there looking at her. Looking at how sexy she looked and how she is now my sexual toy.

I sat about twenty minutes until my legs felt a bit better and I noticed that she looked a bit cold. She shivered here and there so I figured I would bring her down some things to keep her warm so I got up and went upstairs to grab an old pillow and blanket I had remembered I kept from when old friends would stay over back in my party days.

I walked over to the stairs and took a glance at my toy and thinking of how fun it will be to break her will to my own. I continued up the stairs and shut and locked the door behind me to go find the blanket and pillow for my pet.

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