My Best Studies Ever part 2

My Best Studies Ever part 2

“Benjamin…” Samantha’s soft voice called out to me again. Oh man, this night just keeps getting better and better for me. Earlier I had gotten her to come over and study with me, my folks gone on a business trip for the next two weeks; our studies turned into so much more, she wanted to work on our ‘sexual studies’ and how those have come out!!!

“Benjamin…” she calls to me once again, coming down the hall to my bedroom. Samantha is all but insatiable when it comes to sex; judging from the tone of her voice, she wants another go at it, assuming I just don’t up and expire with a wild smile on my face.

Her cell phone rings again, the last time it was our friend Tabatha who was to come over and had to cancel at the last minute; work related matters of course. “Hello…oh, hi…” I hear her speaking, “you can make it…and they…your joking….no…wahoo!!!”

Somehow hearing the last outburst from her I knew my fate has once again been sealed. She comes walking into my room, grinning wildly, and lust burning in her amber eyes at me. The soft click her cell phone made when it shut sounded like the lid of my grave being put into place. She just casually strolled in my direction, hand on her swaying hips; all of her fantastic nude body there for me to see.

“Uh okay Samantha…what is going on now…” I was dreading the news to come; even though a part of me was hopeful, as she had mentioned before of getting another lady here for a three way. Maybe that will actually happen tonight?

Climbing onto the bed next to me, she stretched out so I could see every inch of her body. Propping her head on one hand, the other began teasing my chest through my shirt, then moved on up to my neck and chin. Each one of her touches sent shivers of delight through me, once again beginning to kindle the wild fires that had been drained earlier by this tigress next to me. Her gentle stroking then encompassed my cheeks, brows, and ears before moving back to my lips.

Taking my head with her hand she leaned in to me, bringing those sweetest of lips unto my own. My body again felt like a furnace raging white hot, my brain turning to pudding and flowing away. Any restraints that may have come back banished instantly; especially as she pulled one hand of mine from the covers it was holding in a death grip up to her breast.

I had touched them earlier tonight and yet my hand was shaking; that little firm mound felt so warm and soft, as I gently caressed it, trying to remember how she likes it, she kissed me again and again on the lips. Her breath became a little shallower; eyes just a little glazed over; her body twitching here and there.

“Now Benjamin,” she asked, “you remember that Tabatha had to cancel at the last minute?”

I just nodded my head to the affirmative.

“Well,” she continued, “she is able to make it after work, and as tomorrow is a weekend, we have an extra surprise…” oh no, here comes the bad news.

“We will have two other girls over aside from Tabatha. Think about it, you will get four girls tonight; and I get to have both you and their sweet pussies.”

Samantha commenced tickling me on the stomach, drawing a roar of laughter before I finally got hold of her and returned the favor. Once again I could never have imagines she would be like this; sometimes so sweet and gentle, playful and yet a wild tiger that waited to get out.

She cuddled up against me, stroking my back and shoulders. All I could think of is not just two women, but four! How in the world will I be able to handle four of them? It’s just been hard enough to keep up with Samantha earlier tonight. Four women, now my humiliation when they drain me dry of life will be complete across the board.

Samantha looked into my eyes, her smile still bright. “Don’t worry Benjamin; you’ll do fine; just remember though, you have to cum inside each of us at least twice. That’s what I promised them, twice so you get as much practice in as possible. Now it will be a couple of hours before they get here….”

She rolled over onto her back, supported by a large mix pillows; her hands motioned for me to get closer, so I scooted next to her, stretching out as well. When she rolled her eyes upward and gave and exasperated sigh I again wondered what was wrong.

“Benjamin,” she said holding her arms open, “I want you on top of me, not next to me…” It took some doing but I finally got into position over her, my arms supporting most of my weight to keep from placing too much pressure on her. Putting her arms around my neck she pulled me down and again began kissing me with those fiery kisses; in no time my manhood had achieved maximum attention.

I started to kiss her on the cheek and the neck as she has done to me; her cheeks became rather flush and I seen her eyes roll upward as a great shudder swept her body. Opening her legs, I felt her pelvis move against my body, sweeping electrical darts of excitement shooting into my melted brain with each movement. Once again my leg started shaking in nervous anticipation; heart racing and blood burning in excitement.

I tried to slide into her womanhood with no luck, it never occurred to me how much of a problem it could be; once again I just assumed it would happen naturally. Samantha though already had anticipated this may occur.

“Benjamin,” she said, her hand encompassing my manhood, “let me guide you in this time, practice makes perfect and a woman knows her own body better than anyone else; and no that’s not a slight against you at all. Now once it’s in, just go slow and take your time. Above all BE GENTLE!!!”

Her kisses to my chin and neck began making me hotter and hotter with each one until a raging fire swept across my being from head to toe and into my manhood.

When she moved me to the parting of her flesh, easing the top inside of her, once again it felt magical. To feel her muscles working with mine, her body knowing what to do, bringing small moans and giggles out of her as I focused on slowly, steadily going back and forth in her. She closed her eyes up, head turning to the side, moans now growing from her, not loud just building.

From me, all I could think of was trying to please her and knowing once again I would wind up failing. My breath was labored and hard, vision dancing while a wild, heady feeling worked to replace wherever my mind had disappeared off to. To please this goddess of sex and lust below me, to be gentle as she said, and all of that while trying to hold back for as long as possible.

“Benjamin slow down,” she directed, “take your time okay there’s no rush…oh yeah…”

I don’t know what changed other than taking it slower, trying to control each thrust going in and out; not so easy of a job to do. In a way I was glad that our fooling around was not like the movies; all roaring sounds and thrashing all over the bed like acrobats and contortionists. Her next kiss on my lips caused my eyes to cross, drawing a giggling laugh from her and pushing me over the edge.

Gritting my teeth, my body lurched three or four times as I came inside of her. “I’m sorry Samantha; I didn’t expect it so…”

She kissed me again and rolled me onto my back. “I told you Benjamin; one step at a time. It’s like with me when I first started doing it with girls, it took time to get it right. Speaking of which tonight you may need to get some practice with those lips and tongue down there on each of us…”

Seeing the horrified look on my face she broke out into a massive outburst of giggles. “No Benjamin, I’m not going to have you do me right now, you’d wind up eating part of your own cum with mine in the end. Now though, give me your hand…”

I was fairly sure of what she was going to do this time; sweeping my hand down to her womanhood.

Her flesh felt so warm and moist down there, especially where my fingers parted her most private area, bringing a growing smile onto her face. I did ask her where she wants me to touch her, and on one location she suddenly starts to shake a bit, gasping and rolling her eyes upward while grabbing my arm with one hand and the bed sheets again with the others.

“Right there…right there…don’t you dare stop…” she gasped.

I worked the spot as gently as possible, going in a swirling motion as she indicated, then moving my other hand to touch the rest of her intimate spots. Her body started shaking, with her hips and back thrusting upward each swirl that I completed. Tighter and tighter her hand clenched my arm, while she moved the other up to her mouth, biting down on it to keep from screaming out in delight.

My fingers became more and more damp with her own body juices; one of her legs moved with enough force to catch me in the gut, knocking every bit of air out of me. I still managed to keep focused on her, wanting to just do something to please her.

My other set of fingers wound up working into her vagina, causing even more gasping from her, until finally she just kept gasping out heavenly names one after another.

“Don’t stop…don’t…don’t stop…oh…oh…oh…” she gasped.

One final set of convulsions started, leading her to hit her climax. She collapsed back on the bed, looking at me drenched in perspiration. “Damnations Benjamin, if you can do this right now, I can’t wait until I teach you to eat out a girl’s womanhood.”

“Whew, Tabatha and Daisy are going to love you for this!”

“Daisy…wait you don’t mean my cousin…” I just gasped. Not Daisy, a close cousin of mine who goes to the same school as Samantha and me, who also recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday about six months back. I hope I am wrong on this…my cousin…of all the people that could get involved…

“It’s more than just Daisy, the third girl will happen to be…” my dread doubled and doubled again, somehow figuring what she would say with that wicked smile on her face, “…your other cousin Mindy…”

This just gets to be more and more of a nightmare.

So the girls were supposed to be here inside two hours huh? It’s more like four hours, during which time I did get a second shower, along with a nap. Samantha suggested the nap, dictating that there will not be much need for sleep when the others get here. My nap was filled with nightmare images of what will happen when my folks and relatives find out that I have been fooling around with my cousins…

One of my aunt, mother of Daisy and Mindy; she absolutely hates men – thus me and my dad. I just dreamt of her holding a knotted rope, tied to my manhood, the other end to a monster truck and she signals the driver to take off when the rope hits the ground…needless to say the results were best left to the imagination.

Tabatha’s mother was in another – she being an instructor of Kung-fu. I was in the dojo in place of a punching dummy, she was explaining to her assembled students “Now class this is the proper technique to break every bone in a human body, one at a time and in the most painful of manners…”

Strangely even Samantha’s mother was there, the one who treats me like a lost puppy, calling me constantly a ‘good little boy who is harmless.’ In this case she blamed me for ‘corrupting her little girl’ then introduced me to her two mastiffs called Ripper and Crusher, they specialized in turning men into geldings.

“I’m doomed…” I said when Samantha woke me up.

“You so have that right!” the voice calling out meant only one thing, Mindy and the others are here.

Indeed I am well and truly doomed.

From what Samantha told me they had come in about twenty minutes ago, while she had been preparing a meal of our usual – tuna sandwiches and soda pop. One thing she cracked down on immediately as they sat in the living room was when Mindy – the identical twin of Daisy, demanded that the hard booze be brought out for them to ‘loosen up with.’ Thankfully she stopped it; his parents had been incredibly clear – no booze of any kind.

Some dinner it turned out to be, I felt completely out of place as the girls laughed and joked with one another; guzzling the soda and being so ribald with stories of other men that I was absolutely stunned.

Talk about getting an education.

I tried to keep out of the way, figuring to avoid my inevitable execution, yet Samantha kept looking at me with that hungry gleam in her eye…the tigress was awakening again. On the other hand, Mindy kept looking at me with barely concealed contempt in her eyes.

Suddenly the girls took to whispering with one another, looking at me in turn, Samantha, Daisy and Tabatha having hungry looks in their eyes. Samantha would whisper something to them, motion with her hands just out of sight and then came the giggles or snorts of doubt, most of them from Mindy.

Heavens help me, if I can barely manage with her, how will I manage with four tigresses? I can imagine my own annihilation is at hand.

“Oh come on Samantha that is impossible, he is a geek, nerd, and a wimp wrapped into one,” her look was so savage and angry that if it could kill, a dozen men would be dead. “HE could never manage that, I only agreed to this stupid matchup due to knowing HE will FAIL UTTERLY. I tell you right now, he will never get inside of me if I have anything to say about it…only a woman can get another woman to climax, not a runt like…”

“Enough,” Daisy looked at me, then the other girls and finally to Mindy, “How about we put it to the test, since Samantha makes the claim, you scoff about it, then me or Tabatha should be the one to verify it. After all if he can do it just with his hands then…”

“Fair enough then,” Mindy said, then turned to Tabatha, “good luck you’re going to need it.”

“One thing to understand Benjamin,” she grinned utterly wickedly at me, “WHEN you fail I will tell everyone at school you have indeed proven to be an impudent…”

“Mindy,” Samantha said with anger in her voice, “when he does succeed then YOU have to put out; here, on the table, before all of us, AND you keep your promise, he cum’s inside your womanhood twice, and maybe another time for the insult you have given him.”

Mindy suddenly hesitated, until Samantha made a series of clucking sounds at her.

“Fine, but when he fails Samantha, I get you for the entire night.”

“Deal,” Samantha looked at me with a reassuring smile. At least one of us was confident.

“One thing too Mindy,” Daisy declared with a stern voice, “if you don’t keep your word, I will tell mother, and then you know the hell that you will pay for that. No more play money for you and the others you love to be so ‘entertaining’ with at the escort services…”

Great, just great, now I am really caught up in this mess. What was supposed to be an intimate evening for me and the four ladies has now turned into a challenge. Like normal I somehow have messed the day up just by being here; nothing new in my life.

Though I have to admit, watching Tabatha slide down her pants made me blush big time; she looked at me and grinned, then gave a supporting wink. Then watching her panties slide down, letting me see her down there I almost burst into flames – I was just getting used to Samantha the tigress, now another one was wanting to be pleased.

She sauntered over to my chair, those fine braids of her brown hair bouncing along; for that matter so did her bosom under that shirt, it hugs her like a second skin that threatens to tear asunder with a single breath. Daisy and Samantha looked at me with impish smiles, Mindy just smoldered.

The next thing I knew a shirt landed over my face, followed by something else. Of course when I pulled them off me, I saw clearly what the other thing was: Tabatha’s silken black bra, which had covered her now very exposed breasts hanging there inches from my face. She was already climbing into my lap, shifting her legs to draw up tight around my back.

Once again my leg went into nervous gyrations; this caused a snort of amusement from Mindy. I reached out for Tabatha’s hands and guided them to behind my neck. Once she had locked them for support then my hands went exploring and caressing her arms; gently touching each fold, curve and cranny as I sought any spot that would get a reaction from her.

It was when I got to her neck and then her cheeks she started blinking in surprise, apparently expecting me to head southward for her breasts right off. I pretended that I was blind, and that she is a statue I wish to examine with the fingers telling me its wonderful design.

Ever so gently, slowly, I caressed the cheeks, her nose and then the brows of her eyes. Her breathing changed subtly, easing a bit and then deepening a couple of times; on her neck I touched one spot that caused her to jump around, a flush coming to her cheeks. Coming back up with my fingers I stroked her lips and felt each portion of them, working outer edge inward and then down to her chin.

From there I worked both to her breast bone, switching outward to her sides just above those wondrous set of breasts. Mind you, I was rather intimidated by them, hanging inches from my face, fearing that one accidental swing would smash my head in by mistake.

Of course my worries were ill founded, for when I touched her about the middle of her sides, just above the abdomen, two little swirls caused her to arch her back, head lowering and her pulling me face first between those luscious mounds of flesh to smother to death. My hands shot downward and for some reason this set her off even more with a series of downward thrusts of her hips.

Then I let my fingers do their exploring down on her womanhood; I expected to have a reaction like Samantha, soft and cooing or such. Nope, no such thing happened with Tabatha.

Pulling me deeper into the valley between her breasts, that grip stronger than iron, her head came to rest on my shoulder. Her flesh felt incredibly warm, like fire brewing and damp; yet she was gyrating and crooning with each touch, my fingers moving in soft, letter like patterns as Samantha showed me earlier.

My one set of fingers worked on the same sensitive spot like on Samantha; the others worked their way ever so gently inside of her, caressing and teasing the flesh that parted like a mysterious veil to their efforts. She began to breathe harder, faster, and deeper, with eyes closed and lips gnawing while her body rose and fell in time with the efforts of my fingers.

Of course I was happy she is so ecstatic, my main concern was trying to simply breathe.

“There…there…keep going…going….oh…oh…oh….OHHH!” she called out.

With one wild roar of passionate fury she hit her climax, declaring it to the entire world.

“Samantha you were not joking at all about him,” Tabatha fanned herself for a moment. Of course as I still was buried between her breasts I could only give a thumbs up of support; failing to see the lust filled glimmer in her eyes…this one was not finished with me yet.

Samantha and Daisy gave shouts of victory and did the customary high five; Mindy just looked on with utter disbelief and shock, she just kept saying there is no way she could have lost. When the other girls told Mindy to drop her drawers and ‘assume the position’ a fierce argument broke out.

While this was going on, Tabatha released me from her death grip, allowing me to gasp for breath. I thought that was that for a minute or two.

Tabatha had other ideas.

Fast as anything her hands unbound my shorts and pulled out my manhood, which was at full attention. I had just a moment to mutter an ‘Oh no’ before she guided me into her, sliding in the entire length and quickly beating me into a pulp with her hyper-rapid up and down motions.

I looked at Samantha who gave me an impish grin of delight; Daisy and Mindy continued their argument. How am I ever going to survive this night?

Faster than anything her actions caused me to hit my climax, no warning at all on my part; just the sudden and unstoppable drive to release it within her. When I did cum inside her, my manhood promptly went the way of a lead balloon – crashing flatter than a pancake.

“Tabatha I didn’t mean to lose it so…”

She just kissed me with those fiery lips to let me know it didn’t matter to her.

I had to wonder what happened when the front door slammed shut. Just for a minute, I could see the image of my dad catching me with the girls here – him dressed as a general of old, tall and proud on top of a boulder, pointing to the enemy – ME. His great voice echoing out “destroy the enemy completely; but do so slowly from the feet up…”

Tabatha had climbed off of me and meandered over to the other girls; I have to admit, the way her hips swayed, bare bottom shaped just right, firm and wonderful, held my attention. Samantha turned and looked at me once again, her gleaming eyes showing more hunger than ever.

That’s when I noticed Mindy was not here.

“Did you get it Daisy?” Samantha asked.

“Yup,” she answered, closing her cell phone while giving an impish grin. “Got the whole dare and her storming off on video as well; we should hear from mother in about…(tweet)…ah that…(tweet)….excuse me…”

“Yes mother that’s what happened, she didn’t go through with the dare as she had promised the other day; no I promised Sam here so I have to keep my part as well…okay….” Daisy grin got wider and wider. “Yes mother, I will be careful, just give Mindy what is coming…I know you can more than do so…bye.”

Daisy looked at me, seeing the horror on my face – I wondered what my aunt will do to me when she storms the doors of the house.

“Benjamin, mother won’t do or say anything about this matter from here on out; she will deal with Mindy. Mother may detest men, yet she hates someone who breaks their word even more, so my dear sister is in for a very hot time tonight, just not like she promised you.”

“Enough already,” Tabatha declared, “it looks like we have a problem here. I’ve already had my first of two with him so far and you two are still completely overdressed.” She touched Samantha’s night shirt, and eased it off of her. The sight of her bared body got my blood to pounding; my heart went to overdrive and I started to gulp steadily knowing my date with destruction is now at hand.

Daisy had a bit more fun with me, tossing her shirt onto my head, followed by everything else just as I pulled them off; they giggled from the look on my face when I saw I had her bra in my hands.

Some movement in front of me brought another massive set of gulps – something becoming amazingly common tonight. Tabatha was on her knees, hair swept onto her back while smiling like a Cheshire cat…

“Oh no, you’re going to…I mean…” I could not get the words out of my throat.

She took my manhood into her mouth, those warm lips teasing and tormenting it back to life; where she learned to do this I have no idea, and with each moment building the fires higher and higher across my body again, my brain draining away like bathwater down the drain!

She felt like a vacuum cleaner, so powerful are her mouth muscles; my eyes must have crossed so far that they went around inside my head once or twice. I could just see myself deflating like a leaking balloon, a shriveled up husk!

How do guys keep from expiring on the spot when the ladies can do this?

Finally she let up for just a moment, leaving me gasping for breath. Tabatha quickly climbed up onto me again and slung her arms around my neck. Just like before she pulled me into the ‘valley between the breasts’ and I wondered which demise would happen first – pounded to death by her hyper activity or suffocation.

“Tabatha!” shouted Daisy as Tabatha slid me into her, “I still need him to survive long enough for my two times with him! Don’t kill him yet! I…”

Nothing after that was clear as Tabatha accelerated into instant hyper-over drive with her grinding, pumping and gyrating; groan after groan kept building in intensity from her as we went along. Soon enough she was howling, I swear I heard wolves in the far woods answering to her cries!!!

Those cries merged with her echoing, stinging slaps across my back and shoulders; one after another until a point came we slid off the chair. She did not even slow down when we went to the floor! Only one word called into what was left of my brain, nymphomaniac!

Once again I wound up hitting my peak unexpectedly, my cum being sent into her for the second time this night. She looked at me with her wild, wonder filled eyes and a intense smile, perspiration gleaming all over her body.

“Samantha told me you were something special and I can believe it; still a bit rough around the edges, yet that will be taken care of with time. Looks like those two are getting warmed up already…”

Looking over at them I could only agree while hoping to remain out of sight; a pure and beautiful wonder of nature occurring that no man can conceive of, let alone hope to duplicate…

I watched as Daisy, leaning back on the couch, hands holding onto the cushion for all they could, reacted to the sweeping, gentle touch of Samantha across her body. Sensuality in action just does not do justice to her work; her hands moved across the canvas of Daisy’s skin, touching here and caressing there in perfect harmony to draw out gasps, moans, and shivering-induced groans.

From forehead to cheeks and chin, her fingertips swirled and spiraled. Shoulders and arms were touched as the softest of gossamer silk folds across the skin. Her breasts heaved up and back, matching each swirl of her eyes and pucker of her lips. When Samantha’s hands reached them, the draw of breath and upward jump of Daisy’s body that resulted was incredible to behold…and I knew then that no matter how good I could become next to Samantha the goddess it will matter for naught.

I had to turn my head away for a moment, now feeling more like the jerk I truly am.


The three whacks to my head followed by Tabatha’s firm grip turned my view to her face, meeting literally eye to eye as she leaned into me. Great, now I get executed for sure, I just insulted the entire female portion of the human race by daring to look away.

“Benjamin,” she whispered into my ear, “understand this much clearly, women just know how to please women since we are women after all; that’s no insult to you or other men…okay, it’s not an insult to men like you…one who is something special. Now just watch and enjoy, most men would kill to be in your position.”

I was surprised that this all-devouring, all-hungering tigress was so understanding and gentle in explaining this to me! So as I was bid, I slowly returned my gaze to the goddess of love, Samantha, now making love with Daisy…

Her arms are wrapped about Daisy’s thighs, her tongue working among the folds and depths of that most intimate and pleasurable of areas. Move by move I could see Daisy writhing and squirreling about, building more and more into a maddening frenzy of giddy passion. Daisy just looked like she would melt and flow away as quicksilver does in a spoon; malleable and yielding. Her soft moans gathered in intensity, telling me the moment would soon be at hand.

Based on Tabatha’s howls, I just plugged my ears with my fingers, prepared to have the entire house cave in on top of us all. Now how would I explain the resulting wreckage of the house and probably the entire block to my parents?

Tabatha gently took my wrists into her hands and eased them away. Looking at that impish grin, I wonder what new doom was now at hand for me. Sliding off of me she stood up and went over to her purse, those swaying hips demanding as much attention as the other girl’s activities.

Here came the massive gulps again, sounding like a pounding drumbeat just before my death. I saw one of those things called ‘girls toys’ or the ‘no need for men’ goodies. No more than a hand sized vibration toy; Tabatha looked at me and then at Samantha, or more precisely, her exposed womanhood.

The squeal of shock, surprise and delight from Samantha was incredible to behold. Her head shot up from her pleasuring Daisy, then she called out “Benjamin wait your…your…oh yeah…oh…oh…”

Her hips started swaying as Tabatha touched each spot to spin Samantha into absolute giddy heaven. Just the sight of Samantha reacting that way, the soft, gentle moans flowing one to another as she hit her climax in swift order.

Tabatha looked at me, and my desperate shaking of my head and hands drew a major laugh from all three of them. I honestly imagined them trying that thing out on me! If it could do that to Samantha, how could a man possibly dare to hope of survival?

“Okay Daisy,” Tabatha looked at her, “It’s time for you to get it on with Benjamin. He should be well warmed up by now. Then it will be Samantha’s turn to drain him dry for the night…”

Samantha grinned while shaking her head, “Tabatha, I’ve already done him three times tonight, not to mention when those magical fingers of his did their walking. Like I said, Benjamin is something special. He just needs a bit more smoothing of the edges.”

“Anyways Tabatha,” she said, “If you can get him up and cooking again we can get Daisy ready for the main event tonight. You ready to lose it Daisy?

“Uh…she is…to…lose it?” my words came out in a jumbled heap.

“Benjamin,” Tabatha said, getting down in front of me, ready to melt me into oblivion, “Daisy’s going to be deflowered tonight; why do you think Sam has been getting her ready? We’ll help you do it right, after all there is a first time for everything in life.”

Oh nuts! Tabatha began her magic on me while the thought of Daisy and her virgin womanhood swirled about my brain; now I will blow it completely, the moment of complete failure is at hand.

“Tabatha I have to learn how you do that,” I heard Samantha call out in a wistful tone, “besides we need to stop teasing him so much; you know Daisy’s as much a virgin as you or me, shish she was there doing my cousin when I lost my virginity.”

Tabatha had me ready soon enough, my manhood once again fully at attention and my brain reduced to a fine powder of utter confusion and chaos. The girls were first teasing me to the edge of panic about Daisy, and then they tell me she is not a virgin…what to believe?

“Benjamin,” Samantha said to me, “just let Daisy take control for right now. It will be fine.”

I saw Daisy walking over to me, her small breasts bouncing slightly to and fro; the smile was of another hungry tigress about to devour me for her own needs. She sat down on my lap and moved her legs around my waist; her forehead came to rest against mine, and I got to see into those deep, lustrous green eyes. One hand of hers went to stroke my cheek, with a softly applied kiss to my nose and brow following.

“Tabatha has a tendency to terrify anyone not used to her…actually she can terrify anyone who is used to her sex drive…” she said.

I half mumbled something that was more of a squeak and chirp in one as she told me to take her nipples into my mouth. “Benjamin,” she said, “Gently, no teeth on them, just put your lips around one and gently put your tongue on it. I’ll guide you the rest of the way.”

So taking one breast in my hand, I put my lips over the nipple, savoring the salty taste of her flesh; she guided me as to how she liked a tongue and lips on the tip. Her other breast I caressed with my hand, looking up at her face to see if I was getting any reaction from her.

Daisy’s hands encompassed my head, holding me in place. Thankfully it was not in a death grip like Tabatha.

Her eyes started flickering about; a soft gasp escaping her lips. I moved my hands to explore her body, silently letting them do their walking; when my thumbs and index finger on each hand swept her back and side at the same time, she gave out a wild giggle and squeal of delight, jumping around like crazy. Her hands shot up to cover her mouth, a look of utter shock on her face.

I held my breath, expecting to get slapped for being so audacious.

Daisy looked over at Samantha. “Blast it you were not joking girl; he CAN do that with those fingers!”

She turned back to me and pulled me into a full bear hug, her lips locking onto mine in full force firestorm!

I felt Tabatha hold my manhood while Daisy slid along its length. Slowly, gently she moved up and down on me, while my hands went to working again on her sides. All I intended to do was find those same spots as before, wanting to hear those squeals of joy again. Yet this time I wound up touching some unknown – to me – spot and pushed Daisy over to the wild side in spades.

Tabatha gripped the side of my chair, hair down on one side, breasts swinging about as her body squirms as well; Samantha is behind her working the feminine magic of making love to her woman style. The air filled with the sweet scent of raw lust and sex, passionate squeals, grunts (mine), and beginnings of howls (Tabatha), joining together.

My eyes felt like they were imploding as I lost it inside Daisy; to my shock I came not once but twice, just as Daisy called out in blissful joy. I collapsed back into the chair as my manhood collapsed for the rest of the night.

Not finished, the girls wound up on the floor, doing a daisy chain as they went to licking and teasing each other: Samantha on Tabatha; Tabatha on Daisy and Daisy on Samantha. I could just barely hear in my exhaustion the ongoing moans and groans, the playful slapping of flesh on flesh, smacking lips and cooing sounds; of course Tabatha just let out her howls of delight – the neighbor’s dog howled in union.

One by one they hit their orgasmic ends, grinning like the sated tigresses they are.

Thankfully Daisy had mercy on me for this night; there was no way I could get it going again with any of them. She just said to me, “there will be another time Benjamin, bet on that. Of all my cousins you are the one who I will take over any others…Samantha is so lucky…”

In bed later that night, I looked at Samantha, stretched out in the nude, and asked her what Daisy meant by her comment of “what I can do with my fingers”?

“Benjamin,” she said, “sometimes you can be so sweetly clueless; that’s one thing I like about you. Think of how many times I asked to rub out a strain or stress in one of my muscles and such; how did I usually act in those occasions?”

I thought back over the last year or so, replaying each of the times – quite a few times actually – and on how she would grasp the base of the chair, her breathing and the look in her eyes…

“Crud,” was all I could say.

“Finally figured it out? You have a gentle enough touch to get most women turned on, look how you did it with me, Tabatha and Daisy. You watch and learn how to do stuff, how we react to it in turn; in addition to following instructions.”

“Now let’s get some sleep,” she said, “the weekend is here and there will be more to do in the days ahead until you’re parents come back.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, “I know you want to keep getting it on with me; or at least that’s what you said…are you planning more ‘surprises’ for me?”

“Benjamin,” she just smiled coyly, humor dancing in her eyes as one hand stroked my hair, and “I intend to bed you as much as I can, as you have seen with sex I’m all but insatiable.”

“As for any other ‘surprises’ in store for you…we shall see.”

She laid her head down on the pillow and drifted off to sleep.

Somehow I have the feeling this remaining two weeks is going to be a marathon for me; assuming I manage to survive Samantha.

“I am so doomed,” I declared.

Samantha muttered a definite “yup.”


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