A Present for Momma_(0)

A Present for Momma_(0)


Some years ago I met the most extraordinary man who would influence my life more than any other including my own biological father. Of course, I didn't know that at the time and in the beginning I did my best to hate this intruder, this usurper of my personal life.

Both my parents were professionals working in the medical industry (my father being a doctor and Momma was a home health nurse) and my siblings and I were treated to a comfortable life style. Our home life could be described as quiet and uneventful, but behind the scenes, all was not right in Camelot. By the time I was seventeen, the relationship between my parents was obviously growing distant. They never fought in front of us, but neither of them were very happy and who knows what is going on behind closed doors. We never heard any kind of a sound coming from their bedroom. Momma always did her best though and tried to give my father everything he wanted. She always put everyone's needs in front of hers and I'm ashamed to say that we all took great advantage of that very fact.

At seventeen my sisters had already gone off to college and I was the only one left at home. That's when Daddy decided to tell Momma of an affair with his latest young office assistant, a dumb little blonde with huge tits and an empty head. I knew everyone in Daddy's office and one of the nurses told me they could hear them in one of the empty exam rooms. She said “We could hear her moaning, making slurping and sucking sounds all the way into the hall and upon exit from the room, the little bitch would still have cum dripping out of the sides of her mouth”. They all hated her, but what could they do?? They all knew Momma too and felt horridly about the way she was being treated. I too was furious with Daddy for this, but like children of any marriage, you don't care how dysfunctional the relationship is, you just want you parents to stay together. Daddy packed his gear and moved out and got an apartment for he and his little exam room slut. A dumb bitch cum dumpster.

My mother took all of this abuse in silence, hoping the ship would right itself and I was too selfish to lift a finger to help her. Like Momma, I thought Daddy would tire of his little fuck toy eventually and return home. Over time it became clear that this was not going to take place, but Momma carried on like the dutiful wife, always giving rather than taking. She hadn't even sought a divorce still hoping Daddy would come home to her. What Momma soon learned however, was that Daddy didn't deserve a woman like her. He had never earned that right.

Neither of my parents you could describe as young people, but both were still unbelievably attractive. Especially Momma, she was 5' 4” tall, a lovely slender build. Her hair was brunette in color, cut short and her skin was the shade and smooth texture of olive. Beautiful green eyes that were so welcoming in their reflection and a smile to match. For a woman in her early sixties Momma had a gorgeous ass with legs that only complimented this particularly lovely woman. Her tits weren't big, though they were still firm, upright and topped with large shapely nipples that would stand at attention rigidly when she was turned on. Momma was a smoking hot woman! Beyond all this, she was intelligent, funny, loving and strong willed. How great is that?

I am proud to say that of all Momma's children, I truly look just like a younger version of Momma. The rest of the family says I'm the most like her too and they don't mean it as a compliment, even though I take it as just that. Something I'm proud to admit. It's only my biological family that I'm ashamed of.

One day my mother returned home with a look about her that I simply didn't recognize. After greeting me with a kiss she gently placed her hand on my cheek, looked deeply into my eyes and asked, “How was your day baby”? Staring at her with this look about her that I just didn't recognize, I watched Momma walk into the kitchen with a lightness of step that I had never really seen and a look on her face of pure peace and satisfaction. I suddenly realized that I couldn't remember the last time Momma smiled, truly smiled. Either to support me and my sisters, or doing it to mask her inner torment. This was something totally different and my systems went on high alert sensing danger to my comfortable little world.

I got up and went to the kitchen and standing very close to her I said “Momma, what the fuck is going on with you”?? Startled by my sudden inquest, she stood there blushing like a schoolgirl. “Momma, your scaring me, what's going on”?

Still blushing, she took my hand in hers and said, “Honey, I've met someone and I've decided to divorce your father”. I've decided that since you kids are already grown and beginning your own lives that I didn't wish to spend the remaining years of my life being unhappy”.

Reeling from this sudden revelation I fired back, “What! You met someone, when, where, was it a bar or some shit, what”?? “What about Daddy, what about me”? You never know just how selfish one can be until enough time passes and your able to see it from another perspective. “Who the hell is this guy”?

“Sit down darling” said Momma, I've much to tell you”. Taking me by the hand we returned to the living room sofa and she began to tell me about the man I would one day come to love just as Momma had. She began by saying, “First, his name is Johnny and he's not the kind of man your used to dealing with”.

“Jesus Momma, is this guy black, purple, what the Hell are you talking about”? Upon hearing this question, Momma began to laugh as I had never heard her before and practically fell off the sofa. I had never seen Momma behave this way and I was terrified.

After regaining her composer and smiling sweetly to me, she said, “No sweetheart, he's not black or purple, he's paraplegic. Johnny is also a few years younger than I, though he looks much younger. I've known him for a couple of years now and he was one of my home health patients”. She then continued, “Johnny was so ill during that time that I was terrified that he might die before we got the infection under control. It was then I realized that my emotions and feelings for him ran far deeper than I could have ever imagined. It wasn't long before I realized that I was falling in love with him. Johnny told me it was alright because he had fallen for me long before that. I felt like my legs wouldn't support me and I knew this man was the one I had always been seeking and dreaming of. This is amour, no”?

“What! I screamed, you traded Daddy in on a cripple”. I was shocked when I had barely finished the sentence, Momma's hand connected with my face with a resounding slap! I saw a flush of anger across her lovely face that I had never seen before. Her eyes burning with rage. My eyes must be bulging out of my head.

“Don't you ever speak like that to me or of anyone like that ever again, do you hear me”? She said in such a low controlled manner that I knew she meant business. I was sitting there sobbing like a three year old when she continued, “I've met many so called healthy people that are far more crippled in their relationships with their families and loved ones. Johnny is the kindest, sweetest, caring and giving individual I have ever known. He is also the strongest man I've ever seen, not just in his mental and emotional approach to life itself. Life has tried to kill him so many times that he has survived things that would kill normal people and yet, he still finds the courage to go on. To play the hand he was dealt. Life has stripped him bare and he still carries on with incredible dignity. He has the heart of a Lion and the constitution of a Rhinoceros. Through all of this he has endured, not once did he ever say, why me, it was always, why not me? Not once did he become angry and bitter as so many like him do. Most of all he still approaches life with a sense of wonderment. He told me the gift of life was far too precious to squander and for all of these things, I love him more than I ever thought it possible to love any man”. With that, she left the room, the conversation was over.

That night I lay in my bed whimpering and crying like a petulant child, knowing as sure as the sun coming up in the morning, that my world was coming to an end. I had no idea however, just how much my life would change. For the better. Even with the losses that eventually I would suffer.

When I first met Johnny, I did my best to hate him. I figured that if I could make things uncomfortable enough that he would eventually go away. I hadn't considered the fact that Johnny expected that this is exactly the kind of behavior I would display in such a situation and I had no plan “B”. I had to admit grudgingly to myself that Johnny was indeed a very handsome man. A very well developed upper body born from years of weight training and just living a long term life span with a spinal cord injury.

Johnny had once been an iron worker till the accident on the job that nearly killed him. This certainly was not the first time or the last time Johnny faced numerous brushes with death. A steel plate the weight of a small car had fallen on him causing catastrophic damage to his back.

Momma told me his background was of German and Swedish heritage, this fact clearly showed in his hair and face. Pushing sixty himself, Johnny's hair was still quite blonde, long and thick with beautiful streaks of silver and his muzzle was almost completely silver. Well trimmed, it revealed a lovely smile and full sensuous lips. He was born with a baby face and now it was paying big dividends. He's extremely independent and sometimes I forget he's in a wheel chair all together. Jesus, he looks more like a man in his early 40's for Christ sake.

Like I said, I tried to be as unpleasant as possible to Johnny in the beginning, but one day he came to me and said, “Kim honey, I know you don't want me here, I know you want things to be the way they were, but that's not how life works. The only thing in life that is constant is change, whether you wish it to or not. You can go on hating me if you wish darling, but I love your mother and I'm not going anywhere. Just know that even if you have a problem with me, I don't have a problem with you. You are your mother's daughter and she adores you. I don't expect you to have to leave because I'm here, it wouldn't be fair to you. In time I just hope you will accept me, that's all I want sweetie”.

I was so disarmed by what Johnny had said that I just silently nodded my head and felt a wave of shame washing over me for treating this man so horridly. He was never anything but respectful and caring to me. I wanted to hold him, but had not yet the wisdom to do so.

One night shortly after Johnny and Momma began to live together, I began hearing strange noises coming from down the hall. I had been laying there trying to sort out my feelings and when upon hearing these sounds, I got up to investigate. Donning a red satin teddy without any panties, I carefully crept along our darkened hallway towards what sounded like a woman moaning in pain.

As I approached the doorway to Momma's room, I noticed the door was partly open and the low light of candles burning softly. From the darkened hallway I could see clearly inside to the bed and after picking my jaw off the floor, I could see Momma and Johnny making love. Momma who was wearing a shear black satin teddy that was open to expose her firm breasts and she was sitting on Johnny's lap bathed in sweat, with a look of pure lust rolling across her face wave after wave. She was madly rocking her gorgeous ass back and forth while Johnny, working equally as hard and leaning against the headboard, drove a huge strap on jelly dick deep inside her by bucking his hips rapidly against her shapely ass and thighs. Johnny grabbed a handful of Momma's hair at the base of her neck and pulled her lips to his in a long hot lingering kiss.

I could clearly see this huge cock enter her beautiful shaved pussy lips and the insides of her thighs were glistening, covered in rivulets of cum that poured from her hungry hole like a river. It showed up especially well against the black background of Momma's stockings. Her smooth skin covered in a combination of sweat and cum was gleaming. Johnny was in such a state of sexual excitement just like Momma and with his muscular arms and powerful hands, gripped her gorgeous ass, slamming her glistening cunt down on that big wet dick with fast powerful strokes. I could hear the sound of her pussy slurping and sucking as it traveled back and forth on it. He would then used his hands to gather her cum from inside her thighs and rub Momma's juices all over and down her ass crack, inserting a couple of his fingers into her hole and gently moving them in and out rhythmically.

Momma, staring deeply into Johnny's eyes and with him looking right back at her, she was emitting a combination of low growls, cries, moans and whimpers. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they were so beautiful to watch. They were one.

I suddenly realized that the nipples of my breasts were rock hard and itching to be touched. My pussy now seemed to be on fire and without even thinking I moved my right hand to my burning hole while my left tugged and pulled on my nipples through the satin material. Gently squeezing my breasts. Shoving four fingers in as deeply as I could reach, I let my thumb rest and rub on my clit, I began to masturbate furiously in the hallway. My breathing became shorter, labored and my own womanly juices flowed just like Momma's. I was practically standing in a puddle!

Having never let my gaze leave these two impassioned lovers, I could see Momma nearing her orgasm, her eyes still locked in deeply on Johnny's. Suddenly her hips and ass began to shake uncontrollably, the muscles of her inner thighs began twitching and quivering. Johnny sensing her need for release, drove into her hard, to give her what any girl needs so desperately. Momma cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooddddd baby, I'm cumming, make me cum hard honey! Ohhhhhhhhh my gooooodddddd”!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Honeeeeey!!!!! She looked as though she was being electrocuted by her uncontrollable shuddering, shaking and squirming. Her legs barely able to support her weight and she was moaning long and loudly.

I could feel my own orgasm nearing it's own uncontrolled explosion, digging my fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy, squeezing my nipples between my fingers and pulling on them hard and fast. Then reaching behind myself with my left hand so I could rub and fuck my own asshole using the goo from my cunt. I had to bite my lower lip so hard because I was afraid I would scream out in the utter sexual delight of watching them make love together. My legs were shaking so much I thought I might fall. Jesus, these two were hot!

Even before Momma had recovered from her bone shaking orgasm, Johnny gently laid Momma on her back before him and with his powerful arms, drew Momma's hips to his waiting mouth. He then drove his tongue deep inside Momma's pussy licking and sucking relentlessly while squeezing and caressing her breasts. Her head writhed wildly, her face contorted in uncontrolled ecstasy, her body shaking while another more powerful orgasm over took her. Exploding a huge amount of her cum directly into Johnny's waiting mouth, she buried her face deep in a pillow and screamed through tightly clenched teeth, her hands clawing at the bed, her hips bucking wildly. Johnny licked every drop of Momma's cum not wanting to waste it. He even licked her ass clean, I almost passed out. God I wanted that!

It was the first time I had witnessed a woman having multiple orgasms, it wouldn't be my last either. Once she was able to get control of her breathing, she simply collapsed, too weak to move. Johnny gently scooped her up in his arms and held her close to him, her head gently resting on Johnny's chest, his hands gently caressing her face. Kissing her softly and sweetly. I've never seen Momma so content. And for dam good reason.

It became clear to me that these two people truly did adore one an other. Momma told me once that Johnny was the love of her life. That he made her feel things she didn't even know or believed existed. I didn't understand what she meant at the time, but it was clear that he made her happy. What girl wouldn't be?

I couldn't stand it any longer. I quickly scurried back to my room, my pussy dripping all the way down the hall and using my vibrator, assaulted my screaming pussy while probing my asshole with several fingers, cumming harder than I ever thought possible. I found myself screaming into my own pillow, my legs flailing open and then slamming closed hard on the vibrator raping my cunt over and over. I masturbated at least six more times that night before I could finally drift off to sleep with that beautiful vision permanently burned into my soul. After that, I took every possible occasion to watch them make love to each other. Their passion, seemingly having no bounds and it was of course, my favorite fantasy. My only fantasy.

Over time, I changed my fantasy just slightly. While watching them make love, I so desperately wanted to be invited into their bed. To have both of them make love to me, just the three of us. I would envision being sandwiched between Johnny and Momma, me kissing Johnny deeply, lovingly, my arms around his neck stroking his beautiful hair while he drove that big jelly dick deep inside my slobbering pussy. I even shaved it to look like Momma's. Behind me, Momma would be driving another big jelly cock into my wet ass at the same time. She too, kisses me deeply on my burning lips, seeking my tongue and pays loving attention to my breasts, touching me so lovingly. I would then turn my head and pull Johnny's lips to my breasts, letting him bite and chew on my nipples, making my whole body shudder and buck uncontrollably.

Then grabbing a two fisted handful of his beautiful mane, I roughly bring his lips to mine, I bury my tongue deeply as I can into his waiting mouth, licking and sucking hard on his tongue and gently biting his lips. He responds to me and Momma like a fine race horse. I bite suck and chew on Johnny's neck, coming up to his ear and using my tongue, I invade his ear breathing hot and heavily, blowing him hot kisses of love. Instantly, he shudders, arching his powerful back and chest, his hips pounding madly into my young cunt, his arms pulling both Momma and I close into his embrace, holding us tightly, but ever so gently to him.

I can hear myself moaning like a whore. Wanting to be Momma and Johnny's whore! Never wanting this night to end. I would then reverse my position between them so I could kiss Momma fully on her enticing lips and suck her beautiful nipples, fingering her cute ass with my own juicy cum while she fucks me hard into my dripping pussy. Johnny then taking his turn and lovingly fucking my ass while holding my long brunette hair like a horse's mane. The moaning, whimpering and crying of two women in heat weave together with Johnny. The three of us melting into one being. We would then all fall asleep holding each other close, drifting away on the dreams of fulfillment and pleasure.

This fantastic vision was so strong that if I even began to think about it, my pussy instantly began to drip in excitement and I needed to masturbate seemingly all the time. I drove the life right out of multiple vibrators. I did feel a little guilty about having these thoughts, but couldn't stop wanting it. I couldn't stop wanting them.

I desperately wanted to feel what Momma felt. To experience that kind of bliss. It wasn't long before I heard them stir and those sounds beginning all over again. Dam, Momma! Your killing me girl.

The more I watched them together in a life setting, it became clear that Momma and Johnny were soul mates. Johnny had a wonderfully wicked sense of humor that Momma adored and the ease of their laughter together, that's where Momma got that laugh. Johnny let Momma have fun. She was the happiest I had ever seen her, she was enjoying her life with a man who was totally devoted to her. Johnny was definitely an alpha male, but with the rare quality to be as sensitive, loving and nurturing, more than anyone I have ever known. It seemed to me that everything about him was sensuous, Johnny was any woman's dream. Just ask one. Of course, it helps when the man is drop dead gorgeous too.

Johnny and Momma developed an almost non verbal form of communication between these two dear people. Sometimes all it took to speak volumes was conveyed in a touch, a smile or the knowing looks they gave each other. Johnny would never even have to think about it, he would have gladly given his life for Momma. Is this not Amour?

Is this not a man?

Most of the time I could only marvel and look on in quiet amazement of what a real love story between two people could be. I so desperately wanted to feel that kind of intimacy for myself. I ached for them.

I then realized at that moment, that I truly loved Johnny for that very reason. Momma deserved to be happy, after giving everything to her family, it was finally her turn. She deserved a man who's only concern was her happiness. Not to mention Momma loving the way Johnny made her feel in bed! That was just icing on the cake. Daddy couldn't hold a candle to Johnny. I'm not sure any man could. They even began to make plans to marry after she got through with the sperm donor and the divorce settlement. Even if Momma had been penniless, Johnny wouldn't have cared. It was never about money with unique lovely man. It was all about his love for her.

My sisters complained that they thought Johnny was a gold digger. Johnny truly didn't give a shit about the money, he never did. It was then I realized it wasn't about morals, it was about money. My sisters were concerned about their inheritance, they didn't give a rat's ass about Momma's happiness. They just wanted their money. I never spoke with them again. Daddy even tried to send me some money and I sent it back with instructions to stick it in his ass.

I too, was now an adult and working at a law office, still at home with Momma and Johnny though. I felt safe with them and Momma was so glad that I had come to accept Johnny as one of our own. My feelings for Johnny ran much deeper than that I realized. And my love for this man would only grow.

It was a good position, but the younger men who worked there spent their time leering at my body with pictures of their wives and children sitting on their desks and it only made me want to puke. Sometimes I'd get even with them by showing off my cute ass with satin panties while I bent way over to file case folders. The outline of my slit could clearly be seen. I never let any of those losers touch me.

I wanted a man, a real man. One who was devoted to me and our happiness together over the course of a lifetime. I in turn, could give myself completely to a man like this. That's what turned me on. I wanted a man like Johnny. An honorable, strong man is sexy, don't you think?

And like Johnny said, “Nothing in life is constant except for change itself baby girl”. Change came to our lives once again like a storm and completely destroy our world once again. But this time it was far worse than I could ever have imagined. Not in a million years.


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