Lana Wants to Share

Lana Wants to Share


"Ladies, is this some kind of sick joke? Oh shit." Jake had woken up to find himself tied spread-eagled on his bed in his dorm room. It was Spring Break, his roommate was gone, campus was empty…which might be a very good thing or a very BAD thing. He licked his lips as his girlfriend Lana and his girlfriend's best friend, Jessica, loomed over him.

"Why am I naked? Lana?" He looked up at his girlfriend. She was gorgeous, a tall, pale-skinned brunette with impressively-sized breasts. The girl was perfectly curved in this way that was totally his type. She had a cute nose framed by a strong face that was feminine yet also cried out 'tough-as-nails athlete' - a sexy tomboy in every way. Now just beside Lana, her blue eyes the opposite to Lana's warm chocolate-brown gaze, stood a slender, sexy blonde girl with a petite frame and perky tits. Jessica and Lana were so close, they were practically sisters. Little did Jake know just HOW close they truly were, in every way…

"What the hell is going on?" Jake almost shouted as he watched the two girls begin to strip. Without a word Lana stripped out of her lacy black bra and panties. Jessica slipped off her bright pink panties and then unclasped her hot pink bra, casting it aside like trash.

"What does it look like?" Lana purred, leaning between his legs. Her heavy breasts grazed his hips as she slowly grasped the base of his quickly awakening shaft. She squeezed the base of his cock playfully, sliding her tongue up one side, then down the other.

"Lana…stop! Why is Jess here? What are you doing?"

"Mmm… Jess wanted to try out your cock, and I decided I was willing to share you with her. We're best friends after all. We share EVERYTHING," Lana purred. Jake couldn't believe he was hearing this. Part of him felt intrigued, but the sane part of him insisted that he should have been revolted.

"No! Stop…untie me. This is wrong, Lana. I'm your boyfriend, not hers. I'm-" The words died in his throat as Lana twirled her tongue around the tip of his manhood. She slowly went down on him, slurping loudly as she sucked in his cock. Her hand slid up and down his shaft while her mouth caressed him and surrounded him in the perfect heat. He felt the cum start bubbling up in his loins, desperate to escape.

"Lana…no!" he sighed…but the words had no bite to them. Instead Jake gasped as he saw Jessica straddle his face, her freshly shaved pussy inches from his mouth. The full frontal view of the slender blonde's most intimate parts made his heartbeat stutter. His mouth went bone dry.

'Oh god,' he thought. 'I can't believe my girlfriend and her best friend are forcing me into a threesome.' He groaned as Lana sucked his cock harder, her lips pressed tight around his shaft as she gurgled loudly around it.

"Please," he begged.

Jessica looked down at him, glaring. "Shut up and lick my pussy." She shoved her pussy in his face. Already it was moist. Her juices were already trickling out as Jake tentatively began to lick. 'This is so wrong!' he thought, a constant mantra pounding inside his head. But stronger than that pounding was the flow of blood pounding its way to his engorged cock, coursing through his loins as his arousal gathered strength. The helpless college student groaned into Jess's cunt as he continued to lave her soft sex. He flicked his tongue across her clit and then licked in delicate arcs along her labia as she moaned.

"Yes, my well behaved man-slave. Suck my pussy," Jess sighed. She ground her sex into his face as she rode his mouth almost as if it was a cock. Meanwhile Jake couldn't help but feel the impending need to gush his male fluids inside his girlfriend's hot mouth.

"Please Lana!!" he managed to protest between muffled slurps at Jessica's pussy. He didn't want to come yet…oh god…but he was so close.

Lana suddenly let up, her mouth vanishing as Jake felt a stab of disappointment. But the handsome college stud soon and suddenly felt an entirely different sensation - his cock feeling the grip of a tight, fully aroused pussy as it impaled itself, trapping his member deep inside soft, silken folds. Lana began to pump her teenage pussy up and down that hard shaft, moaning appreciatively as she fondled her own tits.

"Yes, baby. Your cock feels so GOOD inside me. How do you like Jess's pussy? Doesn't it taste delicious?" Lana moaned.

Jake couldn't believe that this was real. This HAD to be a dream. A very, very wet dream. Yet as he smelled the arousal of Jess's pussy, tasted her pungent fluids on his tongue - he knew it wasn't. The helpless male could only lie spread-eagled on the bed, assaulted by so many sensations as his girlfriend and her best friend had their way with him. 'This is rape!' Jake thought with alarm. And yet…was it? Why was he enjoying this so much? Why was his cock springing straight-up with engorged glee inside of Lana's pussy, the harder he licked out Jessica's slickening folds?

Lana moaned as her cunt bounced on his shaft, her juices trickling down his cock and lubricating it with her arousal. Jake imagined those big tits bouncing with the motion of her pussy bottoming out on his penis again and again and again. He almost wished he could see it. Almost. He was too preoccupied though - too preoccupied with the tantalizing fluids trickling into his mouth as he feverishly sucked and licked on Jessica's cunt. The petite blonde was moaning louder than ever, her shaved pussy starting to get truly wet. She was close, he sensed it. She ran her delicate fingers through his hair, moaning with feeling.

"Yes, you bad fucking boy. Lick out my pussy. Make me cum in your fucking mouth, slave." Apparently she liked to talk dirty. Jake wasn't sure how he felt about that. All he knew was that his cock was rock-hard and that he was tired of being the one tied down. He wished he could turn the tables on both his treacherous girlfriend and Jess…but how?

"OH GOD. YES!!! OH FUCK!" Jess wailed.

Jessica's orgasm tore Jake away from his scrambled thoughts. Her pungent nectar flooded his mouth. He lapped greedily at her sweet juices, feeling her shudders as she rode out the spasms. He looked up at Jessica's looming nakedness, sun-kissed and beautiful as her tits shook with the force of her orgasm. Finally she came back to earth, still shivering from the potency of coming. Her glazed-over look of contentment quickly reignited with a fresh eye toward lust as she un-straddled him and leaned over, kissing him on the lips, tasting her own cum on his lips.

"Mmm…" Jess purred. "Was that so bad, slave? Will you stop whining now?" Jessica said, mischief in her eyes.

"AH…uhh!" Jake huffed. Lana was riding his cock hard now, pumping her cunt with forceful impalements, creating one loud SMACK after another as their bodies violently re-joined. Her breasts bounced as she fondled them, her eyes sizzling with lust as her gaze locked with his.

"Please…ooohhh!" Jake groaned.

"You want to CUM so bad, don't you lover?" Lana moaned, reaching down to stroke her fingers down his muscled chest. "But guess what…you're not allowed to. Not yet." With a suddenness and catlike grace that left her boyfriend speechless, the brunette pulled her pussy off of his shaft and moved to the side of the bed. She motioned toward the cute blonde. Now the sexy young blonde looked intently at Jake's elongated cock, slimy and glistening from his own pre-cum and Lana's ample fluids. She slowly straddled him, positioning the young man's engorged prick right between her legs.

"Wait. What are you doing?! Lana, tell her to stop!" Jake wailed. "You're not my girlfriend. This is rape!" Jake cried. And yet, his cock was harder than a slab of diamond and his raging lust was begging for it to happen…his entire body betraying him as a tiny sliver of his mind screamed 'YES! Lower that pussy down on my cock. PLEASE!'

Jessica's smug smile showed that she had somehow read those forbidden thoughts.

"You really don't want me to do this, slave? Well too bad…your cock is MINE. Lana and I own this cock, and we own these too," Jessica purred, fondling his testicles lightly as she slowly eased herself onto his impressive manhood. The young man groaned as he felt the petite blonde bottom out on his shaft until their bodies were fully joined, his cock vanishing into the tight depths of her cunt.

"Ohhhh!" he groaned. He couldn't believe how tight she was. She was tighter than even Lana, and that was saying something. As Jess began fucking him, humping him with slow, devastating plunges of her pussy, he saw Lana out of the corner of his eye. She moved to grab something. Wait, was that a video recorder? Was she actually setting it up on a little stand near the dresser?

"Lana, what are you doing!?" he moaned. He watched as she started recording what was happening. He couldn't believe it. His own girlfriend was recording her best friend raping him. Jessica's lithesome nakedness gyrated fervently on his lap, the sides of her warm depths milking him toward unwanted release. His cock shivered with pleasure inside the girl's warmth. He closed his eyes, his breathing ragged as he tried to hold off orgasm.

Lana came over, gently caressing the side of his face. "What does it look like I'm doing, lover? I'm recording every precious moment of this…your first time with Jess. Something I'll always remember - the first time I shared with my very best friend what I value more than anything else in this world. You." Jake would have found the words romantic, except he was too distracted with Jess's cunt rubbing with tantalizing friction as the young blonde moved her hips like an athletic porn star. Jessica leaned down, kissing him passionately and muffling his protests.

'Oh god. She's going to make me come,' Jake realized. He closed his eyes again, his whole face clenched up. No…he wouldn't. He wouldn't do this.

"Please, Lana. Make her stop!" Jake moaned.

"Sorry, lover. No can do," Lana replied. She leaned over Jake, her big tits swaying in that sexy way that he admittedly loved. "But if it's any comfort, why don't you suck on my nipples?"

To his surprise, Jake did just that. He laved and suckled on Lana's pert nipples. He watched as they beaded up with arousal. He hated himself for doing it, for feeling like he had ascended into paradise each time Jessica's cunt slammed down to encase his shaft. He hated how her naked body turned him on so much even though she wasn't his girlfriend. Most of all he hated how helpless he felt as she crooned on top of him.

"Yes, slave…your cock's one good ride. My cunt can't get enough of your rigid prick. Keep it hard for me, man-slave. You're ALL MINE," Jess growled. The squelchy-wet sounds of their bodies smacking together filled the room much like it had earlier when Lana had fucked him. But now it was more in earnest. Jake could feel himself reach the apex…the pinnacle of orgasm taunting him just out of reach. He felt his entire body go rigid. He gasped as Jessica came first, right then and there.

"Oh fuck! Yes, I'm commmiiinnng!" she sang. Her body shook as her cunt juice coated his shaft, the sweet, pungent scent of sex filling the dorm room. Jake looked down at his pubic muff joined with her freshly shaved sex, and then it happened. He erupted, his cum gushing up into Jess's tight sex like a volcano of sperm. His eyes rolled back as his whole body shook, as if his entire life-force was being drained out of him and into the sexy depths of the teenage girl riding him. He lost his ability to breathe. His heart pounded through his ribcage. It took Jake several minutes to recover enough to the point where he could form words.

Lana had meanwhile untied his wrists and ankles. She now kissed him gently on the brow.

"You did well, Jake. I love you so much. Forgive me? That was so fucking hot. Look, I'm dripping." She pointed at her pussy lips, which were now glistening with fluid. "Want to lick my pussy now?"

Jake surged up to a sitting positioning, grabbing two pairs of kinky handcuffs from the hidden place inside his nightstand. He took one of Jess's wrists, snapping the cuffs around her so that she was cuffed to the headboard. He quickly did the same to Lana. Both girls looked at him in confusion. It had all happened so fast. His lightning reflexes had been firing on all cylinders, just like his now-raging libido.

"Jake?" Lana said, her voice unsure for the first time.

Jessica's eyes widened as she saw his cock re-climb to epic proportions, hard and stiff as a spear. The college stud looked at the two handcuffed girls. 'Now who's the helpless one?' he thought, an evil grin spreading across his face.

"Well, well, bitches. The tables have turned, haven't they? I have a few fun ideas on what to do with each of you as PUNISHMENT," he growled. He saw Lana's eyes widen with shock as he reached into another drawer, pulling out a long ribbed dildo and a shock-wand from his secret stash. He and Lana hadn't been dating that long…so she hadn't yet seen this side of him. But now, with her bold stunt, she'd asked for it. She'd awakened the Beast.

"Jake, wait. Hold on. I was just…"

"Forcing me to do a threesome with your girlfriend? And let me guess, you thought I'd be just like every other guy and just be grateful, huh?" Jake said with a cold smile. "Well, I'm not just a 'boy toy' to be shared with your best friend, Lana. You and your sexy nympho girlfriend are going to pay for humiliating me. And the payment starts NOW."

The two naked girls exchanged nervous looks as Jake's eyes gleamed, one thought echoing in his mind.

'Let the fun begin.'


"Jake, please, we're sorry. Just let us go!" Lana whined. But Jake wasn't having any of it…not after his girlfriend had tied him up and forced him to lie helpless while recording her best friend Jess riding his shaft to climax and raping him. No…the slut had to pay for what she'd done. Nevermind that Jake had fully enjoyed every moment. Sometimes it was the principle of the thing, and besides…being tied up had awakened Jake's dark side. Usually HE liked to be the dominant one in the bedroom.

Even though they hadn't been dating long, Lana should have known better…

"Lick and suck each other's tits. You and Jess are going to give me a show to make up for what you've done."

Lana gave her boyfriend a defiant look. Jess looked less certain. "What are you going to do if we don't?" the sexy brunette challenged, pointedly ignoring the shock-wand and the giant dildo…no…VIBRATOR clutched in Jake's other hand. The muscular college student laughed.

"I can always just leave you two like that. Maybe if I leave you two naked in my bed for a whole day, you'll learn your lesson."

Jess quivered. The blonde girl gaped at him. "You…you wouldn't," she sputtered. "How would we go to the bathroom? We'd have to…"

"Piss in my bed? Sure. For all I care, go ahead. I'm not letting you two go unless you play nice. And by play nice, I mean 'do whatever I say, no matter how twisted.' It's the least you can do after forcing me into a threesome." Jake cocked an eyebrow, glaring at Lana. "So - what's it going to be?"

The truth was, Lana had always been curious about experimenting with other girls…especially Jessica, her best friend. She didn't really need all that much cajoling, if she was being honest with herself. Slowly Lana leaned forward, gently traipsing her tongue along the side of Jess's right breast, then twirling the tip of her tongue around the blonde girl's nipple. Jess sighed, arching her back, thrusting her tits out to meet Lana's mouth. Aware of Jake watching and recording every second, Jess had the decency to blush. She blushed even redder as Lana's sucking sounds filled the room, her teeth nibbling on Jess's right nipple, then her left, then back to her right nipple, which had pebbled up nicely.

"Oh babe…oh god," Jess purred. She couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't believe Lana's boyfriend had turned the tables on them and was now calling the shots. The sick bastard. But she had to admit - she LIKED it. She loved it. Her loins were dripping with arousal. She reached down with her non-cuffed hand to touch herself. She slid her fingers inside her wet folds, which were still sticky from being filled with Jake's jism. Jess began to finger-fuck herself in time to Lana's licks and sucks. Soon Jess was moaning like a sex-crazed slut, her fingers sliding over her clit and pumping inside her pussy almost in a blur.

Suddenly Jess felt a jolt in her side. She cried out, twitching. She looked aside, stunned to realize that Jake had actually shocked her with the wand.

Jake grinned at the look of disbelief on Jess's cute face. It wasn’t enough to hurt her. Jake had it on the lowest setting. But the abruptness and surprise of it had had the desired effect. It had jolted Jess out of her mounting orgasm.

"Listen you little cunt…you're not getting pleasure that easily. Not after what you did to me. You have to earn it. You CUM when I say you can CUM, and not before. Do you understand slave? That's right…you two are now my slave bitches, until I say otherwise. Understand?"

Lana and Jess turned to Jake in outrage. Their heated expressions of defiance melted as Jake waved the shock-wand with a threatening promise. "Your turn, Jess. Give my girlfriend's tits a good sucking. Let me see some enthusiasm or I just might give you another shock."

Reluctantly Jess leaned over, her tongue laving Lana's impressively large and supple cones. Jess had always been jealous of Lana's great rack. She had nice, big tits that swayed perfectly as she walked…whereas Jess' were just barely sizeable enough to be respectable. But Jess forgot her jealousy now, just relishing in the taste of her best friend's skin as she slid her tongue along the soft contours. Jess moaned in response to Lana, who now had her free hand dipping into her own sex, fingering herself as Jess continued to lick and nip at her hardened pink buds. Soon the two girls had covered each other's breasts in saliva. Soon both girls' tits shined with wetness.

"Not bad, my little sluts. You're learning. Let's see if we can take this to the next level." Jake motioned at Jess. "Spread your legs for Lana. I can still smell my sticky cum between your legs." To be honest, Jess could still FEEL his sticky jism inside her well-fucked pussy. She did as he asked, wondering where he was going with this. The cuff that attached her wrist to the headboard was low enough on the headboard that she could practically lie down.
"Like this?" Jess said, opening her silky-smooth thighs. Jake stared hungrily at her exposed sex. It glistened with the remnants of his seed - at the least the cum that hadn't yet dribbled back out onto the bed, staining the sheets.

"Good girl. Now Lana…you're going to lick my cum out of her well fucked pussy. I want to see you clean it out thoroughly until it glistens with your saliva and only your saliva."

Lana gaped at him. The shock made her eyes round as saucers. "Jake, you can't be serious!" Sure, Lana had been curious about experimenting with other girls - but THIS? This was on an entirely new level. She liked the idea of holding her boyfriend's cock and inserting it into another woman's pussy. Or licking a guy's balls as a woman rode his shaft, caressing the girl's butt cheeks and watching another pussy get impaled…Those were things Lana thought of when she thought of experimenting with girls. Licking a girl's breasts was definitely a sexy turn-on too. But THIS? Actually slipping her tongue inside a girl's intimate folds? That was beyond the pale, even for her.

"No! You can't make me do that!" Lana protested.

Jake moved like lightning. Lana couldn't believe how fast he was! Suddenly he leapt onto the bed behind her. Gathering her hair at the nape of her neck, he yanked her head back - not enough to hurt her, just to startle her and get her full attention.

"Listen to me, bitch. You are going to do EXACTLY what I say." He prodded his shock-wand between Lana's thighs and sent a jolt through her pussy. It was on the lowest setting, so all it did was send a throb of initial discomfort that turned oddly pleasurable, awakening strange sensations as the naked brunette moaned.

"Ahhh! Jake, please," Lana begged. But Jake wouldn't be denied. He had his big hand grasping the nape of her neck. He thrust her face forward, lowering her face until her lips pressed against Jessica's snatch. Lana began to tentatively lick, her tongue surprised at the softness of her best friend's cunt. What surprised her more though - her own surging arousal as she smelled the combined scents of sex, the remnants of Jake's cum in Jessica's pussy and the sweetly-smelling juices of Jessica herself. Lana's enthusiasm quickly ramped up several notches. Soon she was slurping fervently between Jess's legs. Jess opened her thighs wider to give her friend even easier access. Jake noted with approval that Jess's nipples were standing out like hardened pink diamonds. She was as horny as fuck right now. There was no hiding it. Jake's shaft stood straight up too, harder than a slab of granite. He walked over to the other side of the bed, then leaned over beside Jess and told her to suck it.

"Suck my cock, Jess. And call me 'Master.' Do it." Jake threatened with the shock-wand again.

"Yes Master." With a sigh Jess trailed her tongue along his pulsing shaft. She moaned as she sucked him, clearly well on her way to orgasm, the longer Lana sucked on her pussy. Jess found it hard to concentrate...Her jaw rippled around Jake's shaft as she took him in her mouth, pumping her face back and forth. Jake leaned over, pinching Jess's hardened nipples as he watched her lips press tightly around his cock. The sound of suction filled the room, and so did the sound of slurping.

"MMPPPPHH!!!" Jess moaned, the cock filling her mouth even as Lana's free hand rubbed her clit…even as Lana's tongue battered furiously inside her moistening channel. Suddenly Lana had three fingers buried inside Jessica's pussy, pumping hard as Lana's tongue flicked madly against Jess's clit. Jess's moans deepened. Her body squirmed. The moist sounds of wetness trickling from between Jess's thighs were joined by Lana's own groans of arousal. The brunette felt her OWN pussy now trickling with wetness, turned on by how turned on her best friend was right now.

"Ahhh…fuck. Now this is special," Jake growled. "You two really are best friends, I can see that now. And like any true best friends, Lana, I think it's time that you swallowed your friend's cunt cream." He stroked Jessica's hair, his cock still thrusting between her lips as she looked at him with wide eyes. "Go ahead, bitch, CUM for me. Spurt your nasty pussy cream right in Lana's face. I want to hear her lap it up. Let yourself go, little cunt. Make me proud."

Jess couldn't believe how dirty Jake was talking to her. Talking dirty was usually Jess's prerogative. She loved talking dirty to her past boyfriends. But they'd always been too chickenshit to respond in kind… none had been the take-charge type like Jake. It set her libido on fire. Even if she hadn't already been close to orgasm, Jake's words might have sent her over the edge. Jess groaned loudly as Lana's slurping intensified, her fingers fucking her best friend's pussy with a constant, pounding rhythm. Then it came…an orgasm that stole Jess's breath away.

Jess moaned loudly, a muffled sound of pleasure as Jake felt his cock stiffen, his own impending release ready to end in an explosion of seed. Jess felt her pussy gush in her friend's face. A torrent of sweet-smelling liquid rushed into Lana's mouth as she greedily lapped at the surge of fluid.

'Oh god!' Lana thought. 'What's wrong with me, I can't help myself. She tastes so good.' Lana tried not to think about what she was doing as she greedily swallowed her best friend's pussy cream. The sticky texture and arousing aroma of her friend's fluids made her desperate to come herself. Lana sat back on her knees, licking her chops. Her chin glistened with streams of fluid that had slipped down her bottom lip, escaping before she could catch them. Lana wiped at the evidence of Jessica's lust. She sighed, her eyes focused completely on Jake's cock as he let out a plaintive cry, pulling out of Jess's mouth and aiming his cock-head toward her instead.

Lana barely had time to close her eyes before cum peppered her face and boobs. When she felt the last hot-sticky spurts of goo sliding down her forehead, cheeks, and nose, she finally thought it was safe to open her eyes. She looked down at herself. She was a complete mess. Rivulets of cum oozed down her supple cones. A drop of cum glistened on the tip of her left nipple. 'Oh god. Does he never run out of ammo?" she marveled. The teenage girl began to gather up the ample traces of her boyfriend's jism with her free hand. She brought up the swaths of cum to her lips, licking the sticky fluid off of her fingertips.

Jake watched it all with a smoldering gaze. His girlfriend had never looked sexier than she did right this moment - her tits thrust out as she sat there, covered in his cum. Her face literally glistened with his cum.

He prodded Jess with the shock wand.


"Lick my cum off Lana's face, bitch. She needs help getting cleaned." Jess nodded. Still dazed from her crushing orgasm, the petite blonde sat up, leaned over, and slid her tongue across Lana's forehead. Lana leaned forward with a sigh. The beautiful brunette just sat quietly and let her best friend vacuum up every bit of cum on her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, the side of her neck…everywhere until Jess was even licking off the last traces of cum on Lana's tits.

Finally, both girls turned to him.

"There," Lana murmured, her voice husky with arousal. "We did everything you asked, Jake. Will you let us go now?"

But Jake wasn't quite finished. He smiled broadly. "You did well, Lana. You too, Jessica. I'm not quite satisfied though." He handed Lana the giant ridged vibrator. It had to be a good twelve inches long. It was thick too - way thicker than an ordinary penis. "Now I want you two to fuck each other with that. Really put on a good show. I want to hear moaning, to see pussies creaming up on that long, pink shaft…to see each of your cunts GUSH all over that thing and coat it in your juices. I want all of it recorded on camera, and THEN, maybe, just maybe, I'll let you slave girls go."

Lana and Jess both stared at the giant ribbed vibe. It taunted them with the promise of many orgasms. Lana felt her loins rush with heat. She glanced at Jess. Judging from the look in Jess's eyes, judging from the way the slender blonde was already lightly petting her own pussy…well, there was no doubt. Neither girl needed too much persuading.

Jake sat back and watched as Lana inserted the vibe into herself, turning the setting up to 'medium.' Jess leaned over, her fingers rubbing tantalizing strokes along Lana's labia and clitoris as Lana rammed the vibe deeply up into her sex.

"Oooohhh…oh god," Lana moaned. She looked over at Jake with a lust-fueled gaze. Jake smiled back, stroking his cock back toward a rigid state. It didn't take long. Watching his girlfriend fuck herself with the huge vibe soon had him desperate to fuck something - anything, almost. He waited until her pussy was creaming up nicely along the length of the vibrator. Squelchy-wet sounds of her cunt juices coating the shaft made him nearly cum right then and there, watching her so intently. Jess moaned, her jaw going slack as she watched the vibe vanish up into Lana's tight pussy with a surging lust to match her dark-haired friend. Jess grasped the base of the vibe, plunging it harder inside Lana's snatch. Lana looked down at her pussy, at Jess roughly fucking her with the vibe. Watching her best friend help fuck her with the huge pink shaft just sent Lana over the precipice, straight into the abyss of pleasure. Lana furiously stroked her own clit, pinching her nerve bundle lightly as she felt herself go.

"AAHHHH!! OH FUCK! MY PUSSY!" Lana screamed. She gushed all over that pink vibrator, soaking it in her juices. The scent of Lana - a slightly more subtle scent than Jess's overly sweet-smelling fluids - now permeated the dorm room. Lana's breasts heaved as she tried to get her breathing under control. Her fluids had spattered onto the sheets too. Jess lovingly picked up the pink shaft with one hand. She brought it to her lips, laving it with her tongue as she tasted Lana's nectar.

It was too much for Jake. He couldn't just sit back and watch any longer. And there was one punishment he hadn't yet meted out - one he'd been hoping to do to Lana for some time now. Luckily, the forced threesome had finally given him the perfect excuse.

"Oh fuck. That vibe is a masterpiece," Lana sighed. She looked down at her messy cunt, then up at her friend sucking off the last of her cunt cream from the shaft.

"Mmm… Lana, I love the way you taste," Jess sighed.

Suddenly Jake was beside Lana, turning her toward the headboard as he pulled out her legs, positioning her doggy-style.

"Jake, what are you- ?"

"Shut up, bitch. I've got one more punishment for you before I let you go." Jake poured out a vial of lubricant, tipping it just so. Lana stiffened as she felt a cold liquid pour into her anus. The liquid turned from cold to hot, a warming lotion that lubed up her tight anal crevice like the perfect key. Lana looked back at Jake, alarmed.

"Jake, what are you doing? I've never been fucked there before. I've -"

Jake slowly wedged his mushroom-shaped cock-head into her tight anal passage. He groaned appreciatively as her tight ass hugged the tip of his shaft. He grasped her by the waist, watching as the tip of his cock slipped beyond the entrance to the girl's star-shaped hole. "SSHHHH, Lana. Just relax your ass muscles. Let me in. I'll go slowly."

"Please be gentle!" Lana gasped. Her pussy twitched with arousal though, the deeper Jake's cock wedged itself into her tightest passage. Lana was vaguely aware of Jess now. The blonde girl had leaned over, reaching her free hand underneath to play with Lana's clit.

"That's so hot, Lana. Watching him take you in the ass makes me want to come all over again," Jessica murmured.

Jess looked up at Jake, for a second their gazes met. "Fuck her ass, Master. I want to see your shaft buried in her sexy ass." Jess's libido soared as she kept talking dirty. She asked Lana how she liked it, having a hard cock raping her tight ass for the first time.

To Lana's shock, it felt more than good. It felt amazing…particularly with the interplay of Jess's fingers playing with her pussy while Jake's shaft plowed into her snug-fitting anus. After a few minutes of careful, gentle thrusting, Jake had found a workable rhythm. He fucked his girlfriend's ass with a constant cadence of smacks, his balls slapping against her butt cheeks. Lana moaned, thrusting her hips back to meet those thrusts as her pussy trickled its sweet nectar onto Jess's fingers.

'Fuck! I can't believe this is happening,' Lana thought. 'Here I thought the threesome with Jess fucking a tied-up Jake would be the highlight of Jess's visit…but this is insane. Oh god…I'm going to come. Oh fuck… No… This is so wrong…' Lana's thoughts trailed off, vanishing like liquid swirling down a drain. The lithesome brunette crooned as Jess's nimble fingers plied her sex to the brink, and then beyond. Lana cried out as the orgasm rocked her to the core. With Jake's cock stuffing her anal opening to the hilt, she climaxed. Her juices gushed down Jess's skillful fingers, filling the room with another round of strongly-scented sex fluids. Meanwhile Lana's convulsions sent Jake to his own oblivion. The muscular college stud groaned, his eyes squeezed shut as thick ropes of cum shot deep inside Lana's ass, straight toward her bowels.

When, at last, he regained some sense of awareness, Jake pulled out his softening penis. He saw a ring of cum oozing down the sides of Lana's well-stretched anal opening, and it gave him one last idea. He turned to Jess.

"Lick my cum out of Lana's ass."

With surprising speed, the cute blonde moved to obey. Jess's horniness now made even normally unsavory acts feel downright sexy. And as the blonde girl lapped greedily at the cum seeping from her best friend's ass, Jake came to a definite conclusion.

The whole forced threesome thing hasn't turned out so bad after all. A shit-eating grin stole across his face as the young man prepared to go get the handcuff keys to free his two captives. What a day it had been.

Before Jake could grab the keys, though, there was suddenly a loud pounding at the door. Crap. Who could that be?


I hope you enjoyed this story. I'll work on a sexy sequel if I get enough comments
Remember, don’t be afraid to indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better.

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