The Restaurant_(0)

The Restaurant_(0)

The Restaurant - By Badgurl

I really didn't want to go out, not for another dull meal in another dull restaurant, just like we do week after week, but he insisted and at least it gave me an opportunity to wear the new dress he bought me. I say he bought me, but I chose it. Left up to him I'd be wearing cardigans and Sunday school dresses.
You see my boyfriend doesn't like me wearing stuff that shows off my body, he's scared I'll get too much male attention. But a girl like me needs to feel sexy, to know that guys are looking at me, wanting me, fantasizing about me, even if they have no chance of ever having me, after all I am in a relationship.
I slide the red satin over me and admire myself in the mirror. I love the way it clings to my body, caressing my skin so smoothly over my slender waist and curved hips, how the halter neck pushes up my big firm breasts into a deep cleavage, and the slit from the waist allows a tantalizing glimpse of long stocking clad leg with every step right from the upper thigh. At least if he can't make me feel sexy my dress certainly will.
I heard the blast of the horn from the impatient taxi driver and after a disapproving shake of my boyfriend’s head we headed on the short, silent journey to the restaurant. Once there the helpful waiter showed us to our table. As I strode confidently by his side, high heels clicking rhythmically on the tiled floor I could already sense the admiring glances from the men in the room. I smiled as a warm feeling settled through me and we took our seats and began inspecting the menus.
I ordered the Lamb, and insisted on a disgracefully expensive wine to go with it, 'If I have to endure this I'll do so in style.' I thought to myself. We sipped wine and made pointless small talk while we waited for our starters, and I glanced casually around the room.
All I saw was a room full of equally dull men with their wives, girlfriends and mistresses looking equally bored, but as our starter arrived I noticed you to the side, sitting alone, enjoying a meal, and by the way your eyes were fixed on my body, enjoying the view as well. You looked up making eye contact then quickly looked away realizing you had been caught eyeing me up. I maintained my gaze until you looked up again and give you a smile. You smile back a little embarrassed but had no need to be, I wanted you to look.
I casually avert my eyes and while I use the soup spoon on my starter with one hand the other slides slowly down my dress, easing the soft satin from my thigh and giving you a long slender leg to feast your eyes on.
My occasional glances in your direction confirm that your gaze is fixed to me, running up and down my body. I slide my free hand up my thigh again, slowly and tenderly while responding to my boyfriend’s unimaginative small talk. But it’s you who have my attention now, and I know I have yours.
I begin to wonder what is running through your mind. Whether you are imagining how it would feel to have my thighs wrapped tightly around you, fantasizing about making love to me gently and passionately, or whether mentally you are fucking me hard and fast. Whichever it is your attention is turning me on and my mind begins to fill with wicked thoughts of my own.
Suddenly the main course arrives, snapping me out of my fantasy daze. I thank the waiter with a smile, watching his eyes wander to my heaving cleavage. Very deliberately, I slip the fork off the edge of the table and let it fall with a clank to the floor. Then bending over to pick it up I treat you to the same view, my breasts squeezed up against my knees as I retrieve the fork. You are staring unashamedly now, well aware that you are being teased. I hold your gaze grinning devilishly at you. Seeing the lust in your eyes I realize that this is becoming more than a tease, more than just my playful little game. I want to go further. I want to see, to feel, the thick throbbing erection I know I have given you. I want to feel it inside of me.
I return to my meal, but my moist pussy is a constant reminder that your hungry eyes are on me, undressing me, and your equally hungry cock is only a table away, waiting to pleasure me. I know it’s wrong but I feel only a slight pang of guilt for the thoughts running through my head. I empty the contents of my wine glass down my throat and refill it. I can almost feel your hands on me, and your hard-on probing the depths of my greedy love hole.
Minutes pass and another glass of wine goes down followed by another. In the back of my mind I know I should be faithful, a ‘good girl’, but each time I glance around I see your wanton gaze inviting me onto you and the ‘bad girl’ in me takes over. She needs to fuck, and she needs to fuck right now. More precisely she needs to fuck you right now. She knows that you can give her what her boyfriend can’t and she wants it. She wants it badly.
As I chat as pleasantly as I can manage, I slip a napkin from the table and take a lipstick from my purse. I quickly scrawl a note on it from my lap and fold it.
‘Honey, I’m just off to the ladies’ I say to him standing up and striding toward your table. Our eyes lock together and spark with mutual lust. As I pass I drop the napkin, seeing it land on your lap, as though the words ‘Follow me’ written on it were intended more for your cock than for you.
As I turn the corner I hear your chair scrape the floor and I know your coming, and as you reach the corner I open the door of the ladies room and give you a smile as I disappear inside.
A girl on her way out gives us a look of disgust as you reach the door and I drag you inside, but I don’t care now. You open your mouth to speak, but before you can I push a finger to your lips silencing you, after all we’re not here to talk. I lead you to a cubicle, the large one intended for mothers with babies to attend to, but I have something else entirely to attend to in the glimmering little room.
I back inside and you hurriedly close and lock the door behind you. As soon as you turn I’m on you, kissing you deeply with my tongue caressing yours. Your hands go straight to my big heavy breasts, grasping and groping the soft fleshy mounds through the thin red satin. I love the feel of rough hands on my tits, and as I move my own hands to your crotch and begin busily undoing you, I feel your mouth over a nipple, sucking and lapping. My hand finally closes around your thick throbbing prick and I pull it forth while you feast hungrily on my breasts.
You’ve already undone my halter neck in your eagerness to get at my bare flesh, and I quickly gather the rest of the luxurious red satin up around my waist and back myself against the wall. You come forward as I pull the matching red panties down and let them slip around my ankles. I wish we had time for me to suck on the big thick tool in your hand, to give you a long messy blowjob and let you feel how good my lips would be around it, but we both know the urgency of this and you seem more than happy to dispense with the foreplay as you push up against me and rub the bulging tip around my wet slit. I raise a stocking clad leg and you take hold of it as it wraps around your waist and butt.
‘Fuck me’ I gasp out, the first words I’ve spoken to you. My next is a scream of pleasure as you finally thrust your meat into my oh-so-tight pussy and grind deeply into me. I wrap my arms around you and surrender my body to your lust-filled urgent cock, letting you take control and fuck me any way you please. But you know how I like it, after teasing you like a dirty little slut, and cheating on my husband, you know just how to give it to me, hard and rough.
Your free hand returns to my left breast, grasping eagerly as before, squeezing it up with each grunting thrust into me. Your cock fills me with each hard fast stroke, stretching me open and forcing itself into my tight wet tunnel, the sensitive inner walls sending waves of intense pleasure throughout my body. I writhe and squirm against you, wanting to feel every inch of your manhood as it gives me what I so desperately need, forcing my breath out in gasps and squeals of delight with every deep powerful penetration.
It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked like this, not just having sex, or making love, but being fucked good and hard by a man wanting nothing more than to ram his stiff cock into me and pound me with it relentlessly. Your wandering hands explore my body, firmly caressing my silky soft skin, wanting to experience every womanly inch of me.
Your cock is so fucking good and it shows my aching little pussy no mercy. Since I met my boyfriend it’s been as tight as a schoolgirls and I can tell by the look of ecstasy on your face just how good it feels clamped around your thick meat. Looking down I see it thick and firm, glistening with my flowing juices as it pounds into me again and again and again.
That’s it baby, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before, nail me to the fucking wall with your hard cock, bang my pouting little cunt hole till I scream, give me what a nasty little slut like me deserves.
My head is swimming with filthy thoughts and my body is wracked with intense electric pleasure. I don’t know how you can keep forcing into me so hard, but still you continue hammering me relentlessly, drilling in to the hilt with your heavy ball sack slapping up against me, grunting and panting as you use me to satisfy your animal lust. I love being such a filthy little slut.
My orgasm tears through me suddenly and with shocking intensity, flashing through me like lightning and weakening my legs, but your powerful thrusts and firm grip hold me against the wall. I scream out over and over as the shocks keep coming harder with each stroke of your manhood.
Suddenly you pull out and pull me onto my hands and knees. I love how you forcefully drag me into the position you want with your rough hands, and then penetrate me again roughly from behind. You grab onto my soft round buttocks as you slam into me again, thrusting me forward and driving into me still deeper, doggy style. I scream out loudly, almost drowning out your grunts of mutual appreciation as my sopping wet tender pussy takes you again. You lean over me and I feel your hot rapid breath on my neck, and your hands now grasping my swaying tits, rock hard nipples digging into your palms as your fingers squeeze into the soft flesh.
Your thrusts become more urgent and I know that you are getting ready to cum. As if we are synchronized I feel another orgasm burn through me, the fat tip of your prick pushing against my womb triggering me off.
‘Fuck MEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee’ I scream out, squirming in your masculine grasp. Again you ram in deep and hard then frantically drill my cunt, pulling out only inches now. Fast and hard and deep until with a final loud groan you unload inside of me. Again I scream out as your thick cum fires into me, jet after jet of hot sticky semen filling me, mixing with my own juices, and still you fuck me, each thrust coaxing out another powerful blast until there is no more.
Moments pass before you release your grip on my breasts, now bright red with finger marks. You slide out of me still hard and I turn, taking your cock before it loses its bloated form and greedily engulf it’s wet slippery length in my mouth. I suck on it hard, turning my head and lapping the shaft with my busy tongue. I want every single drop of your cum inside of me and your sudden spasm gives me a final jet of cum shot to the back of my throat and hungrily swallowed. I willfully lick it clean, tasting myself on it as much as you until all that remains is my glistening saliva.
You take it back, pushing it back in your pants and zipping yourself up. Without a word you smarten yourself and leave, returning to your meal. I take some time to soak up the warm glow that only a well-fucked pussy can send through a girl before straightening up my dress and re-tying the neck. I quickly apply some make up from my purse before making my return minutes after you. I walk straight past your table as you sip a glass of wine, give my boyfriend a polite peck on the cheek and sit back down. He comments on the length of time I took and I decide to tell him the truth, or a heavily veiled version of it.
‘Darling, sometimes there are things a girl just has to do’ I say smiling.
‘Or have done to her’ I add under my breath as my hot cum soaked pussy tingles with satisfaction between my thighs.

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