Lust of a Spy

Lust of a Spy


The twin glass doors silently parted from each other as a silent woman walked through them. Wearing black clothing; from undershirt, pants, jacket- even belt- the silent stature moved itself to stand in front of the widely-spaced desk.

Sitting with its chair back to the guest, another figure remained. The wall this man was facing was covered with countless amounts of paintings and other items hung precisely from the wall or small shelves pretruding from it. The doors from which the visitor had come through had closed, leaving the room soundproff once again.

" I don't want to hear any excuses, " the man said from the chair, still facing away from the woman.

" I'm telling you sir that this wasn't because of my own faults, " the woman protested. Her voice sounded as sweet as a birds song but, as the man very well knew, this was a gross underestimation of the woman's abilities.

" I don't care! I don't want to know why this happened, how it happened, or how it could have been corrected!" The man swung his chair around to face her, carelessly making several papers on the desk fall off the sides to the carpeted floor. A short mustache above his lips ruffled slightly. " I gave you an order and you failed that order. You remember what I said what would happen if you failed me this time, and now you will pay that price!"

Barely detectable, the man pushed slightly upon an ornate carving of a miniture sized bald eagle sitting on the side of his desk, off to this right. The eagles head tipped back slightly, then with a small click went back to its normal position.

As this was undergoing, the woman's eyes widened. A small gasp came from her mouth, the she turned back to the doors she had come through, and began to move towards them. Before she reached them however, two tall, muscled men seemingly materialized on the other side of the door and moved to block her exit. She tried to cunningly squeeze inbetween the men, able to duck the first man's hand but become caught in the grasp of the other man. Swiftly the woman reached down to her waist where she had a small knife tucked inbetween the difference of her upper and bottom garments. She barely had the knife out of its place before she felt a sharp jab to the side of her neck, instantly dropping the knife in her hand; feeling numbness all over her body. A state of panic set in as she realized soon after that she could not command any part of her body, not being able to even open her mouth to scream.

The two men held her up roughly as they suspended her between their shoulders. The man nodded to the men.

" Take her to the Torture Room, " he ordered calmly. The two men did a slight nod of their own and carried the woman out of the twin doors and down a hallway, making a right to head toward a set of downward-sloping stairs.

The man silently stared after them. Then he turned his back to the door and again studied the paintnings.

" Failure yet again, " he wondered lowly to himself. " How many more times does she have to be sent to get this spy! How is he able to escape my grasps! My best agent, foiled by a spy, and she expects me to be lenient! " Now he was clearly angered, thumping his fist on the arm-rest of his chair.
" This ain't over though, no, not by a mile. I will have you spy, and when I do, you will hope you had never gotten yourself tangled in my business. "

He broke off when he heard a small scream reach his ears from the stairs down the hallway. A grim smile plastered itself on his face. " That will teach that bitch to not fail me again. "


Chapter 1 - Things Never go Right in the World

" Oh, aren't we the man tonight!"
" You only wish you could have me."
" Come on, we could have a quick 'get together' upstairs."
" I don't exactly think that's a good idea."
" Oh, you are such a bad sport."
" I'll tell you what, fine! Just give me a half-hour and i'll be up, be ready."
" Baby, i'm always ready."

Damn! The way that girl talks can bring Clinton to shame over his own scandal!

I wasn't too shamed though, I knew she wouldn't let up on having me tonight, and although I relented to her wishes, I didn't have any thoughts of commiting to them.

I picked up my cup of champagne and sipped at it. Spying, one would say, was a complete waste of one's time since you are doing something morally wrong, although I didn't believe that. After all, when you work with MIA this long, you thought you were the President, ready to press that tiny red button send China back to hell. Well, you couldn't exactly place that event, but boy! it would be enjoyable.

I took another few sips. It had already been quite a few hours at spying upon the hotel room. Although I couldn't get in there, I was able to discretely place a wireless listening device just barely under the door, where it hovered a good 1/6 inch from the carpet. Now, my head was ringing with the sounds of housekeeping and their duties, along with some gossip that would make one perculiar man turn a couple of lovely shades.

Another couple of sips, listening to constant chatter, surveying the room intently for that one person I was searching. His name, Jermaine, an international drug lord who, from interviews and local observations, took this hotel as a fancy. Many housekeeping staff told me about his wild parties after midnight, how there were girls more than plenty stuffed in his private room. I couldn't help thinking that maybe I should just wait for one of his parties and just mingle with the crowd going in but, I decided at last, would be too risky, especially if my fake identity didn't fool him. I was sure he would have some kind of bodily protection, no doubt in the form of several of his hooligans from his trade.

Couple more sips, that was all, then I got fed up with this game. Quaffing down the rest, making sure I didn't waste any as it was quite expensive, stood up and stretched out the cramps in my legs and lower back. Damn those things hurt! Taking great care to seem like stretching (when I was really looking quite deliberately down the hallways to my sides and the desk beside the supposed drug lord's room), I finally soothed my wearied muscles.

Although only 29, I was looking more like an old hag. I never could bring myself out of my work life to take a good quality shower or shave off those pesky whiskers that seem to grow anywhere. Not to say I wasn't clean and infected with lice, so to say, just stating I didn't take as long on hygiene issues. Besides, I would always break promises, something that came regularly to me. Of course, breaking a promise, could be a matter or life or death within my career. And what a career it was! MIA agent, doing surveilence on high warrant individuals and rings. What more could a person ask for! Excitement, thrill, and gun slinging! However, the first and last gun slinging i've ever had to do was on my last case, where some bastard snitch brought about a gang of his fellows to try and 'bust me up.' Now that, my friends, was more horror than excitement; it isn't particuliarly nice to have your handgun be up against several fully armed automatics. Well, to keep it short, I destroyed millions in damages and several pieces of evidence in that fight, but I survived, and lived to get the ranting from Mr. H. Boy, that was quite exhiliarating though! You're probably wondering about the lady I was conversing with. She wasn't my wife, take that out of your head. Just some 'usual' who wanted to have some fun with a well-to-do guy, and if I could catch the attention of a beauty like her, then I valued my personal appearance high; even though I felt I still looked like crap.

I feel I am carrying on a quite boring conversation with yourselves. Back to the case then.

After my 'stretching,' I took my liberty of taking a walk down both hallways (seeing no-one and nothing unusual) and then walking by the drug lord's room, trying to pick up any unusual smells or textures on the door that might suggest illegal activities. I didn't. Either this guy had really good ventilation, or my senses were getting screwy. Either way, I went dissapointedly back to another chair, closer to the door, and sat next to a man sitting down behind me, reading through a newspaper.

" Still nothing eh, Rank " he whispered, his voice just audible to me.

" Same old, same old," I whispered back.

Now, I'm sure you are confused at the moment. Who was this guy talking to me? What connection did he have to a MIA agent? This, that... well, here's the answer. He was also one. A damn good one that I am happy to announce as a partner. This guy, named Gerard, or atleast that's what he called himself, was a top-rated agent within this field. Only having a few years of experience myself, although matching the intelligence and cunning of most people aged 20 years over me; Gerard irreputably had the most knowledge. We didn't talk much about personal experiences, and the only think I have only gathered from him is his age; 36. The rest of him was quite orderly in-fact. His head was cropped over in a slick gel, something trademark of himself. A small mustache covered above his lips and his eyebrows tended to slant more than bend. This job and its stress will do that to you, as I saw the same look on most older agents. Ah well, life wasn't exactly not worthy of being lived.

" I don't think we have a choice, we are going to have to wait until a late-nighter, " I observed.

" Oh, I don't object, " he replied calmly. He always had that kind of tone, where you couldn't tell if he was angry or sad. " You never were the one for patience."

" Well damn! If these guys would just show up and do their thing, we could do ours and be out partying ourselves. "

" But they don't, and I'm sure they won't. Keep thinking that, and who knows, you might get that wish, " he said.

Now, you are probably thinking, damn this guy is a fool. What the hell is talking about guys like this, he should be undercover, watching from a corner or have his gun ready to blast?. The point is, we are MIA. We don't need guns to do our business however, we always carried one, I carried my beauty below my shoulders, on a slinging pouch that went down to the middle of my chest. Just as easy for me to reach into my coat pocket and put a bullet to someone than reach down to my hips.

My ears suddenly perked up at a sudden noise from my earpiece. I could hear a kind of running within the room, haste if you will call it. I concentrated my eyes on the door, and tapped Gerald, who merely turned his head, nodded, and took a look also. Nothing looked to be wrong, the door was as stoic as usual. I could still here that damn sound though and it was driving me crazy not knowing the reason.

Another sound interrupted my attention. A thudding sound as if a baseball bat had just clobbed someone over the head. Actually, that was exactly what I was thinking. I took a quick look at Gerard, who gave a quick finger pointing at him, and I understood. The signal was: watch door, cover, I'm leaving. And I knew where he was going to leave to. Keeping my head fixed on the door and immediate surroundings, I reached into my coat and loosened up my holster. It always felt good to have that comfort of a fully loaded pistol ready to dispense on some perk. Always.

I could see Gerard from my periphial sight making his way casually to the side of that room's door. Lookign as if he was leaning against the wall for a quick breather, he quickly turned his right ear to the door. Several tense moments went by, the thudding sound now silent, and my mind was racing with several solutions to my questions. Housekeeping? I hadn't seen them come out yet, and I didn't think they had an alternate route to get into the room. At least, I didn't see one. Someone getting beat up? Noone that I knew of should have been in that room except housekeeping. Of course, my mind was screaming to just bust down the door and find out but, I had to keep my urges in check. If I moved too early, I could blow my cover, and possibly Gerard's, and that wouldn't be a pleasent experience when I returned back to headquarters. No, more like hell.

Gerard was returning from the door and resumed his position in his chair and ordinarily picked back up his paper.

" Nothing. As soon as I placed my ear next to that door the sound stopped. Sensors, none that I could detect. I don't doubt that that sound wasn't some consensual rump, " he explained, keeping his voice at the whisper level.

" I notice the thud stop when you leaned toward the door. Don't know if anyone could have noticed you, you were pretty casual and nothing unusual seemed to tip you off, " I added.

" Ya well keep a watch as will I. If this lasts another hour then we'll call it a quit for the day and rest up for the observations tonight. I hear it is suppose to be one hell of a party, " he said, giving a small chuckle. Humor, something that surprised me from him since he always seemed the grumpy, professional kind of guy.

" Okay," I merely responded, since I couldn't very well order him to do anything.

The hour passed. Still nothing. No thuds, wierd noises, voices. Quiet. Damn I hate the quiet. No excitement or adrenaline rush.

Gerard simply stood up and shook his head once, a signal that stood for the day's end of observations. I stood up, gave Gerard a meek goodbye and left for my room on the second floor. Taking the stairs, I reached my room in less than 3 minutes. Guess that lady would get what she wanted afterall.


Chapter 2 - What a Woman Wants

As soon as I opened my 3rd floor hotel suite door, the smell of lavender filled my nostrils. I stood there for a moment (in complete darkness it seemed, only a small slit of light illuminating from under a door in the room), soaking the soothing quality of the aroma and mentally pushing back the stress from my current job. Although I was worried about tonight's surveillance, I couldn't help but feel anticipation for when I walked further into my room. I had told her to go to the room, and it looks like she was waiting on me the entire time.

Taking another deep breath of the lavender, I continued into my suite, making sure to quietly close the door behind me, locking the bottom electronic device, and then the manual slide lock on top. After this, I walked a few more steps, careful to not make too much noise as I continued through the darkness toward the small sliver of light.

Before a few more steps were taken, I heard a faint rustling sound as I walked across the floor. Hunching over, I laid my hand on the smooth carpet and picked up several small petals.

Damn, this woman has thought of it all!

Replacing the petals; I felt kind of guilty of picking them up in the first place, they just seemed to be more part of the carpet and a disgrace to remove the small petals from it.

I started to approach the door, realizing this was the bathroom I would be entering. Placing myself against the door, I could detect a kind of moaning taking place within the confines of the bathroom. Whatever it was, it certainly was pleasure and not pain.

Taking another whiff of the now erotic aroma swirling around my head, I gently laid my hand upon the doorknob. I also started noticing the small whiffs of steam rising from under the door bottom. I started to have second thoughts about entering the bathroom, perhaps thinking I would be intruding upon her when I thought it was romantic to it being just a normal shower with no intention at all. I didn't have to think long before I heard her silky sweet voice surround me.

" Oh, I do hope you won't leave me all alone Mister. "

The way she had her syllables just roll off her tongue made up my mind quick as a rabbit! Bringing my hand over the knob, I gently twisted it and pushed inward the door.

Now, my bathroom in the suite was a pretty large one based on normal dimensions. It had a vanity with all necessities along with a extra-large shower / tub combination that made it much easy to maneuver around in. And this is where I found her in all her glory.

Lifting my head from the knob to the shower where I now noticed the even flowing of the shower, I saw her standing for the first time without her clothes. My eyes immediately flashed down to her chest, realizing the beauty of her nicely-proportioned breasts, just the right size for my hands (or I was hoping) to grasp them in. Her nipples were completely erect, standing away from her aeriola, as if showing off just for me, starting to blood to pump into my manhood.

Then my eyes flashed up to her face. The way her dark hair redefined her aqua-blue eyes made me think she was cut straight out of heaven! Her lips, now stretched out to a tantalizing smile, made my own lips feel parched in comparison; her nose was set in a perfect formation, and her ears stood with defiance.

I could only speechlessly swing my eyes down to her very most private area. I could see a small patch of dark hair springing out just above her womanhood, teasing me to come closer and view it in all their splendor and glory. The littlest part of her pussy was noticeable, an arousing scene for me to behold and I could only think rapidly as to what it would look like with an unobstructed view!

My look-over complete (a thing that seamed to me to have taken all night), I gazed back into her face. With a even wider smile now, she turned off the shower, and stepped out of the shower, nude and wet, the water trickling down the sides of her chest and around the curves of her thighs. As she stood, the water droplets began to attach to her entire body, making my manhood start to throb within my pants, aching for the freedom of this woman it would soon have.

I felt I was frozen in time as she neared me, keeping her smile planted and her body moving in the most provoking manner. Her hips swayed back and forth, her breast swinging freely as she walked, a sight to behold indeed!

Then she was right next to me, gazing into my eyes, holding my own eyes fixed upon her with wonder. I felt I would just hold that stare, forever looking into that face and feeling the wave of warmth that creeped along my body. With that mischievous gleam in her eye, she gently leaned in and, grasping the back of my neck with her hands, pulled me in to kiss. Her lips, my lips, collided within that moment and I suddenly knew that everything everyone tells you about how great sex is, is true. Her kiss was nothing I had expected, none of that bullshit quick kissing so that you felt better, no; this kiss was real, and it was meant with sincerity for the person- me.

Her pleasure was obvious upon her face, her cheeks began to turn a lovely shade of red that turned me incredibly on. Feeling safe as to moving my own body parts, I took my own arms and swung them under her, lifting her from just underneath her buttocks and into a cradling position, as if I was holding a baby. Still holding that kiss, now combined with quick pecks of several tongue-lashing fevers, I carried her one step at a time from the mist soaked bathroom out into the bedroom. With the carefulness of a father, I laid her upon the king-sized bed, pulling my lips from hers for the moment.

I climbed over on top of her, spread on all-fours, towering over her, reveling in this erotic moment. Her hands began to move, rubbing along the sides of my chest and neck, my worries beginning to rapidly vanish. I had completely succumbed to my lust!

With clearly clever hands, she shimmied off my black jacket, throwing it off to the side and then doing quick work at untying my neck tie, adding it to the pile with the jacket. Those same hands seductively went to the top of my neck. Her fingers moved flawlessly and slipped the first button from its space at the top of my neck, with second one in the same manner, and then the third. At each button interval, her hands slipped into the newly uncovered area, sending shivers up and down my spine as her touch went over my touch, slipping over my own nipples and the hair upon my chest. She began to curl the hair on my chest, pulling it slightly then releasing, a pattern she repeated over and over again, sending me almost to the point of ejaculating right then and there.

At the last button, she shifted herself to a lower position according to my situation, and released the last button. My now fully uncovered chest became her own personal playground. Those hands, 'oh how those hands!' moved and tweaked at my chest, making me feel I would soon lose control over my mind. She leaned up and placed her teeth over one of my nipples, snatching it gently and then pulling upon it. Now, this was totally new to me, and I was completely surprise, but damn! it was good feeling. My ecstasy was elevating at each new place she touched.

When I felt I would not be able to restrain myself any longer, she abruptly stopped, and took her hands completely off my chest, only to replace them over my crotch. My manhood, feeling as if it would burst out from the hems of my pants, started to really become active. Without any further agony, she slipped my belt from the pockets, and reached her hand in.

Exhilarating! That's the best explanation I could come up with as her hand encased my penis. I fought to still keep a sense of myself as she groped over my manhood, running her silky hands over the length and falling down to my balls, grabbing and then releasing the frail organs as if she was afraid she might rip them off.

I couldn't stand it any longer. With sweat perspiring all over my face and body, I threw my hands down to my pants and yanked them off from myself, and pulling down my underwear to reveal my own private area completely nude. Her hands continued to explore my region, bringing explosions of sensation from my body at every touch.

However, I felt I had to return the gratitude and shifted myself from atop her to beside her. Keeping her laying on her side, I laid upon my side, my manhood protruding in front of me, leaving it the only thing between myself and her.

She simply looked over and smiled at me as I moved my own hands over her body. My hands explored her face, brushing through her dark hair and running along the sides of her cheeks. My own wanting to explore more took the best of me and my hands drifted down from her face, along her neck and to her breast. Both of my hands grasped one of her breast, cupping it gently between them. I could notice the obvious delight she was getting from this as her body shook with pleasure. My hands massaged that breast with longliness, my fingers pulling upon her erect nipple, causing even more agony to explode through her body.

With gentle persuasion, I removed my hands from her breast so as to surf down her well-toned belly, marveling in its smoothness and texture. I circled my fingers around her navel, dancing them around that little area to cause her to shake again with agony.

Then my hands moved down to the most sensitive area of her body. My fingers brushed through her pubic hair, pulling at odd bits of hair for her pleasure and desire. Shifting my self farther down, my fingers encountered the beginning of her pussy, those sex lips covered in wet substance as she anticipated the inevitable. Those same fingers fondled around the entrance, slightly opening the hole for greater access. And with one gentle sweep of the hand, I plunged the first of my fingers inside of her, causing her to take a deep breath and moan with delight. My finger rhythmically moved in and out of her pussy, her sex lips moving in the flow with my finger, causing her clitoris to become more defined. At that moment, my other hand's fingers began to torment that little bulb, sending her into a very exciting state. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm, and I wanted to give her one to never forget!

Moving with more and more speed, I plunged a second finger into her pussy along with the first; her body began to bend slight toward the air in the middle, forming a small arc along her back. Her moaning increased in pitch, she was now sweating as badly as I was, making small puddles form upon the bedsheets. Her orgasm began to come, her back arching more and more, my fingers continuing their pleasure and my own manhood pulsing with bliss. Then, with a loud moan of her own making, she reached her orgasm, arching to an incredible degree, and sank back down into the bedsheets and pillow, her moans simmering lower to a normal tone, a silly satisfaction grin plastered on her face.

I could barely hear her, but her lips were easy to read. " I want you in me. I want you to give me something you haven't yet tried. "

I was ready, I would give her the satisfaction she wanted. She would have the gratification that she well deserved.

" I want you to fuck me," she lustily whispered, her words rolling with such sweet seduction that you weren't going to disobey.

Lifting myself over her, I retrieved my fingers from their places, making her groan with disapproval at my abrupt stop of pleasure. Taking my manhood in my hand, I hovered it over her pussy, now gushing with juices that were just waiting for me to enter with. And so I did. I placed my manhood at that entrance and immediately took a thrust inside.

Stars started bursting everywhere in my head! Sensations of the highest degree enveloped my body, sending me into a pleasure machine. Another plunge, then another, and another, and another... My rhythmic hammering upon her womanhood became something that I unconsciously did, her body taking the blow of my manhood, sending currents of delight and ecstasy through her body; her breast now swelled to their biggest size, those nipples noticeable at their simple position. Her moans again increased, making me in-turn add my own grunts of satisfaction as I kept up my pace. These timeless minutes rolled by, me giving my heart in keeping her full of pleasure, and herself receiving openly my affection and lust. On and on I continued my action upon her, sweating at a breakneck speed that was easily matched by the woman. Our moans and grunts mingled together, causing me to become even more aroused, taking more contentment through her. My orgams started to come just as her own second one began, causing us to both lose ourselves and moan in ectasy as the sensation swept through our bodies, zapping away what energy we had.

Our pace began to slowly decline. I was becoming very tired, starting to penetrate at such a slow speed I felt I would just come out of her body and completely collapse upon her. Taking one last thrust, I rolled over beside her, both of us gasping for air and expelling it just as fast as we tried to control our racing heartbeats.

Her hand reached over and took my own, holding it with such sweet affection I thought I would cry and breakdown in helpless tears at this instant; but, I held my emotions in check, and my breathing along with hers began to come back under a more normal volume.

Her eyes one again laid upon my own and we simply stared at each other with small smiles upon our silly faces. I felt I had done the best she could have wanted and needed, that I had fulfilled my end in some weird way.

Alast, she broke the silence of lust with her words. " I just want you to know.... that had to be the best sex I have ever have or will have."

I couldn't resist emitting a small laugh at her remark. " I'm glad I could offer you my services and make them worthwhile. "

Exhaustion was setting in, I could tell we would fall asleep in the late afternoon , near-dark atmosphere on the bed without our clothes or self-consciousness.

Before we both slipped off to our dreamworlds, she whispered this small phrase...

" We should try this another time, and I've got a whole lot of other things to try..."

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