Back Country Tales: The Changing

Back Country Tales: The Changing

Switch flicked out a second blade with a click, and I backed away to my truck. They didn't even seem to notice me much. They were all between seventeen and twenty-six. They all shared a hulking, strong figure, dead dark eyes and hair, and a mean disposition.

"What the fuck are you boys doin here?" Said Reed Hardy, the eldest. Switch snorted loudly.

"Beaten the shit outta your brother." That was Switch. Jim stepped forward.

"This is none of your business, Reed, just leave it alone." He said calmly. I clciked the door of my truck open. Still no one noticed me.

"Really? I see it different. I heard that your slut came onto Sid," here he gestured to the beaten guy on the ground, "and you got bitchy about it." Said Reed.

Jim stepped forward. I leaned the seat of my truck forward and felt around behind it, grasping the long cool metal I had been searching for. As Jim stepped forward in anger, the other Hardy boys made like they were gonna jump him.

"Hold on there, fuckers." I said loudly, calmly. They all stopped and stared, not at me, but at the sawed-off twelve-gauge shotgun in my hands.

Reed put his hands up and backed away as the others followed his example. "Hold on there Deadshot, we aint done nothin to you, buddy." he said.

"Fuck that!" I shouted. "Get your worthless brother and leave. Now." I said in a lower voice.

Immediately two Hardies came forward, hoisted the beaten Sid onto their shoulders, and walked away with him. Some twenty yards away, they loaded him into the back of Reed's truck. Reed started the engine, but before roaring away in the dark, down the gravel road, he stuck his head out the window.

"By the way, Jim, have you seen your Pretty Lady lately?" Here he laughed and sped off the grass and down the dusty road. The music from the party could be heard again, as it had been ignored before. Jim turned around.

"Have any of you seen her?" He asked desperately. Then tore off to the cabin.

June 29,
2:04 a.m.

Lady had been transported to the hospital yesterday, still in shock and had some head trauma or some shit that I couldn't understand. Jim, Switch, and Slicker were all sitting in the back of Slicker's truck. Slicker was staring into oblivion, his dark hair mussed and hanging down around his eyes. Jim was doing the same, hair cut like mine and Switch's. Boy cuts. Relatively handsome, we shoulda been out lookin for chicks. But not now, maybe never again. Things had changed. Things were very different. Jim suddenly perked up.

"We're gonna get 'em, aren't we?" He asked. Did he even need to? The Hardy boys were in the deepest shit ever.

July 3,
12:45 a.m.

The Hardy house was almost empty. The only male was Sid. The only others were the Hardys' mom and their only sister. The rest were out. We'd been watching the house in shifts, making sure everything went right. We were dressed in our hunting camo, with our faces grease-painted.

The moon was extremely bright, shining down on us as we crept towards the house slowly through the tall hay field that surrounded it. Jim held up his fist and Slicker and I dropped. Off in the distance, I knew that Switch was creeping up on the huge rotweiler the Hardy's kept. Soon there was a quick flash from a flashlight, nothing more. That was the signal. We started moving again. Through the only window that opened easily, we slipped inside the house.

We waited for slicker on the warm wood floor of the cozy farm house. I thought of poor Lady's broken body, raped of all feeling and warmth. Rage curled thickly in my gut and I thought of what we were doing. Jim was probably in it for the same reason I was. We loved Lady, and the Hardies had hurt her. Slicker was just in it to help us. And Switch was completely loyal to us, and was nuts. Kinda insane. Perfect combination.

We knew the house perfectly. We'd crept in many times when the Hardies were away just to map out the house. Just so everything was perfect.

Like shadows, we slipped noiselessly up the stairs to the second floor. The door immediately to our right was the boys' room. Only Sid was sleeping there tonight. Jim leaned in to me,

"Do it Deadshot." He whispered. I let myself in the door and moved to Sid's bed. Seeing his head, I brought my sawed-off shotgun's butt into his temple, knocking him out. I checked his pulse to make sure he wasn't dead. I pulled the covers off of him and pulled out the roll of duct tape in my bag.

July 3,
1:32 a.m.

Sid was now packaged from head to foot in the gray tape, unable to move. I closed the door behind me and found the guys still waiting for me. I nodded to them and Jim led the way to the next door. He opened it and there on the four-post bed lay a pretty little fifteen year-old girl. She was developing well with curvesd, beauty in her face, and curly dark hair. I mercilessly stole up to her bed, not making a noise, and slapped a piece of tape over her mouth. She woke up and saw my face and began to try to scream. Working quickly, the others grabbed her hands and feet, tying them to each of the posts.

I leaned down to her pretty scared face and said,

"You can scream, or enjoy it honey. It's gonna happen anyway." I chcukled. She seemed to settle now. Jim moved up on the bed, crawling between her bare thighs. She was only wearing a flimsy thin nightgown and no panties. Jim flicked out a knife and cut the gown off, displaying her young body to all of us. She had trim pubic hair and a beautiful figure. At the sight of her tied up like that, I began to get hard beneath my camo. The moonlight slicing throung the dark in the two windows illuminated everything as Jim got off of her. He got on his knees and faced her spread puss. It was a dark area that I couldn't see well, but it was still exciting. Jim surprised me by immediately burying his face in her crotch, licking her sweet young cunt. I got even harder.

She let loose a little moan. So, she was enjoying it!

Jim lifted his face and looked up to me. "She's wet as hell, Deadshot. She wants us!" He laughed cruelly and stood up. He dropped his camoflauge bibs along with his boxers. Ah, he was smaller than me! I thought so! Slicker walked around to the side of her bed and began to caress her throat and breasts. He finally rested his hand on her throat and whispered to her,

"I'm gonna take the tape off, but if you scream, I'll choke the life out of you." He was deadly serious. She nodded slowly. He ripped off the tape and she whimpered a bit. I returned my attention to what Jim was doing. He slipped his hard dick inside her, making a squelching sound and tearing a moan from her. Slicker now had his pants down and his dick out, waving it in front of her face.

"Open up baby, I know you've done it to your brothers. We've been watching you." Slicker said. She opened her mouth and he slid his cock inside. He moved his had around to the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth, his thick dick filling her mouth at his own rate. Jim, meanwhile, was laboring away at fucking her pussy, humping for all he was worth. It wasn't long before her moaning and clenching wet pussy made him spasm up and cum.

At about that time, Slicker had moved up to his knees on the bed, twisting the girl's head up so he could fuck her mouth better. He was making her suck on it and deep throat him so fast, I was surprised she didn't gag.

But it was true, we'd watched her give Reed head through her window two nights before. She was a home-made slut.

He too finally came, spasming hard and shooting her mouth full of his cum. Surprisingly, she swallowed every drop, sucking on him. I could see her throat working to get as much down as she could.

Jim rolled off of her and I took his place, unleashing my thick cock from my camo and looking down at her heaving body. Slicker removed his shaft from her mouth and she turned to look at me. I gazed into her eyes and shoved my dick up inside her. It was sweet and tight. Tighter than Lady's had been. Her cunt was dripping wet, and her beautiful slim body heaved and quivered, sucking in breath as I began sawing my dick in and out of her. It was incredible. So wrong, but incredible. She began to moan and I went faster. She was having trouble breathing and I pumped it in and out of her faster.

I spasmed and shot my first wad down her love hole, filling her pussy up. The cream gushed out and she let out a squeal, cumming on my dick. I let the last drips come out of me and pulled out. Jim had already pulled up his pants. So had Slicker. I grinned to them and pulled up my bibs and stuffed my sensitive dick back inside. We went out the door, having done what we came to do. We were at the top of the step when I said,

"Wait. Where's Switch?"

We looked around and didn't find him. Then we turned around and saw the door at the end of the hall was open slightly. My heart sank. That was Mrs. Hardy's room. Thank God Mr. Hardy was long dead. We moved down to it, padding softly. I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Mrs. Hardy's slim figure bouncing up and down on Switch's hard cock, moaning in her throat. They were both naked on her bed, with her on top riding him hard. She turned slightly and gasped at the sight of us. Switch grabbed her shoulders and looked up at her,

"They're with me." He said.

She relaxed instantly. Who did she think we were? Didn't matter. She pointed to the bed-side table and said to me,

"Get the KY, would you?" She asked. Startled, I set my gun down and went and got the KY liquid bottle. She now laid her attractive body flat on Switch's body and motioned me to come closer. "I can't believe I'm gonna be a porn star!" She said breathlessly.

I almost laughed. So that was what Switch had told her! I nodded and she whispered,

"Go ahead, get my ass."

I almost dropped the bottle, but instead dropped my pants, my dick already hard again. I climbed to my knees behind her and was greeted by her ass. She lifted herself onto her knees and Switch's thick cock slipped out of her. I didn't know quite what to do, so I spread her cheeks, put the nozzle inside the very opening of her ass hole. I squirted it inside her and she moaned a bit. Next I squirted some of the lube onto my hand. My hard dick was bobbing out in front of me, ready as hell. I slicked it up and put the head at the tight bud of her anus.

I wasted no time, but shoved forward. It was like nothing I'd ever done before! It was so tight, I could barely breathe. Once I was inside her fully, she was groaning loudly. I grabbed her hips and pushed her over so we were lying on our sides on the bed, me pressed up behind her, my dick lodged in her tight ass. For being over forty, her body was smooth and supple, and her face was pretty. I squeezed her tits and pulled out of her butt, only to shove back inside her roughly. It was plenty slick and warm, not unlike a pussy really.

Switch rolled over between her legs and managed to stuff his dick up inside her. Now she was really moaning. Almost screaming in pleasure as we both banged her body in both holes. The bed rocked as we both fucked her body hard. She was loving it, a huge smile on her face and little giggles slipping out between her moans. Soon she was cumming loudly, shouting,

"Oh fuck, studs. . . . .OH SHIT! That's it baby, give it to me, I. . . .I . . . .oh, give it to me. . . . ..oh!!!" I didn't even slow down as Switch gave in to pleasure and came inside her pussy. I pounded away at her ass, gripping her slim hips hard. I buried it inside her faster, hard, more roughly, until she was cumming again, rubbing her clit fast and hard. I finally came again, shooting every bit of my cream in her tight ass.

We left her lying on the bed, asleep, stealing out of the room quietly. I went into the teen girls' room and kissed her cheek, whispering,

"Sorry sweetheart, but I gotta leave you this way for your brother to see." I said.

"But why?" she asked quietly, pretty face full of confusion.

"It's hard to explain. This is the first act of revenge against him.. . . . . .it's just. . . .hard to explain." I said as quickly as possible.

"Oh, well, thank you. This was very nice. Except for the tying up part." She said, staring into my eyes. I chuckled, surprised at her words.

"You really are somethin, aren't you baby? Well, when this is over, I'd like to get with you again." I said fondly. She laughed and I ran out of the room before I could be tempted to fuck her again. The guys were waiting outside for me. We flew through the woods, running and laughing. And it was only the beginning. All of the Hardy boys had girlfriends. . . . . . . . . . . .

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