My Niece & I - Part 7

My Niece & I - Part 7

This is a bit of a long one, but I hope you find it worth it. A lot happened in a short space of time. I have also been away for work on and off for the better part of six months, but those details will come later.

Thanks for the comments, and suggestions. this is a true story unfolding as we go, so it has all happened by the time I write this. the next episode is also a bit long, but I hope you can bear with me.

We all slept well or so I thought, but when I woke up neither of them were in the bed. I got my bearings and heard the shower going in the other bathroom. I got up and walked towards the sounds when I found Renee curled up on the couch with a coffee.

“Morning beautiful, are you OK??” I asked.

“Yeah just thinking of what has happened and what might happen in the future,” she replied. “It worries me a little.”

“Do you want to talk about it? Ash and I have spoken about our relationship for a while now.”

“I don’t know where to start. I mean I really love you and Ashleigh, but I think I made it worse by telling her about my feelings for her.”

“Renee, I think I know you both well enough to understand that you share a special bond as sisters, and so just talk to her about it and set some rules” I replied. I could tell that this was really eating at her.

“But how do I tell her, I want to sleep with her every night and to feel her body against mine. I want to make love to her …” She stopped talking and I turned around to see Ash standing there in a robe listening with tears in her eyes.

“I think you just have, but tell me again Renee,” Ash responded as she walked across the room and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Ash,…. I love you and I want to sleep with you and make love to you every night. I want to learn and share things with you and…” Renee was almost whispering when Ash kissed her gently.

“Renee, you surprised me when you told me that you might be bisexual, as I thought I knew you pretty well, but that doesn’t change how I feel because you’re my sister.”

“This is so hard Ash, I struggle to control my feelings all the time whether it’s with you, Beth or Robbie. I always have, and it not easy.”

“Renee we are big girls and I will always be your sister, and I will learn to be your lover, and never hurt you,” Ashleigh responded.

Renee was weeping for joy as they continued to talk about what and how they would always be there for each other and keep this their special secret, but not to keep anything else secret from each other. I was happy for them as I could see that this was what needed to happen and remembered some of the talks Ash and I have had as we continue to work through our relationship.

“I am going to take a shower you two, this is your special time to talk this through” I interrupted, before heading off to my room. I cleaned up the clothes and made up the bed, then walked to the bathroom.
I had a shave and jumped into a hot shower, letting the water cascade over me, washing away stresses. I did not hear the bathroom door open, but heard the “click” of the shower door. It was Renee.

“I need a clean up too, will you help wash me,” she squeaked, as she gave me a hug and kiss.

“I would love to wash you, but where is Ash?”

“Gone to get something special for breakfast, so it’s just us for a bit.”

I grabbed the shower gel and proceeded to lather up Renee’s body whilst massaging her paying special attention to her breasts and nipples. Her body pressed against me and I squatted slightly letting my hardening cock slide between her legs. She gasped as I slid my cock up to her sopping wet pussy. She moved one hand between her legs and gently massaged the end of my cock, sliding my foreskin back and forth. It was a great feeling and we moved under the water letting the soap rinse from us. With the soap gone, Renee pushed my cock back and let it settle at the entrance to her body. She raised up on her toes and let it slowly enter her. It was not hurried, as we had plenty of time. Renee sank slowly onto my dick and she moaned as it slid most of the way into her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuck you fill me up soooo much Uncle Will. I love yoooouuu.”

We continued for a few more minutes before she moved away, then turned around, and raised her leg against the tiles, her pussy lips falling open.

“Fuck me, make me cum. I need to cum,” she cried, grabbing my cock and aiming it at her open tunnel.

I moved in and sank fully in one motion, then started a slow deep stroke rhythm. I held her up letting her work on her clit with her free hand. It was still slow and passionate, but the speed was increasing. Her breathing was as rapid as mine and our tongues wrestled each other as we rapidly approached orgasm.

We climaxed together, her pussy clamped onto my pulsing cock as I flooded her with seamen. We collapsed against the wall, gaining our breath, before we noticed the water had cooled off. I withdrew from her with a sloppy pop, letting our mixed cum drip out onto the floor and down the drain. We kissed again before getting out and wrapping ourselves in our robes.

“Uncle Will, will you shave my pussy like Ashleigh please.”

I picked her up and just like with Ash, sat her on the vanity, before filling the hand basin with water, and grabbing out my razor and gel.

I lathered up her pubic hair and gently shaved her pussy smooth, leaving only a thin vertical line leading to the top of her clit. I rinsed her off with a cloth, then grabbed the moisturiser and made sure she was soft and smooth. I grabbed her hand and gently placed it on her mound, letting her feel the incredible feeling of smooth skin.

“Wow it really feels so good. Ash and I will be able to shave each other at home,” she smiled. “Thank you for being you and loving me so much.”

We dressed and set about getting ready for breakfast. Ash returned with an armful of assorted things and we sat out on the rooftop garden enjoying the morning. The peace was broken by the ringing of both my mobile phone and my pager. I excused myself and went inside to take the call.

In short it went like this.

“Will, it’s Dave (my boss), sorry to break into your weekend. We’ve got a major issue in Beijing. I need you to head up a team to help them with this.”

“What’s happened?” I replied without sounding like I didn’t really want to go.

“The production site we jointly run has had a multiple fatality last night out time. They have confirmed three dead and 10 or 12 injured.” Dave replied with a stressed voice.

“The US has told us to lead the investigation. Who else do you want on your team?”

I had to think for a minute. I would need a good safety guy as well as production and mechanical people too. “Paul for safety, Jim for production and Wally for mechanical” I responded.

“What about electrical?” Dave asked.

Shit I had forgotten about them. “ I dunno who’s any good Dave, you pick and then let me know.”

“OK Will, I will let them know and organise the travel and the rest of the shit. You need to leave today and get home so you can go again. I will call you later with details.” And Dave hung up.

‘Fuck, fuck fuck’ I thought. Great way to ruin the weekend. I walked back upstairs to find the girls lying on the recliners, naked.

They both looked up smiling, but quickly realised that something was not right. I explained to them what was happening, and that we needed to get home later in the day. Both understood, but asked if we could leave later in the afternoon. I agreed and rang the airlines to check flights.

After 20 minutes on the phone, I had seats for a 1.00pm flight, which meant we only had a few hours before leaving. Ash and Renee were not happy their sunbaking time was to be cut so short, and promised to be ready by 11.30. I went in and cleaned up the apartment, packed my bags then called out to them to get a move on. Both appeared from the terrace on cue and proceeded to get organised still butt naked, wriggling and shaking in front of me. It was a beautiful sight, but I was already thinking of what was ahead in Beijing.

The taxi arrived and we all piled in for the short ride to the domestic terminal. The airline offered us an upgrade and lounge passes for the girls and in no time we were flying home. The plane was not full at all and so business class consisted on us and three others; an older couple in their sixties, and a young woman I guess in her early thirties, who appeared to be stealing looks towards Ash, Renee and I as we talked. After the meal, Ash got up and went to the toilet, Renee following a few minutes later. They were gone for more than ten minutes and when they came back both looked a little flushed in the face but were sporting big smiles.

Renee sat on my lap and whispered in my ear, “I just joined the mile high club with Ash.” She was almost laughing as she spoke. “Want to join too?”

“No thanks, I’m already a lifetime member” I shot back quickly, just as the young woman walked past on her way to the galley. She smiled at us, causing Renee to blush even more.

“When, tell me now” she said.

“I won’t tell you everything, but Nat and I joined when we got married, and remained members for most of our travels. We almost got caught once!!” I laughed remembering the first time we had sex in an airplane.

“It was dark and most people were asleep. On long haul flights, the pilots get a sort of bunk room to rest, so I paid the business class flight attendant to give us some time and well you can guess what happened after that.”

“Wow how luxurious, we had to take turns sitting on the toilet seat, but it was fun.” Renee replied. She squirmed a little on my lap, causing my dick to stir a little. “Someone is feeling happy” and she wriggled her arse a little more just to make sure. The young woman passenger made her way back up past us, and headed for the toilet. Although I wasn’t timing her, she was in there a long time, and when she finally returned to her seat. She looked at us and smiled broadly, her face too flushed pink.

Renee picked up on her looks and jumped off my lap, with a sly grin on her face. She was wearing a sun dress and I could see she had removed her bra, as her nipples showed through the fine material. She carefully raised the hem to her waist, showing me that she also hadn’t bothered to put on her panties either. Her pussy lips were puffy, very moist and almost glistened as she slowly slid a finger from the top of her slit before sinking it fully into her hot box.

“I think she likes us, so I am going to talk to her.” She said as her finger slid out and she dropped the dress hem again hiding what lay beneath.
I was more than a little surprised by her forwardness and wanton lust for this stranger, but sat back and watched as she walked up the aisle and sat down next to her. Ash too was watching intently as Renee struck up a conversation before she shifted in the seat and leaned back against the fuselage of the plane. The young woman turned to face her, and from where we were we saw a smile come across her face. Shortly after, her head disappeared below the headrest and then Renee’s head dropped back against the window with her eyes closed tightly and her mouth open slightly. The picture said it all. After five minutes or so, Renee stood up and headed once again to the toilet, this time with the young woman in tow.

Ash and I were laughing so much at this chain of events that the old couple woke up to see what was going on and an attendant passed though checking on our needs. She paused next to us and offered us drinks and snacks. We took some for us and asked her to leave some extras for Renee and her new toy. The attendant asked where they were, and Ashleigh just pointed to the front of the plane where the toilets were. She cottoned on quickly to the state of affairs, smiled and returned to the galley, closing the curtains, and isolating us from the rest of the passengers, except the old couple, who just seemed confused as to what was happening.

The young woman and Renee returned to their seats, smiling broadly and a little dishevelled. The rest of the flight was uneventful until we landed. As we left the aircraft, the young woman walked up next to us and grabbed my arm.
“Thank you” she smiled, “that was the best flight I have ever had.” She handed me something as we walked towards the baggage hall. It was her underwear and it was so damp it was almost dripping.
“Your ‘friend’ is very talented” and she walked on past and out to get a taxi.

We grabbed our bags and headed for the exit. Mario and Nora were there to collect us, a bit of a surprise for me. Ash had texted them that we were coming home early. We chatted in the car back to my place and headed inside. I explained the reason for my early return and explained that I would be now going to China for at least a couple of months. Ash asked if she could still stay in my house, which I agreed, but Renee was to go back home. I logged on to work and downloaded all of the details; my flight was to leave at 8.00am direct to Beijing. The tickets and government documents would be at the airport for me as well as the others in my team. Still no name for the electrical role though.

They all left shortly after, with Ash telling me she would come back tomorrow. I did some washing, packed some clean clothes and then went out for a quick dinner. I laughed to myself over the meal, thinking of Ash and Renee and the young woman on the plane, realising that we had not even talked to Renee about it at all. It would have to wait. I got home as it was just getting dark. The lights were on inside and Ash’s car outside.

Both were waiting for me in bed, and I was almost naked before the front door closed.

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