Chapter 1: Wet Spot

I woke up very early in the morning because I had to use the bathroom. And since the upstairs toilet that’s by my room didn’t work, I had to go downstairs. My stepdad was supposed to fix it weeks ago, but as always he puts it off.

I walked down the stairs, I had to skip over the sixth step because it squeaks.

We live in an old farmhouse, that my stepdad lived in all his life. My stepdad, Aaron, but I call him dad. He’s 56 years old and he’s in very good shape. He’s tall, slim, and has muscles from working on his 500 acres farm. We have a couple of horses, longhorn cows, and a couple of German shepherd male dogs.

Aaron is the only father I’ve known. My biological father left us when I was very young, mom told me he ran off with his secretary.

My mom, Anna, is average size, with blonde hair and blue eyes just like me. Mom is 40 years old and works at a hospital as a night nurse.

I was on my Christmas break from my high school. Tomorrow it's supposed to be a warm day for the end of December, at least where we lived. They said it might get up to 40 degrees.

All I had on when I started downstairs is a long t-shirt that barely covered my little bottom. My bare feet were cold from the hardwood floors. My mom works at night and she should still be at work. And my dad should still be in bed, or so I thought. I didn’t think I’d have a problem getting to the bathroom unnoticed.

I went in and sat down on the cold toilet. Sitting down made me realize my ass still hurts a little after my latest spanking. The pain made me horny again. I reached down and rubbed my clit as I peed. There’s nothing like masturbating while you pee. But unfortunately, I got it all over me and the floor. After I had an orgasm I licked my hand and fingers clean. Sometimes I like to get in the tub and lift my legs up over my head and get my pussy over my face. I can lick myself, and I love doing that as pee in my mouth.

I then took off my t-shirt and used it to wipe-up the pee. I put the shirt in the hamper. I’d be the one doing the laundry that morning.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I turned to look at my still red rear end. He hit me so hard last night. I wish he would hit my pussy too. I turned around and looked at my body. Fuck, I hate my little tits. I have small, dark areola with large nipples. My breasts are the size of very small tangerines. Mom told me hers didn’t get bigger until she got pregnant with me. I guess I may have to get pregnant then.

I was very horny when I went to bed last night. My dad had given me a spanking for coming home late. But what he didn’t know is that I came home late on purpose just to get a spanking.

I liked being spanked, a lot. Not violently or aggressively. I wasn’t interested in having the skin broken. But being brought to tears is ok. I just like a firm, open-handed slap against my bare ass. Or from my dad’s favorite spanking tool, the ping-pong paddle.

Unfortunately, I don’t get a round of birthday spankings anymore. Why did those stop just when I was starting to really enjoy them? I’ve always struggled to explain what’s so thrilling about getting a spanking.

Growing up most kids know that spanking hurts. And to be put over your mother’s or father’s knees is usually embarrassing, and kids want to avoid it at all costs. But at some point, my hormones just took over. That made me look at spanking a lot differently than I had before, which totally transformed my attitude toward spanking.

I would masturbate when I read stories about someone getting spanked. I love reading stories online, I have been reading them since I was younger. Whenever I got spanked, I would go to my room and get myself off.

I stopped being worried that someone would put me over their knees and I started to look forward to it. I started to purposely get into trouble just to get a spanking.

I prefer my dad to do the spanking since he hits harder. And I know he knows I get excited. I always leave a wet spot on his pants.

Mom started to feel like I was getting too old to be disciplined like that. I overheard Mom one day said, “You know, Aaron,” I’ve heard my mom saying this more than once, “I’ve told you Stephanie is too old to be spanked. But it’s especially inappropriate the way you’re doing it. A girl her age should not be naked around her stepfather at all, much less draped naked across his lap!”

Dad then said, “yes I think you are right.”

I was started to get worried that I’d never get spanked again. How would it look if I seemed so desperate that I was begging for it? How do you ask your mom or dad to spank you?

But so far my dad still spanks me. He only spanks me when mom is at work.

I’m no virgin, I have only had sex with two different boys, and one girl. The first was with a boy from school. His sister is my best friend Beth, I should say, was my best friend.

I was sleeping over at her house. After their parents went to bed, Beth and I sneaked into her brother’s room. He watched Beth and I lick each other for a while. Beth and I had been having sex for a couple of weeks before she told me about her and her brother. I then watched them fuck. Then he fucked me. It hurt at first, but after a while, it felt good. I didn’t even have an orgasm. That was the only time I did it with Beth’s brother.

A couple of days later she called me and said? “Hi, Stephanie.”

“Hi, Beth what’s up?”

“Steph, I can’t see you anymore.”

“Why not?”

“My brother and I have been talking, and we just want to be a couple, we love each other very much. Please don’t be mad, and PLEASE don’t tell anyone about us.”

“Beth, I’m ok with it, and I promise I won’t tell anyone, but can we still be friends?”

“Only at school we can be friends, but we can’t go out or have you spend the night at my house.”

That’s the last time we talked to each other.

The other boy I met at a party. He was older and cute, with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He was on the chubby side, but not too much. I had too much to drink that night. I only had 3 beers, but I wasn’t used to drinking.

“Would you like to go upstairs for a little while?” He said as we were kissing. I really don’t know how we began kissing in the first place.

He took my hand and laid me up the stairs. We ended up in one of the bedrooms. He kissed me again as he undressed me. He then put me on the bed. He then got undressed. His dick was hard but very small. It couldn’t have been more than 4 inches long after I got him hard with my mouth.

He then got on top of me and put it in me. He lasted for only 2 minutes, tops. He then got off of me and dressed. “Thanks for the fuck,” he said as he left me laying there. I did not have an orgasm. I don't even remember his name.

I do remember a story I had read a year or two ago about a girl and her best friend. I saved it and I’ve read it over and over again.

The name of the girl in the story was Jenifer and her friend’s name was Jeff. They lived close to each other since birth, attended the same schools, and hung out together a lot. Jeff shared everything with her and talked about anything that came to mind, including his past loves. Jenifer was the one to patch him up after each one when he came to her broken-hearted.

Jeff had had a number of girlfriends and had gone all the way with some of them. He and Jenifer would talk about his experiences. He would ask her about what turns girls on and she would reply to what she thought other girls would enjoy. She even gave tips on how he could ‘improve’ himself. Through it all, she never shared her deepest desires, or how hot it made her when Jeff talked about things he had done with other girls.

Jeff was an athletic, strong, and a natural leader both on and off the football field in high school and college. She watched him take charge and it made her weak at the knees. It also made her wet!

She had a crush on him since the fifth grade. She had needs and didn’t know how to share that information with him. She had a few dates, but earned a reputation as an “Ice Princess”. The reputation was well deserved. While many of her other classmates lost their virginity, she didn’t let the boys get to second base with her.

She just couldn’t trust herself. She knew once that she got started she would surrender completely to her needs and the will of her Master.

She needed to be dominated!

This girl Jennifer, I realized, is me. It’s what I wanted too, to be dominated. But not from a friend, like she had a crush on since fifth grade. For me, I had a crush on my dad since I was very young. For that reason, I’m very jealous of my mom.

I wish I had the strength Jennifer had in that story. She came out and told Jeff that she was submissive and needed to be dominated. She needed somebody to take charge and make decisions for her. The thought of a strong master using her as his sex toy nearly brings me to orgasm just thinking about it.

This is what I want. I want my dad as my master. I want him to use me as his sex toy. But I’m not as naturally courageous as Jennifer. How do I tell my dad I want him to use me that way? And what about mom? Would she hate me? Would she disown me? I don’t want them to get divorced. So for the time being, I decided to do nothing.

When I walked out of the bathroom and headed back to my room. I was naked since I had left my shirt in the hamper. I figured, ‘What the hell? My dad has seen me naked lots of times, including during some of the times he spanked me. What’s the difference if he sees me that way now? He’ll probably just spank me again. Of course, I like the thought of that.

Before I got to the stairs I heard a noise from inside his office. I went up to the door and pushed it open a tiny bit. What I saw shocked me. My dad was naked (just like I was)! And he was playing with himself. I already knew he had a big dick because sometimes I could feel it through his pants when he was spanking me, or when I was just sitting on his lap. But I didn’t realize how big it really was until I saw him stroking it in his office. It looked like it might be 8 or 9 inches long. And it was really thick, too.

I was able to see his computer screen. He was jacking off to a video of a blonde-haired girl. I couldn’t really see her face from where I was. But she was lying across some guy’s lap and he was spanking her. My dad seemed to enjoy watching that girl getting spanked as much as he enjoyed spanking me.

The man in the video was spanking the girl hard. After a while, he pushed her off his lap. Then I could see her face. I just about died. The girl in the video was me! My dad had made a video of him spanking me! He paused the video and finished jacking off while he looked at my body on the screen. I figured that he just want me the same way I wanted him.

I was about to enter his office so he could have me, but I stopped because I heard the garage door opening. Mom was home. “Fuck!” I heard my dad say as he quickly ended the video and closed his computer. I knew then that mom didn’t know that dad is still spanking me in the nude.

I didn’t want mom or my dad to catch me standing nude outside his office, so I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could. But I forgot about the squeaky sixth step and I stepped on it. I froze in place. Did my dad hear it? I had no time to find out. I ran back to my room. That was a close one.

I then wondered, what if I had actually gone into my dad’s office? That could have been very bad. What if Mom had caught us doing something, both naked, even if it was just a spanking?

After I got to my room and into my bed. I couldn’t hear anything downstairs, I just hope mom didn’t catch daddy with his pants down jacking off.

After a while I heard them in their bedroom, I could hear them fucking, so I know all is ok.

In the middle of the night, dad came into my room. He was naked and had his big 9-inch hard cock in one hand, and holding a big whip, like the one in Indiana Jones, in his other hand. I couldn’t move. I looked up, my hands were tied to the ceiling by a rope, and I couldn’t touch the floor. Dad cracked the whip. “Good morning slut are you ready for your whipping?

”no daddy please no.”

I then felt is a paddle hit my ass. I screamed in pain.

He continued to use the paddle on my ass.

I woke up, It was still dark outside. It was just a freaking sex dream I said to myself. It was more like a fucking nightmare though. I was sitting up in my bed, soaking wet with sweat and breathing hard. I had gone to sleep horny. That’s why I must have dreamed about what I did.

No one in the house seemed to have heard the noise I had made though. I lay back down, staring into the darkness. I wasn’t sleepy anymore. I pushed the cover off of me. It was hot. Why did I dream that?!

I decided to play with myself so. It was always a great stress reliever, especially when going to bed horny.

I closed my eyes. I began to think about my dad, I got on the bed with my daddy. I straddled him. I sat down on his cock and let it impale me. It was so damn thick and hard as I pushed myself down on it. The head of it felt so nice sliding deep inside me. In my mind, as I lifted my hips, I looked down to watch as my pussy grasped at his shaft. It was deliciously wicked. When I slid back down on him, his cock filled me again like no one ever had before. I was fucking my daddy. I was his girl. He was using his hands to help me fuck him.

I rode him until I started cumming, which didn’t take long. He came with me, filling me with his sperm. I could feel his cock jerking deep inside me as his cum spurted out. My pussy was throbbing like never before. He was moaning loudly as I squeezed his cock tightly with my cunt, milking every last drop from him. I tightly held my daddy to me as both our orgasms subsided.

I was still so turned on, so I looked around and I found my back scrubber. I put the wooden handle between my legs and

pumped it in and out. My already swollen clit took an instant liking to it. I arched my back, and in the moonlight, I attack my pussy the giant handle. I bit my lip as I could feel that feeling rising in me but I could not get over the hill. I looked around for something else to use. I found a plastic pop bottle, so I decided to try it.

It's one of those bottles with the ridges up the side for easy gripping, so I took it and put that

side up against my drenching clit. I rubbed it furiously up and down my lips, and I could hear my breath start to pitch. My hips were bucking, but I didn't care how loud I was, I kept thinking of my dad. I kept picturing dad’s big cock in his hand.

"Daddy.....Daddy.." I said over and

over. I could imagine him standing over me, stroking my big hard cock, smiling down me, watching me cum.

My legs slammed together as my body was strained by a fierce orgasm. I kept

screaming my dad’s name over and over until it had subsided.

The pleasure and

the pain of being rubbed raw. I laid in the bed slowly touching myself with my now trembling fingers. By now my pussy lips were very swollen, and it almost hurt to touch them but I didn't care. I inserted two fingers into myself and I could feel another orgasm rise in me through the incredible pain and pleasure I was feeling. My fingers

were ramming in and out of me, and I was having one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. As the waves of pleasure subsided,

I was writhing on the bed. I had never made myself cum that hard before. My whole body felt drained. I wondered if my pussy would ever stop throbbing.

What was wrong with me? I had just rubbed one out thinking about my stepdad! I was still turned on, too! Is the image of my dad’s big cock going to haunt me like this forever?

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