Fucking like Dogs

Fucking like Dogs

Kelly notices me and the Doberman on evening walk. We set out around the same time usually nodding or smiling at each other when we pass. It is the Doberman that caught her interest at first. My dog is a magnificent animal and because of Patra, Kelly takes a keen interest in him. Patra is Kelly's darling canine companion. When Patra came into heat to get a mate, Kelly thought of my dog. Kelly knew where I lived; She had seen me turn into the iron gate many times. Entering the large yard, Kelly looks around for the Doberman. When nothing came tearing down towards her, Kelly tentatively advances to the front door ringing the bell. A harsh buzzing sounds inside, Kelly hears me moving around and coming to the door. I open it and my steamy gaze caresses her from head to toe. Returning my look, Kelly took me in for the first time. I looked so… male. Why hadn't she noticed me properly before? A familiar stirring in the pit of her stomach caught her attention for a moment. Staring at me, Kelly almost forgot what she had come here for.

My low husky " Hi," brought her back to reality. My sly smile nearly sends her back into oblivion. With effort she got herself together following me inside. Kelly cleared her throat and plunged into her reason for coming. " Patra, I mean, my - my Doberman, well, she's in heat and I wondered if you would lend your dog…," She trailed off in embarrassment. She is stuttering like an oversexed teenager! What was wrong with her? It wasn't as if this was the first time she had gone to acquire a mate for Patra.
" Sure, next three days… in the evenings… let's say, around seven?" I asked in a low sexy voice which sends shivers down her spine. Blushing, like she had agreed for sex between us instead of the dogs, she nodded and made her escape.
All of the next day she is foolishly thinking of me, which just served to stimulate her anticipation. At six-thirty she had butterflies in her stomach and she is plotting various scenes in her head, all ending with her seducing me. Kelly is very aroused by the time she is ready to go.

The look on my face when I open the door is very flattering. I leisurely run my eyes over her svelte figure, making her feel all warm inside. Kelly quickly glances down at Patra. I took the hint and moved aside to let them in. Leading Patra inside, we let her loose in the backyard. My Doberman came running and she took off with him. We went back to the living room and sat down, facing the floor-to-ceiling windows that look onto the backyard. It is a mistake. After about five minutes of introductory conversation the dogs came back and start doing it right there, in front of us. The coupling was beautifully framed by the huge glass window. This is the final straw. Kelly can no longer keep up the pretence at normalcy. Openly ogling now, she can't stop looking at them. Her body is visibly getting aroused looking at the dogs having sex, and she knew that I'm watching her. Still, she can't look away. The Doberman sniffed Patra's cunt and started licking it. Kelly sees his red member protrude between his legs and he climbed on top of Patra and started to push it inside her. Kelly's gaze is fixed on the animals' display of raw sex and she hears a soft moan. Kelly realizes that the sound had come from her, surprising her. Her breasts are swollen, the nipples hard, her pussy wet and dripping.

Kelly hears me get up and come towards her, yet she can't look away. Kelly is mesmerized by the frenzied thrusts the Doberman was now making and Patra's little whimpers. I take her hand leading her closer to the glass window. We are standing about three feet away from the fucking dogs. Standing behind her, I fold my arms around her and cup her tender breasts. I start to massage them slowly. Kelly is already on fire and she feels my hands working on her with each nerve ending. I unbutton her blouse slipping my hands inside. Pushing up her bra, I squeeze her naked breasts making her moan in ecstasy. " Hmmm… you like that, huh?" I whisper in her ear. Kelly only mumbles incoherently. I place one hand against her abdomen pressing my crotch into her buttocks. Kelly feels my hard penis push into their softness. My other hand is playing with her nipple. My mouth is biting her earlobe, my groin moving against her rounded ass.

The dogs had finished their display and were now out-of-sight. I turn her, backing her up against the glass. I lift the front of her skirt and she holds her legs apart for me. Placing my hand on her soaking panties, I cup her mound and start rubbing her through the sticky, wet material. Kelly joins me, moving against my hand, pushing her wet cunt onto my hard hand. Kelly realizes she wants to touch me too. Reaching for the snap of my jeans, she opens it, sliding my zipper down in a rush and pushing her hands inside. Kelly feels my monster bulge through my briefs pressing her hand against it. I growl something unintelligible and slip my hand inside her panties. Shifting herself and opening her legs wider to give me the space I need, she continues grinding into my hand. One finger slides down her slit, into her dripping hole and my thumb is on her throbbing clit. I move my thumb, she bucks against me and I chuckle. Suddenly, I pull my hand out and move away from her.

Kelly is bewildered until she realizes I want to get more comfortable. Dragging her to the couch, I push her down kneeling down in front of her, between her open legs. Her panties are done away with as I too shed my clothes quickly. Kelly lays her head back feeling me start to nuzzle her clit with my nose. I press my mouth to her wet cunt licking the juices flowing out. Kelly has her hands on her breasts; pressing, tugging, squeezing. Then I pull her onto the floor, on top of the rough carpet and enter her suddenly. At my first thrust, she raises her hips and my cock is buried inside her up to my balls. As she concentrates on the wonderful feeling of a big hard cock moving in her cunt, she hears me moaning soft words to her. My hard pelvic bone brushing against her clit from time to time making her jerk uncontrollably. Her hands are on my buttocks and she feels my muscles relaxing and stiffening with the effort of moving. Her wet pussy makes slurping noises as I thrust into her again and again. We are in an hurry to fuck and I set up a hard and fast pace that left her out of breath, panting like the dogs.

It isn't long before she has her first shuddering orgasm. A few seconds of a huge spasm with my vagina clenching on my hard cock. Her body tensing, not moving for a moment before she is plunged headlong into ecstasy. Holding in one giant spasm, she writhes and thrashes about, dirty words spewing forth from between her clenched teeth. Finally it begins to wane and she slumps back onto the carpet, worn but ready for more. I let her rest for a few moments before turning her over. " Get on your hands and knees, we'll do it their style," I commanded. Kelly raises her ass up in the air and I shove my cock back inside her from behind. It starts out slower this time. While she reaches between her legs rubbing her sensitive bud, I lean forward pressing against her, reaching around grabbing her hanging breasts with my hands and play with them. After several minutes, I start to move fast and she has to get both her hands on the floor to avoid being pushed over. Replacing her hand on her clit, I begin to cruelly squeeze and pinch it. Kelly cries out in surprise but the sensation is amazing. Being fucked gently and her clit being punished like that. It is great! Again she spins into her second orgasm, just minutes after the first one. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure washing over her, spasm after spasm surging through her until she is hurting from the strain. Her body feeling sore, she collapses on her stomach, trembling, beginning to relax, but I wasn't having any of that. I slap her buttocks urging her onto her back.

Straddling her face, I offer my engorged cock to her. Kelly opens her mouth and I guide my cock head to her lips. She licks my hard smooth head, covered in her cum. She sucks on the head of my penis then licks the whole length of me up to my balls. I'm twitching as she runs the tip of her tongue on the underside of my shaft. Nibbling at my balls, she feels my penis jerk in little fits and my face is contorted in exquisite pleasure. As she reaches around me and kneading my buttocks I guide my cock further into her mouth. Kelly sucks on the head of my cock and my grunts and moans fill her ears. The musky scent of sex is in the whole room. Kelly takes all of me in and I start fucking her mouth, moving in and out with frantic thrusts. Kelly feels me tense and she knew I'm going to cum. Kelly sucks me for all she is worth as I grow still for one final moment, arching my back gracefully before I came groaning and shouting, grinding my crotch into her face. I pull out of her mouth just as I shoot my load and my hot cum splatters all over her face and breasts.

Kelly hears a soft " woof " beside her and looking up into Patra's face. " We're going to come here often, Patra," Kelly told her with a satisfied smile. I get off of her and help Kelly up off the floor, showing her where the bathroom is so she can clean up. Kelly comes back in the room to retrive her clothes and I hand her a glass of wine. We sit down on the sofa sipping our wine. I ask her to stay longer, she sighs as I lean over taking her left nipple into my mouth. I suck and nibble my way around her breast, and she begins to hastily undo my leather belt from my jeans. As she pull them down my legs, I place my hand on her right breast, and the dual sensation makes her moan. Kelly works on my belt, and I release her breast from my mouth. I fall on top of her as she pushes my pants to the floor, and my briefs quickly followed. I waste no time taking advantage of our position. I kiss her deeply as I place my left hand on her right nipple. Kelly grew hornier by the second as I tease her relentlessly by twirling and pinching the bud of her breast. My right hand caresses down her body lingering over her burning mound.

" Put your hand inside me," Kelly whispers breathless. I smile and lightly flick her erect clit, rubbing her juices around her pussy. Kelly cries out as I continue to tease her mercilessly. Her cunt begging to be filled again, and she feels my cock growing harder against her thigh with each completed circle of her clit. " Turn over," I commanded, and she did as she is told. I spread her legs until her left knee pushes against the banister and her right is forced against the wall. I raise her ass rubbing my cock against the opening of her pussy. " Oh, baby, you are so wet," I said, and my voice sounding so sexy she nearly rammed her back onto my cock.

I didn't make her wait long. Grabbing her hips, I stood on the stairs shoving my full nine inches inside of her tight pussy. I had stretched her earlier, and her recently stretched pussy has yet to adapt fully to the rough sex I'm accustom to. Kelly winces in pain and pleasure, lowering her head onto the stairs. I drive my cock deep inside her, as my thrusts increase, the pain decreases. Kelly moans with pure pleasure as I buried my cock all the way inside her, I reach around to her clit. At first, I only lightly graze her bud, but her vocals grew louder, encouraging me to rub harder and faster.

Soon, I had two fingers rubbing small, fast circles on her clit as I continue to relentlessly slam her tight cunt. Kelly feels herself slipping over the edge into another orgasm. " Baby, may I cum?" She cries, too overwhelmed with pleasure to care about the answer. I let her suffer for a few seconds, whispering, " yes," into her ear. I hold on tightly to her abdomen, not stopping the attention to her clit nor her drenched pussy. Kelly feels the burn deep within her stomach, as the first waves of orgasm crashes into her like welcoming relief. Kelly stretches her hands out on the stairs clinging to the short fibers of carpeting. She can't muster coherent words, so a loud moan escapes her lips, as each thrust of my cock sending bursts of pleasure through her. She is experiencing tingling from small electric impulses. As the last pangs of orgasm ravages her, she slumps down on the stairs. " Not so fast," I said, " we're definitely not done yet." I pull my cock out of her, she rolls around on the stairs to look at me. I stood erect in both ways, my cock dripping with the juice of her passion. Kelly sat up looking up at him, the glaze of climax still clouding her vision. I arch my back, pushing my cock closer to her.

Kelly slowly takes the head of my cock into her mouth licking the juices off it. I close my eyes grabbing hold of the banister. She moves her mouth farther down my shaft, swallowing her cum and my pre cum off the warm head. I close my eyes, breathing deeply as she begins to bob her head up and down. She uses her hot mouth as a pussy, sucking and swallowing, completely enveloping my cock to the back of her throat. My cock grew harder as an involuntary moan escapes my lips. She places her left hand on my balls gently massaging them. The new sensations make my cock twitch in her mouth. She pulls her head off my cock, pushing her head against the stairs. I dip my ball sack in her mouth, as she sucks on my balls until I'm close to cumming. " Not yet," I said. Her orgasm-ravaged body had recharged, and she is reluctantly ready for round three. Kelly stood up next to me kissing me deeply on the mouth. I give her a lustful look, and she sees the twinkle in my eye meaning she will get something special on the stairs tonight. I sat down on the steps pulling her down towards me, with her back facing my chest. I kiss down her back leaning against the staircase.

I reach my left hand around her waist and begin fingering her pussy, still drenched from our second coupling only minutes ago. While tormenting her pussy with a slow, deliberate in-and-out motion with my index finger, I begin rubbing circles around the star of her ass. Kelly draws a short breath in. Kelly has never experimented with anal play and has never allowed any guy to fuck her ass. I withdraw my finger from her hole, dragging a trail of wetness from her vaginal canal to the opening of her ass. I'm careful to lube up the outside, then poke the tip of my index finger through the opening. Kelly shudders as I forced my finger further inside her. Nothing feels more dangerous or wrong than the two of us, sprawled naked on the staircase, while I finger her ass. I thrust my finger in and out of her tight ass, picking up speed. After a few minutes, I add a second finger. Kelly groans, " please stop, sweetheart, your fingers in my ass hurt...please pull out!"

" Oh, you will learn to like it?" I growled. I remove my two fingers from her ass and she groans with relief as the pain subsides. " You'll get what you deserve..." I grab her hips then force her ass cheeks apart. Kelly leans forward, balancing on the stairs while grabbing both banisters. I guide the tip of my cock to her tight virgin ass hole, pausing at the entrance before easing it in. " Ready?" Her answer didn't matter -- I'm going to fuck her, in the ass, right then and there. I shove inside, as she winces as my hard cock struggles to enter her tight ass. The tip of my cock soon pops past the tight ring of muscle, and the pain of intrusion intensives as my thick shaft stretches her. I gyrate my hips to maximize my pleasure, as she bounces up and down on my cock, slowly relishing the fullness in her ass. I thrust into her and she slowly relaxes pounding back until our moans " Fuck! Yes! Ahhhhhh!" melds into a jumbled mess of pleasure. It is impossible to distinguish between our vocals. She rubs her clit in a frenzy, attempting to quell a fire that burns deep inside her loins.

Kelly's orgasm starts first. She bounces faster, using the banisters to hoist her up and down on my hard member buried deep inside her ass. Her anal muscles clenching hard on my cock, and her breasts jiggles as she calls my name in a scream of passion and pain. My hand replaces hers on her clit, and I rub fast my knuckles are a blur of motion between her legs. My other hand wraps around her abdomen as she came hard, and she hears my " Fuck!"s and "Yes!"s become an indistinguishable yelp of pleasure. As her orgasm reaches a peak, she feels hot jets of semen pulsing into the upper reaches of her anal cavity. I shoot six full bursts into her as the last waves of pleasure subsides. Her ass pulsating as the electricity emanating from her clit washes away. She hoists herself off my cock and sits next to me on the stairs. My mind was reeling from pleasure overdrive, and I could hardly think straight. " Thanks for making me stay," Kelly manages to choke out before collapsing on my bare, heaving chest. " No problem..." I smile, as we drift off into a light snooze in each other's arms, relishing our submission to pleasure.

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