From bi to daddy's cock slave

From bi to daddy's cock slave

If you want to know about me I’m 25yr old, 6ft 2in, short curly hair, athletic build with a rather impressive 7.5” uncut cock. I’m not gonna claim to look like some form of Greek god or anything as I’m not but I’m ok. For the last 4yrs I’ve been in a relationship with a woman but have always known I was Bi and she knew this too. I’ve been with men in the past and have always been a fan of bottoming but never been with a man whilst I was with her as she wasn’t into it. My ex did agree to peg me on occasion though so all wasn’t lost. Following the end of my relationship with my ex I was having a little bit of a crisis not knowing what I wanted after her and decided that the easiest way to move on was grindr as after all who can’t get laid on there.

I installed the app and made clear intention in my profile that I haven’t been with a man in a while and I wanted someone to just have their way with me. I’ve always been submissive even with women so had no reason not to be with men. I pretty much have no limits other than scat and blood so I’m essentially a dominants dream.

The first day I received a couple of messages but nothing tickled my fancy until a nice 55yr old daddy message me. Daddy isn’t what I would say my type is as he is a slightly chubby man and has a very hairy upper torso which normally isn’t my thing as I like to be smooth and prefer others to be but thankfully he shaves the important bits ?. He is smaller than me but not by much at about 6ft but what he lacks in height he makes up for in the cock department. He told me he was big when we were chatting but wouldn’t send me a photo as he said regardless of whether I liked it or not I would be tasting it. That was what drew me to him. Throughout all our initial conversations he had a sexy sternness to him where I believed if we did ever meet he would 100% take full charge of me and that’s all I wanted. To be nothing more than a sexual plaything to him. After only a day of chatting I agreed to meet him at his house that night. I told him my boundaries which to be honest are very few and agreed a safe word but I didn’t use it and probably never will. I didn’t go into detail of my likes as I wanted it to be everything he liked as after all he is in charge.

I was nervous prior to going to the meet as I hadn’t been with a guy in so long and I honestly didn’t know anything that he had planned for me only that as soon as I entered his home I would call him Daddy. What makes it sexier as even now after multiple meet’s I still don’t actually know his real name. I always call him daddy as that’s what he wants. I did the usual prep work and made sure I was clean inside and out, shaved and warmed up in advance. I drove over to his house and it was a nice home in quite a discreet location. I knocked on the door and there was the man in the photos exactly as I saw answering. He cheekily smiled at me immediately like he knew what was in store for me and ushered me inside. Daddy has quite a deep voice which is comforting but very direct at the same time. He told me straight away to strip naked and present my clothes to him in a folded pile. I stood there in his hallway vulnerable to this man I barely knew and he is holding all my belongings. He put them into a cupboard by the door and said “When you are in my home you are naked unless I say otherwise. You will call me daddy, ask my permission to do anything and obey my every word”. I can recall only being able to reply “yes daddy” as I was too nervous/excited to think. Already I was standing in his hall and my cock was raging hard infront of me. Daddy said “you won’t be needing that” and grabbed it firmly in his hands squeezing it as tight as he could. He grabbed the top of my head and pushed my down to the floor. He pointed where he wanted me to go and told me to crawl so he could see me on all fours. He directed me into his nice carpeted living room which was a big improvement over the halls hardwood floors. Daddy stood Infront of me in the living room and slowly started to undo his belt. My cock was twitching in anticipating and I almost found myself instinctively opening my mouth to be ready as it had been so long since I’ve tasted a real cock. I was instructed that at no point would I touch my own cock unless he said so which was agonising throughout. He slowly undid his zipper in front of my face and revealed to me what he was hiding in the photos. At no point did I expect what was revealed, Daddy’s cock is about the same size as mine if maybe a tiny bit bigger. He is uncut like me and oh boy is it a lovely veiny cock. Not too thick where a blowjob is agonising on the Jaw but thick enough to make it an actual job. I sat there staring at his throbbing cock as it law before me. If I stuck out my tongue there was a bit of precum on the tip just waiting for me to savour. Daddy rested his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my hair. He said “open wide slut” to which I did. Daddy slowly and gently pulled my face with both his hands on my head into his waiting cock. He wiped the precum on my tongue as he entered and it was like electric going through my body I was so turned on. The sweetness of his precum I can’t describe, I just wanted more if he would let me at the time. He kept working my head slowly forward and backwards for a minute or two before he said that slaves should do all the work. He released my head and I knew what I needed to do. The sub inside me was well and truly released and I started throating his hard cock like it was my last meal. No way I could take it all but I was easily managing 2/3 of it and Daddy was moaning telling me I’m a good little slave. I’m taking him as far as I can with every stroke whilst he played with my hair.

I knew after all this sucking he must be getting close and addy started to speak to me. I recall his words being “a good slut loves the taste of cum and knows that they should swallow every drop” He asked me if I’m a good slut and all I could do was nod my head and moan a yes whilst my mouth was full. I had waited years to taste a load again and would have did anything to taste his at that time. Daddy said to me next what til this day may be one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had in my life and shows what a good dominant he is. Daddy said “Soon I’m gonna cum in your mouth and like a good little slut you are going to savour every last drop of it” My eyes were screaming yes please. “You are gonna show me you are willing to serve me and when I cum in your mouth you are gonna keep it on your tongue like a good slave and can only swallow when I say so”. He had me as he knew how much I wanted it and withheld the thing I wanted to do the most which was swallow it all. Daddy told me here it comes and began to hold the back of my head micro thrusting his pulsating head into my wet mouth. Multiple spurts of his warm juices started spraying in my mouth as he groaned how much of a good slut I was. All I wanted to do was swallow every drop but I didn’t I played with my tongue on his head swirling the cum around my mouth doing so taking in the flavour of his seed. Daddy looked me in the eyes pulled his cock out my mouth and sat down on the chair infront of me whilst I still had all his cum on my tongue. Daddy said that I won’t be swallowing his cum until he is hard and ready for round 2. He was very clear in his next instruction. I was to get him hard again without touching him or his cock so I had to put on a show for him.

I began to gyrate my hips for him and rub my cock up and down. I got back to where I knew he liked before and presented myself infront of him on all fours and slowly spread my cheeks apart for him showing him my hole which if he wanted it he could have. After what felt like 10minutes I could see daddys member starting to twitch again and I was getting desperate at this point. I was literally dripping precum and still was longing to swallow his cum. He look at me and just said one word “Swallow!” that was all I needed and I did. I showed him my empty mouth and presented my tongue. He instructed me to sit infront of him again and grabbed my head and pulled it back to his hard cock again. What followed was what I would describe as him using my throat like a fleshlight with no control from myself. He found exactly what he liked and just went for it. Daddy told me this time I’m not getting the chance to savour his cum and its going straight to the back of my throat to my disappointment. Daddy starts to groan and spurted his juices into the back of my throat and I was desperately trying to catch some on my tongue but failed. He pushed my head away after he knew It was all gone and smiled at me. Daddy said “You are coming back round tomorrow, Don’t dare touch your cock when you leave as I have a plan for it and you will be eating it”. He got up and handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed and get out.

I left so frustrated but so satisfied at the same time. The meet was everything I hoped it to be. The thought of it never left my mind the entire night. This man single handedly reminded me why I love cock so much and triggered my need to serve and please others. I confess that I am now probably going to be a cumslut for the rest of my life.

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