Secrets of a Sleepover (Part 2: Secrets of Camping)

Secrets of a Sleepover (Part 2: Secrets of Camping)

It had been a few weeks since the camping trip and I was still in shock. I had always been on the quiet side, but now I found myself even more withdrawn. Every night I remembered my experience in the tent, J.D. raping my virgin hole while Alex, who I had always thought of as my best friend, held me down despite my tears and begging. My ass had hurt for several days after, a constant reminder of the punishment it had gone through. But what I hated the most about this entire experience had nothing to do with J.D. or Alex. For a reason I could not explain, when I dreamed or remembered J.D. fucking me, I would get an erection and I felt confused about whether I hated the experience or secretly wanted it. Had I asked for it? Why had they chosen me? Why hadn’t I told anyone?

One morning I woke up and found myself lying in bed on a Saturday morning. My thoughts eventually drifted to that fateful night and I felt myself getting hard again. In disgust I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower would get my mind off things. To my surprise, it did. But my life was destined to relive that night whether I wanted to or not. Not knowing what lay ahead for me, I went down to find some breakfast.


At breakfast I was quiet as I had been since the camping trip. My mom had noticed but had not pushed the issue too much to my relief. I didn’t know why, but the thought of telling her or anyone about that night filled me with dread.

My phone vibrated on the kitchen table. I glance at it and froze – ‘Alex’ flashed on the screen. In what could not have been worse timing, my mom saw the screen and I could see the idea flash in her eyes before I had a chance to hide my screen.

“Hey what does Alex want, Jason? You should hang out with him today and tomorrow. It would do you good.”

The thought of spending the day, let alone a night with Alex was nauseating and the last thing I wanted. “No, its ok mom. I’ll see what he wants later.”

“Nonsense. You’ve obviously been feeling down about something lately. Hanging out with your pals will do you wonders. Call him! Have a sleepover, you used to do them all the time.”

I spent the better part of the morning trying to fend my mom off, but the more I did the more suspicious she got that I was hiding something. In an effort to avoid talking to her, I finally relented and responded to Alex.

. J: Hey Alex.

. A: Hey man. It’s been a while, wanna hang out?

. J: I guess. Moms pushing me to get out of the house.

. A: Cool.

. You can come over now if you want. We can go swim or something. Bring your swim suit.

. J: K

. Be there in a bit.

. A: Oh, bring your controller, my second one is acting weird, remember?

. J: K

I wasn’t sure what to make of the conversation. How could he act so normal, like nothing had happened? How was he so calm when I couldn’t get me mind off of that night. At school, I had avoided him, walking the other way when I saw him. Thankfully, J.D. went to another school, but judging by his Instagram and Facebook posts, he was living life like normal. Confused, I set about getting ready.


There were three red flags that should have made me walk away upon getting to Alex’s house.

The first red flag that made me worry was that Alex opened the door. Having been to his house a million times, it was always his parents or sister who opened the door.

“Jason! Come in bud. My parents took my sister to that science fair thing and won’t be back until tomorrow, so we have the house to ourselves.”

Shit. The second red flag. Why I continued inside, I’ll never know. Was I too scared to say that I was afraid, or did some part of me want to know what would happen?


The afternoon went by slowly. Alex kept trying to act normal while I clearly was being distant. We started by playing video games. When it was clear I wasn’t having fun, he suggested going in his community pool. So we did that. Everything seemed so by-the-books, like we were going through the motions. After awkwardly swimming around for a while we began to walk home and finally started talking about the inevitable.

“So Jason. Did it feel good?”

“What?” Feel good?! What was he smoking?

“You know. Gay guys like that stuff. Taking it up the ass.”

“Dude how could you think I liked it? I was crying for fucks sake!”

“I don’t know dude, I think you liked it. Why else wouldn’t you tell anyone?”

“What?! How do you know I didn’t tell anyone?”

“Did you?” Alex stopped at his front door to look at me.


“Good. Cause that wouldn’t go well for you.”

The third red flag. Alex unlocked his front door.

“Why don’t we talk inside Jason.”

I followed him in.


We walked to his room to grab our clothes to change and Alex stopped at his bed. “Hey Jason, sit with me.”

“Why?” I said. I stayed standing. “Honestly, I should just go. You hurt me and this act of being normal is fucking awkward as fuck.”

“Come one man, you liked it. Are you going to tell anyone, Jason?”

“I don’t know. Honestly, I probably should. You and J.D. are assholes.” I started to grab the remains of my clothes when Alex quickly jumped up and moved towards me. I flinched as he got close and he grabbed me wrist.

“Jason, I need you to calm down and behave. You’re definitely not telling anyone. Don’t make me teach you a lesson.”

“Dude, let go.” My heart started racing. My mind jumped to that night when Alex had held me down and I saw the same look in his eyes now. “Alex, stop. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I don’t believe you Jason. I think you need a reminder to explain what will happen if you do tell.”

“Let go!”

“Jason. I’m going to punish you.”

“For what. I haven’t done shit! You’re the one who needs to be punished.”

Then Alex reminded me how much stronger he was than I. With his grip on my wrist he dragged me over to the bed, sat down, and yanked me down. I started to struggle, but he effortlessly dragged me onto his lap, pinned my free arm and pinned my legs. I was now exposed over his knee in my wet swim trunks.

“Alex stop. This is getting ridiculous you fucking pervert.”

He didn’t say a word. *SMACK*

“Alex! Fuck that hurt. Stop!”

He continued. *SMACK* *SMACK* SMACK*

“Oooww! Alex!”

Alex began to slowly and methodically spank my wet ass.

“You’re a liar Jason *SMACK* I know you liked it when *SMACK* J.D. fucked you. *SMACK* And I don’t believe you won’t *SMACK* tell anyone about us. *SMACK* So I’m going to teach you *SMACK* a lesson *SMACK* to remind you of what happens to boys who snitch.

I was tearing up. My ass was on fire. “Please Alex, I won’t tell anyone.”

“You won’t when I’m done with you.”

Alex began to spank me in earnest. Each swat spread like a fire in my ass and made a loud smack on my wet trunks that echoed in his room. Each swat was met with a yelp from me and before I knew it tears were streaming down my face.

“OOOOWW. Please stop! It hurts!” I tried to squirm out and kick but Alex had me pinned good and I was helpless once again. I remembered him holding me down while I was raped. This pain was different, but Alex was no less eager to see me in agony.

I don’t know how long he spanked me, but it felt like an eternity. Eventually his swats stopped and his grip loosened. “Jason, I’m going to finish your punishment the old-fashioned way. With a belt.” I let out a sob of terror.

“Please no.”

“You have two choices. You can behave and take your punishment like a man. If you do that I’ll give you 5 swats. Or you can fight me. If you do that I’m going to give you 15. It’s your choice.”

My mind raced. He was serious. Could I run? No. He was too strong and quick. Fuck.

“I’ll behave Alex,” I said as tears poured down my face. He let me stand up. He stood up as well and walked over to his closet and grabbed a thick brown leather belt, worn from years of wear.

“Oh, and one more thing. These swats are bare butt!” I looked at him in fear.

“Alex come on!”

“Now!” he said. “Or do you want 15?” I looked at him. In his eyes I saw a hunger and I knew he was prepared to beat me until I submitted. I had no choice. I slowly and gingerly pulled down my swim trunks. I winced as the wet elastic slip down my whipped ass. As my trunks came down I saw in Alex’s mirror across the room my ass become exposed revealing a plump, now red, bubble butt. The evidence of my spanking was plain as day for him to see. Embarrassed I tried to turn away, but there was no where to go. He smiled at my attempts and made no secret of looking at my ass and penis. He noted my flaccid penis – “I can see you’re not enjoying this part, eh?” He laughed. “Now bend over my bed and prepare for your punishment. You’re a liar and deserve to be whipped.”

I hesitated, but the inevitability was plain in my mind and I gently laid down over the end of his bed, exposing my ass to his mercy. My naked body was completely exposed and still wet from our early dip in the pool. I glistened gently under the light and Alex stood admiring his work and the treat that lay before him. As he watched me I braced for what was coming. I buried my face in his bed and gripped the sheets in anticipation.

“Now Jason, remember, if you don’t behave I’ll add 10 more. Do you understand?”

“Ye-“ – CRAAACK!!!

“OOOOOWWWWWW!” I screamed. The pain was excruciating, and I couldn’t control it. I kicked and covered my ass with my hands.

“Put your hands up! Now!” I begrudgingly did as he asked. My crying had resumed and I could see the wet stains from my tears on his sheets.


It was more that I could take. I was gasping, crying out, and trying to breath as he whipped me. My legs kicked and I gripped the sheets with my hands as hard as I could. “OOOOWWW! It hurts!!! OOWW!”

“You’re doing great Jason. One more, before we move on to the last part.” What did he mean ‘last part’?

CRAAACK!!! “AAAAGHH!” I collapsed on the bed, defeated and in pain. My ass had never felt pain like this before and I was overwhelmed. I lay there panting, creating an even larger water mark on his sheets from my tears. “You did good Jason. Are you going to behave now?


“Are you going to tell anyone?”

“No. I – I promise. Just please, no more.”

“We’re done with your spanking now.” He helped me pull myself fully onto the bed, with my head on the pillow. I lay on my stomach to keep any pressure of the fire in my ass. I felt a throbbing and fire from the lashes and as I looked back I saw my cheeks were a solid red with obvious stripes from the belt. I once again collapsed in the bed, losing track of Alex.

A few minutes later I felt the bed shift. Exhausted and in pain, I didn’t immediately react, but I then felt Alex pull up behind and on top of me and felt the now familiar feeling of an erect penis between my legs. I was out of fight. He had won. There was nothing left to do but accept that he was going to finally have his turn at fucking me.

“You’ve been a good boy Jason. Now its time for your reward.” My breathing quickened but I otherwise showed no signs of resistance or movement. I felt him pour some liquid in my crack, lube no doubt. Should I be thankful he thought to use it? It felt cool on my flaming ass and he was gentle as he rubbed it around my hole. I knew what was coming. The fears of J.D. pounding the virginity out of me were fresh in my mind, but I felt so weak and defeated that I simply looked back at Alex and said “Please be gentle. I won’t fight.” He simply nodded.

I felt him push his erect penis against my hole and begin to gently push. I was tight, and as soon as he began to push inside, I could feel my body resist and a sharp pain erupted as my hole protested at being penetrated. I winced and grabbed the sheets. The pain was almost overwhelming between the stretching of my asshole and Alex’s body rubbing against my sore spanked ass. He continued to slowly, but constantly push inside me. When he got about halfway, I felt a panic come over me. Not again! Not again! My breathing quickened and I began to squirm, feeling his throbbing penis like a spear inside its prize.

“Shhhh. It’s ok Jason. Just relax.” He lowered himself on top of me and held me. His face pressed against my head he whispered in my ear, “It’ll be ok. I’ve got you.” He then thrusted into me, all the way to his balls and I cried out in pain at the way he stretched and filled me. “Shhh,” he said as he began to fuck me. Each thrust shot pain in my ass but also with each thrust his hips rubbed against my bright red ass cheeks amplifying the pain of my spanking. He was much gentler than J.D. but the combination of the pain was still enough to bring me to tears again. Alex continue to fuck me, his breathing showing his obvious pleasure at being inside me. “Just relax and enjoy it Jason.”

How could I enjoy this? But something different was happening this time. As he fucked me I could tell that my asshole was relaxing (or being forced to stretch) and the pain was diminishing. Yes my ass cheeks were still on fire, but the sensation in my ass was turning into something almost … good? Alex must have noticed, “See Jason, you are enjoying this. You were born to take dick.” He then increased his pace. Each thrust sent a moan through me as I tried to understand the feeling. His grunts and my moans mixed together in his room as he held me and stuck me again and again with his rock hard dick. I began to feel a strange tingle in my ass that I’d never felt before. Each of Alex’s thrusts caused it to build and build bringing me a new found pleasure. Before I knew it I felt a pressure in my hips and realized that my own dick was getting hard. Between it rubbing on the sheets and Alex pounding my insides I realized that he was going to make me cum.

“Fuck,” I said as I came to the realization. Alex took that as a sign that he was doing something right – he was – and upped the pace yet again. I felt the orgasm building inside me, but it felt like never before when I had masturbated. This time Alex’s penis increased the pleasure sending shockwaves of pleasure in me. It built until I couldn’t hold it. “Oh fuck. I’m cumming!” I cried. For the first time, sex brought me to orgasm and my body convulsed in pleasure as cum streamed onto the sheets and my ass quivered in extasy.

“Holy fuck that’s hot,” exclaimed Alex. His pace came to a maddening pace, pounding me like J.D. had as my orgasm finished. As my asshole tightened back up he fucked me hard. “I’m going to cum! I’m cumming. Oh shit. OHHHH!” I felt him ram his cock inside me causing me to cry out. His dick swelled as he came and I could even feel the steam of his cum shooting inside me. Alex rammed me a few more times, crying out in pleaser before collapsing down. We both laid there, panting, lost in pure emotion. After a moment, Alex gently pulled out and rolled off me, grabbing my trunks to wipe his dick and my ass of lube and cum. As I lay there breathing hard, contemplating the extreme range of pain and pleasure I had just felt, Alex laid back down next to me.

“Are you going to lie to me again, Jason?”

“No,” I said. “No, I won’t."

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