My new bride

My new bride

Chapter One
The Beginning

Here are some facts I should mention before I start. I am 6’3 190 pounds I have short brown hair blue eyes. I am an athletic build I am not ripped but I am still in shape. I come from a middle upper class family we are rich but not Bill Gates rich. It is me my mom and my two sisters on is 17 and the other is 19 I am the middle child. And I was moms favorite because you know mommy’s little boy. Our father was hit by a drunk driver while he was getting his lunch at the corner café. But that was 2 years ago. Father left us all with some money but only when we turned 18. He left each of us with about 1.5 million dollars. He left the house to mom, and he left me his pride and joy, his 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500. He customized it so it had a hard top convertible roof. It was whit with two blue racing stripes. He also left me his hunting cabin because we went up there at least once a month to hunt and fish But every once in a while he would bring up the family. He also gave my sisters each their own cars. My mom already had a car and she got all the rest of the money which was about 5 million. My younger sister did not have access to her money yet but she did have her car. As for my friends my best friend is a guy named chuck he is the catcher for our baseball team.
I’m Dave and friends this is how my life began. It started the week before spring break of my senior year. I am like most kids my age, obsessed with girls, horny as shit, and you know can’t wait to get out of school. Do not get me wrong I am smart I just don’t want to be in school for the last couple weeks. I have been offered scholarships to a couple top tier schools, but for baseball not much else. I have brought my team to state championships all three years so far and working on our fourth. I am a pitcher for Upper Midland Vikings. Over the last couple of years I dated around but nothing big. I had lost my V Card in freshman year to a cheer leader after I pitched a no hitter in the Semifinals of the state championship.
My best friend is the girl next door. Her name is Shelby She is about 6 inches shorter than me 5’9. She is about 138 pounds, Long brown hair that just flows perfectly with her face, and blue eyes. She has an athletic build and petite breasts, her legs are just amazing she has the most amazing smile the kind that just lights up your life. She comes from the same type of family I do but her dad is still alive and she only has one sister . But that does not matter to me. She is the only person who I could ever be myself around. I could let my guard down. I loved her. But I didn’t want to risk our friendship over that. I’d rather be the guy she comes to whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on or just to hang out.

Chapter Two
The Break Up
It was Monday morning about an hour before I usually left for school I am just waking up. I jump into the shower, and washed up. I had about 30 minutes, so I made some went outside to my car, as I opened my door I could hear Shelby screaming on the phone from across the hedges. After about 5 minutes she eventually hung up and walked over to my side. She just collapsed into my arms.
“Why can’t all guys be like you” She said
“Well, because you aren’t like all girls” I said “No one knows you like I do” I added
“Yeah well maybe I should just be with you” she said jokingly.
As she said that I lifted her chin and gave her a kiss right on her lips. At first she pushed away but then leaned back in and kissed me back. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity kissing.
“Oh god I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time.” I said
“What took you so long.” she said
“I did not want to lose you.” I said
Chapter 3
The Before The Prom
I held her for a little while longer until we had to go to school. We pulled up and got out. As we walked she had her head on my shoulder as we walked in. We have always been in the same classes throughout school and including this year. We went into home room and sat next to each other along the side of the room. We just talked about stuff and she told me what the phone call was about. Hher now ex-boyfriend was breaking up with her, his loss. We continued talking until we had to go to class.
After school I waited for her at her locker. Shelby was running a little late because she had a meeting with her guidance counselor about college. She didn’t see me there because it looked like she was crying. I ran over and hugged her. She was startled at first but then hugged me back.
“What’s wrong” I asked still holding her
“Harvard turned me down” she said
“Why” I asked
“I did not have enough extra-curricular activities.” She replied
“What a bunch of asses” I said jokingly
“Well how about Columbia we can go together” I said
“You would want me to go with you” she said it sounded like she wanted a commitment from me, but I would give it to her in a heartbeat.
“Shelby, you are my best friend, if you didn’t go with me I wouldn’t go, I am going wherever you are” I said
“You really mean that don’t you” she said.
“Of course I do” I said, I wanted to tell her I loved her but didn’t want to risk it just yet.
“You’re lucky I already got accepted their Dave” she said
“Well you’re lucky they offered me a scholar ship babe.” I replied
This was the only Ivy League school to offer me a full scholarship for baseball. The rest would have given me half tuition. But that is a few months away. As we pulled up to my house, she gave me a kiss and got out.
“I will be right over I just need to talk to my mom real quick.” I said
“Ok see you in a few” she replied as she walked to her house
I walked inside my house to see that my mom was at the table reading the newspaper. I told her about Shelby and I.
“It’s about time you to get together.” She said
“Tell me about it.” I replied
“She did not get accepted to Harvard, but me and her are going to Columbia together.” I added
“That’s nice, you to going to get an apartment together.” She asked
“Yeah but I’m going to surprise her this weekend and ask her after Prom.” I said
“That’s great maybe you two can drive down to New york city and look for a place.” She said
“That’s what I was thinking, well I’m going over Shelby’s house so ill be back later.” I said as I left the house.
I ran over to her house. I saw an unfamiliar car in front of her house. And there was a guy at the door waiting for someone to come out. I walked up and Shelby answered the door. By know I thought it was her ex-boyfriend or something. I heard her start yelling at him and pointed at me. I couldn’t hear exactly but when the guy turned around to see me he looked really angry. He ran at me, Shelby was screaming at him to stop, but he kept running at me. He lunged at me to try and hit me I ducked and threw my fist into his stomach. He dropped instantly.
“Dude what the hell.” I said
“You take my girl when I’m not around asshole.” He replied
“You two broke up she isn’t your girl anymore.” I said as I walked over. To Shelby and she fell into my arms.
“Get the hell out of here before I make you regret coming here.” I yelled
He got up and stumbled to his car and drove off.
“What was that about” I asked
She was a little teary but said “He wanted me to take him back but I said I was with you so No”
“So this means we are together now.” I said jokingly
“Don’t be a jerk of course it does.” She said
“I know but it was good to finally hear it” I said
“So then do you want to come to prom with me?” I asked
“Of course I will” she replied
We went inside her Father asked me to come into his study and close the door.
“I heard you asked my daughter to go to Columbia with you” he said
“Yes sir” I replied
“What are your intentions for my daughter” he asked
“One day sir I will ask your Daughter to marry me” I replied
“Oh really” he said “May I ask why” he added
“Well sir I Love her sir, he is my best friend and I’ve felt this way ever since I was little.” I replied.
“When do you plan on asking her” he asked
“I’m thinking around Christmas, maybe Valentine’s day, I would ask her right now but I want to wait a little bit.” I replied.
“Well Dave you have my blessing, you had It when you hit that kid” he said laughingly
“Thank you sir” I said standing up and giving him a hand shake.
I walked out and walked into the living room where Shelby and Her mother were watching TV. I sat next to Shelby.
“What did my dad say?” Shelby asked
“Well miss nosey, he asked about what my intentions were with you.” I said
“Well what did you say?” She asked
“You will find out eventually.” I replied
Just then her dad walked in and patted me on the shoulder. And said “ you got a good boy here Shelby, don’t forget that.”
“I know” she said looking up at me and smiling
“Well guess what?” I asked her
“What?” she replied.
“Come with me.” I said as I grabbed her hand
We got outside. We walked over to my car hand in hand.

“Where are we going?” she asked
“Shopping for Prom?” I said
“Really?” she said kind of shocked.
“Yes I was going anyway. I want you to come with me.” I said
We got into my car and I put the hood down. I asked her where she wanted to go first. She said the mall. I knew she was going to say that because they have the only store in town that sell dresses specifically for Prom and good thing they have Tuxes too. I could tell as we were drive she was just looking at me and smiling. Every once in a while I would look ever and smile, but she would always blush and look forward. We eventually pulled up to the mall. We walked in the main entrance. We walked past a bunch of store but before we went into the electronics store. I walked over to the Camera section and got one that could Also shoot video. I purchased it and we walked out of the store.
“What was that for” she asked
“Prom so we have a lot of Pictures.” I said as I kissed her.
We walked into the shop and attendant showed us what we needed.
“What type of Dress would you like?” asked the saleswoman
“I was thinking of a back less type dress with spaghetti straps.” She asked
“I see, a very nice choice, well most girls go with the strapless and backless and it is a bit slutty if you don’t mind me saying.” Replied the saleswoman
“I agree, there are a lot of sluts in schools nowadays.” Shelby said
“Lucky I got this handsome guy right here.” she added
The saleswoman brought out a couple of dresses and Shelby took them into the changing room. The saleswomen pulled me aside and told me you have a very wonderful girl.
“I know I am eventually going to marry her.” I said
Just then Shelby walked out with the most beautiful red dress. I literally got a boner right there.
“I guess you like it” she said giggling
“You are so beautiful.” I replied
“I will take it” she told the Saleswoman.
She walked back into the changing room.
“Okay can you get her a couple types of shoes, and anything else she may need for prom?” I asked
“Of course I will” she replied as she walked off.
Shelby walked out and gave me a hug.
“Thanks for taking me to do this.” She said as she held onto me.
“I would not have it any other way.” I replied
She looked up at me and kissed me. We just stood there for what seemed like a life time just holding and kissing each other.
“UH hum” the Saleswoman cleared her throat.
“I got those things you asked for sir.” She added
“Thank you” I replied “here try these on Shelby” I added
She chooses the sexiest pair of shoes. Now it was my turn to get my tuxedo and what not. The tailor took my measurements and got me the perfect black tux with a red vest. So that it matched her dress. We walked over to the cashier and I paid for everything.
“You know you didn’t have to do that.” She told me as we walked out of the store.
“I know but I wanted to.” I replied
We got to my car and I put my Tux and what not onto the back seat. It was about seven o’clock.
“Are you hungry Hun?” I asked
“Yeah I am starving.” she replied.
We went to an Italian restaurant. We had an amazing time, and then we went to a movie. It was about 11:30 when we got back home. We stood outside her house and I kissed her passionately. I started walking back and she grabbed my hand.
“Come upstairs with me.” She said
“Are you sure.” I said
“Yes.” She replied
She walked into the house pulling me in. Her mom and dad were on the couch watching TV. I snuck upstairs. I heard her say hello to her parents and she told them she was with me getting her prom dress, and then we got some dinner and caught a movie. They were ok with it and then she ran up the stairs I was already sitting on her bed. I knew that we wouldn’t get caught because her bedroom was on the third floor and her parents were on the second floor. She walked over to me as she started stripping her clothes. She undid her shirt and threw it at me playfully. As she was doing that I took off my shirt and undid my belt. As she got closer she took of her bra and shorts. Now all she had on were some black lace panties. Her breasts were just staring at me like they have waited for me for years. As she was in arms reach I got up and took her into my arms and laid her onto the bed we just stared into each other’s eyes. Then she kissed me. While she was kissing me she took of my pants. It was just our underwear separating our love. I moved down and started kissing her neck. Then I kissed her collar bone. Before going farther I went back up and kissed her on the lips again. Then I went back down I started liking and flicking her nipples with my tongue. All the while I was playing with her opposite breast. I went lower and started kissing and feeling her stomach it was so smooth yet firm. I pulled down her panties and started feeling her thighs which were unexplainable. They were the amazing in other words. I kept feeling he lags all the while I started licking her lips. As soon as I started licking she flinched, but I could tell she has been wet for a long time because her panties were basically soaked for a long period of time. She has probably been wet since before dinner. She was trembling from my tongue, every time I flicked her clit she would let out a little whimper. I had been hard since before she came into the room just thinking about what we were going to do. As I continued to eat her out she came all over her bed. I then pulled off my underwear the slowly made my way back up to and started kissing her again. As I put the head of my Penis onto the opening of her slit, she jumped back a little kind of afraid of what was going to happen next.
“Are you okay babe?” I asked
“Yeah I’m just a little nervous.” She said
“Are you still a virgin?” I asked
She nodded.
“Okay its ok if you want to wait I’m fine with that.” I replied
“No” she said “I want to do this” she added
“okay then I’ll go real slow okay” I replied
I gently pushed my head into her slit. She was a little shocked about the pain but after a few seconds I pushed in a little more and I waited for her to get used to it. Then after a few minutes I had my whole dick inside her. She was still in a little pain. But she was kissing me and told me to go a little faster and I pulled back and went in slowly but not stopping for her to stretch back out. She kept moaning but she didn’t seem in pain faster she said. I went a little faster than a little more and a little more. She kept moaning louder and louder. Then she came all over my cock. I kept going because I wasn’t anywhere near done. I kept going until she came twice more then I finally came deep inside her. Shooting pump after pump of my hot liquid farther and farther inside her. I pulled out and laid next her holding her for a little while.
“I love you I whispered into her ear” I said as I kept laying there.
She looked back and kissed me, “I love you to” she said as we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 4
The Morning After
I was woke up and just watched as Shelby continued to sleep. Five minutes later her alarm went off. She awoke to find me watching her.
“Hey there sexy” she whispered.
“Hey” I whispered back.
“You were amazing last night.” She said
“So where you, you were the best I have ever had.” I said
“How many people have you had sex with?” she asked
“A couple.” I said “but you were the only one I ever loved.” I said
She smiled and kissed me.
“This weekend do you want to go to New York City with me?” I asked
“Yeah but you have to go to my parents anniversary party tomorrow.” She replied
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I said
I got dressed and went down stairs. Mr. Hatcher called me into the kitchen.
“So you two had fun last night I assume.” He said
“Yes sir. But I have a question for you” I said “I know I was planning on doing this near Christmas or Valentine’s day next year but I was wondering if I could do purpose to Shelby at you anniversary party tomorrow.” I said
“Well are you sure you are ready?” He said
“Sir I have never been as sure as I am right now.” I said
“Well then Dave you have my blessing.” He said
I shook his hand I was so excited I almost dislocated his shoulder I was shaking his hand so hard. I ran out the house over to my house.
“Where have you been all night young man.” My mom said as she was reading her paper.
“I was with Shelby.” I replied
“I need to tell you something mom.” I said
“What is it?” she asked
“I am going to purpose to Shelby tomorrow.” I said
“And I was wondering if I could use the engagement ring dad gave you. If you’re okay with me doing this.” I said
“Well I need to tell you something, this ring is yours anyway.” She said
“What?” I replied
“Your dad wrote me a note in the will asking me if you ever were to get engaged he asked me to give you our engagement ring.” She said
“I know you’re a little young but I feel that you and Shelby will be married for a long time.” She added
“Oh thank you mom.” I said
“I love her more than anything.” I added
“Oh and don’t tell my sisters yet okay, I want to break the news later.”
“Okay my lips are sealed” she said
She handed me the ring and I ran upstairs and got a shower. I was so happy I was singing. After about ten minutes, I finished up and got dressed and went to the car. Shelby was already waiting for me there. I walked up to her and kissed her so passionately cupids pants would have fallen off. We got into the car and I drove us to Starbucks for some coffee before school. We talked for a little bit.
“You were so pretty in your dress yesterday.” I said
“You weren’t too bad yourself in that tuxedo.” She replied
We finished our coffee and got back into my car. We drove off to school. We went through the day, and gym came up and it’s the only class we don’t have together. Chuck walked up to me.
“yo man where have you been the past couple days.” He said
“Well I’ve been with Shelby mostly.” I replied
“You hit that?” he asked
“YO man shut the fuck up.” I said
“Man sorry I didn’t know you felt that way about her.” He replied
“Yeah man I’m going to ask her to marry me” I said
“And if she says yes you are going to be my best man.” I added
“Say what man I’m honored.” He replied
“Well don’t tell anyone not until tomorrow” I said
The bell rang and I ran to my car and waited. A few minutes later Shelby walked over to me with a couple of her Friends. She gave me a kiss.
“Can you give these guys a lift back to my place? They are coming to my parents Anniversary tonight too.” She said
“Of course I will. I just need to put the stuff in the trunk, don’t worry you dress won’t get messed up.” I replied.
I put the hood down and the prom stuff into the trunk. We drove back to my place. And the other girls ran off to her house. I just kissed her.
“I got a surprise for you tonight, so be prepared” I said
“Well come over after you get dressed.” She said
I ran inside and jumped into the shower and then got into a suit and tie. I walked over after grabbing a rose from my mother’s rose bush. I rang the bell and Shelby’s dad answered.
“Hey sport come on in, the girls are getting ready but Me and my wife would like to talk to you in the kitchen.” He said
“All right then.” I said
I sat down at the table. Mr, and Mrs. Hatcher asked “do you have a ring for tonight.”
“Yes” I said as I pulled it out and showed them.
“Isn’t this your mother engagement ring” they asked
“Yeah my mom wanted me to give it to Shelby, and so did my dad.” I said
“Well that’s good enough for us.” They said
“You can wait in the living room for the girls, we should be leaving in an hour or so.” They said
“Okay” I said as I got up and went to watch TV for a little.
About ten minutes later Shelby walked down and sat down next to me.
“so what’s the surprise you mentioned earlier?” She asked
I handed over the rose, “this is part one” I said
“How many parts are there?” she asked
“Two, but the next one is huge.” I said “You will find out soon enough” I added
I leaned in and kissed her. We just kept kissing and eventually the other girls started coming down one by one. But we didn’t stop kissing.
“Well I heard you to had some fun last night.” Brittany (Shelbys BFF) said
“Yeah we went to the mall got some prom stuff, then had some dinner, and caught a movie so I would say we had fun.” I replied
I could see Shelby giving her a face that meant shut the fuck up bitch.
“You know what I mean.” She said
“Oh you mean where to people that love each other expressing it in the most intimate way possible, then yeah we had Fun maybe you should try it next time.” I replied
The other girls laughed and Brittany just pouted.
“Okay kids, let’s go” I heard Mr. Hatcher yell down the stairs. As he walked down the stairs. We all piled into a limo they rented for this occasion. We had a blast in the limo. Then we arrived at the banquet hall. Where everyone was waiting I could see my mom and my sisters at a table near the front of the room. The girls had a small table in front of the main and I got to sit next to Shelby at the main next to her father. Mr. and Mrs. Parents each gave a speech to them and so did Mr. Hatchers Brother. After everyone else gave a speech. Mr. Hatcher nudged me and whispered into my ear.
“Go ahead, sport your turn.”
I stood up, and raised a glass.
“I am David and I am dating this couple’s Daughter Shelby, They have been like a second Family to me ever since I was a little kid. And im just going to get to the point, I love their daughter and they are allowing me to do this here and now. If you would stand up Shelby.” I said as she got up I dropped to one Knee. “I love you Shelby, ever since I was a little kid on the swing set, I’ve been through a lot with you. I can’t see my life without you; I want to be here for you for the rest of my life. I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you. So Shelby will you Marry Me? I asked as the whole place got silent. She instantly Said “Yes David of course I will marry you. As soon as she said yes everyone was cheering, as I put the ring onto her finger.
She hugged her dad and mom I shook her dads hand and hugged her mom.
“We should go to my Family.” I said
“Okay Fiancé “she said
We walked over to my mom’s table.
“Congratulations son.” My mom said as she hugged me.
Then my sisters hugged me one by one.
“Why didn’t you tell us” Kelly said
“I didn’t want you guys to tell her I know you guys got big mouths.” I said jokingly
Went onto the Dance floor and dance for a while. Then after a little bit we went home. This time she came over to my house. But after I brought in the prom stuff. We went up to my room and lay on my bed.
“I can’t believe were getting married.” She said as she laid her head on my chest
“I know so when do you want to get married.” I said
“Well when do you want to get married.” She said
“Well I was thinking we could do it soon at least two weeks before school starts. And then go to Hawaii for our honey moon.” I replied
“Well we should start looking for a wedding planner tomorrow.” She said
“Okay babe, I’m so happy you said yes. I was so nervous.” I said
“I can’t believe that was the surprise.” She said
“Now you know what your dad was talking to me about now.” I said
“well guess what I have a surprise for you.” She said as she unzipped my pants and started rubbing my penis.

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