Marie's Mind Control - 3

Marie's Mind Control - 3

My relationship with Marie was evolving rapidly. I got a strange, some may say perverted, kick out of manipulating my wife to have sex with other men and she was now pregnant with her brother’s child. I hadn’t realized that I would so enjoy the cuckold experience until it happened. These days, I could have sex with Marie any time I wanted, so I found that getting her to have sex with other guys added some zest to our relationship. The only problem was that I wanted more and as with so many things you desire, once you have them, you end up getting bored and want to try something new, something you perceive as better.

I wondered quite how far I could take this, even to the extent of trying to influence the sex life of other people. I found the notion quite stimulating and there were several people I would have loved to control; the only problem was that I didn’t have access to more of that drug. What I needed to do was get to see Paul again, but he didn’t often get anywhere near where Marie and I lived. I definitely knew he still had a thing for Marie and wondered whether that might be an edge I could use to cajole him into letting me get a supply of the drug. I pondered this for several days and decided that the best way maybe for either Marie and I to go visit him, or even to send Marie on her own. He’d probably jump at the chance of spending a weekend with her as his own living sex-toy. That still left the challenge of how to persuade him.

I decided to send Marie on her own, but that would have to be at his invitation, or he might suspect something. Having time alone with her, he might be more open to persuasion and let his guard down a bit. I set about planting the seeds and as Marie had already been conditioned to enjoy sex with him, I planted the idea in her head that she had missed having sex with him and would therefore start exchanging messages and emails with him, send him sexy pictures of herself. She would lead him up to the point where he might invite the both of us to visit.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Marie followed my conditioning to the letter, starting off with a couple of simple emails and building up to the point where she was exchanging texts with him several times a day. Eventually he messaged about what a shame it was that he couldn’t get away and that we lived such a long distance from him. Perfect.

I set the next phase of the plan into place and got Marie to tell him that I would be attending an IT conference and she would plan to come with me. Paul was caught and hoped he would have chance to spend alone time with her while I was attending the conference.

It was still early in her pregnancy, so I didn’t have to worry about Paul finding out, but decided to juice things up a bit. During the time we were there, she would forget that she is my wife and believe that she was in fact Paul’s wife, spending her nights with him. I knew he would fuck her brains out, but by now I didn’t care. She was my ticket to a supply of Paul’s top-secret drugs.

The messaging continued and a couple of weeks later, we packed our bags and headed to the airport. We had agreed to meet up for a dinner at a restaurant Paul had picked out. I sent Marie on ahead to meet Paul at the restaurant and I changed at the hotel before heading over myself. Paul and Marie were already there waiting as the manager showed me to their table. It was amazing how seamlessly Marie seemed to have slipped into her new role as Paul’s wife, greeting me with a kiss on the cheek before taking her seat next adjacent him.

“It’s so nice to see you again Pat, it seems like ages since we last saw you”

Marie was so convincing, it shocked me in a way, but I was hoping for the best.

The meal was pleasant, 3 friends chatting freely together, sharing the occasional joke and getting comfortable around each other again. At one point Marie disappeared to the bathroom, leaving Paul and me alone.

“Are you sure you don’t mind me having this relationship with Marie?” he asked, seeking reassurance.

“Why do you think I programmed her to think she’s your wife, Paul… enjoy having her to fuck, no problem”

“just bear in mind she’s permanently horny so make sure you fuck her brains out”, I said laughing.

“when is the conference over” he asked

“In 3 days, starting tomorrow” I replied

“Shame” he replied, “I would give anything to keep her longer”.

I saw the opportunity to get some leverage and jumped at it. “How would you like to keep her till the end of the week?”

“Sure, I would jump at the chance, Marie is gorgeous and well out of my league”

“There is one thing you could do for me though”

“what’s that Pat?... if it’s in my power, you got it”

“well, you know that drug you developed, I could use some more”, I whispered, leaning in closer to him.

“That’s a big request Pat, not sure I can stretch to that, I could go to jail if anyone found out”

“How about if I said you could keep her for two weeks?”, I said, upping the anti

“What on earth would you use it for anyway, I mean you already have Marie where you wanted her, and you already know that you can get her to do anything”

“I know, the problem is, Paul, there’s this bitch at work, who’s always stealing my ideas and innovations and claiming them for her own. Now she’s been made a manager and is always complaining to management about my work… she’s always making my life difficult, and I need to change that, and a couple more I can think of”. The whole story was complete fiction, but it seemed to be plausible.

“So how many doses are you thinking of?”

“I don’t know… maybe 3 or 4”

Paul gulped,.

“You’d be doing me a huge favor, Paul, seriously” I added

Paul pondered my request for a few moments, weighing up the chance of spending a couple of weeks fucking my wife and the risk of being caught

“Look, he said, we’ve got an official demonstration kit, it’s got 5 doses in it… they work almost as effectively, but the results don’t last anywhere near as long as the dose I gave Marie… they’re likely to forget the conditioning and what they did within about a week”

“I could probably get one of those and make out I’d sent it off as a sample for someone”

“It’s also a lot simpler, this version is taken orally, it’s tasteless and untraceable, so there’s no need to risk complications. The injection version requires a certain know-how, but the demo tablets are much simpler”.

“Deal!”, I whispered to him… I sure wish it lasted longer, but I’ll take it”

“One more thing…” I added, “Marie only has a limited number of outfits with her, so you’ll have to take her shopping and buy clothes”

“Ok, meet me after the conference and I’ll let you have a demo kit… and don’t worry, I’ll reset her programming when I send her home”

At that point, Marie returned to the table and our conversation resumed as normal, chatting over desert.

We said our goodbyes and Marie left with Paul. Of course, there was no conference, so I just spent the 3 days hanging around in the hotel and doing a bit of limited sight-seeing. On return to the hotel, the phone light was blinking and I after checking for messages, learned that a package had been dropped off for me. I collected it and opened it in the privacy of my room. There inside was an oblong box, similar in size to a case I had a pair of glasses. Inside was a strip of 5 individual clear bubble packs, each containing just one pill together with a folded instruction note on how to use, possible side effects, etc. The whole thing looked very professional.

At the end of the last day, I returned home. The remained of the 2 weeks were killing and seemed to drag by. Paul occasionally sending me a message, one was a picture of Marie, clearly laying on his bed, naked, sleeping, legs apart and cum leaking from her pussy. I missed her and this was more than I had initially planned, but the price seemed worth it to get the extra doses. Now all I had to do was find a suitable candidate to test it on.

There was one particular neighbor, who lived across the road, a couple of houses down from mine. She was a hot blond, I often noticed that she and her husband would frequently work on their front yard, he would cut the grass and she would focus on the flower beds. She was young, I estimated her to be in her mid-20s, one of those athletic types who, judging from her figure, would have been into aerobics and workouts at a gym somewhere. She often wore a tank top and shorts, which occasionally would reveal a decent cleavage when she bent forward.

I definitely felt attracted to her, but whenever we had spoken briefly in the past, she had always seemed to be unapproachable. This added to my urge to try it on her. It just happened to be a really hot day, and I noticed that she was busying herself with weeding the flowerbed. I already had a jug of iced tea in the fridge and saw an opportunity to try and invite her over.

I hopped in the car and headed out as if going to the local store, returning about 15 minutes later. I pulled up alongside their house and lowered the window on the passenger side. She was kneeling on a rubber mat, prodding at the ground with a small tool. Her hair was tied back and there were beads of sweat on her forehead.

“Looks like thirsty work” I said in a friendly, jovial way.

She looked up, trying to make out who was addressing her

“It’s me, Pat, your neighbor from across the road”

“Oh hi”, “how are you today?” she said, confining her response to a perfunctory greeting.

“I’m fine thanks, how are you?” I responded, “it’s a hot one today, remember to stay hydrated”

“I will, I was just about to go inside and drink some water”

“Look, … “ I said, testing the waters. “I’ve got some iced tea in the fridge if you’d care for a glass?”

She peered into the car, trying to ascertain whether I was just being some jerk trying to pick her up, or was genuinely just being the friendly neighbor.

“I’m fine thank you”, she replied, “I don’t want to be an inconvenience”

I pressed the point home

“No problem, look, I’ll just park up and take these groceries inside and pop back in a few minutes… and don’t worry, you can return the glass whenever it’s convenient”

She nodded appreciatively

I pulled into my garage and headed for the kitchen. Taking the jug of iced tea, I poured out two glasses and topped them up with ice. I got the box of pills and popped one out of its bubble pack, dropping one into one of the glasses. It fizzed and disintegrated as it floated around the top. Within seconds it had vanished completely, a single bubble all that remained as a trace. I added a slice of lemon to her glass, to make sure I didn’t confuse them and headed over.

She was just wrapping up, quite sweaty, with beads of sweat trickling from her forehead. She wiped her face with the back of her hand. Her tank top clung to her abdomen, the straps of her bra, somewhat grayed by the sweat, clung to her shoulders. Her kneecaps were slightly soiled, the skin indented where she had been kneeling.

I offered the glass to her and she took it from me, smiling as she politely thanked me.

“I’m Pat by the way, Pat Templeton, offering out my now spare hand”

“Pleased to meet you… I’m Jacy, Jacy Hemmings”

“Look, why don’t we step inside, it’s cooler there, I’ll wash up first if you don’t mind”, she offered, seeming to have warmed slightly from her usual unapproachable nature.

We went into the house via the garage, and she offered me a seat at the kitchen table while she washed her hands. We continued having polite and neighborly conversation over the next few minutes. I learned that her husband was a realtor and that she was a part-time administrator at a downtown hotel. I grew concerned that the drug didn’t seem to be working, having already spent 10 minutes since she finished the glass off. She had definitely been thirsty.

“Look, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to ask you to go now, I’m tired and going to go take a nap before Frank gets home”.

Frank, I had learned was some 10 years older than her on his second marriage. I was right about her age though, at 25 she was definitely in her prime.

I got up to leave, wondering exactly how long it would take to kick-in and then I noticed she had closed her eyes and was sitting silently at the table.

“Jacy, can you hear my voice”

“Yes”, she responded, her voice calm, almost a whisper.

“Your husband’s called Frank, isn’t he?”


“who am I Jacy?”

“You’re Pat, my neighbor”

“Do you like Pat?”

“He seems ok, he just brought me a tea, that was kind of him”

“and where are you right now Jacy?”

“I’m home”

“Home is a safe place to be, nothing bad happens to you here does it Jacy?”

“Yes, home is a safe place to be”

“So you’re in a safe place, and so you feel perfectly safe don't you Jacy?”


“So, you don't mind answering a few questions, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind”

“How do you feel right now Jacy?”


“Yes, relaxed is a nice feeling when you’ve worked so hard on your garden”

Jacy seemed to be well under the influence of the drug by now, so I decided to be a little more searching with my questions.

“How is your sex life?”

“it’s good”

“Do you enjoy sex?”

“Yes” she responded without hesitation

“Yes, and you will start to enjoy sex even more after today, in fact you will start to feel horny all the time”

“How often will you feel horny?”

“all the time”

“That’s right Jacy”

“Do you love your husband?”

“Yes, very much”


“and have you ever been unfaithful?”

“No, never, I would not do that”

“Jacy, you find that bra uncomfortable and hot, you feel the urge to remove it”

Surprisingly, even in her semi-conscious receptive state, she reached behind, unfastened her bra, and slipped the shoulder straps down her arm, before removing it from her front. This was new, it meant although I hadn’t planned on it, it seemed that I could get her to do things even without her waking first. Her breasts flopped free, the tank top clung to them, outlining their profile, her nipples now clearly visible.

“Now this is important, everything I tell you is going to seem true to you, you are going to remember what I tell you as if it is fact”

“Do you understand?”


“In future you will find bras uncomfortable to wear and always prefer to not wear one”

“How do you feel about bras?”

“they’re uncomfortable”, she replied

“yes, good”

“Now when you wake up you will not think twice about the bra in your hand because you took it off as it was uncomfortable”

“Why did you take your bra off in front of Pat?”

“Because it was uncomfortable” she replied

“You will start to enjoy that people like to see you without a bra and will feel horny whenever anyone looks at your breasts”


“You will remember that you have been strongly attracted to your neighbor, Pat for quite some time”

“How do you feel about Pat”

“Strongly attracted to him”

“Yes, that’s right, and you will find you’ll do anything to have sex with him”

“You will want to fuck him at every chance you get”

“What do you want to do with Pat?”

“Have sex with him whenever I can”

“Good girl”

“and you will find that sex with Pat is even better than with your husband, in fact you will find your husband less stimulating and only manage to cum when Pat is fucking you”


“And you will keep this a secret from your husband because you don’t want him to leave you”

“What will you do?”

“Keep it a secret from my husband”


“Now when I count down from 3 you will wake up, you will find the iced tea refreshed you and you will no longer feel tired, instead you will feel really horny and want sex”

I counted down from 3 and moments later, Jacy opened her eyes.

I turned to head out the door, not really intending to, but to test her programming, while the drug was still active in her system.

Jacy dropped her bra on the table, got up and came over to me, her hand resting on my arm

“You’re not leaving yet, are you?”, she said

“I was about to, I thought maybe your husband would be home soon”

“Not for a couple of hours… it’s just…” she didn’t continue, instead reached up, grabbed my head and kissed me. I kissed her back and our tongues searched each other out, the kiss becoming hungry, demanding.

“I want you” she whispered into my ear, a sense of urgency in her voice, “I’ve always wanted you”

She took me by the hand and seductively looked at me, leading me silently out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom.

I pulled her to me, holding her and started kissing her again, my hand groped at one of her breasts. She moaned softly.

I pulled the scrunchie from her hair and long strands of blond hair cascaded down over her shoulders and down her back. It was exquisite, soft, silky, a natural shade of sandy blond. I was rock hard inside my shorts and her hand went to work unfastening the clasp and zipper, dropping them to the floor along with my boxers. My cock immediately bounced free, standing hard and perpendicular to my body, She seemed desperate to be fucked.

I pulled her strappy little tank top up over her breasts and off over her head, exposing her magnificent tits. Not as large as Marie’s, but perfectly shaped, her dark nipples standing proud.

She tugged my t-shirt off, tossing it away, I pushed her firmly and she fell back onto the bed, I grabbed hold of her shorts and panties and dragged them over her hips and off over her feet leaving her completely naked.

Her pussy was beautiful, a thin slit surrounded by puffy lips, it was glistening with her juices. A small strip of neatly trimmed blond hair just above, confirmed she was a natural blond. I parted her ankles and dived between her legs, licking at her, my tongue pressing into her lips and up to her clitoris, circling it while simultaneously sucking at it. The scent of her pussy was slightly sweaty from the gardening and being trapped in her panties, but it tasted delightful. Jacy started whining and moaning, deep guttural moans, her body responding, her hips undulating, her breathing quickened, getting deeper, her pussy streaming with juices that I endeavored to lap up. I continued tormenting her pussy, watching her breasts heave with her breathing, her eyes staring wide open. Her mouth was open displaying perfect strips of shiny white teeth.

We kept this frantic activity up for several minutes, her hands clasping my head, when suddenly she clamped her thighs to my head and wailed as an orgasm shuddered through every muscle in her body.

I climbed up the bed, lifting her ankles over my shoulders and plunged into her hot wanton pussy, not wanting to waste time on a more gentle seductive approach. The pent-up frustrations of Paul having my wife to fuck had me ready to fuck her hard and I was going to do just that. Her pussy was divine; tight, warm, and silky and so wet. She screamed again, as I started to pound her, driving my cock deep inside. As I sped up and started to really hammer her, her hips started bucking up to mine, her gym-toned muscles working overtime to keep up as we frantically fucked. I was taking my weight on my arms and knees, using the full force of my hips to thrust into her. We were both panting, almost breathless, gasping loudly for air, her moans were stronger, louder, more urgent, when suddenly she cried out again and she crashed into a major orgasm, her walls clamped around and milked my cock and a strong spray of her juices spewed out soaking my abdomen and thighs. I couldn’t hold back and thrusting as far as I could into her, dumped countless pulses of cum deep inside her. I went dizzy, overwhelmed by the exertion and power of my own orgasm. I held myself inside her for as long as I could, my cock still twitching but finally collapsed onto her before rolling off to her side. We both lay there panting for breath.

She turned her head and looked at me

“oh my god, Pat… that was… that was amazing… I’ve never cum that hard before”. To be honest, I couldn’t remember cumming that hard either, no doubt I had, but it was mind-blowingly powerful.

The taboo of having just fucked my neighbor’s gorgeous wife added to my sense of achievement, even if it had only been because of her programming. In that instant, I wished it had been permanent. I looked at her, laying there naked, and admired her athletic body.

She rolled over towards me and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back and wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly.

“I’ve wanted this for so long, every time I’ve seen you, but you’re married, and I didn’t want to make problems for you” she said, gazing into my eyes… her own I noticed were a beautiful pale green.

“Me too, Jacy, I’ve seen you outside sometimes and always thought you were so sexy and desirable, but you too are married”

“I should go though”, I said reluctantly, “I’m pretty sure your husband will be back soon and you probably need a shower before he gets here.”

I kissed her tenderly and dressed, my lust quenched for now. She lay there in bed, naked and exposed, and I left for my own home.

We fucked several more times over the next few days, sometimes at her house, sometimes at mine. The sex was incredible, sometimes she would ride me like a banshee, totally lost in her own world of orgasmic dreamland. One night she even knocked at my door quite late on, apparently her husband had sex with her but left her frustrated and was now “sleeping like a baby” in her words. I fucked her, pinned against the hallway wall, satisfying her lust-fuelled frustration. I knew it was a risk but fucked her anyway.

Then one day I noticed her working on her garden and saw that she was wearing a bra again. I guessed that the effects of the drug were wearing off. I didn’t care too much, it had been great and besides, it was almost time for Paul to return Marie back to me.

I texted Paul and asked him how it was going. A few minutes later, my phone buzzed with a message back from him. “Incredible time, she’s insatiable… I’ll send her back with a little something extra”. My hopes picked up, not exactly certain what he was sending, but I grinned as I knew it couldn’t be a baby.

All seemed fine when she finally returned, life was hopefully going to get back to normal; She didn’t look any worse for all the fucking she’d no doubt received. It turned out that Paul had sent her back with a package for me. I went to the bathroom to open it and inside was a small vial, a couple of syringes, and an unsigned hand-written note. The note read “Use this one carefully, it’s powerful. ‘hope I can “borrow” her again soon. By the way, expect an unexpected guest”. I was thrilled at receiving the injectable version and wondered if he intended it for the fictional “manager” I had told him about. I was more curious about who was going to turn up as an unexpected guest.

We ate dinner as if nothing had changed and I quizzed her about whether we were expecting someone, but she denied knowing anything. No doubt Paul had set something up but programmed her to not remember. As if by some twist of fate, about a week later, Marie and I were at the supermarket when we bumped into Jacy, or rather she bumped into me. Marie was busy searching for something further down the aisle when Jacy came up, grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear “I miss you” before drifting away, looking back with a coy, girlie expression, trying her best to avoid arousing Marie’s suspicions. I looked at her incredulously, obviously the demo version had longer lasting effects than either Paul or I anticipated.

Life has a remarkable way of suddenly turning complicated and it reminded me of a verse that I once learned in school, it went “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

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