Going Nova ch. 8: The Modeling Gig

Going Nova ch. 8: The Modeling Gig

The girls walked through the hallways of the mall and found the Libertine kiosk shuttered. A sign said “Closed for fashion show at Scarlet.”

Elsie shrugged. “I guess they’ve already gotten started.”

They made their way toward the boutique and as they approached, the surrounding hustle and bustle grew quickly. There were people seemingly everywhere. Most of them appeared to be fans or otherwise guests of the event, but as they neared the entrance there was a flurry of activity from workers plying their trade. Set builders cranked wrenches on scaffolding and lights flashed on and off as men and women walked around examining each bulb. A DJ tested his playlist in fits and starts, occasionally breaking into a mini scratch session, just to please the doting fans surrounding his booth.

Brie gawked at lanky women strutting about in crisp outfits. Their makeup, too, seemed perfect. She wasn’t sure if they were models in the show or locals who were taking advantage of the event as an opportunity to show off a look from their own collection.

She turned to Elsie, “Where are we supposed to go?”

Elsie craned her head around. “Hmm. Oh, look. It’s that weird Heather woman.” Heather, the woman whom they had met at the Libertine kiosk the day before, was standing up on the runway, brusquely giving orders to various workers.

The girls pushed their way through the throngs to reach the stage. They called out to the alabaster-skinned woman. She turned and nodded, “Ah, I remember you. You are Michael’s amateur girls.”

“What are we supposed to do right now? Where should we go?” Elsie asked. “We feel like we’re in the way of literally everybody here.”

“Indeed, you are in my way right now. Go find Michael. He is in the dressing room.” The older woman pointed the way.

The girls moved on and Elsie scowled at Brie, “What a horrible woman.” Brie just chuckled.

As they pressed through the commotion toward the dressing rooms, they heard familiar names being called, though they were not their own. “Zoey! Briley!”

Elsie barely recalled the alter egos they had chosen the last time they were at the mall, but it was enough to catch Brie’s attention. She grabbed Elsie’s arm, “Hold on, someone’s calling our names.” She turned around to where the sound was coming from and she saw Oliver and Hunter. “It’s the two boys from the food court.”

Elsie whirled around and smiled brightly, “Hey, you came!”

“Well, yeah,” Oliver piped up. “You invited us.”

Hunter stared through his mop of hair at Brie. She could sense an awkward inexperience about him. He said, “I can’t believe you two are models… uh, well, I mean, I can believe it, because you’re so pretty. It’s just, um, cool.” Brie giggled and tucked some hair behind her ear, demurring at the attention.

Elsie hugged her friend close and leaned in toward the boys. “Okay, look, we’re so glad you showed up to this, but remember that we’re professionals and we have to get ready to go on stage.”

“Right!” Oliver nodded coolly, “We just saw you and wanted to say hey.”

Elsie grinned slyly. “Want me to see if I can get you backstage?”

“That sound awesome,” Oliver answered.

“Yeah, cool,” Hunter added.

“Alright, we’ll see what we can do.”

The girls parted from the boys and headed for the dressing rooms. They pushed open a door and were met by a large bouncer on the other side.

“Staff and talent only,” the man said flatly.

“We’re staff,” said Elsie.


“Zoey and Briley.” Brie interjected.

The bouncer scanned the list, “Alright, you’re on the list. And you’re not staff, you’re talent.”

“That’s what I said,” Elsie commented to Brie.

“I need ID.”

The girls exchanged a panicked look. Elsie patted the too-small pockets of her shorts, and Brie mimicked her friend, though there were no pockets on her skirt. Elsie looked up at the tall man and spoke meekly, “Uh, we don’t have IDs?”

“Sorry, can’t let you in without ID.”

At that moment, Michael rounded the corner and spotted the two girls. He chimed in, “Fantastic, you’re here!”

“You know these girls?” the bouncer asked.

He waved his hands wildly, “Yes, yes, let them through. They’re talent.”

Elsie attempted to push past, but was met with the bouncer’s meaty hand on her shoulder. “Hold up, you girls are both at least 18?”

Again the girls looked at one another, then nodded furtively.

“Could’ve fooled me. All these white girl models with no tits. I’m getting so old, I can’t even tell. You all look like kids to me.”

Brie almost piped up about her pet peeve about being called a kid, but Elsie forestalled the effort with an elbow jab to the side.

“But given that’s the case,” the man continued, “you won’t need a parent or guardian to cosign these releases.” He handed them each a clipboard with a consent form to use their likeness in marketing materials for the Libertine and Scarlet brands.

Elsie gave the contract a cursory glance and scribbled her signature at the bottom. She then danced around impatiently as Brie read through the entire document thoroughly. She furrowed her brow, then looked up at Elsie. “We gotta be careful. It says they can charge us the full price of the clothes if we damage them.”

“Well, we’re not gonna be mud wrestling in them,” Elsie replied, before looking at Michael. “Right?”

Michael chuckled, “Of course not. You’ll be wearing your own clothes for the makeup demo, and we may have you walk the runway a time or two.”

Brie chewed on the pen cap as she finished reading, then signed.

Michael clapped his hands, “Okay, great. I’ll get these off to legal. Can you be ready to go in thirty minutes?”

“Yeah, I mean, I guess we’re ready now,” Elsie replied.

“Great,” Michael said enthusiastically then rolled his eyes, “you’re better than some of the pros we have tonight. Never lose that drive. You two can wait in your assigned room. Look for your names on the door and someone’ll come get you when we’re ready to roll.”

The girls wandered throughout the backstage area, but they could barely concentrate on their assigned mission. Their heads spun wildly with wonder as they attempted to take in all the sights around them. Scantily-clad models passed by nonchalantly, not even registering the girls’ presence. Some were followed by handlers with water bottles, towels, and brushes. Coordinators guarded racks of clothing, compulsively sorting and resorting them according to their whims. Tailors chewed on pins and clipped together folds of fabric for last-minute alterations. Makeup artists sat in bright, mobile, light booths arranging their cases for easy access to the latest products in need of pushing.

“This is incredible,” Brie mused. “I can’t believe we actually got back here.”

From a distance she heard Elsie shout, “Here’s our room!”

They entered and closed the door behind them, muting the roar of activity.

“What a rush!” Elsie exclaimed.

“Did you see those models?” Brie wondered.

“Uh huh, they were so beautiful. So professional.” Both girls exhaled, seemingly for the first time since they arrived backstage. Some part of them wanted to rush back out into the fray and absorb everything they could, but another more anxious feeling came over them, and they decided to stay put, where they knew they wouldn’t be in the way or, worse yet, called out for being the imposters that they believed they were.

Elsie spun and posed in the large, brightly lit vanity mirror, which overlooked two sinks ringed with cleansing products. Meanwhile Brie poked around the room, fidgeting nervously. She discovered a curtained-off closet near the door. Inside it were two plain-looking, tan smocks and a few bare hangers. She wondered idly if she should take some of her medicine now, or wait until after they went on stage. Instinctively, she rifled through her purse, and touched the medicine bottle her mother had filled for her. Instead of taking it, however, she chose a tube of lip gloss. She turned to her reflection and unscrewed the cap, wondering aloud, “You think we’ll be able to see Ivy from on stage?”

“I doubt it,” Elsie answered as the two primped in the mirror. “The lights are always too bright to see much of anything when you’re on stage.” She turned to her friend, eyes wide with excitement and mischief. “More important question: how do we get the boys back here?”

Brie giggled nervously, but didn’t have an answer. She pressed her lips together and puckered up at herself in the mirror and Elsie swiped the lip gloss from her with a grin. “Here, watch this.” She, too, smeared the wand over her lips and then leaned in to her reflection, puckering her lips and planting a kiss right on the glass. She peeled back, leaving a glossy, lip-shaped smear behind.

Brie was tickled. Then Elsie leaned over to her with a giggle, threatening to bear hug her and leave a kiss mark behind on her, too. Brie squealed and pushed her friend away. The two laughed aloud.

Just as they broke from their embrace, the door swung open and the commotion of the event came roaring into their dressing room. A large woman in a white dress shirt and black pants came in toting a clipboard. “Zoey and, uh, Briley, I guess?”

“That’s us,” Elsie said with a smirk.

“Show’s starting in five minutes. Y’all are up first, so be ready.”

Brie piped up, “We are ready.”

The woman furrowed her brow at them, then peered into the closet. “Y’all are doing the makeup demo, right?”

“I think so?” Brie replied, clearly unsure of herself.

The woman checked the clipboard. “Yep, you’re getting made up, so the two of you need to get undressed and put on these smocks,” she said, gesturing to the sack-like garments in the closet. She looked back at the girls and tutted, “And make sure you wash your faces. You can’t have any makeup on when you go out there. You don’t have to wash your hair, though, that’s part of the demo.” Both girls nodded. “Any questions?”

Elsie instinctively raised her hand, as if she were in class. “Um, yes, we were promised that our boyfriends could be with us back stage…” Her lie trailed off and Brie’s heart skipped a beat.

“Alright, write their names down on this sheet and we’ll page them.”

With that, the woman left and the two girls could only grin and giggle at one another, having successfully snuck their new infatuations back stage.

As they scrubbed their faces with the products that had been put in the room, they heard the DJ call Hunter and Oliver over the PA. Elsie’s ears perked up. “Oop, we gotta get changed before they get here. There’s no dressing room.”

“This is the dressing room, you idiot,” Brie taunted.

Elsie stood up and, instead of pulling her shirt over her head, undid the ties of the spaghetti straps of her crop top and pulled it down until it gathered around her waist. Then she unbuttoned her shorts and, with one shimmy of her hips, slid everything but her sneakers off of her body all at once. As she stepped naked out of the pool of fabric, she glanced up and caught Brie staring at her with wide eyes. Elsie blushed uncharacteristically at her friend’s attention. “What?”

Brie chuckled softly, “Nothing. That was just… kind of impressive.” And after a pause, “Also, I can’t believe you’re not wearing panties again.”

“Hee hee,” Elsie giggled and then made for the closet. She pulled out one of the smocks and then tossed it over her head. Again, she checked herself in the mirror. The dresses were unadorned and quite shapeless, landing at about mid-thigh. She frowned, “Well, this is ugly.”

Brie turned and sized up her friend, “It’s not that bad on you.”

“I look like a waif.”

“You just gotta rock it, Els,” Brie replied sarcastically. “Isn’t that what you told me this morning?”

Elsie stuck out her tongue. “Brat.” She flung the other smock carelessly over Brie’s head. “C’mon, get naked. The boys will be here any second.”

Brie sighed and tossed her face cloth in the sink. She stood up and shimmied out of her skirt and shirt. As she dropped them to the floor, Elsie went to the dressing room door and began to open it.

Brie squealed out, yanking the smock in front of her to cover herself, “Els, what are you doing?”

Elsie turned to her. “Relax, I’m only opening it a crack. I’ll stand guard and warn you when they’re coming.”

Suddenly, the door was pushed wide open as the woman from before returned. Elsie staggered backwards from the sudden force of the door. The two boys were in tow.

“Elsie!” squealed Brie, quickly pulling the smock on over her head and pulling it down over her hips. She glared, red-faced, at her friend, who could only shrug apologetically. Brie blushed. She had moved quickly, but the two boys stared, trying to process what they had or had not actually seen in that brief moment.

“Alright,” the woman called out, oblivious to the tension, “You boys will have to wait here, though I can’t imagine the show will be that interesting from this point of view. For you girls, it’s time for y’all to hit your mark, whether you’re ready or not.” She herded them out the door.

The two boys didn’t know what to do, so they quickly resorted to their phones.

They walked down a narrow, darkened hallway, toward a brightly lit opening. They could hear the DJ rallying the crowd in the distance and getting everybody hyped for the show. Cheers and whistles punctuated the enthusiasm of the room.

As they approached their mark, they heard their introduction: “All makeup tonight is provided by Libertine, a brand new entry in the beauty arena, and let me tell you, everybody on this stage is looking young, elite, and sexy. Can I get a YES to that?” The crowd cheered in response. “Coming up first, we’re going to give you a live, Get Ready With Me demo that shows how Libertine can transform you from your average, everyday looker to the most gorgeous, most knockout, best possible version of yourself. Let’s get our two models out here. Zoeeey and Brileeeey!”

“Time to go,” the large woman said, and patted the girls on their butts.

“But. Where do we go? What do we do?” Brie pleaded, suddenly aware of how little she knew about the gig she had signed up for.

“Just down the catwalk to the end of the stage. Sit in the chairs and they’ll take care of the rest.”

The two girls exchanged nervous glances and stepped timidly out into the light. The crowd cheers filled their ears, battling with the thumping music, but as they slowly started off, they could hear the woman shouting after them, “Walk with confidence!”

Both of them stood up straight and padded barefoot down the walkway. Brie looked around at the throngs of people and felt an overwhelming urgency to hide. Despite amply covering her body, her smock was so thin that it made her feel exposed, and she tugged at the bottom hem, trying to make it go lower. She glanced over at Elsie, and noticed that she looked radiant. The girl exuded enough confidence that she looked like a professional. She was eating up all the attention. This made Brie feel even more self-conscious, but she stared forward and attempted to give it her best game face.

Meanwhile, standing in the crowd near the stage, Ivy recognized the two young faces before her. She was standing behind a row of reserved seating with a man she had brought along with her. “Holy shit,” she exclaimed.

“What?” her date questioned.

“I know those two. I had no idea they were models.”

“Zoey and— what was it? Riley?”

“I don’t know why they’re using those names, but one of them is Hazel’s daughter, Brie. The other one is her friend.”

Up on stage, the two girls strode to the end of the catwalk and found two barber-style chairs swiveled toward them. They split up and took their seats. Suddenly, two strong, male assistants appeared with cutting capes and flung them with grace around the necks of the seated models. The capes draped over their shoulders and arms, and down over their knees. Then the two girls’ chairs were spun around to face the crowd.

Brie was already overwhelmed by the spectacle. She was dizzy with fear about being judged by the audience. She glanced over to her friend who giggled at her and mouthed the word, “Relax.” Brie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the crowd.

Over the thudding DJ music, Heather’s voice began to speak, describing to the crowd what was to go down on stage. “Today our lovely models will be going to a rave festival, and they’re going to want to look their very best. Perhaps to turn the eye of a boy, or perhaps just to bring out the confidence they feel on the inside, so they can dance without holding back. Libertine has built just the palettes for weekend occasions such as these. Let’s get started.” The monologue continued, somewhere between a narrative, a makeup tutorial, and an advertisement for the Libertine brand. As she spoke, the assistants followed her instructions and busied themselves with painting the faces of the models.

Up first was a hair wash. It was a Roman spa-style treatment, so the assistants leaned the girls back and poured basins of steamy water over their hair. They massaged in shampoos and conditioners and rinsed them off once again.

Elsie reveled in every moment of the process, thrilled to be getting the queen’s treatment. She felt a stoic peace and clarity in the situation. Despite the buzz and furor taking place all around her, she kept cool, professional composure the whole time, though her eyes scanned the crowd wildly, trying to discern faces beyond the glare of the spotlights.

In contrast, Brie kept her eyes tightly shut. She attempted to find her own kind of peace within her, by trying to focus on her breathing. And while she was successful in turning her nervous energy inward, she found the process awakening her nerve endings once again. After the wash, Heather began to narrate the makeup section, and all the while, wedges, brushes, and pads frantically applied creams and makeup, which drew the girl’s thoughts to a more sordid place.

As the spongy applicators danced across her face, she felt her lips tingling. Though the spotlights shone hotly upon her, the makeup felt cool to the touch and the contrast sparked the nerve endings in her cheeks and forehead. The strong hands of the makeup assistant grabbed her chin and turned her head this way and that, depending on the angle of light needed. She found herself, however, enjoying the feeling of being plied so, and she slowly forgot the crowd observing her.

Brie experienced the event through touch alone. A pencil scratched across her brow. A blush brush tickled her cheeks. A stick of lip color smeared across her pillowy, tingling lips. Every so often she felt the dotting of a powder pad, brought in to set the makeup and protect it from smearing. All of it served to trigger her sensitive nerves, which crackled brighter underneath the surface.

The young girl, recognizing the base urges growing within her, fought to keep herself together. But her brain had other ideas. It dawned on her that though somewhere out there was a crowd of observers, none of them had x-ray vision, and so none of them could see under the cape that was tied around her neck and draped over her body.

She didn’t want to draw the attention of her assistant, either, so she slowly moved her hand between her legs and pulled up the slight smock she was wearing. She snaked her fingers down her thighs and in between the folds of her vagina and felt her wetness. Already, she could feel her juices were dribbling out of her crack.

Eventually, Heather began to narrate their eyeliner and Brie heard her assistant speak for the first time: “Alright honey, gotta open them baby blues.”

Brie took a breath and winched her eyes open into the glare of the spotlights. She discovered that it was nearly impossible to see anything beyond them, save for some general silhouettes with darkened features in the front row. It made the girl feel more at ease, even anonymous, despite half the eyes in the room being on her.

The makeup assistant leaned in closely to her and cupped a strong hand on her cheek. With his other, he brought in an eyeliner pencil and whipped sharp wings across her lids. Brie liked being handled by the man and she giggled nervously. He was strong and also handsome, and when he got close she could feel his breath whisper across her face. He, however, appeared thoroughly unconcerned with her, and, strictly professional, put all his focus into his work. To that point, she also admired his staunch dedication.

Underneath the barber cape, she began to sluice a finger slowly up and down her slit. She knew no one would be able to see what she was doing as long as she proceeded slowly, and she followed the primal call of her wanton urges. She toyed with the silky fluid that she produced, pulling it from within her and smearing it across her pussy lips and down her inner thighs.

She told herself that she was under total control of her compulsion, but still she followed her body’s lead. Her breathing increased along with her heart rate, and she felt the cape stick slightly to her arms as they began to lightly sweat. Back and forth, she dragged her fingers through her slippery, girlish mixture, from one puffy labium to the other, passing over and swirling around her tingling clit along the way. Each time she moved back and forth, she gave in more and more to her mounting sensuality.

Brie soon decided that she needed something more, but just as she was about to plunge her fingers into her tunnel, a word cut sharply through her hazy mind: “Voila!” It was Heather, and her narration had come to a close. And just like that, the assistants unceremoniously ripped the capes from the models’ necks in one swift motion. Brie’s eyes snapped wide just as quickly as her legs snapped shut. She blushed, but the crowd’s applause and whistles signaled that she hadn’t been caught masturbating.

“Stand up, girls, and give us a twirl,” the DJ called from his microphone. Elsie was up instantly, spinning and mugging for the audience. Brie glanced down and noticed that her nipples were prominent and that she had soaked through the back of her smock and onto the barber chair seat. She pushed herself upward out of the chair, and merely bowed, keeping her gown away from her breasts and her backside out of sight from the onlookers. As the applause died down, the two girls began the walk backstage and Brie made sure that Elsie followed directly behind her, so that her friend would block any cameras from recording the wet spot on her garment.

Once they were safely out of view, they both breathed huge sighs of relief. Elsie hung her arm around Brie’s neck and laughed, “Can you believe that? We got to be models!”

Brie, too, chuckled, “Yeah, but I’m so glad it’s over. I was so nervous. I had my eyes closed practically the whole time.”

“Not me, I just stared straight ahead, like I’ve seen on fashion sites.” This was at least partially true.

“I saw that. You were so good out there. You’re a natural.”

“Aw, Brie, so were you.”

They burst back through the door of their dressing room, still giggling and talking about the experience, startling Hunter and Oliver who were sitting, still affixed to their phones. Oliver looked up from his device. “Oh hey, so, how’d it go?”

“It was so much fun.” Elsie answered.

“I can’t believe it’s over already,” Brie chimed in. “It was all a blur.”

Oliver stared a moment at Elsie. “You look so beautiful now.”

“Now?” Elsie teased.

“Well, I mean, you looked pretty before. Just, the makeup looks great is all.” Elsie could only demure. Oliver continued, “So, what are you going to do now?”

“I dunno. We could go get a shake, or we could go to Trampoline World. What are you feeling?”

“Honestly?” he replied, a sly grin saying more than his words, “I’m feeling kind of bummed that we missed seeing your modeling opportunity.”

“I don’t understand,” Elsie said, picking up an ulterior motive.

“What if we went somewhere and you can model these for me?” Hunter held out his hand and produced the geometrically themed pair of panties that Elsie had given him the previous day. They still had her phone number sharpied on them. This time both girls’ jaws went slack, caught off guard by Oliver’s boldness.

Elsie’s shock slowly transformed into a cheeky grin. “Yeah, that sounds like it could be fun, too,” she said meekly.

Hunter finally pulled himself away from his video game and climbed off the vanity where he was sat. “You could model something for me, too, Briley,” he said, fumbling bashfully for the words.

Brie stared at her feet sheepishly and said, “I… don’t really have anything to model.”

Elsie jabbed Brie with her elbow and chuckled nervously, “That’s not true. We’ll find something for you to model for the boys.” She shot a wordless glance at Brie that said, “Don’t ruin this.”

Brie brightened up and gave in, “Oh, well, okay, let’s go do it, then. But first, I gotta… go to the bathroom.” She rummaged through her purse and found the medicine bottle.

“Right,” Elsie said and winked, “We can wait here while you take care of that.”

Brie started for the bathroom when the dressing room door suddenly swung open and nearly knocked her on her butt. The large room attendant entered; over her shoulders were slung some outfits. She said cheerily, “Well, well, girls. Nice work. Sounds like you had quite the reception. The people really loved you out there. Especially you,” she nodded in Elsie’s direction. The young girl swelled obviously with pride. The woman continued, “The folks at Scarlet were impressed and they’d like to see you two walk the runway in one of their new pieces. You up for it?”

Brie was stunned, “Scarlet wants us to model for them?”

“That’s the idea. Might be a fun opportunity, right? But there’s not a lot of time, so you have to decide now.”

Elsie jumped up and down, her hands on Brie’s shoulders, “Obviously, let’s do it!”

“Okay!” Brie agreed.

“Alright, here.” From one shoulder she handed Brie a small romper, and from the other, she handed Elsie a sleeveless jumpsuit. “Get dressed in here. There will be some people coming by with shoes momentarily. And try not to mess up your hair and makeup. You’re on in five.” With that, the woman made her exit.

Brie couldn’t help but smile, “We’re gonna be Scarlet models?”

“I can’t believe they liked us!” Elsie turned to the two boys and added, “This is our first time modeling, ever.”

“Really?” said Oliver, “Could have fooled me with the way you pulled strings to get us back here.”

“We basically acted like we knew what we were talking about and just lied to them,” Elsie grinned. Hunter chuckled.

Elsie tugged at the neck of her smock, ready to pull it off right then and there, but she came to her senses when she heard Hunter grunt in surprise. “Whoops!” Elsie blushed, “I almost changed right in front of you.” A look of disappointment flashed across the boys’ faces. Elsie smiled sheepishly. “I’m just so used to changing in and out of whatever when it’s just the two of us girls.”

Brie chimed in, “You could change in this closet.” She pointed to the small alcove where the smocks had come from. A ragged curtain hung from rings on a bar, offering a reasonable amount of privacy.

“Good idea.” Elsie glanced back at Oliver, who still held her underwear. “I’ll take these.” She snatched them away, but didn’t miss his disappointment. “Don’t worry, you might see them later.” She winked coyly and ducked into the closet. Over the curtain she flung the smock, and got to work putting on the jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, Brie rolled the bottle of medicine over in her hands. She appreciated the distraction, but she noticed the gauziness of her condition was starting to creep back into her mind. “Els, uh, Zoey, I don’t think I have enough time to… take care of myself, but I’m wondering if I should take this medicine now or afterwards.”

“Well, do you think it will help?” Elsie inquired from behind the curtain.

“I dunno. Sometimes it makes things… worse, I guess.”

Elsie thought for a moment. “I’d say take it now, that way you’re ready for after we’re done. Anyway, this won’t take long.”

Brie silently mulled the idea. She glanced toward the two boys who both seemed utterly perplexed by the girls’ cryptic dialogue. Oliver shrugged. Brie sighed. “Yeah. You might be right.”

She unscrewed the top and tipped back the bottle, drinking down the viscous concoction. She felt a little bit obscene slurping it into her mouth in front of the boys. She couldn’t help thinking that, as her mom had told her, the medicine was just cum. And while it didn’t taste exactly like her mom’s cum, there were notes of it in the flavor. She squeezed her legs together, feeling her insides squish slightly at the thought of her carnal tryst with her mother, and once again she wondered where her mom had gotten the extra medicine that was in the bottle.

She drank about half of what remained. She was unsure how much it would work, but she at least felt an immediate satisfaction as she swallowed.

Elsie yanked the curtain and strutted out in a sleeveless, pink, floral jumpsuit, humming a tune vaguely reminiscent of “The Stripper”. She kicked one leg wildly into the air and cried out, “Pow!” Brie and the boys giggled at the performance. Elsie’s one-piece jumpsuit clung tightly against her torso, much like a leotard, but around her belt-line it was cinched, and the area around her hips, butt, and crotch was let out a bit, which made it just a bit more billowy and allowed for some flexibility. Going downward, the legs of the suit once again contoured against her body, as tights would. At her sides, three vents were cut at waist level, exposing her skin underneath, and down the front, a row of buttons traveling down to her belly button held the whole thing together. “I feel like a 70s spy girl or something,” Elsie giggled. She looked at Brie and nodded, “Show us what you got, Charlie’s Angel.”

Brie stepped into the closet and pulled the curtain closed. She held up the romper in front of her and examined it. It was a straightforward cut in deep blue, with a paisley print to match the ’70s vibe of Elsie’s jumpsuit. It looked pretty small, even for her size, and with her orders not to wear close-fitting underwear, she was concerned about the crotch of the piece pulling up against her pussy. She reached down to feel her well and shuddered. After her time in the makeup chair, it was already brimming over with juices. Her inner thighs were slick and her goo was slowly traveling down to her knees.

She pulled her smock over her head and shivered, fully naked behind the curtain. She balled up the flimsy clothing and spread her legs slightly, then unceremoniously wiped her sopping vagina with it, cleaning up as much moisture as possible. A groan escaped her mouth as the cheap fabric dragged across her pussy lips and into her crease, stoking the crackling fire smoldering in her nether region. The devil on her shoulder bid her to keep going, to finish off her orgasm right then and there behind the gossamer curtain, but Brie kept her eye on the goal. After all, it wasn’t every day that Scarlet asked her to model.

Hearing the moan, Elsie called to her, “You doing okay back there?”

“Yeah,” Brie sighed, “I’m fine.” She took a breath and climbed into the romper. She pulled the outfit’s straps up over her shoulder and felt the clothing pull up tightly against her crotch. She knew that her panties could complicate the sensations of her sensitive body, and she became starkly aware that this was not going to be doing her any favors. She adjusted the top of it, pulling it down a bit, to make room in the crotch, but in this way, the elastic band at the top sat very close to her nipples. Its coarse stitching strummed across her chest as she moved about, which caused her to shiver and hum. Goose bumps raised across her flesh, along with her nipples, and more of her fluids continued to spill from her loins.

It seemed that no matter which way she wore the romper, it was too small to wear comfortably with her super-orgasmic condition. Either it stimulated the nerves of her nipples and breasts, or it tugged up into her crack and rubbed against her clit. Brie’s only other option was to bow out of the show, which she was desperate not to do. She drew back the curtain and stepped out into the dressing room and blushed. Instinctively, she put her hands in front of her crotch, fearing that she was already soaking through the bottom.

Elsie hooted cheerily. “You look like a hippie! You just need a crown of daisies to complete the look.”

“It’s pretty tight!” Brie said skeptically.

Elsie frowned. “Hm, let me see.” She stood in front of Brie and looked her up and down, effectively blocking the view of the two boys. She thought for a bit and then leaned in to move Brie’s hands to her sides to get a better look. Brie fidgeted and sighed. Elsie could see a slightly dark strip at her crotch, where Brie’s moisture was soaking through. She could see that the crotch of the garment was pulled tightly up between Brie’s legs, showing off the contours of her puffy pussy lips and the dip between them. The contrast of the wet spot emphasized her camel toe all the more. “Yeah,” Elsie said, “That looks like it would fit me, but it’s a bit small on you.”

Elsie bent over and tugged at the legs of the romper, trying to get her friend some additional room. This pulled the elastic band at the top of the outfit down over Brie’s nipples, causing Brie to cry out in both surprise and pleasure.

Neither of the boys in the room quite understood what was going on, but both were picking up on a strange, sensual vibe emanating from Brie’s quaking figure.

Elsie, was taken aback by Brie’s cry. “What? What’s wrong?”

“You pulled the top down over my… boobs.”

“Oh, sorry.” Elsie reached up to pull the top back up again, and Brie cried out again and braced herself against the wall, legs wobbling as she felt both the elastic against her nipples and the the bottom of the romper tugging back up against her pussy. She whined, spreading her legs slightly and gently bucked her hips uncontrollably toward her friend.

“Mm, fuck, sorry, that just feels…” Brie drifted off.

“Why don’t we just leave this where it is?” Elsie suggested, “and we’ll take care of it after the catwalk, okay?”

Brie nodded, eyes staring off in the distance. She hobbled over toward a stool and perched her butt on the edge of it.

Oliver and Hunter looked a bit confused. Oliver spoke up, “Is she hurt?”

Elsie shook her head, “She’ll be fine. More than fine. She just has a condition that creeps up every so often. You kinda just gotta let her do what she needs to do.” Elsie nodded and they all sat in awkward silence, trying and failing to find a way to change the subject.

It wasn’t much longer before the handler returned with boots for the two girls. More specifically, they were roller skates. “You two know how to skate?”

Elsie nodded, “Well enough.”

“Great, you two are going to be roller girls. I guessed at your sizes. Hopefully these fit.”

“I think you guessed too small for Briley’s romper,” Elsie said, trying to be helpful.

The woman looked Brie up and down. She couldn’t see the moist strip in the crotch from her angle. “It might be a size too small, but it’ll work for now. You just gotta get down the runway and back and you’re done.” Brie swallowed hard and nodded.

Elsie sat on the ground and started lacing up her skates. She tipped her head at Hunter, “You wanna help her get these on?”

“Oh! Uh, sure,” he replied dopily. He knelt down in front of Brie and placed her foot into the skate. As he tightened up the laces, he followed her legs with his eyes. They were so fit and smooth and had clearly gotten a lot of sun that summer. His eyes picked up a subtle movement and he continued upward until he could see the girl timidly rocking her hips back and forth across the edge of the stool. From his angle, her crotch undulated in and out of view. He noticed a glossy patch of wetness between her legs, and at that point also noted a strong scent in the air. He was unsure just what the young girl was doing, or what condition she was in—as Zoey had mentioned—but for him to be so close to whatever it was she was doing, it was an erotic sight.

Brie noticed that Hunter was staring and she looked down and caught his eye. He snapped his head back down to focus on the work of tying her boots, and the two of them blushed together. Brie also shifted onto the stool and attempted to remain still.

Oliver also saw a chance to flirt with Elsie and he offered to help her get her skates on. She agreed and the two of them made eyes at one another, giggling as they worked together. Elsie, though happy to be modeling for Scarlet was becoming more and more eager for some one-on-one time with her new boy. She could feel herself getting wet with anticipation, though she knew her panties would soak it all up, unlike Brie.

The waiting assistant interrupted their reverie. “Alright, you love birds, let’s get you queued up. On your feet.”

Oliver helped Elsie up off the ground and she steadied herself against him. She pulled herself close and inhaled his scent. Brie was able to push off from the stool she sat on, though her wheels slipped and she staggered forward into Hunter. The sudden movement pulled the too-small romper up into her crack and she moaned aloud in his ear as a white-hot sensation, somewhere between pain and pleasure, coursed from between her legs throughout her body.

“Are— are you alright?” Hunter asked, bewildered.

Brie put a hand to her forehead, and groaned in frustration, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I just got a wedgie. This thing’s too small. Let’s go, Zoey.”

The woman assistant led the way and the two girls skated behind her. Brie panted with each stride as her movements caused her outfit to tantalize her most sensitive areas. Her whole body glowed with a sheen of sweat. She felt more than ready to cum, and couldn’t wait to get back to the dressing room.

Elsie could tell that Brie was having a hard time of it, but she didn’t know what she could do to help at that time. She smiled wryly at her friend and said, “Just down the runway and back, remember?”

Brie nodded silently, solemnly, in return. Just down the runway and back, she thought to herself.

They queued up behind a line of other Scarlet models just as the DJ began to announce the details of the new clothing line. Elsie stood behind Brie and rubbed her shoulders in an attempt to get her to relax.

“Does that help?” Elsie inquired closely in her friend’s ear.

Brie rocked her head back and sighed. “I dunno, but I do at least feel less tense right now.”

“Good. We’ll get through this. I’ll let you go first, so you can get in and get out.” Elsie leaned in and pecked Brie delicately on the cheek.

Brie shivered and whispered back, “And get off.”

One by one the other models filed out onto the catwalk to thumping neo-disco. Each girl was wearing a pair of skates to go with her ’70s inspired getup, just like Brie and Elsie.

The girl in front of Brie had just taken her first strides out the catwalk entrance when she came skidding back out of the crowd’s view. “There was a fall!” she cried out.

A stagehand came rushing by and vanished out the entrance. A while later, he returned, assisting two models by their waists. They both leaned on either of his shoulders. “Out of the way,” he demanded.

Both Brie and Elsie stared at the two misfortunate girls. One was limping on her skates, and the other was bleeding from her face.

“Oh my god,” Elsie exclaimed.

The large assistant woman came rushing back, rolling an arm in the air, signaling them to continue, “They’ll be fine, let’s put this behind us and keep the show going.” The professional model in front of Brie and Elsie nodded once and snapped immediately into performance mode. She hit the catwalk and moments later, it was Brie’s turn to walk.

She made one last-ditch attempt to force her outfit to behave, but it was no use. As soon as she started moving, the fabric pulled up between her legs. She could do nothing but grimace and bear it, and so she rolled out into the spectacle once again. The thudding bass of the playlist hummed through the air. Massive speakers pulsed against the stage, thrumming through her body. As her wheels rolled along the surface of the catwalk, they, too, sent vibrations up from her tingling toes, straight to her inner thighs. Her nerves chained the sensation from one fiber of her being to another, and she trembled as each stride sawed the soaked crotch of her romper up into her cleft.

Her ecstasy was taking hold and the cacophony of the event began to fade around her and her vision began to darken. The music, too, deadened until she could only make out the four-count bass beat. Her orgasm boiled within her. Her chest heaved, and she felt as if she were drowning in a deep ocean. She knew that she was rapidly approaching an intense cum. Her nether region flared with pleasure, and she felt herself teetering on the edge of insanity, on display in front of hundreds, there on the catwalk.

But she fought back. Not to prevent embarrassing herself in front of the crowd she knew to be out beyond the hazy fog in her mind—that part of her consciousness had shut off—but to bask in the bliss of being brought all the way to the edge yet to delay and extend her mounting pleasure ever longer. In her reverie, however, she could still sense that she had come to another kind of edge: the physical edge of the stage. She paused a moment. Not long, but just enough to catch her breath and collect her wits. In this respite of clarity, she realized her hips were grinding the air. The action dragged her electrified clit and tender pussy lips along the tight fabric seams at her crotch. Much as she wanted to tear off the entire outfit and finish herself right then and there, she balled her fists and willed her body back under control. She spun herself around for the return journey back across the stage.

Elsie followed Brie out, a few feet back, and watched her friend the whole way. She saw Brie acting differently than their initial run down the catwalk. Then, Brie was mousey and nervous. Now, she was saucy, and slinky, almost liquid in form. If Elsie had not had a deeper understanding of Brie’s condition, she might have even mistaken it for confidence. She watched as Brie stopped at the edge of the stage and paused, swinging her hips out and back in a lurid, sexual simulation. She could even hear the crowd gasping under the music. Elsie was taken in by the performance. She understood more than anybody else there the maddening pleasure that was seeping from her friend’s every pore, every orifice. She had experienced Brie’s orgasmic torrents of rapture first hand just the day before in a dressing room at that very mall. Between Elsie’s memories, Brie’s growing sexual hunger and wanton displays, and Oliver’s flirting, Elsie, too, was ready for some action.

After a mere moment, Brie spun around and faced her friend. Her expression was disconnected, her eyes rolled up and her jaw hanging open. Elsie barely registered on her radar as she passed by. Brie’s only thought was ripping off her garment and claiming her deserved erotic relief. She skated toward the stage exit and, as she did, she shrugged the straps of the romper over each shoulder, one-by-one. She tugged at the legs and pulled the wedged fabric out from between her labia. This caused the elastic top of the outfit to pull down over her sensitive nipples. They emerged into view even while she was still on stage, but she didn’t care; she hoped that, with her back already to most of the audience, and their attention now on Elsie, nobody would notice. As she at last crossed though the stage exit, she yanked the top down off of her chest altogether and peeled it down over her torso. She had no care in the world that stagehands, models, and everybody else back stage could see her youthful chest bared. She was happy to have some relief from her torturous outfit, at last.


In the crowd, Ivy fanned herself. The venue was packed full and the temperature was heating up. She watched Elsie follow Brie off the catwalk and turned, wide-eyed, to her date. She was shocked by Brie’s flagrant grinding. “Did you see that?”

Her partner deflected, “Were those the two girls you know again?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend’s daughter and her friend.”

The man merely smirked, saying nothing.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing,” Ivy muttered, “I think I know where she gets it.”

That piqued her date’s curiosity. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say I know her parents well. Her mother…” she trailed off.

“C’mon, you know you can’t just leave it at that,” the man pried.

“Down boy,” Ivy chuckled, patting his crotch. She then changed the subject. “I’m surprised they’re letting her model now. She’s so young.”

The man shrugged, “I hope she gets to come back for more.”

“You’re perverse,” Ivy jeered.

He shrugged, “What? She’s cute. She’s like a little doll.”

With warning eyes, Ivy shook her head at her date, but silently she agreed.

The man held up his hands. “Alright, I’ll say no more.”


Backstage, Brie skated over to a drinking fountain, pulling the romper ever lower, giving her pussy room to breathe and allowing the cool, backstage air to pass over her naked torso. She doused her face in the chilly water from the spigot and panted as the world slowly came back into focus. She had gotten a little too close to having another public orgasm, and a sense of shame began to grow about it.

Suddenly, Elsie came up from behind and goosed Brie’s bare sides, startling her. “You looked so sexy out there!”

“Oh, Elsie,” Brie whined, “I could barely control myself. I nearly creamed my brains out inside this fucking baby-sized romper!”

“I could tell you were barely holding it together,” Elsie snickered. “You looked so lusty. It was kinda hot, really.”

Brie blushed, “At least I didn’t embarrass myself in front of everybody this time.” She looked down at her outfit and felt the legs. They were saturated with her fluids. “Fuck, they’re going to make me pay for this.”

Elsie squeezed the crotch of the romper and wrung out a generous amount of liquid. “Wow, those things are practically a biohazard at this point,” she teased. “I wonder if that will show up in the photos.”


“Yeah, they have photographers out there. Plus, you know, anybody with an iPhone. But I mean like pro photographers. You think we’ll be on Scarlet’s website?”

“Maybe you, Els. You’re so good at this. I’m— I’m a mess,” Brie despaired.

“Hey, don’t say that,” Elsie consoled her friend. “Maybe you couldn’t tell from your perspective, but you were really getting the hang of it out there. Chin up.” Elsie pulled Brie’s face up to hers, then kissed her softly on her lips.

Brie’s heart raced and her head got woozy. “Els,” she moaned into her friend’s mouth, “You can’t do that right now. I’m still so horny, I’m gonna start climbing the walls.”

Elsie sighed, “Sorry. You’re not the only one getting a little riled up. C’mon, let’s go say hi to the boys.”

They turned to go when they noticed Heather, the woman who helped run the Libertine kiosk, briskly approaching, her face emblematically stony. Elsie, fearing admonishment, attempted to steer them both away from her, but the woman clapped at them to get their attention. “Girls, you are needed.”

Elsie jumped and they both turned slowly. “Needed?” she inquired hesitantly.

“We are down two models for the final segment, and you are two extras. We need you to step in.”

Brie’s heart sank. “But I— I really can’t,” she stuttered.

Elsie was a little disappointed, but looked over at her trembling friend, “Yeah, I think we’re done for today.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Heather spat, “You are paid professionals.”

“Hey, we only signed on for makeup. Modeling clothes was just a bonus. We’re not getting paid for that,” Elsie retorted.

Just then, Michael stuck his head around a corner. He saw the girls with Heather and immediately rushed in to intercept. “Oh thank god, girls, we need your help.”

“We know,” Elsie said flatly, “but we’re done.”

“What’s—?” Michael started, but stopped himself as he met eyes with Heather. He forced a smile at her and pleaded, “Heather, if I may have a moment with the girls?”

Heather rolled her eyes and sighed, then turned and walked off in a huff.

After she left, Michael took a big breath before speaking, “I don’t think that woman is going to last long in retail. Listen, girls, we’re in a bit of a bind. Scarlet needs two models to finish out this show. Like immediately. I know Heather hasn’t been the best hostess, but I’d like to know what I can do to convince you to take the gig.”

“Convince?” Elsie asked.

“Yes,” Michael nodded. “How can we compensate you for the extra work?”

Elsie instantly recognized the value in the offer and pulled Brie away, saying to him, “One moment.” Once they were out of earshot, she turned to her friend, “Brie, baby, I’m ready to be done with this, too. And listen, I’m fucking soaking through my panties right now, too, waiting to get back to those boys so we can have some fun, so I know at least somewhat how you’re feeling right now. And I know it’s a risk, but just think of what we could get out of this. They need us.”

Brie held a thousand-yard stare. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get through another walk down the runway in her condition. She knew that, even if she had a chance to cum before they went out that she wouldn’t be in any condition to be seen in public. But still, for her friend, she nodded.

Elsie rubbed Brie’s bare shoulders. “What would make it worth your while to do one more run, down and back? They even said it’s the last segment for the day. No more after this.”

Brie shrugged and whined, “I… I just don’t want to pay for ruining this romper.”

Elsie nodded, “I bet we can make that happen, and more. We’ll make them give us the outfits we modeled today. In fact, I think we can swap them between us. Yours is a bit too small, but it would probably fit me. And, look,” Elsie tugged at the jumpsuit she wore. “Mine is baggy around the hips and crotch, so you can have mine.”

Brie blushed, “But mine is gross right now. You would wear my cum-soaked clothes?”

“Girl, I wore your actual cum yesterday, remember?”

Even Brie couldn’t help but snort at that, “True.”

“Great!” Elsie snapped, “We’re gonna get these clothes, or we’re gonna say that’s it.”

Brie nodded and they rolled back to Michael who was tenting his fingers nervously.

“In addition to the makeup you promised, we want to be able to keep our outfits today.”

Michael smiled and nodded, “I think we can make that happen. Now—”

“From both walks,” Elsie added.

Michael laughed, “Well okay. You will each keep both of your outfits. Now—”

“And $100 each,” Brie interjected, startling Elsie.

Michael paused, then started again slowly. “Is… that everything then?”

Both girls looked at one another, smirking, then nodded at Michael.

“Right then, let’s shake on it.” He took each girl’s hand one-by-one and then continued, “Great, let’s go get your new outfits right away. We don’t have much time.” He herded the two girls to the Scarlet rack and pulled a single swimming suit off the bar. “The last segment of our show is the bathing suit segment. Always a popular one for the crowds.” He looked Brie up and down, who was still stripped bare from the waist up. “I have a hunch that you’re a bit more of an exhibitionist, so you’ll be coming with me.” That was a word that neither girl was familiar with, but with that assessment, he handed the swimming suit he had pulled to Elsie and sent her back to their dressing room to get changed.

He then guided Brie by the shoulders to the makeup room, “Come with me. Your suit is going to take a bit more effort to put on.”


Elsie returned to her dressing room and found both boys still waiting inside. Once again, Oliver got up to meet her, while Hunter nodded in acknowledgement and then returned to his phone. Elsie, still in her skates, rolled slowly up to the older boy and crashed into him lightly. She craned her neck up and pecked him sweetly on the cheek. He blushed. “They want us to do one more walk down the runway.” Elsie held up the bikini in front of her. “The swimsuit edition!” The bikini was a red triangle top with a flower print pattern on it. The straps and accents were a blue micro-check pattern. The bottoms were a modest but trendy cut, and an exposed belt in a matching pattern ran along the waistband.

“Whoa, nice,” Oliver grinned. “You must have kicked some ass out there.”

Elsie giggled, “Sort of! Two of the models fell on their skates. There was blood everywhere. We’re replacing them.”

Oliver chuckled. “That’s incredible! Man, I never thought a fashion show would be so action-packed. We’re missing everything back here, Hunter.”

Hunter looked up at his brother and just shrugged before returning his attention to the game he was playing.

“I feel kinda bad inviting you back here now,” Elsie said.

Oliver brightened up, “No, it’s cool. It’s worth it to hang out with you, Zoey. And Briley, too, of course.”

Elsie smiled warmly, but it morphed into a mischievous grin as an idea crept into her head. “You know, if you’re looking for action, I think I do owe you some. And, well, I’ve gotta change into this little thing.” She dangled the bikini hanger on the end of her finger.

A wide grin spread across Oliver’s face and he nodded enthusiastically. “You did promise me some underwear modeling.” He glanced back at his brother, who was absorbed in his game. “Uh, what about him?”

Elsie thought for a moment about Hunter, but she sincerely didn’t care if he saw her perform a little strip tease. She was feeling horny and sexy, and her mind was not placing much importance on modesty. She shrugged, “Oh, I guess it’s fine if he looks.” Then she said, with pointed emphasis in the younger brother’s direction, “I don’t think he’s paying any attention, anyway.”

“Huh?” Hunter glanced up at Elsie through his shaggy hair.

“Nevermind,” the girl said, rolling her eyes. Then quietly to Oliver, “Let’s see how long it takes him to figure it out. Go have a seat.”

She looked once more at the attractive older boy as he grabbed a chair and pulled it close to her. She took a deep breath and fingered the top button near her neck on her jumpsuit nervously. Her heart was thudding in her chest, and she suddenly felt too self-conscious to go through with it. “Hold on.” She coasted over to the door and said, “We need a bit of music.” She cracked the door open a small ways and the muffled bass echoing down the halls seeped into the room. She poked her head out into the hall to make sure nobody was around and then turned back to face Oliver.

She slowly started to shake her hips to the beat, eventually finding the rhythm. She closed her eyes and once again began to tug at the buttons of her jumpsuit.

Oliver stared as the nubile, young girl swayed in front of him, popping the buttons of her outfit apart, one-by-one. He found her inexperienced movements awkward but sensual, and since her eyes were meekly closed, he felt like a voyeur leering at forbidden goods. He glanced briefly at his brother, who was still oblivious.

Elsie navigated her hand down the line of buttons in front, undoing each catch, from the top of her chest down toward her belly button. When she reached the last one, she opened one eye to peer at her spectator. He was fixated on her, and she blushed. She pulled apart the two halves of the jumpsuit top, revealing her cleavage, and fanned herself with them. The action threatened to flash a glimpse of her breasts. She knew what Oliver wanted to see, but she wasn’t ready to give it to him quite yet. She wanted to tease him.

She spun around suddenly on her skates, and Oliver moaned, “Aw, c’mon,” but Elsie didn’t respond directly, only giggled. Instead, she slowly bent at her hips, pushing her ass out in his direction. All the while, she continued to wave it in the air to the muted techno beat coming from the DJ’s speakers. Inch by inch she descended, until she could touch her toes.

Much as Oliver wanted to see his catch topless, he couldn’t deny that staring at her small but round ass, covered as it was, was an equally good thing. He adjusted his pants to make room for his swelling manhood.

Elsie pulled at the laces of her skates, releasing the knots, and loosened them up. She turned around again and removed each boot, one after the other. As her body continued to groove sensually, her hands knotted the two sets of laces together and she hung the two skates around her neck.

Oliver groaned when he realized where the dance was going. Elsie, growing bolder, winked back at him. Then, with both hands, she pulled the top of the jumpsuit apart and shrugged it over her shoulders. Her chest was exposed, but Oliver’s view of her breasts and nipples was blocked by the skates hanging down.

“You really know how to tease a guy,” Oliver carped.

Elsie made a display of pulling off the top. One by one, she tugged at the sleeves and pulled her arms out. Now topless, she felt her bare skin prickle at the cool air in the dressing room. Her nipples stiffened against the leather skate boots, and her vagina released lubricious fluid into her panties. She stayed that way for a few moments, rocking to the music, smirking at Oliver, and building his excitement. She noticed his hand occasionally adjust the bulge in his pants, or perhaps he was doing something more to his stiff member.

At long last, she continued and stuck her thumbs into the cinched-in waist of the jumpsuit. Oliver sucked in a breath, and suddenly Hunter exclaimed, “Whoa!” Elsie froze.

Oliver looked back at his younger brother and sighed. “Don’t ruin this, man.”

Hunter, suddenly aware, quickly jammed his phone into his pocket and fixed his hair nervously. “Sorry, I just realized what was happening.” He sat and fixed his attention on the girl.

Oliver, too, returned his attention to Elsie. “My brother’s such a dork,” he said with an easy smile.

Elsie thawed quickly and resumed her strip show. She again felt an unexpected nervousness now that there were two boys staring at her. She found herself unable to make eye contact with either of them. Yet, with blushing cheeks, a nervous smile, and her eyes fixed on the ceiling above, she pushed the garment over her hips, revealing the blue and yellow panties she had drenched the day before. Already they were wet again.

She continued to push the jumpsuit over her ass and down her thighs, until it slid to the floor of its own volition. Then, stepping out of it, one foot at a time, Elsie made herself naked, all except for her panties. She stood there awkwardly, unsure what she had done, or what she should do next. She stopped moving to the music, and her teeth chattered lightly, her breath ragged. Having only been naked in front of Warrick, she was unused to being the object of a man’s gaze.

Oliver felt like he had been holding his breath for an hour. He exhaled slowly, smiling, and reached out to her. He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her close to him. She moved between his legs, and sat on one of his thighs and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He was warm and she dangled loosely in his firm grasp. She felt him move in and she swallowed hard.

He kissed her, pressing his body toward hers. He felt the wheels of her skates dig into his chest uncomfortably, so he grabbed one and pushed it from around her shoulder. The weight and momentum, pulled them both off of the little girl and they clattered to the ground, causing Elsie to break away with a start.

“Sorry,” he smirked, “they were in the way.” He used the opportunity to admire her small tits, now bared in full view. He groaned approvingly at the sight, and he

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A cold evening on the campus

It was the middle of December, three days before the college broke for Christmas. The days had become really short, and if you lived in the middle of a concrete forest like I did, really cold. I was in second year then, having given the end semester examinations, and trying to enjoy the few days that remained before we all headed off for our homes. But one can only enjoy as much with an empty hostel, most of my mates having departed already inspite of the fact that college was still on. Not so for me, my parents would mail me...


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My Life 7 - 3-some with my sister and my best mate

Susan announced a few days later that she had wanted to have a threesome with me and Colin. She had declared it was only fair as I had been with her and Lynne and she was keen to broaden her horizons. I think she was also curious to see the pair of us together and although Sue hadn’t told Colin that I had been watching the pair of them through the keyhole when she and Colin had sex, I felt sure Colin wouldn’t mind sharing her with me. I made the suggestion to Colin later that afternoon, when he came over...


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