Voyeur Mother

Voyeur Mother

My brother Josh and me were on the floor playing Scrabble with Luis and Isabella Gomez at their house. Mrs Gomez was a strange one. She would sometimes sit on the sofa and watch us with a glass of "orange juice," in which we all could all smell the vodka. Her clothes were always remarkable. Sometimes she would wear tight pants and a billowing blouse, sometimes she would have on a dress with a full skirt - totally inappropriate for knocking around the house. And her hair, which should have been black, was blonde but more towards orange. She always wore garish lipstick.

Izzy and I were wearing jeans with the cuffs rolled halfway up our calves along with loose fitting tops that were kinda like sweat shirts but lighter. That day Mrs. Gomez had really tight pants on, which might have seemed out of place given that she'd put on a few pounds.

So back to our Scrabble game. I had laid down EAST, crossing with BUS. Luis proudly added BR to make BREAST. Isabella and me immediately giggled. This apparently woke Mrs. Gomez out of her trance and she commented:

"Are you embarrassed about your breasts?" I fact we both were, but we shook our heads, no. "Someday your going to want a boy to put his hands on them. I bet Luis and Josh have never felt a girls breasts."

All four of us were terrified, but for opposing reasons. Josh and Luis nervously shook their heads no. And Izzy and me looked at the boys with fear in our eyes.

Mrs. Gomez was apparently getting her stride. "Luis, I bet Linda (that's me) would let you see what her boobs feel like." I didn't give my assent, but Luis leaned across the board with his hands out in front of me. I was too shocked to say anything. "Go ahead," she added, and Luis grabbed both of my breasts in his hands.

"What do they feel like?"

It wasn't the least bit erotic for me but Luis seemed to be enjoying himself. "They're, uh, sorta soft, you know." I felt him squeezing to get the complete picture.

"Your turn, Josh." Isabella stared in disbelief that her mother would do this to her. Josh, on the other hand, didn't wait a second to grab both of Izzy's boobs.

"Boys, Boys, if you kiss the girls and rub more gently, they might like it more," Mrs. Gomez added and she rubbed her own breasts to show what she meant.

I'll admit it did feel nice when Luis kissed me and started rubbing. From the neck up, it was like in the movies. From the neck down, well movies didn't show that part or even suggest it. And way below my neck I could feel things stirring. Luis and Josh both adjusted their crotches just like the baseball players do, but it seemed to take more effort.

"Well girls, you don't get to have all the fun," like the boys weren't having fun, too? "Why don't you help them adjust down there?" She pointed. Izzy was the first one who dared to try and her eyes opened wide in astonishment. "Start rubbing, Isabella!"

I couldn't wait to try once Izzy went first. Luis's cock was rock hard inside his pants. I knew about such things from sex ed of course, but feeling it in my hand was something else. "Keep rubbing!"

Mrs. Gomez was now rubbing her pants between her legs. "Boys, don't get too excited yet. Girls want to be rubbed down there too," and soon Luis's hand was between my own legs.

Everybody was breathing harder and harder, the boys especially. Luis was the first one to reach a climax. "Stop, stop," he warned, but I kept going. He let out a guttoral moan and soon there was a wet spot on his pants. He looked down, "Oh no, Oh no." But then he had a smile on his face.

I watched Izzy and Josh. She had her eyes closed and was breathing hard and moaning. Josh started to moan too. And now I was able to recognize the signs that Josh was ejaculating in his underwear.

"Well it's time for you two to go home. We can keep the Scrabble game where it is."

Josh wore his shirt out to cover up his embarrassment as we went down the block to our homes. I couldn't help but smirk as I looked at him.

"Don't even think of saying anything," he commanded.


We were back at our Scrabble game the next afternoon. Mrs. Gomez came down to watch after a while. She was wearing a short skirt - short for the 50s - that stopped a few inches above her knees - a billowing blouse that showed her cleavage and bright blue lipstick and eye liner.

"You're all so serious." Izzy had put TIME across the bottom of BUS making BUST, which had caused another giggle but that was earlier. "Haven't you learned anything from yesterday?" In fact, we were all kinda embarrassed and hadn't said or done anything. Mrs. G was about to change that. "It's only half as much fun if you can't see anything."

Mrs. Gomez proceeded to pull her blouse apart to make even more of her cleavage visible. It was clear she didn't have a bra on but on the other hand she stopped before she revealed all. Then she started pulling up the hem of her dress while at the same time pushing the fabric between her legs. The boys were fixated as she started rubbing the fabric. i looked at their crotches at one point as they both made adjustments.

"But you don't want to see me. (not true I'm sure) You want to see them," she said pointing at us girls. "You've never seen a girl's tits, have you?" she asked the boys. Neither had. "Girls, you're not going to disappoint them are you? ... Isabel?" Once again Izzy looked terrified. So did I, I'm sure. "Maybe Josh can open your blouse," she suggested to them.

It was a school day and we were both in our school clothes which consisted of dark blue skirts and white blouses. Josh complied of course, only to find how complicated a girls clothes could be. Luis went to work on me. We both had slips on and their straps and our bra straps made extra work for the boys. Luis figured it out first; he pulled the straps of my slip off my shoulders and pulled down the neck to reveal my bra. "Help them with your bras," Mrs. G directed. I reached around behind and un-clipped myself. Luis pulled my bra up and just stared. Josh caught up a few seconds later with Izzy.

"OK boys, your turn. Off with the pants," directed Mrs. G. The boys looked around as if somebody might be looking. "Help them girls." Luis let me undo his belt and unzip his trousers. I could see the shape of his erect cock in his underpants. He pulled the waist down for me.

Well, I'd never seen a penis, erect or not, so this was quite a shock. But of course I was fascinated. I held it in my hand and something told me to start rubbing it. Izzy was watching and when Josh's penis came out - I couldn't believe I was looking at my brother's penis - she began rubbing too.

Neither boy needed any coaching to reach between our legs and start rubbing us through our panties. I was embarrassed because I could tell my panties were damp. But it felt so good, that feeling passed.

"Well girls, the boys aren't hiding anything. Neither should you," and I knew what she meant. I helped Luis pull off my panties and he stared amazed at my pussy before he started rubbing my sex again with nothing covering it. Oh god that felt good.

"Push your finger into that crack and rub some more." That was amazing what it did to me; my whole body was rocking; my toes were even on fire. "There's a hole there, rub your finger around it."

I looked over at Mrs. Gomez. Here hand was buried under her skirt. It looked like it was moving in and out. Izzy and Josh were both starting to moan from their play.

"That's their vagina. That's where your cock goes. Put your finger in," and that gave me my first screaming orgasm. It had the same effect on Izzy. It wasn't long before Luis's cock erupted all over my leg and hand. I looked over and Izzy was already trying to wipe off her legs and belly and a spot on her dress. Mrs. G handed tissues to us both.


A day later, we couldn't wait to get together at Izzy and Luis's place. Things happened pretty quickly. Mrs. Gomez had a small box. "Wouldn't we all be more comfortable with all our clothes off?" Now the day before I sorta felt like my modesty was protected by the clothes that were still on, despite their disheveled state. But we all slithered out of our clothes, except Mrs. G. I couldn't believe she had gotten me to undress in front of my brother, not to mention Luis.

"Let's go out back. Nobody can see over the fence anyway." It was a hot September day and the lounge chairs were still out on the porch. We all looked nervously around but it seemed OK. Then Mrs. G revealed what was in the box: rubbers!!

She coached us girls how to put them on the boys and had us lie on our backs on the lounge chairs. The boys were told to suck on our tits and rub and finger our pussies. And then it happened. Luis's cock slid in easily at first, then a painful moment, and then ecstacy. It felt so good. Izzy screamed as Josh's cock penetrated her barrier; it must have hurt her more than me. But everything continued until the boys filled their condoms. When we got up afterwards, the spots on the lounges confirmed that Izzy and me weren't virgins anymore.

Mrs. G helped us clean up including the plastic lounge chairs and we went home.

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