The Devil's Pact Servants' Chronicles Chapter 1: Cindy's Interview

The Devil's Pact Servants' Chronicles Chapter 1: Cindy's Interview

The Devil's Pact Servants' Chronicles
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2014

Chapter One: Cindy's Interview

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Notes: This takes place during Chapters 34 and 40.

Monday, September 2nd, 2013 – Cindy Mayflower – South Hill, WA

I lounged naked in Doctor Willow's exam room, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm. My mother moaned and gasped beneath Doctor Willow. The Doctor had a thick strap-on and was fucking Mom hard. Our Monday gynecological visits were the best part of our week. Somehow, during the last month-and-a-half, we had become more than Doctor Willow's patients—we had become her lovers. I took a deep breath, the air filled with the scent of pussy. Mine, mom's, Doctor Willow's, and Nurse Hayfa's cunts all mixed together to form this wonderful, intoxicating fragrance.

I frowned; it was a familiar scent, but something was missing. I took another deep breath, trying to place what was missing. “You don't use those sweet-smelling incense anymore,” I suddenly realized, blurting out my words without thinking.

Beautiful nurse Hayfa—busy washing the dildo Doctor Willow had just fucked me with—turned and smiled, “You and your mom are comfortable enough now, you don't need them to relax.” Her accent was exotic and musical.

She was naked, her dusky skin lustrous. My eyes fell to her ass—beautiful, full, round, heart-shaped. I wanted to kneel behind her, spread her cheeks, and taste her. As she washed, she shifted her hips, waggling that gorgeous butt invitingly at me.

“Fuck me! Make me cum, Doctor Willow!” Mom moaned.

I glanced over to see Doctor Willow's cinnamon ass, also nicely shaped, pumping up and down as she humped my mother. It was part of our treatment for Prevarication Syndrome. I'm not sure how having a dildo pleasuring us—especially attached to the beautiful Doctor Willow—cured it; I just knew how much I loved the treatments.

My gaze was drawn back to Hayfa. I couldn't resist that ass. I had read the Odyssey last year in English, and that ass was a siren, calling to me. Like Odysseus's crew, I was helplessly drawn to Hayfa's gorgeous rear. I walked across the small exam room—echoing with Mom and Doctor Willow's passion—and knelt behind the Arabic nurse, and gave each cheek a quick peck.

“What are you doing back there, amira?” Hayfa asked. Amira was Hayfa's nickname for me; it meant 'princess' and it made me feel so special when she said it.

I didn't answer, deciding to let my actions speak for me, and spread her dusky cheeks. Her asshole was almost the same shade of brown as her skin, blending in. I let my tiny tongue gently taste the sour of her ass. I probed her wrinkled anus with my tongue, then pressed it forward into her asshole like a little dildo. Her bowels were hot and rough, twitching about my invading tongue

“Oh, you delightful sharmoota!” she moaned. “Tongue my ass!”

She gasped as I slipped two fingers into her drenched cunt. The nurses always had to watch Doctor Willow make love to Mom and me, and I always felt so bad for them that they didn't get to enjoy themselves. I worked my tongue as deep into her sour ass as I could while my hand busied with her pussy. My thumb found her clit and she gasped, clenching her ass about my tongue.

“Oh, yes, stir me up!” she purred. “Telhas bokhshi!”

I fingered her faster as I worshiped her tasty, sour ass. Her breath grew more ragged, her pants higher pitched. Her hips writhed and shook. She let out a low, throaty moan, and her entire body went momentarily rigid. Juices flooded the hand fingering her pussy as a powerful orgasm rippled through her.

“Thank you, amira,” she panted. “That was so nice.”

She turned, pulled me to my feet, and gave me a loving kiss. “You're welcome,” I beamed at her, proud that I had made her cum.

I turned just in time to watch Doctor Willow cum with Mom, the two shrieking loudly. Their breasts—one pair ivory, the other cinnamon—mashed together, nipples kissing. Doctor Willow collapsed on my mom, nuzzling her neck as the pair luxuriated in their afterglows. After a moment, the Doctor sighed, kissed my mom on the lips, then climbed off of her.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Mom breathed; her body flushed.

“It was my pleasure,” Doctor Willow answered as Nurse Hayfa began removing the strap-on from her. “How are your jobs going, Pearl?”

“Terrible,” Mom answered, “Neither one gives me enough hours, and I don't have enough time to go home between them. They're running me ragged, and I can barely pay the bills.”

Doctor Willow smiled, “I have an exciting opportunity for you and your daughter.”

“What?” Mom asked, her voice a mix of hope and caution.

“The Living Gods are going to need servants,” she answered, stepping out of the harness. “I don't know exactly when, but you and your daughter are just the sort of candidates they're looking for.” I felt heat flush through me as Doctor Willow's considering gaze fell on my body.

“When would it start?” Mom asked.

“The interviews probably won't be for a while,” Willow answered. “The mansion is months away from being completed, but the Gods may need servants sooner than that. So I've been instructed to offer retainers to keep potential candidates available at a moment's notice. You would each be paid $3000 a month.”

“$3000!” Mom spluttered. “Each?”

The doctor nodded. “You'd just have to agree to a few stipulations. Hayfa, the contracts.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Hayfa murmured, my eyes following her ass as she swayed across the room. She produced several pieces of papers and handed one to each of us.

I examined it. I'd have to keep in shape—healthy eating and daily exercise—and attend weekly church service at one of the Living Churches springing up like mold across the Puget Sound. I blinked at the last stipulation. I would have to be willing to let the Gods, both Mark and Mary, use my body for sex, whether with Them or a third party of their choice. If hired, I would have to swear my soul to the Gods in exchange for eternal youth and their love.

Mom bit her lip, glancing at me. “This sounds like we would be...what? Their bang-maids?”

I flushed, picturing the God, Mark; He was handsome, young, with piercing blue eyes, and His Goddess was perhaps the most beautiful woman in existence. My pussy moistened, thinking about lying with a God. He's like a prince from a fairy tail—the perfect man. I was dying to try out a real cock. I was too afraid to let any of the boys who went to Rogers High School make love to me, but Mark... I would definitely let Him ravish me. Sometimes, when I masturbate with my dildo—part of my Prevarication Syndrome treatment—I would imagine it was Mark making gentle love to me.

Why did I have to be sick the day Mark came to my High School last June? It seemed like He had ravished half of my female classmates. It was more proof of His Godhood; what normal man could fuck that many women in a day, let alone get an entire locker room full of girls to have an orgy with Him. All the girls He had fucked talked about how amazing He was. I could have been one of those girls if it wasn't for the darn stomach flu!

“Exactly,” Doctor Willow answered. “They're very lustful beings, and all of those who serve them have agreed to this.”

“Even you?” Mom asked.

“Even me.”

Mom chewed on her lip. “Eternal that possible?”

“They're Gods; anything is possible.”

“Why do they need my daughter, she's only sixteen?”

“I'm old enough,” I interrupted. “You don't mind when Doctor Willow or Nurse Hayfa touches me.”

“That's for your treatments,” Mom pointed out.

“He's so handsome,” I sighed, “I wouldn't mind, Mom. Not with Him.”

“You're a package deal,” Doctor Willow said. “He'll love the mother-daughter combination.”

Mom kept chewing her lip; I was afraid she was going to gnaw it off. “Please, Mom,” I wheedled. “You wouldn't have to work those crappy jobs. We'd have more than enough money!”

She stared at me for the longest time. “Fine,” she sighed.


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 – Cindy Mayflower – Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA

Our lives had changed when Mom and I had signed our contracts. Doctor Willow had immediately handed us each a check for $3000. It was one of those fancy business checks, larger than the ones Mom used to pay rent. Mom was able to quit her jobs, and we started hitting the gym and eating healthy. No more McDonalds for dinner!

Like most of the country, last Saturday we had fallen under the evil Brandon's spell, forced to think he was a god. Luckily, two days ago Mark and Mary defeated him and revealed their glory—naked and wreathed in flames, the perfect embodiment of human strength and beauty—to the entire world. Then last night, Doctor Willow had called, saying an SUV would arrive to take us to our maid interviews with our Gods. I was so excited to finally serve Them.

Only if I passed my interview.

I couldn't sleep for the longest time; too afraid that Mark would hate me. He would take one look at my budding breasts—I barely even needed to wear a training bra—and my flat ass and think I was too young and childish instead of my mature sixteen. I was a junior in high school, and far more mature than the girls my age. I just wished I looked it! And why did I have these stupid braces! They made me seem eleven!

At precisely 9:00AM, two women dressed like slutty cops knocked on our door. A sandy-blonde beauty, her round breasts about to fall out of her half-opened bodice, smiled at me when I opened the door. “I'm 23, and this is 24,” she said, motioning to the dusky-skinned cop next to her—she looked similar to the Arabic nurse Hayfa. Both had silver chokers about their necks inscribed with a number, and a curious, bronze amulet dangling between their tits. “We're looking for Pearl and Cindy Mayflower.”

“I'm Cindy,” I smiled, trying to hide my nervousness.

The Arabic 24 eyed me. “He is going to to eat you up, balim.” I didn't know what to say to that, but it brought a searing blush to my cheeks. 24 grinned, nodding her head. “He is definitely going to devour you.”

“Is it them?” Mom shouted from the back of the house.

“Yes,” I answered.

I heard her mutter a bad word. “I'll be just a minute!”

“We need to search your daughter anyways, ma'am!” 23 shouted back.

“So start stripping,” 24 ordered, her tone firm, commanding.

“I...what?” I asked.

“If you're not bound, we need to search you before you can be allowed into the Hotel,” 23 answered.

Bound? Where they going to tie me up? “Okay.”

I was wearing a new dress, cute and sexy, that laced up in the back, and cupped what little breasts I had, pushing them up to suggest I had some cleavage. It made me seem older. I reached behind me, starting to fumble for the lace, when 23 slapped my hands away and started unlacing me herself. The dress fell down, and underneath I wore only a garter belt and white stockings.

“Oh, he is definitely going to eat you up,” 24 purred, groping me. “Especially with those braces. Umm, balim, after your interview, we can get together. I get off at six.”

I flushed at her directness. “Maybe,” I squeaked. Was she wanting to have sex with me?

“You're going to love serving them, the benefits are definitely worth it.”

Mom came out to see the two cops running their hands all over my body, sliding fingers into my intimate spots, and tweaking my nipples. I was flushed and horny when the two cops finished, the Arabic cop licking her fingers that had just been wiggling inside my pussy. They turned to my mother and quickly stripped her, hands fondling her inmate places.

I reached for my dress to put it on. 24 saw me, objected, “The Gods would rather see you naked. Uniforms will be provided if you're hired.”

I flushed and nodded. Mom moaned and groaned, and was as flustered as I was when they finished their 'search'. I was pretty sure it was unnecessary; more for the depraved enjoyment of the cops then to protect the Gods. Well, we agreed to be the Gods' living sex toys, so I should get used to being fondled. Besides, it was kinda exciting, and my pussy was definitely aching to be 'searched' some more.

I fidgeted the entire ride, my poor pussy on fire. When we arrived at the Murano Hotel in downtown Tacoma, it was cold outside, and my nipples became as hard as diamonds when I stepped out of the SUV. Just a hundred feet away, the crowd of pilgrims that filled the street could see our nudity, and a great cry went through them. They must know that we were here to please the Gods and they were jealous of our good fortune. Many held signs proclaiming their willingness to be the Gods' lovers. It was exciting, all these eyes lusting after me, and if it wasn't for the cold wind whipping my blonde tresses, I would have been tempted to stay and bask in their attention.

Two more bodyguards flanked the doors, black rifles slung about their shoulders, and opened them up for us. It was blessedly warm inside, and my teeth stopped chattering almost immediately. About a dozen naked women sat nervously in the lobby, fidgeting in their seats. Soft chatter filled the air, like the warble of a flock of birds, going silent every time there was the slightest disturbance, looking around for the source, before they resumed their chirping. They were all beautiful, from as young as sixteen or seventeen, to as old as their late thirties. Most were in their twenties. I recognized many as patients of Doctor Willow, suffering from Prevarication Syndrome like Mom and me.

Doctor Willow and her receptionist Jayda entered the lounge, a clipboard in their hands. “Asuka, Tomoyo,” the doctor read off her clipboard. A naked, Japanese teen—long hair as black as night, newly-budding breasts, and creamy, olive skin—stood up. The Doctor led her up to the elevator.

They were going alphabetical by last name; when one interview was finished, they would call down for the next interviewee, one at a time, although once a pair of sisters went up together. The interviewees were always escorted by either Jayda or Doctor Willow. Usually the elevator would return with only the doctor or her receptionist, but sometimes a sobbing woman would walk out, muttering, “I couldn't do it,” or, “It's too much to ask of a person.”

“Mayflower, Cindy and Pearl,” Jayda called. She was all smiles as she led us into the elevator. “Don't be scared, Cindy, they won't hurt you.”

“Did you sell your soul to them?” I asked, a tremble passing through my body.

She smiled, nodding, “It's quite pleasant to do, but you'll be bound to them forever. Even in death. But the rewards...” Her smile grew ecstatic. “The rewards are worth it.”

The elevator seemed to take forever, moving slowly up to the top floor of the hotel, and a swarm of bees seemed to have invaded my tummy, buzzing around in the tight space and stinging me. The bile was rising up sour into my throat; I wanted nothing more than to empty my belly of the swarm. The elevator slowed, lurched, stopped; a bell dinged, and the doors slid slowly open.

Jayda led us through the hallway and Tomoyo, dressed in a french maid's outfit, exited a room, carrying cleaning supplies. I flushed when I saw just how revealing the dress was: the blouse was transparent, Tomoyo's dark nipples clearly visible through the black material, and the skirt was scandalously short; so short I was sure her bum would be visible if she bent over.

“Is that what we'll be wearing?” Mom asked.

Jayda smiled. “The Gods delight in the beauty of their followers.”

“And why aren't you dressed like that?” Mom asked pointedly.

“I don't serve our Gods directly, I serve Willow,” Jayda answers. “She has a lot more...independence, and chooses how the nurses and I dress. Willow is at the same level as the Holy Sluts, though she isn't one of them.”

“I see,” Mom answered, sounding a little puzzled.

“She's a special case,” Jayda shrugged. “She once was a Holy Slut, but retired and serves the Gods in other ways.”

“Like finding beautiful women to serve them?” Mom asked. “Under the guise of free medicine.”

“Exactly,” the nurse answered. “Plus, she enjoys molesting her patients.”

“Molesting...” Mom's eyes widened. “Prevarication Syndrome. It's not real?”

“Nope! We used a little bit of magic to relax you two.” It clicked in my head; the incense. It always relaxed me and made me want to do whatever the doctor ordered. “Don't worry about that, it's just how things are done. Dr. Willow earned her rewards, and now you two are about to earn yours. Unless you have a problem with that?”

My mom glanced at me. “I guess it doesn't matter how we got here, it just matters that we have the opportunity to serve Them.”

Jayda patted her arm. “That's the spirit. C'mon, they're waiting.”

One of the Holy Sluts stepped out of a room into the hallway—Violet. I flushed at the sight of her. I always admired the picture of her that hangs on the Living Church's wall. She was about my age, maybe a year older, her brunette hair pulled into two pigtails, and a gold choker glinting about her neck set with amethyst; for clothing she wore a naughty, Catholic schoolgirl outfit: very short, blue-and-purple plaid skirt; knee-high, white socks; and a plain, white blouse tied at the midriff. Her hazel eyes found mine, and I flushed as they widened—pink tongue running across her red lips—as she examined me.

“Good luck,” she said, a touch breathless.

My heart was thundering in my chest, and I just flushed more, trying to work up the courage to say something. A second Holy Slut, April, burst out of the same door—dressed in a similar naughty schoolgirl outfit, though her silver-rimmed glasses gave her a sexy nerd vibe—and entwined her arm about Violet's possessively.

“C'mon!” she exclaimed. “We need to get going, Violet.”

“Right,” Violet murmured, letting herself get pulled along by the nerdy brunette. Her eyes remained fixed on mine until she was dragged into the elevator.

I hoped to see her again. She was so pretty; her pigtails made her seem so innocent despite the whorish outfit she wore. Her hazel eyes were strangely compelling, stirring a confusing mix of desire and longing inside me. It was Mom's tugging on my arm that snapped me out of my contemplation of Violet's perfect face: smooth cheeks, a button nose, and those red lips that seemed so kissable.

“Sorry,” I muttered; my cheeks felt like they were on fire.

Jayda led us to a door guarded by a pair of slutty cops. One slid a keycard into the door and opened it. The suite was luxurious, like one of the hotel rooms that rich people stay in, and filled with strangely shaped furniture. Well, They are Gods—what did I expect them to stay in?

They sat on a love seat, naked, and Their eyes devoured us as we walked in. He was more handsome in person, with a chiseled chin, muscular chest, and deep-blue eyes that you could dreamily stare in all day long. And She was absolutely stunning. My breath caught as I beheld Her heart-shaped face that was framed by deep-red hair, and Her dazzling green eyes; Her breasts were perfect, perky and freckled, topped with dusky nipples. I had never seen a woman more beautiful in my entire life. I knew I would do anything to touch Her.

“Cindy and Pearl Mayflower,” Jayda introduced.

“Sisters?” my God asked.

“No, mother and daughter,” Jayda answered.

My Goddess shifted, leaning forward, and purred, “Really? You must have been young when you had her.”

“I was, Your Worshipfulness,” Mom breathed.

“Please, you can refer to me as Mistress or Ma'am,” She said, with a dismissive wave. “And he's Master or Sir. Better than that mouthful.”

“Yes, er, Mistress,” Mom said.

“So, Pearl, have you ever had sex with your daughter?” He asked.

“No, Master.”

“Have you thought about it?”

My mom shifted, glancing momentarily at me, then answered, “Last week, during the Worship Orgy, it crossed my mind.”

“Why didn't you act on those feelings?” She asked, fixing my mom with Her emerald eyes.

“I felt ashamed for those desires.”

“You shouldn't,” She said. “There's nothing wrong with showing your affection for your daughter. My mother and I are very close.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“If you want to serve us, you and your daughter must make love to each other,” He told her. “Otherwise, you're free to go.”

I glanced up at my mom; I didn't want to leave. My eyes widened as I saw her as a woman for the first time: her face was almost identical to mine, only more mature and ripened, with beautiful green eyes, and perfectly framed by her tousled, light-brown hair. My gaze traveled down her body; her breasts were full, sagging only a little bit, but still gorgeous with pink, fat nipples, and her stomach was sleek and toned. She was shaved; her thick pussy lips nestled between her slim thighs.

“You are so gorgeous, Mom,” I whispered.

Mom stared back at me with lust, and asked, “You don't hate me?”

I shook my head.

She groaned low and throaty—like a big cat, a cougar—and pounced at me. Her lips were hot on mine, her tongue probing, playing across my metal braces, while her breasts pillowed softly against my budding tits. Two nipples rubbed like hard pebbles across my skin as we kissed, our tongues hesitantly exploring each other's mouth. My hands seemed to wrap around her back automatically, hugging her tight.

“Oh, my sweet baby,” she purred. “I have to taste you. Let mommy taste your sweetness.”

“Oh, yes, taste me!” I moaned. “I'd love that.”

She pushed me down into a plush chair, the velvet fabric rubbing against my ass as Mom spread my thighs. Her fingers were gentle as they ran through the soft down of my pubic hair, teasing my tight pussy. Then she buried her face into my snatch, licking vigorously. She seemed desperate to taste every fold and crevasse of my youthful cunt, driving me wild with naughty sensations.

Mom was eating my pussy. And I loved it!

“Oh, mommy!” I moaned, my eyes widening as pleasure electrified my body.

“That's fucking hot, Mare,” He groaned, and my eyes fell on His hard cock rising triumphantly from His crotch. Pride filled me up; I made His dick hard and throbbing.

My Goddess's hand reached out, stroking His cock. “Why don't we get that sweet, young girl to suck on your cock, hun.”

I licked my lips; that sounded wonderful.

“Would you like that?” He asked me.

I nodded, “Oh, yes, Master!”

He beckoned with His hand, and I pushed mom's face away. She looked disappointed as I stood up and knelt before my God. I was intimidated by His cock. Only once before had I sucked a dick, during last week's worship orgy. It was on a boy my own age named Patrick while my History teacher, Miss Blythe, coached me. “Mind your teeth,” she had explained. “The head of a boy's cock is very sensitive. You can gently graze it with your teeth, but don't bite. They will not like that.”

I started by licking—Miss Blythe taught me that it was a great way to start a blowjob—His cock, beginning at His balls, and licking all the way up to His tip. Mom's head slid between my thighs, and her tongue worked wonderfully at my pussy, encouraging me to pleasure my God. I traced the mushroom-shaped head of His dick, felt Him shudder in pleasure, then sucked the head into my mouth.

A soft hand gripped my hair, my Goddess's hand, pushing me down His cock. “Let's see if you can deep-throat him,” She purred. More and more of His dick filled my mouth, starting to brush the back of my throat and I tensed. “Relax, Cindy,” She commanded. “Let his cock slip down your throat. He'll love it.”

Her words soothed me, like they were reaching into my soul and brushing away my fear. I swallowed His cock, His hard shaft filling my throat, my lips descending to kiss His tangle of wiry, brown pubic hair. I couldn't breath with His cock buried in my throat, but I trusted my Gods. He moaned and Her grip loosened, and I slid up His cock, taking a quick breath through my nose, before deep-throating Him a second time.

“You wouldn't know that it was her first time,” He groaned. “She's got a wonderful mouth.”

“Women always want to please me,” my Goddess purred. I slid back down the cock, deep-throating Him on my own as I heard my Gods kiss.

Over and over, I slid His cock into my mouth's depths, rising back up, then I'd plunge His shaft back down my throat. Mom kept working my pussy, her tongue and fingers stroking the tempest inside me. Then the tempest broke and I came. I moaned loudly around His cock buried deep in my throat; Mom kept licking me and I kept climaxing, my passionate cries muffled by His cock.

“Holy shit!” He muttered. “Here it comes, slut!”

“Drink his cum!” She purred. “Don't waste a single drop of my husband's cum, you filthy whore!”

His cock burst salty into my mouth, three large blasts, forcing me to swallow like mad to keep from losing a single, delicious drop. His thick cream coated my mouth and tongue, and I savored its thick texture. I gasped for breath as He pulled His cock out of my mouth. I saw a bead of white cum oozing out of the small slit at the tip of His cock, and eagerly licked the tasty morsel into my mouth.

“Your daughter is quite the slut, Pearl,” He congratulated.

“Thank you, Master,” Mom answered, sliding out from beneath me. Her face was sticky with my passion; I couldn't help but kiss her and taste my spicy flavor.

“Pearl, why don't you put that tongue to work on my pussy,” purred the Goddess.

“I'd be honored, Mistress.”

My God grabbed my face, turning me to look at Him. “I bet your cunt is tight.”

“Yes, Master,” I flushed. “I've only used slim dildos. I'm practically a virgin.”

He grinned, “Come sit on my cock.”

I crawled up into His lap and tried to kiss Him; He stopped me, admonishing, “A good slut doesn't kiss her Master with a mouth tasting of cum.”

“Sorry, Master,” I flushed.

My Goddess moaned as Mom started tonguing Her, and leaned in and gave me a kiss, full of passion. “It's okay to kiss me with a mouthful of cum.” She giggled. “I love to taste my husband's seed on another woman's lips.”

“Or her cunt,” He smiled, and grabbed my hips and pulled me down on His cock.

“Umm, that's the best,” She moaned.

His cock invaded me, sliding into my well greased and very tight hole. He was bigger than the dildo Doctor Willow had given me, and stretched my little pussy wonderfully. I gasped and bucked on His cock, eager to feel more pleasure. I rose up until only the tip remained in me, savoring the sweet way He rubbed inside me, then I dropped down, gasping as He filled me up once more.

“Fuck, she's almost as tight as a virgin,” He groaned. “I love fucking teenage cunt!”

I beamed, working my hips on His cock. I was making my God happy, and His cock stirred up the passion inside me. “Fuck me, my Lord!” I groaned.

“My Lord,” He mused, hands guiding my ass as I pumped away on His cock. “I like the sound of that. I think the maids should call us my Lord and Lady.”

“Sure!” She moaned, her voice shrill with passion. “Oh, fuck, the mom's got a tongue on her. These two are definitely keepers, hun.”

“If that's what they want,” He stated.

“It is, my Lord!” I cried out. “I want to be yours!”

“Then you shall be, Cindy,” He answered as I bounced up and down on His wonderful cock.

His words triggered my orgasm; a powerful hurricane raged inside me, dashing waves of rapture against the coherency of my mind and washing away all reason and thought. Nothing remained but the pleasure of His cock. I clung to Him, my little nipples rubbing against His chest, His dick filling my tight pussy up. I ground my hard clit into His groin, adding more and more waves to the pleasure buffeting my body.

His cum pulsed into me, four large, heavy blasts that flooded my pussy—a God's sacred cum. I was the vessel of His pleasure, worthy enough to used by Him, or by Her, to satisfy any desire They might have. I was in heaven, nirvana, or whatever you wanted to call it. I was Their servant.

Giddily, I let Him lead me into the bedroom where an older woman waited; still beautiful even though she was older than my mother. She was ripened to the peek of feminine beauty—Sandra Glassner, His mother. Her legs were spread, milky cum leaked out of the vessel that had brought one of my Gods into this world. I reverently knelt, my entire body trembling as I beheld this beautiful sight. I lowered my face, took a deep breath, and drank the nectar of her pussy.

“Zimmah,” He whispered, and energy sprang out of His mother into the two of us, wrapping about my very soul, then it snapped between us, a chain binding me to my God for all eternity.

Eyes widening, I moaned in awe, “I'm yours forever, my Lord.”

“Forever,” He smiled at me as my mom knelt and prepared to be bound. I watched eagerly as my mom's tongue licked out, gathering a thick glob of His cum from Sandra's pussy. He whispered the word. Mom was bound.

I threw my arms around my mom and kissed her soundly. Together we would serve our Gods forever. And that would give me plenty of time to get to know that cute girl with the pig-tails. Violet. What a beautiful name.

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Back Country Tales: The Changing

Switch flicked out a second blade with a click, and I backed away to my truck. They didn't even seem to notice me much. They were all between seventeen and twenty-six. They all shared a hulking, strong figure, dead dark eyes and hair, and a mean disposition. What the fuck are you boys doin here? Said Reed Hardy, the eldest. Switch snorted loudly. Beaten the shit outta your brother. That was Switch. Jim stepped forward. This is none of your business, Reed, just leave it alone. He said calmly. I clciked the door of my truck open. Still no one noticed...


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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 08

Sunlight poured through my windows and into my bedroom as I woke up on a typical Saturday morning. I pulled the blanket off my naked body and removed Becca's blue spankies from my crotch as I climbed out of my bed. The briefs were still covered in my cum from the previous night. I tossed the damp panties aside and walked over to my desk. I sat down in the chair, grabbed my laptop, and turned the computer on. I opened my email and looked at the new mail that had arrived. I had only one new email, but it was...


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The Greatest Day

This morning started out just great. Better then I ever could have imagined it. I had made a deal with my wife. If she wanted me to use the money I had won in this week’s poker game to go to Columbus and see the new dance club they had built she would have to give me a full day of sexual pleasure whenever she got the chance. This morning started out by waking up to her glistening pussy hovering just inches from my face. She knows how much I love to eat her pussy. She must have woken up much...


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Jason final chapter

CHAPTER TWENTYT TWO Betty’s e-mail said “I just got out of the hospital ten days ago and I needed to tell someone what happened to me. Since you were always a good listener and never made any judgments. Remember I told you about my husband and I raising pure Great Danes? Well we now have about sixty of the finest Danes in the world. Anyway about three weeks ago my husband woke me up at about six am by fucking me in the ass (he loved fucking me there and did so quite often). We had not had sex for about...


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The Parties Next Door

Fbailey story number 777 The Parties Next Door As I grew up my family lived right next door to a wild tavern. Mom tried to class it up by calling it a bar but the sign said Tavern. Our old fence was falling apart so one spring I helped Dad install a new one. The best price on privacy fence was for five-foot tall sections. That was not going to do it for my father but financially he gave in. What he did decide was to raise it up eighteen inches off the ground. That way only seven foot tall people...


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