Girl With A Secret

Girl With A Secret

Copyright, 2012 Castlequeen

My god, what a miserable experience. Senior Prom. A solid month of preparation, a two hundred dollar dress that will have me working for Mom all summer, a three hundred dollar pair of shoes that will see me enslaved to her postal/shipping/mailbox store until I'm fifty-six, and we can't forget the ninety dollar haircut. What did I get out of it? A rather mediocre dinner, some nice dancing, a great picture and my now ex-boyfriend attempting to get me to put out. I'm not a prude, far from it, but it just wasn't going to happen.

I'm still a virgin. Eighteen and still got my cherry. Why?
Did you want me to make something up? Or will the fact that "I haven't met the right guy" be acceptable for you?

Oh no, don't get me wrong, I'm not a lesbian. Yes, I did tongue kiss my friend Jenna at a party, but that was to split the twenty bucks the guys put up for the dare. Really. I'm not gay. Seriously. Don't look at me like that!

The right guy will come along, I'm just not sure when. He's got to be super nice, super gorgeous, and...he's got to melt my heart.
I'm not holding my breath waiting. We'll see what happens when I get to college, meanwhile, I've got work to do.

"Darcy! Grab me some more tape rolls!"

This was yelled by my brother Stuart. He's my...boss when Mom's not around at the store. I grab some more packing tape and toss it to him. My throw is poor, as usual, but his athletic grace allows him to make a nice catch with a full extension of his six foot two body. I signal first down and he laughs.

"If I could just get a better quarterback, I wouldn't have to make so many sideline plays and we'd win more often!"

I take my rebuke with a giggle and get back to the books. He's finishing up the last packages for the last pickup, and I get to do the paperwork for Mom. She's not really that bad to work for, especially in the summer as we're usually out of here by seven at the latest. It's Friday, and it was pretty mellow. My plans involved an hour or two by the pool with a couple of cold sodas, a movie, and a decent night's sleep. All my friends were out with their boyfriends, and being among the recently dumped, I had no place with them.

We finish up and instead of me having to bus it back home (I don't get a car until I start college), Stuart kindly offers me a ride. Usually he's out the door in a flash, so I catch a break.

"Why the ride? You're usually gone the second we're out the door?" I ask.

"Short version, Holly's pissed at me. She's at the movies with her friends and I'm home alone until she forgives me." He looked depressed.

"What did you do?"

He grimaces. "I uh, was helping Mia. With a shoulder massage."

"Holly knows you're in school learning massage therapy, right? Why would she be mad?"

"Um, 'cause she hates Mia, and because Mia had a thing for me before Holly and I got together. Hence, the doghouse."

It's not nice to laugh, but I had to. "I'll call her myself and put in a good word for you, I'll just tell her you're a real bonehead. You dolt."

"Gee, thanks, Darcy, you're so nice to me." he said it sarcastically, but I could tell he was hoping my vouching for him would help. I'd do what I could, all things considered, he was a pretty good big brother.

"Seeing how you're gonna be home tonight, you wanna order pizza? I was just going to nuke something, but if you're there, we'll get the whole deal, breadsticks, etc."

He smiled. "You're on, but please, let me pick the movie, I don't wanna see a chick flick!"

PIzza was ordered and being eaten, the movie was a pretty funny comedy, and we were enjoying ourselves. It was still kind of warm so we were gonna hit the pool after the movie.

Bzzzt!!!!!! No movie. No lights. No power.

"Aw, crap. Hope it's not out all that long." I said.

"I dunno, if it's something simple,it'll be up quick, if too many air conditioners pushed it over the edge, it might be awhile. You want another soda? Let's not open the fridge too often in case it's out a long time."

"Yeah, grab me one. Thanks!"

He came back a moment later, but not with the promised soda. He's got a beer for himself and a wine cooler for me.

"Hey, underage drinker here, bro?"

"Yeah, right," he grinned, "like you've never had one."

"Okay, one or two, maybe. But let's keep it our secret."

After twenty minutes and another wine cooler, a neighbor popped over to tell us he'd checked with the power company and it was going to be about two or three hours. We thanked him, grabbed a fresh round of drinks, and changed into our suits and headed to the pool. It was cool by the water, and Mom and Dad had spared no expense on the patio furniture, it was very comfortable. We pulled our chairs to face each other and just started talking.

We get along great, but somehow we weren't really opening with each other. it was odd, and I had the bright idea of challenging him to truth or dare.

"Okay, sis, I accept, truth or dare?"


"Why are you out here with me, when two weeks ago, you were all set for prom with Nicholas?"

"He dumped me because I didn't put out."

He nodded. "I can't get mad at that, but he shouldn't have dumped you for that."

"I'll say. Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" he said with a wicked grin.

"Up to the top of the slide, toss a rock at Mrs. Willard's window, get her attention and give her a full moon."

The top of our slide had a perfect view of Mrs. Willard's family room, and she was sure to be sitting there reading. He gave me a dirty look and climbed to the top of the slide with me right behind him to watch. He looked at me, and tossed a small rock at her window, she looked up and he flashed her. She gave us a look of indignation and opened her patio door to yell out "Hooligans!" and slam it shut. We about fell off of the slide we were laughing so hard.

"I'd forgotten how much fun it is to piss the old bat off!" he laughed. "Okay, truth or dare?"


He looked thoughtful for a few moments. "Why didn't you put out with Nicholas? I thought you already had."

Not what I wanted to answer, but I'd been the idiot who suggested the game.

"I.....haven't put out for him....or anyone yet." I said in a small voice.

"Oh." He looked stunned by the admission. "I mean, you were with Nicholas, and before him, Stephen, and before that, Bryan so I kind of assumed...sorry."

"Why are you sorry?" I asked.

"Well you seemed kind of embarrassed to admit it. Should have taken the dare, I was gonna have you swig from Dad's Jack Daniels bottle."

"Believe me, Stuart, there's time I want to slug back Jack when it comes to sex."

"Why would you want to when it comes to...holy shit! You're not telling me you're a dyke??"

I could only laugh at that. He looked half horrified, half excited at the thought.

"No, not a dyke, and if you heard that story about me and Jenna it was only to win the twenty bucks."

"So...then why does sex give you so much trouble, sis? I doubt it's lack of interest from the guys. Sister or not, my eyesight is fine, and you're pretty cute."

I sighed. "I wish we'd never started this stupid game. I wish the power was back on."

He surprised me by reaching out and taking my hand. "Sis, it's cool, you don't want to talk about it, forget it then. You do know, however, that you can tell me anything. You know I won't squeal to Mom or Dad."

"You really want to know why I haven't give it up? Really, honestly and truly want to know?"

He nodded. "Yeah, if you want to tell me. Only if you want to tell me."

"It's because.......I can't get the right guy." There, I'd said it.

He chuckled. "Well, so you're waiting, not that big of a deal, actually kind of admirable in this day and age. That's something to be proud of, you know."

I shook my head. "You got it wrong. I know who he is, I just can't."

"What? If he's got a girlfriend, wait her out, or heck, go beat her up, you're tough." He said that last smiling, but I wasn't smiling back.

I know I wanted to be honest, but I couldn't be! I started to cry and ran into the house and upstairs to my room where I flung myself on the bed in tears.

A few moments later he knocked gently on my door.

"Darcy? You okay? I'm sorry for whatever I said that upset you so. You know I wouldn't be mean like that on purpose."

No. He wouldn't be. That was part of the problem. He was a pretty damn good brother.

"Darcy? C'mon, talk to me. I'm sorry, whatever I said, I apologize for it."

I rolled over on my bed to face him. "It's nothing you said, it's nothing you've done, it's what you can't say or do that's making me feel this way."

"Sorry, sis, I'm confused here. Whatever it takes to make you feel better, I'd do it, you know that." He was so genuinely concerned it was tearing me to pieces.

I looked up at him, tears cascading down my face like a waterfall.

"I haven't been with a guy yet, because the very best man I know, the one I'd want to give myself to, I can't have because he's standing too damn close to me." I blurted out.

"Huh? Is the guy one of your guy friends? Or is he-"

"He's you, Stuart, he's you. The perfect guy, the truly sweet man, the one I'd want to be with, the one I'd happily take in my arms, and he's my I am one sick person. That's why I have issues with sex, okay? I'm a sick, perverted freak."

I erupted in fresh tears and hugged myself tight and just wanted it all to go away. I hadn't counted on Stuart being every bit the guy I'd wanted in life. He sat down on my bed and caressed my shoulders. It was agony because I wanted him to take me in his arms.

"Okay, that was a surprise to say the least. I honestly don't know what to say, really. How...long have you felt this way?"

"For about four years. I was just a stupid little girl when you did it with Allison for the first time. She was waiting for you once and I overheard her on her cellphone with a friend of hers, describing your first time. Every other thing was how sweet you were, how kind, how gentle, and how you'd made it so special, and so perfect for her first time. I don't know if she knew if was your first time, too, but she had a great time, and she got to find out how special you were. I already knew how kind you were, how sweet, and I thought my first guy would be like you. Five times I've tried, and all five times the guy was a jerk before we got to it. I don't want it to be like that, I want it to be sweet and wonderful."

The tears were pouring out of control now, but he had a tissue and he gently wiped them away.

"There can be other guys who are like me, you know." He said softly.

"But what if they're just acting like that to get me in bed? Jenna's first guy was so sweet, until they did it, and he laughed at her, told her she gave lousy head, and never called her again. I don't want that for my first time. I want it to be with a man I trust, that will be gentle and accept me for not knowing how to do things right."

"i can understand that.....Deanna appreciated it, and so did Katie. I wasn't Holly's first, but she said I treat her better than any of the other three guys she's been with."

I managed a bit of a smile. "She didn't just tell you that. I found that out from her myself."

He looked confused. "You talked with Holly about me and her having sex?"

"Girls talk, it's genetic you know." I said with a small smirk. "But she was wowed by you, Allison was, Deanna was, and so was Katie. And now I can't give myself to another guy because I have this weird fixation with you, and because I'm deathly afraid of my first time being horrible."

"But Darcy, we couldn't....that's just wrong. Not exactly a future there, is there? You have to know that."

"I know there's no future, but if there could be.....the one time? So my first is as special as I want it to be? So the guy doesn't treat me like shit if I'm terrible? I know that's wrong....but I don't really care." I was now an official mess. What little makeup I'd had on was a mess, with tears streaking it, and my face was all red. I'd opened up, I'd told him my ugly secret, and now, now, I was probably going to lose my brother's love as he was surely disgusted.

He looked me in the eyes, partly with pity, partly with understanding. I hadn't lost his love, but he was wrestling with himself inside.
He finally sighed, and took my hands.

"How, uh, do you, um, want to do this?" he asked quietly.

"For reals?" Was he going to be mine for my first?!?!

"For reals, it's going to be kind of weird, but I think understand what you mean, you know I'll be nice about it all."

"If it helps, go ahead and fantasize about whatever supermodel is currently on your desktop wallpaper." I said.

He shook his head. "I might fantasize by myself, but when I'm with someone, they get all of my attention. It's um,...dishonest the other way."

My god, he was the sweetest guy! Holly had damn well better forgive him, otherwise she's an idiot.

"Oh.....let's just...start so slow and go from there?" I had no idea exactly what to do, and I knew he would be be a gentle and loving guide. I didn't expect him to get up though.

He looked anxious. "Can we do my room? Plus that's where I have my......" I couldn't understand his mumblings.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"Um, my condoms..." he was actually blushing. "We REALLY have to be careful, you know?" He extended his hand to me and I took as I got up. He then led me to his room, which, not surprisingly was tidy and well organized. He closed the door and locked it and smiled at me. "Mom and Dad aren't supposed to be home until Sunday, but you never know."

He then put out several candles and lit them to dispel the darkness. Just like him to consider the mood.

He reached under his bed and pulled out a small toolbox. He opened it to reveal a top tray of computer tools, which was removed to reveal condoms and a few small bottles. He pulled out a strip of three condoms and placed them on the nightstand, and then he looked over the bottles and carefully selected one that he put next to the condoms and also pulled out a tube of some sort. I gave him a questioning look.

"Several condoms, in case it breaks, a bit of...warming oil, which I think you'll like and some uh, lube, just in case um, well, you know."

I smiled sweetly, and acted dumb because he looked so embarrassed. "No, I don't know, I'm a virgin, remember?" I knew this was kind of uncomfortable for him so I thought a few laughs might help.

"It's in case you're uh, really, um, tight." He was bright red, and it was so cute. Just one more reason to love him. I stood by the bed and waited. I wasn't sure if I should kiss him, or what. He gave me a soft smile and took both my hands. He pulled me close and for the first time, I felt his lips on mine.

The kiss lasted for a several seconds, and I was really enjoying it, and I dared to open my lips and extend my tongue. I felt his and we gently played a bit as I explored his mouth and then he would explore mine. His arms wrapped around me and he held me by the waist while he kissed me and it felt incredible. I had my hands around his neck, and I caressed his hair as our passion mounted and he gently lifted me into his arms and lay me down on the bed. I looked up at him, and my body was starting to respond as he looked at me with a seductive smile, and then he lay down next to me and took me in his arms again.

For some ten minutes we kissed, and while I'd kissed a lot, it had never felt like this, his lips were soft, sweet and while he was leading the way, I never felt forced, I felt like he was guiding me with so much tenderness that he indeed melted my heart.

He didn't grab at me, he softly touched me, and his fingers lightly traced over my nipples, and I knew I was getting wet. He kissed me deeply, and then pulled back as his fingers caressed me, and then he reached up and pulled the left strap of my suit down, and then he switched hands and hooked the other one down to reveal my barely c-cup breasts and I heard his breath catch in his throat.

"Oh... you're so...beautiful sis, so incredibly perfect!" and he gently took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked it lightly as his hand stroked the right one and he carefully tweaked the other nipple. I spasmed a bit as it felt so fucking good! His breath caught again, and I heard him mutter "..soooo sensitive....I like that...." as he switched to my right breast. I ran my fingers through his unruly brown hair, as he showed me what pleasure was all about and he reached out to grab the bottle. He dribbled a few drops on my right nipple and swirled it all around with his tongue, it tingled a bit at first but then I felt it warm up the more attention he paid to it, and it made my aching pussy even wetter!

More warming oil on the left side and I was awash in a pleasant haze of warmth and love, and he took his time, savoring me as he went. The oil was applied liberally and he kissed me all over, and got me to giggle as he blew a raspberry on my belly button, from which he pulled up to kiss me again and apologize for being silly. I forgave him as I was just feeling too good! He then pulled at the edges of my suit and I lifted myself up to pull it off and for the first time, he saw all of me. Unlike some girls, I hadn't shaved myself, but I trimmed my almost black hair into a small strip so I could wear bikini's easier. He smiled and gave me an inquiring look as if to tell me we could back out if I wanted to, but I didn't, and he moved down the bed and began to kiss me all over my belly, and then he slowly worked his way to my pussy. I'd heard stories of guys who wouldn't and I wasn't surprised to find out he would, I just had no idea what to expect. He pushed my legs up and part to give himself more room, and he grabbed the bottle of oil and just poured a small line of it leading to the edge of my clit.

He licked and kissed a little more roughly, but as the oil warmed up I got hotter and hotter, and when he got to my clit he sucked down on it as hard as he could and I let out a little yelp as I'd never felt anything like it! I also felt myself let out a bit of wetness that felt pretty good! He didn't just focus on my clit, he kissed all around it, and would flick his tongue over it every few seconds, but then he would gently part my lips and drive his tongue inside me and lick and suck my pussy. I'd heard about guys who seemed to hate it, but not Stuart, his breathing and little excited noises told me he was possibly enjoying it as much as I was! He would gently take one lip between his lips and lick it, and then suck it into his mouth, and it felt good, so good. I knew I had kind of big lips, but he was intent on enjoying every bit of them, and his hands never stopped either, he would caress my ass, my thighs, or reach up to stroke my nipples, and once he put his fingers within my reach and I took them and sucked them only to hear him let out a loud moan and an "....oh yeaaahhh....."

I was starting to writhe around as I was getting incredibly hot, and he started to use his fingers with his tongue, tapping my clit while he licked as deeply as he could and I knew I was going to come like I never had, and he eased up a bit, and went back to his lighter touches until I'd cooled down a bit, and then he started up and this time he drove me until I was quivering uncontrollably and then I came with a shriek of pure joy! I felt my pussy letting loose and I thought I'd pissed on him, but he was grunting and licking and he wouldn't have been yelling '.....ooooh FUCK yeah....!" if I'd peed on him! He sucked and licked until I couldn't take another burst a pleasure and my moans of pleasure subsided and then he pulled back.

"Oh, god, oh god, oh......gooood that was so amazing!"

I looked down to see him with a happy grin. He was also soaking wet.

"So." he said casually, "How was that?"

"That.....was more than I ever dreamed it could felt so perfect, but did I pee on you?"

He laughed wickedly. "No. You did not. You do however, get very, very, wet when you come. It happens to be something I really enjoy."

"You were making all kinds of noises yourself?"

He lifted himself up so I could see the wet spot on the front of his suit. "I enjoy myself, what can I say? I didn't come, but it's happened before."

"Take them off. I want to see you. Please."

He all of a sudden blushed. he had just eaten my pussy to an incredible several orgasms, and he was blushing about showing me his cock? He shrugged and slipped them off to reveal his very erect penis. I'd never seen one up close, but it didn't look small, it looked....capable....and I wanted it in my mouth. I knew he would be nice about head, he wouldn't laugh if I gagged or couldn't take it all. I reached for it, and softly put my fingers around it. It felt warm, but despite being hard as a rock, I knew it would feel good in me. I reached out to take it in my mouth and he pushed me away.

"That's later. I know you enjoyed the first part, right?"

I kissed him gently to show just how much I enjoyed it.

"Then lean back and I'll be so very gentle with you, I want to to show you how good it can be..."

I lay back and he unrolled the condom onto himself. Despite the seriousness, the fact that it was bright blue elicited a giggle.

"What's wrong?" he asked, all concerned.

"I...just didn't expect it to be that color...."

"Oh. I can change if you like."

I ran my fingers across his cheek, "No, it's perfectly fine, it just surprised me...whatever you do is fine with me..."

"All right then...."

He and I began kissing deeply again and I could feel it, touching my thigh, gently brushing my pussy, while we were joined at the lips. We lost ourselves in passion, and then I felt the head of it against me, and he pulled his head back.

"I'll be very gentle, but it might sting a little as it goes in, you're still plenty wet...."

I felt him push it in as far as he could go, and then he met my hymen, he pushed against it for a second or two, and then pulled back just a bit. I held my breath as he thrust, and he drove deeply into me as he popped my cherry and I let out a little cry as it did sting, but it was a good sting!

"Oh my god, you're inside of're in me so deep.....oh it feels good!"

There was concern on his face. "You sure you're okay?"

"Uh-huh! It feels good, now fuck me....fuck me sweet, please?"

He started to stroke me, his cock thrusting deep in me, and he'd pull almost all the way out and then he'd gently plunge deep again. I absorbed his cock as he and I became one, our bodies joined in pleasure in a dance of love and sensation, and we continued to kiss, which some of my friends had said almost never happened. I don't know how long we spent as we enjoyed our love, we'd spend some minutes in the missionary position, and then we'd roll to our sides and he'd hold up my leg as he pumped my pussy as deep as he could, and then we'd roll again, and he let me explore taking the lead as I rode his cock on top and I took it from every angle and took it as hard and fast as possible, and we'd get back into the missionary with his arms wrapped around me and his lips glued to mine....

He moaned as I did, and my soft gasps of delight came out in between thrusts, and both of us grew more heated as our passion grew. He began to let out a continuous moan as his pumps became more frantic and I knew he was going to come, and my own pleasure was but seconds away as well! He pulled down on my shoulders with his hands as he began to slam into me, and he only got three of those incredibly hard strokes before I came with another scream! I got so wet again, but he kept going and it too another ten deep slams before he held onto me frantically and grunted out a loud ".......oooooooohhhhhhHHHHHH YES YES!!...." as he froze in position! I felt his cock throb as he came, and it felt so good, my own orgasm, mixing with his as we held each other close!

He slowly exhaled and relaxed and carefully put his hand down there to hold the condom as he pulled out of me. We smiled at each other as he eased himself on his side next to me.

I started to speak, but he shushed me with his fingers. He took my hands in his and kissed me softly and wrapped me in his arms again. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed his warmth so close to me. I could feel his heartbeat, which was still racing and I knew my own beat out a counterpart to his as we both came down from the heights of our bliss. We lay there silent for some five minutes.

"Um. How was that for you? I'm pretty sure you came again, but I want to make sure you enjoyed it as much as I did." It was that kind of concern and love that brought us to this spot. He really cared, and it made what was already special even more so.

"Oh don't worry, I think the, uh, gush tipped you off. It was sooo incredible being fucked by you, actually no. You didn't fuck me, you made love to me, which is what I wanted for my first're so sweet....."

"Mmmmm....I don't understand why every guy doesn't try for it like this. You coming first made mine so much better. I hope I wasn't too loud."

I giggled. "We're both a little on the loud side. Family thing, you think?"

We both dissolved into a giggle fit at that. We settled down as I lay in his arms and I realized there was more to explore.

"Well, it's 'later' isn't it? I'm rather curious to try the other your cock. In my mouth."

"Oh. Are you sure? You don't have to."

"Stuart, you are the sweetest guy, which is why I wanted this. Trying it in a situation where if I have trouble or can't do it, or whatever, and I know you won't laugh or try to force me. Which makes me more determined to do it, and make you feel real good, too."

"I already feel good!" he said with a smirk.

"But you're gonna feel better! Now get the rubber off and tidy up a bit, and I will be ready to learn."

He took off for the bathroom and I lay there in contented happiness. I'd been eaten out to a mind-blowing orgasm, gotten a fucking that made me scream, and I was about to suck my first cock. Not bad for a Friday night I'd considered a bust!

Just then the lights came back on as I heard him let out a "It's about time!" from the bathroom. he emerged a few moments later and his cock looked clean as the residue of his orgasm was gone, but soon enough, it was going to be all untidy again as it was in my mouth.

He lay down beside me again. I reached down and took it in my fingers. It was slowly getting hard, and I asked him to tell me what felt good and what didn't. I took it in my mouth and it felt kind of rubbery. I sucked it and I could get it all in, but it was getting harder by the second. I pulled back a bit and continued to suck it and then I licked all around the head of it and he let out a little moan. "s'good!"

I licked down the shaft of it, and all around the base of it and took it as deep as I could again. I gagged a bit as it was fully erect, and I heard him tell me it was okay, and that I was doing well. I tried again, and took it deeper this time, and sucked it as hard as I could, and his voice told me I was doing fine! I tried just taking the head only in and out as fast as I could, and I was rewarded by him thrusting it as deep as he could into my mouth! I managed not to gag, but I pushed him back and went back to it, but just a little deeper than just the head and his grunts of pleasure signified this was working fine. I went back and forth, bobbing up and down on it, licking the shaft, caressing his balls, before going back to take it as deep as I could. He was enjoying it and little spurts of come dribble out as I sucked, and I found I loved the taste of it! Salty was just fine in my mouth! Just then he started to groan and he told me I didn't have to swallow, but I kept sucking as he exploded into my mouth! It was more than I thought, and I gagged a bit, but I kept it all in my mouth, and sucked him as dry as I could. Then I looked up at him and let it start to our out of my mouth before I swallowed it all with a smile. I gagged a bit more, but it was ok. I'd gotten him off with my mouth and he seemed to really enjoy it.

"Uh.....that was pretty damned really didn't have to swallow."

"I know, but I wanted to, big difference there."

"And thank you for doing so," and with that he kissed me deeply! Supposedly guys would never kiss a girl after she gave him head, but Stuart was not your typical guy! It wasn't just a quick peck, either, we kissed deeply and passionately as we feel back on the bed.

We cuddled happily for a bit, but then I knew we had to discuss the whole thing. I knew what could and couldn't be and I also knew that he had done something for me, that he couldn't stand, and that was technically cheat on Holly.

"Stuart, this was and is a beautiful thing. I know, it can't ever be again. I know it's going to be hard for ANY guy to be as sweet as you are, but I'll have to settle. This will be the sweetest memory that I'll ever know though and I thank you for everything you did. It's meant so much to me, that you did this, you showed me just how much you love me, and from the bottom of my heart, I love you....."

"Hmmm.....yeah, it can't be again, and there's the fact that it's still cheating on Holly. I have to deal with that, but that's my problem, not yours. You know though, that I'll do anything for you, and I suppose I always will. This was the most pleasant of any favor I've ever done for you, however." he said with a grin.

"You, have NOTHING to worry about in bed. For a first time, that was an impressive blowjob. Everything else was incredible, too. You're a hell of a kisser, and well, you have a very nice tasting pussy."

I blushed. "You were pretty good, too, you know."

He kissed me again. "You know what I think makes a difference in sex and making love?"

"No, what makes the difference?"

"Loving your partner. Truly loving them. I love Holly very much, and it's been incredible every time. I love you, although in a different way, and it made this pretty damn special. Keep that in mind before you just jump into bed with some guy, will you?"

I promised him I would, and we kissed a bit more, but reluctantly pulled apart. Our night was over, but happy memories would remain forever.

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Photos of Laura

I had been seeing Laura off and on for a couple years, we were fuck buddies at best, and at our worst would go weeks not talking. We had been on again for a while when Laura called and invited herself over that night. Laura was exceptionally hot, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body, year round tan, nice B cup breasts, and a shaved pussy that I loved to eat. Usually when Laura came over after work she would bring a sexy outfit with her and dress up for me, occasionally we took pictures of her in various states of...


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The two of them drove in uneasy silence until Frank offered sullenly, “I don’t see why you keeping seeing this guy!” “Don’t you realize how degrading it is for me?” “I’m sorry,” Dana replied, “but you know it can’t be helped, and by the way, today Jack wants you to watch.” “What!?!” her husband of fifteen years yelped indignantly. “I certainly will not!!!” “That’s up to you of course,” she answered evenly, “but he said if you didn’t show up he was gonna drop in at your office and beat the crap out of you.” Frank let that sink in as...


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Voyeur Mother

My brother Josh and me were on the floor playing Scrabble with Luis and Isabella Gomez at their house. Mrs Gomez was a strange one. She would sometimes sit on the sofa and watch us with a glass of orange juice, in which we all could all smell the vodka. Her clothes were always remarkable. Sometimes she would wear tight pants and a billowing blouse, sometimes she would have on a dress with a full skirt - totally inappropriate for knocking around the house. And her hair, which should have been black, was blonde but more towards orange. She always wore...


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Taming michelle's ass

“Oh Danny I’ve waited so long for this moment – finally you’re here – I can’t believe that you’re here – tonight – I want to give myself to you. I want you to take me and make me yours all yours – kiss me and let me know that this is real.” Looking deep in to her eyes I said, “You have been locked in my dreams for so many months now – I’ve waited so long for this moment too – to finally be able to hold, gaze into your eyes, kiss you and make love to you –...


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Paul the Elder

By Gail Holmes Paul was the elder of the family, having a brother and younger sister, although near reaching twenty-five he’d never lost his virginity. David, you couldn’t meet a hornier guy; he’d only to look at a girl and she’d become wet at the thought. But Kerrie now there was a girl who knew how to please. Paul’s trouble was that he was shy, okay he’d buy all the girlie magazines, and he’d even brought movies to play, trouble was he’d be on edge whenever he watched them in case any of the family came home, because of his constant...


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The Parties Next Door

Fbailey story number 777 The Parties Next Door As I grew up my family lived right next door to a wild tavern. Mom tried to class it up by calling it a bar but the sign said Tavern. Our old fence was falling apart so one spring I helped Dad install a new one. The best price on privacy fence was for five-foot tall sections. That was not going to do it for my father but financially he gave in. What he did decide was to raise it up eighteen inches off the ground. That way only seven foot tall people...


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The wrecker moves on

It had been about 8 months since Jenny had died a period that I had remained celibate, partly as a feeling that I should still be faithful to her and partly a belief that perhaps I was being punished for my previous behaviour, however being only 25 years old it wasn’t too long before I was starting to feel really horny again and looking to let the wrecker loose once more became a necessity. My upstairs flat looked out onto a new housing development that had been built on some reclaimed retail land just across the road from me, I had...


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Falling in love with Kyle - Chapter 6

Alright, here's the next part. Yay for it not taking a thousand years! I'm pretty proud of this chapter, especially considering the brain fart state of mind I've been hanging out in... Thank you, everyone who gave me some ideas. I'm still deciding on how I am going to continue this story. I most likely will, but there will probably only be a chapter or two more. But, you will all be happy to know that I am starting another story as soon as this one is over. I'm really excited to post it; I really think you guys will like...


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