Moving in With Mara Part 1.

Moving in With Mara Part 1.

Disclaimer: All people in this story are 18+ and consented to the RP previous to the tale.

I had been searching for a new place to stay for months, but nothing had come up in my price range. Finally, I came across a listing about a single room for rent by a nice looking couple. Everything seemed to check out, so I called them up and set up a time to look at the room. The day finally came and when I arrived at the house I was met by a woman. She introduced herself as Mara and invited me in to check the room out. The room was right next to theirs and was quite large with a walk in closet. Mara also said that if I were to rent it I would have access to all the other rooms in the house, the kitchen, den, etc. This was perfect for me as I was working most of the week. Mara and I hit it off and soon I found myself signing the lease agreement.

I moved in the next day, although I didn't bring much with me from my old place. This was just to prevent my landlord from knowing I was moving out. I was quickly able to unpack and I tired as I was, I went to sleep early. I was awoken in the night by the sound of my door opening. I just lay in bed at first, trying to remember where I was. Soon it came back to me, the move, and my new room. I opened my eyes but it was pitch black out and I couldn't see a thing. A dim light fell over the foot of my bed as my room's door creaked open all the way. A large masculine figure stood in the doorway silhouetted against the faint light from the kitchen. It must be Mara's husband I thought, maybe he forgot they had rented the room out.

"Um, hello" I mumbled out softly, "I'm Anna, your wife rented this room to me earlier today." The figure began to enter the room and a deep voice said something unintelligible. I was feeling quite unconformable at this point, with a strange man in the middle of my bedroom and all. "Excuse me," I said speaking louder, "I am Anna, your tenant and this is my room." The man stopped at the edge of my bed and looked down at me. For a second I thought he was going to apologize and leave, but then he spoke in a slurred voice. "Mara.. You lookk soo prettyy tonnight." With one quick motion he swept the blanket from my bed, leaving me laying there exposed in my pajama top and panties. I was frozen there in fear as the huge man began unbuckling his belt with his eyes roaming over the soft curves of my legs and up to the little bumps of my hard nipples. "I sseee thatt you're ready for mee." He said in his deep slurred voice. The sudden cold of the blanket being torn away had caused my nipples to involuntarily harden. I put my arms across my chest and brought my legs up until my knees met my chin. "Stop this," I said in a tiny scared voice, "I am Anna, your tenement. Not Mara!"

Completely ignoring my protests he climbed onto the bed and grabbed my legs, one in each hand. I was no match against his strength as he simultaneously pulled my legs apart and moved my whole body close to him. The muscles of his chest rippled as I now noticed that he was shirtless. One of his hands clamped down on my neck, promptly putting and end to my feeble moans of protest. While his other hand slipped under my shirt and began to massage my breasts. Enough was enough, with all my might I pulled away and tried to push him off off me. Nothing happened, my weak body could provide literally no resistance against the power of his muscled frame. He leaned into me and forcefully kissed my mouth. I hated him, and what was happening, but for a moment the taste of his lips overwhelmed me. The scent of his sweat wafted around me and I felt a strange tingle in my pussy. I am not sure how long he kissed me for, but it felt like an eternity. When he finally puled back, my pussy was damp and I was left panting there, shuddering under his gaze.

I could see that his cock was now fully erect under his boxers, throbbing and ready. For a split-second I wanted it, but no, I could not let him actually fuck me. There was no way he would use a condom. Instead, I dropped to the floor on my knees. There was only one way out of this, and that was to get him to cum. I reached up to his waist and pulled down his boxers. His huge member sprung out in my face and bumped into my lips. Just the sight of it sent involuntary pangs of pure lust through my body. In the back of my mind I hated myself, but the me here and now ignored that. I opened my mouth and brought my lips over his cock, pushing as deep as I could. The taste of his precum made my pussy even wetter than it already was. He grabbed my head and began to move his hips, fucking my throat. I maned loudly and used my tongue to stimulate him even more. He began to thrust faster and faster, rocking my whole body and pushing me across the floor with each thrust. "That's it!" He said in his deep voice", and with his free hand he struck me across the ass. I gasped and pushed away from the blow, causing his huge cock to sink into my throat all the way to the hilt. I gagged against his size, he was so deep. He hit me again and again, spanking me until my ass was numb and my eyes were streaming with tears.

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth, his huge glistening member swinging by my face. "It's over I thought," as I watched his cock throb and drip precum. But no, he was not there yet. His powerful arms lifted me from my place on the floor and literally tossed me up onto my bed. I landed on the soft mattress, my body aching from the beating I had just endured. But there was no time to rest, his powerful frame was over me in an instant. I managed to open my aching jaw to moan out "Please... No more... Stop...". My pleas of course had no effect, as he reached down and grabbed my panties, pulling them down my legs and over my feet in a quick motion. The pungent scent of my wetness filled the room, almost sickly sweet. My pussy was soaking wet and aching. I didn't know why my body would betray me so, even I would not blame him for fucking me now. And that is what he did.

With one hand he grabbed my arms, pulling them together to pin them at the wall above my head. With the other he covered my mouth, slowly sliding his large throbbing member into my soaking pussy. Even with the size of his cock, I almost didn't feel any pain as he entered me, my juices lubricating his entry like an invitation. He then pulled back and slammed into me, thrusting in again and again. I screamed out each time he slammed into me, it would have awoken the neighbors for sure if it wernt for his hand muffling my screams. I had never felt anything like this before, he slammed into me with such force, his hand holding me so roughly, I was in a constant state of pure pain and pure pleasure at the same time. Even as I moaned for him to stop, my body was wracked with an imminence orgasm. As he pounded into me, he would uncover my mouth now and then for a second, freeing his hand up to slap me across the face. Only to muffle me again as I tried to speak.

My face stung with not only his blows, but with a burning shame. Why did I enjoy this? Why was I now bucking against his huge cock as I had my fourth orgasm? I was lost in the heat of the passion. Forgetting everything about the situation as he fucked my brains out. Finally, he let my arms go and took his hand from covering my mouth. He pulled my hot sweaty body to his as he came deep inside my pussy. I moaned as I felt the ropes of his cum spurt into me, again and again, he filled my womb with his hot sticky cum. He dropped me and my body slumped back down to the damp bed sheets. My whole body ached and I could not move a muscle. As he pulled away from me it felt like a part of me was being taken away. His throbbing hot cock pulling out left my pussy and whole body feeling cold. Even as he stood up, he cock was still jerking in orgasm, sending warm spurts of cum flying over my body. The heat of his cum on my skin burned, some of it landed on my face and lips, filling my mouth his salty sweet taste. It was a final gift as his cock fell limp, and he stumbled from my room, closing the door and leaving me alone. I lay there, every inch of my body was in pain and caked in cum. I could feel more of his sperm leaking from my pussy, my womb not large enough to hold it all. I needed to take the pill, but I couldn't think of that now, I was exhausted from the ordeal. I fell into a troubled sleep as the cum hardened on my body. Who knows what the morning would bring.

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