Me my dogs and abducted teens

Me my dogs and abducted teens

Heart pounding,more with excitement than the fear of being discovered.I was in the clear!nobody could have seen her getting into my van.I could'nt believe my luck was still holding and it was so fucking easy!The first one had been easy but she was dumb,yummy but dumb. The flash of Bruno's knot burried in Chandre's inflamed pussy his seed mixing with mine inside that no longer virgin cunt.Made my blood race and cock twitch.How Chandre had begged and pleaded.When she stopped after 2 weeks and became resigned to her fate she had become boring.And I quickly dispossed of her.

That second bitch Fazlin had been a fighter.Fuck me for a sixteen year old she was strong.She had so nearly made me crash the van .I had'nt bound her tightly enough in my haste to get moving.That bitches nails scratched my face when I got back here and opened the vehicles back doors.I was caught completely by surprise when she jumped me like a bat out of hell.Clawing my face and making a dash for it.If it werent for the dogs getting her she would have got away.That was the fiesty bitches weakness she was petriffied of canines.How the mighty fell!I terrorised her with the dogs and they tamed her.Them and my fists.I had beaten her silly when I raped her and found her not to be a virgin.The thought of her ass made my cock become rigid in my jeans.Had'nt that been delightful!The tightest narrowest little poophole I ever came across.The movie I had made of her shackled,on her hands and knees.Ass high in the air legs stretched apart and bound by the ankles to the deadbolts set into the floor.Her hands flat to the surface shackled to the bolts with cuffs.I had raped her repeatedly that night and was tired.Her ass was bruised from beating, yellow and blue patches and angry red welts from the belt.The bitch had never asked for mercy.Now she was though,bubbling words incoherently.Eyes wide as she realised what I intended!I had choosen Earl for this, he was much more intelligent than his brother Bruno.Less clumsy and with the biggest angry veined red doggy cock u ever seen.It had taken me years to finally work up the balls to make my lurking dark fantasys a reality.I had bougt this secluded smallholding and the two Great Danes just for the purpose of what I was doing.The basement was a big win.I had done the renovations to it myself although do it yourself was'nt my forte.The previous owner had built this place the basement a playarea for his kids.I suppose handy to have to banish them to when they were getting on your nerves.I was divorced and my ex and kids lived half a country away..My actual place of residence where I lived when I was'nt at this exquisite place was twelve kilometers away.Sorry I'm rambling.Back to that cunt Fazlin,shackled tight terrrrrifffieddd.So terrified she had frozen at the sight of the big black Dane Earl and his engorged masterpiece of a dog cock.As I say he is particularly sharp and seems to have been born with an insatiable appetite for human fanny.I had sweated and strained to get his dick in Fazlin's ass.He had pounded at her his haunches moving like pistons to no avail.Her body had tensed and eventually I had to smear lube liberally in and outside her little anus.I had squeezed two lube encrusted fingers up the crack of her ass.Frigging her bum viciously.The bitch had screamed from pain and what made me even more aroused anger!The lube helped,that and my stretching her ass with my fingers.DID EARL ENJOY HER!As he forced that doggy cock up that fist tight poophole he yellped,tongue out and saliva splashing from his mouth and landing in bubbly drops all over her lower back.Fazlin screamed from excruciating pain as Earl filled her bowels with his dog meat.His paws scratched her sides and buttocks as he looked for a good hold.He had her round the waist and was fucking the shit out of her.He went on and on while she screamed,cursed,cried,sobbed and begged.While I had raped her she had never begged now she was beseeching me! After an age of agressive humping,Earl twitched and shuddered he had emptied his LARGE load of Great Dane cum inside his new bitch.He had marked her with his seed.I wish you could have seen her creampie ass!No longer looking like a small little puckered starfish.Red and streeeeeetched,a split had opened at the bottom of her anus and ran about three centimetres down under her towards her pussy.Earl had really out done himself!His mighty load of spunk must have filled her poopshoot it was running out in large white and brown globlets.She was recovering from the torture and rapeing of her asshole,shuddering and whimpering when Earl had walked up beside her lifted his leg and urinated all over her neck and hair.Yip that had been Fazlin,if I watched that tape and jacked off I came in minutes.Oh have mercy,it was spectacular.I had lifted the jewel today!Stacey-lee lay bound outside in my van!

I had a supermarket and Stacey-lee often poped in to purchase stuff.She was truly a stunner!Her mom and dad were very conservative.Stacey was particularly naive and unstreetwise which made this sheltered little beauty even more attractive.At fifteen stacey was a tall and slim brunette.She had come into the store many times during the summer.The first time I had seen her . I marked her for repeated vaginal and anal rape by me and the 'boys' as
I referred to the dogs.She lived just around the corner from the store and in summer was a real little waterbaby.She would come into the store wearing her little bikini top over her small firm breasts .Wearing a wrap around to cover her bikini bottom and long legs which ran right up to her ass.Showing of that tanned flat and muscular midriff.I'm sure she knew she was turning me on.Getting a man old enough to be her dad all hot and bothered.When I still had Fazlin here I had come back horny and angry that the opportunity had'nt arisen yet to abduct Stacey.I had taken it out on that Fazlin bitch.Spreadeagling her standing facing the wall.Her hands bound painfully tight.Then I had thrashed her naked body with a heavy hide belt.Beating her around the shoulders and buttocks
untill I was sweating heavily and ou of breath.Chandre and Fazlin had moved on to others now with similar tastes.Pumped with drugs till they had become addicts.Kept as slaves.The last I heard of Chandre, some black dude had impregnated her and when he found out he beat her to a pulp causing her to abort.She was an old dog bitch now at seventeen.I came without touching myself when I last glimpsed Fazlin.Four guys had shot a gangbang/beastiality movie with her.Two German shepherds,one grear dane and three bitbulls!It took 12 hours to film.All of them took her in all her holes.NOW it was time for Miss Stacey-Lee!

When I opened the doors she blinked her eyes at the bright sunlight shining down on her.Shit those green bambie eyes were beautiful!She was on her side in the fetal position.Her colourful skirt had ridden up to her knees.Her T was stained between her small breasts.It had been very hot in the van and she had perspired from the heat and fear.I could smell the little cunts BO.Her sandles had fallen off and the sight of her little slender feet and perfect toes drove me wild.The middle toe of her right foot was sporting a toering.I grabbed that ring encircled toe squeezed and pulled at it.It must of hurt she screamed into her gag.Eyes wide.Oh Baby!I thought if you but knew what was in store for you.......

Stacey was sitting facing me in the kitchen.I was sitting on the table she in a chair with her arms behind her wrists bound to the chair.She had been docile and offered no resistance.I had taken off her skirt.Revealing a little pink thong.I had contolled myself not looking at the loot hidden beneath.When I lifted her T over her head.I was surprised and excited to see she had a bellybutton ring.The sight of the ring that flat as a plank tummy and little tites in a peach coloured bra. I had to use all my control to stop from rapeing her savagely then and there!She was a sweet,couteous and well mannered kid, Stacey.She had cried silently when I unhooked her bra releasing her little tits from their constraints.Hard tiny breasts with little gumdrop nipples.My just looking at her bound in the chair was making her uneasy.She was blinking uncontrolably and squirming in her seat.

"How old are you Stacey?"

"Ummmm....I' fifteen!"

"Why do you think I brought you here?"

At this question she sobbed,her chest heaved heavily.

" me!"

"I'm not going to lie to you Stacey,yes me and others are going to rape you over and over and then over again"

She spurted out a sob and spittle."Pleeeaaase..d...d...d.dont...please.Why?please noooo"

"Listen Stacey and listen real GOOD!Nobody can help you!Only you can help yourself!It can get real nasty,very nasty.I could hurt you real bad!I could kill you!Cut you open,gut you like a fish' [This brought a whimper from deep down inside her].'However if you a good girl,which I know you are.I won't hurt you too much,I'm only saying it once!get it??'

She nodded in the affirmative.

'Are you a virgin Stacey?'

Again she nodded.

'Now don't lie have you ever masturbated?If you lie I will see it in yours eye.And talk don't nod'


She forced herself to blurt it out.

'Now Stacey,you will do what I tell you,right?'


I untied her got her to lie on her back on the table.She was like putty in my hands this beauty.Fuck she was gorgeous.Any young teen guy or man would have given his right ball for this gorgeous bitch.I ordered her to lift her legs and hold them up.She placed a hand behind either thigh.Up went her legs,feet in the air..I took the toe with the ring in my mouth and sucked it.I pulled off my T-shirt and placed the soles of her feet against my chest.They felt warm and slightly damp. A little hard callous down by the heel ,otherwise smooth.I took them away after a moment and placed them in the air again.My cock was straining against the crotch of my jeans and uncomfortable.I undid my belt buckle and let them drop.I wasn't wearing briefs.My cock was stretched tight.The head a bright reddish purple and twitching with a life of it's own.Her hands were holding her thighs to keep those legs up.I put my hands under her.She lifted her ass from the table to make my task easier.Hand on either side of her hips and took her panties off.Up over her thighs and knees and feet.I wrapped her thong around the ankle of her foot.She was being a really obedient victim.Then I took her in with my eyes....

GLORY!!!!A perfect little cunny.Shaved with just a wisp of hair on her mound.She started that crying again.Shut up bitch I warned.She obeyed quiet but tears rolled down her cheeks.I moved my head so close to her pussy.If I just stuck the tip of my toungue out it would have touched her core.I smelt her,breathing her smell deep into my lungs.The unmistakable smell of cunt,hot, sweaty and the faint aroma of ass!

I got her to turn on her tummy.When I placed the first strap around her wrist she started sobbing.I did'nt care nobody to hear her out here.I restrained her with the four straps fitted to the table.And went to fetch some lube.

After much deliberation I had decided.Earl with his enormous cock could have her virgin pussy.Bruno with his shorter but rather thicker member could have seconds.I would take thirds.All of this to be captured on film.However her virgin anus was mine to break!

I did'nt draw it out to excited about the virgin pussy rape later.I got up on the table,placing a miniscule smear of lube on the head of my cock.I wanted the bitch to suffer.Took a good look at that sweaty anus.Small and puckered.Straddled her. My knee on the table taking my weight.Balancing on my other leg.I shoved my cockhead between her buttocks to the entrance of her unridden shithole.When she felt the contact she tried to clench her buttocks,melt into the table.No neceities!I forced my way into that tight tunnel.My cock is average size but extremely thick.The girth of it sinkinkg into her tight rather dry ass got her screaming in what was excruciating pain.I could'nt have given a fuck.I drilled the bitch.Hard as I could intentionally hurting her.Burying myself in her bowels.I beat my fists down on her buttocks and lower back.At last I was enjoying what I had WANTED for so long!Crying,screaming and shouting 'noooooooo' Stacey-Lee was mine.I was buried to the base in her ass.And looking down seeing her stretched ass wrapped around my humping shaft.I spurted deep inside her bum.I collapsed on her back.I grabbed her hair and shouted "SHUT UP!".Eventually with the help of my yanking her hair she shut her trap.I moved up so that her hair was on my cheek and my mouth by her ear.
"Did you feel me spurt,cum Stacey?"

She whispered from beneath me.Mouth hard up against the table.I noticed she had broken a nail clawing the table when I was buttfucking her."Yessssss"

She asked for water and I gave her some and a towel to clean her cum dripping butt.I tied her to a pole in the lounge.And went to sleep.

When I awoke later.She was also sleeping.Sitting tied to the pole head resting against it.I gave her something to eat and drink.Starving myself.Watched her while she went to the toilet.Urine streaming out of her pussy.

She was forewarned."Stacey we gong to have some real fun.You and I and the boys!"She looked at me quizically when I said the boys"The boys Stacey are my dogs Earl and Bruno.Now if you make a wrong move I could get them to bite you,kill you".Yet another gut wrenching sob."So you behave,understand?"She nodded looking pensive"Oh and Stacey they well hung".

It was'nt necessary she had been very compliant but for good measure I tied her standing to the pole and gave her fifteen lashes.Concentrating on her tight teenage butt.Her cries at every lash exciting me more.So that the last four were really hard my whole bodyweight behind them!

The camera was set up the lighting especially installed to make filming ideal.Stacey was buck naked on a matress.The beating had done her good she was too scared of enduring another or my anger.The bruises on her sore ass both inwardly and outwardly warning enough.

When I opened the back door naked and motioned them the boys raced into the house.Earl as per usual keen and wanting.Bruno in his wake.They made a beeline for the entertainment room.I heard Stacey let out a yell.I walked in smiling.As they came storming in the bitch had sat up cowering her head with her hands.Earl had jumped up on her his paws resting on her shoulder pressing her to the side with his body weight.Bruno had gone straight for her cunt.Forcing his head over her leg and was smelling and licking at her virgin cunny.The boys were horny tonight and would take some controlling.I called them away from her.Their obedience to me was unquestionable." On your back dog/man bitch !" the little terrorised tart was on her back".Open your legs wide."I checked the camera shot and focused on Stacey's young cunt.Petals open slightly by the spreading of her legs.Cold against, her pussy I poured a tub of cream over her.It ran down the crack of her ass to puddle at her abused anus.The dogs started yelping.Earl was so excited he was going around in circles trying to bite his tail.Bruno was pawing the wooden floor."Stacey try and close your legs and they will bite you!I will get them to tear your legs open with their teeth!get it?"


Her head to the side her eyes on us.Looking at her rapists.


And they were up and at her.Bruno slipping in his haste.Earl dived straight in.The dog was drunk with appreciation for his masters offering.Bruno joined him.Brothers ,shoulder to shoulder licking greedily at the cunt of a delectable young virgin human.

I watched them licking up cream,cunny juice and each others spittle.They were slobbering.I saw Bruno's tongue licking at her opening his nose hard up against her cunt.Earls toungue flicking up by her clit.I saw it snake back the hood.And her love button got a feel of his tongue.She was unwilling but the feel of this assault on her vagina had got her to hold her knees to keep her legs open.Exposing her anus which Bruno was licking with gusto!

Her eyes were closed and she wa s whipping her head from side to side.The little hoe didnt want us and was pettrified but her pussy was getting a tongue lashing that could only be pleasurable!The Boys worked her!I saw her squeeze a nipple and she let out a beautiful sounding moan.

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