Dance With A Concubine Part Two

Dance With A Concubine Part Two

It has been two weeks since my 'incident' in the caverns. Nancy was thought to be missing by her family but I could hardly tell them the truth could I. You know the one about her accepting a deal from some magic trinket and then subsequently commanding her goons to rape me. Is it still rape if I enjoyed the fuck out of it? Maybe I was one of those submissive types? Who knows? Anyways as soon as I could gain enough strength to leave the motel I bolted. Stuart and his lady friend with the perfect bod tried to stop me, they told me there was a lot I didn't know and that I needed to hear them. Fuck that!

After exhausting all options and knowing that Stuart would find me at my apartment i crashed at my ex-boyfriend Gary’s house. He was happy to let me stay till i got my shit sorted, his fiancée Clare on the other hand not so much. I helped out around the house, cooking and cleaning. I crashed in the guest bedroom which was located adjacent to their room. The walls were thin and you could hear them going at it every night, suffice it to say I been fingering myself to sleep every night. A girl has needs you know and Clare moaning out every detail of her ass getting reamed gets my engine going.

I was on my way to the supermarket when I got a text from Stuart, 'Do not trust anyone, all will be revealed soon'. They keep talking of these details i needed to know but even back at the motel they were yelling back and forth they were trying to find a way to break it to me gently. I was twenty seven for god sakes I can handle myself.

I put my phone on silent, parked up and headed inside. The whole time I was inside I kept wondering if I should text back. I mean it is the polite thing to do right?

"I would choose the ripe ones if I were you, those look like they been dead for a while." Someone poked me from behind, “Organic is the way to go.”

I looked around to bump heads with this man. He smiled as I did so gently rubbing his noggin. He had a dark complex and looked to be of African descent even though he spoke with a British accent. His face was stern but his eyes seemed so inviting. He was rather well built which I knew was the result of several hours in the gym.

"Oh I am so sorry," I said reaching out to touch his forehead; "You are not hurt are you? I have a lot of things on my mind."

"It is quite alright," he said, "In the time of old that was probably a marriage proposal. From a beautiful woman such as you I call it a compliment."

"You must be quite a charmer yourself." I giggled and started twirling my hair. I was giggling and flirting? In the freaking supermarket? Mr. Tall, dark and handsome was having quite the effect on me.

"Oh that I am indeed," He said with a smile that would make the up-tightest of women drop their panties, "How about I help you?
"Sure, hot stuff." I winked, "Care to escort me to the frozen food aisle?"

"With pleasure, miss" He said.

We scurried off and I could swear we were in there for hours. It felt kind of nice actually; here I was connecting to this completely random stranger, it felt honest. I needed honest in life and the fact that he was virtually irresistible helped. I kept asking him to reach a lot of high shelves giving me enough time to check out his ass. Yes, girls do that too. Fun thing was we never even exchanged names. He caught on soon enough, just when I thought I was inviting trouble he leaned over and kissed me. It was a good kiss too, sleeping beauty would probably have gotten a heart attack.

So here I was making out with this guy I just met wondering how big and full his cock would make me, but I knew better.

"I am getting really hot and bothered, all thanks to you of course." I said pushing him away, "but don’t you think it is a bit too random."

"You are thinking too much," he spoke softly into my ear, "we should live in the present. How are we human if we do not thrive in the moment?"
Oh fuck it! "Take me somewhere fast," I told him, "so I can fuck....your....brains out."

We ran into a dimly lit utility closet and started taking off each others clothes. In mere seconds we were naked, gliding our hands on each other. The fact that anyone could barge in at any moment just made it hotter. He took careful care in handling my body. Each touch of his sending shivers throughout my body. I could literally feel myself moistening.

He cupped my breasts gently treading on my nipples getting them harder and harder. He sucked on them, taking turns between each one to give them both attentions. As he was doing that I kept playing with my clit, alarmed at the amount of lube being secreted from my pussy. Liquid lust moistened my thigh. I used my other hand to massage his dick, it was so wide that my fingers could barely wrap around it. I wanted this cock bad and I had enough foreplay.

I turned around and offered my pussy to him doggy style. He took both of my hands and held them behind my back. He aimed his cock at my pussy and dove all the way in. There was no resistance, as my pussy was so wet I could accommodate a horse. I could feel him hitting away at my g-spot making me cum on his dick over and over again. In the course of five minutes since he went in I came three times.

I pulled it out of me wanting a taste of it myself. I knelt down in front of his cock and gazed at what stood in front of me. It was as long as seven inches and three wide. It was covered in my frothy cum which i began licking off. I rolled my tongue up and down and around tasting my own pussy juice which tasted better than it ever did before. I looked up to see him rocking his head back in sheer pleasure. I then took his cock in its entirety to clean it off completely and then lay down with my ass out as a bitch would present to its master.

He knelt down and lined up his cock to my pussy. He took me by the hips and took me as I wanted him to. We didn't speak to each other, the only sound being our animalistic groans and moans and of his weighty balls hitting my ass. His cock was now known to me, its shape and curvature forever embedding itself in the lining of my pussy wall as he fucked me.

"I am going to cum!" He pulled out and jacked off over my tits, "take my load, Lissa!"

Lissa? I never exchanged names with him. But before my thought finished his load hit me square in one eye blinding me momentarily. The last shots landed firmly on my tits. I took his cock and sucked on it to ensure all droplets found its intended target, me. I rolled it on my tongue, savoring the taste and feel.

"So how do you know my name?" I looked up at him, one eye still closed from the weight of his load.

"I know more than you think." He snarled at me abandoning his coy self to something more demonic, "Your life is now mine."

He opened his mouth to reveal sharp fangs where his canines should have been. I stepped back and ran out of the closet. I was naked, tired and my face and tits covered with cum but mostly I was scared. I ran screaming hoping to get attention, but to my surprise the supermarket was empty.

"There is no one here!" His voice boomed, "no one to save you, so like all of my good sluts, die!"

I reached the supermarket door to find it now blocked by a wall of concrete. I was trapped and there was no way of escape. I could see him edging towards me slowly, taking his time to possibly savor the moment. Maybe I should have listened to Stuart and his friend. Suddenly a wall to my left exploded and in the mist of it I saw two figures.

"The name is Nyssa, you know." Out came Stuart with the girl from the motel, "How is this for a rescue?"

Stuart came to me and wrapped a blanket around me, glancing at Nyssa with a stern expression, "Get it done!"

"All right already. He is just a week old vampire you know." She twirled around a stake and then blew me a kiss, "Hey Lissa, nice tits girlfriend."

With that she ran down the aisle to meet him. I kept going in and out of consciousness. Every time i opened my eyes i saw glimpses of them fighting. Blink. He was on top of her gloating. Blink. She stabbed his arm. Blink. She had him pinned down her stake over his heart. Blink. She was now next to me looking triumphant.

"Hey, you did well." She told me, "Although I think it is about time you listened to what we had to say."

We went back out the hole they made, it took time though with me stumbling and fumbling over the place. We got into Stuart’s RV which was parked outside and drove off. I was still covered in cum so Nyssa led me to the bathroom to clean myself off. She took me to the shower and in a daring moment licked the remnants of the cum off my face. I jumped back and she laughed heading out. I stood shaken up for a moment and then embraced the shower to clean myself off.

There were clothes laid on the outside as I got out which happened to be a revealing top and a very short skirt. It was something a high school girl would wear to a party but I didn’t have a lot of choices so i wore them and head off to meet Stuart. He was in the driving seat and Nyssa was laid out on the couch.

"Those clothes fitting you fine?" Stuart yelled from the driving compartment.

"Not my style but, beggars can’t be choosers right?" I told him

"We are getting close to our destination," he said, "Nyssa will explain everything so sit tight."

I awkwardly set next to Nyssa hoping she wouldn’t pull that kind of a maneuver again. I looked at her to talk only to find her inches from my face. She was beautiful up close; her red eyes glanced at me drawing me closer and closer. She was slightly sweaty because of the humidity in the RV. A few strands of her white silky hair stuck to her forehead by beads of sweat. I crept back off to the end of the couch but I couldn’t stop staring. She had an hourglass figure akin to old-time models. Her nipples stuck out of her shirt as her big D cup boobs could barely fit into it.

"You can stop admiring me now," she said slyly, " I know I am fabulous."

"How did you know I was......"

"I can read your mind babe," she interrupted me, "You should have figured that out by now."

"What are you? Also what the fuck was that thing?" I demanded.

"I should probably start from the beginning," she took a deep breath and drew her slender legs toward me, "Remember your friend Nancy? Yeah, she is what we call a succubus or at least she invited one into herself. If it was an ordinary one we wouldn't have much to deal with it but she is special. Long ago when magic was free in this world there roamed a succubus so strong the rest revered her as a queen, you see the succubae feed off of sexual energy. But she gained so much power that she became a contained bomb of energy so strong she could bend anyone to her will. We called her Cum Sla'ut. This in our language means the dark one."

"Your language?" I inquired hoping for a straight forward answer. "Are you like Russian or something? I am half Norwegian and I haven't seen anyone with hair like yours."

She laughed and stared at me if I was dropped on the head, "No silly I am of the fae."

"As in freaking fairies like tinkerbell?"

"Yeahp. I will show you my wings later," she winked, "As I was saying Cum Sla'ut grew strong and her army of Orcs and succubae threw over kingdom after kingdom causing King Arthur to ask my people for help."

I was awestruck at all of this. Succubae? Fairies? They were all real, the stories I was told by my mother as kids were real. I was taken back but I needed to know more, I needed to know how I am connected to this. I looked at her and motioned for her to continue.

"My people with the might of all the seven kingdoms waged a war against her and her dark forces, at the end it took the combined lives of an entire colony of fairies including my grandmothers to lock her away in jade medallion. That is until you guys went ahead and brought her back. The hot guy who attacked you was a vampire sent by her to kill you.

"Alright but I still don't understand what I am doing here? Or Stuart? Or Bri...?" I stopped before I could say his name. These past two weeks I kept going on as if nothing happened as if he didn't mean anything. I felt horrible.

"I am sorry about Brian, I truly do not know." She said sincerely, "On the other hand small, chubby and smart over there is a goblin. Since the people in town found it! He was supposed to procure the medallion and bring it back to us. But he sure fucked that up didn’t he!"

Stuart flipped her off and went back to driving. "So what do we do now?" I asked her.

"You will stop her, with the help of us of course." She said while I stared blankly dumbfounded, "You must gain enough power to rival hers and we should start when we arrive."

"How do we do that?" I asked, "Like martial arts training?"

"Well babe," she caressed my face," I need to fuck you."

Before I could say anything Stuart yelled from the front, "We are here."

Nyssa took a piece of cloth and blindfold me and took me outside. She told me it was for my benefit and I was in no position to argue so I obliged. I couldn't see but I could hear the moans of women in heat and the sweet aroma of semen filled the air. What was this place? We kept walking and walking for about five minutes till we arrived at what I believe is an elevator. A few dings later I was taken into a room and the door was locked.

"We are safe now." I heard Nyssa say. "You can take it off now."

The room was black as the night with no end as the eye can see. The room was made of material unlike any I have seen, it was pitch black until she came. Nyssa stood at the far end nude, a shimmering light radiating out of her. Small wings protruded from her back as if they were from a butterfly magnified. She came toward me slowly, her huge breasts jiggling about as if gravity could not affect them. When we were face to face she stopped and smiled. When she did so I could swear the room lit up further.

"You know, you are really beautiful up close." She told me.

"Are you kidding me?" I blurted out, "You are practically a goddess."

She reached her hand out and I took it and with a sudden bright light my clothes disappeared. I instinctually covered my tits only for her to take it away.

"You are the true goddess here." She said.

With that she bent over and licked the tip of my nipple sending shivers down my spine. She softly grabbed my face and kissed me. Her tongue kept precisely treading over mine feeling each other out. I wrapped my feet around her to bring her closer holding her by the neck not wanting to let go. In the act of it falling to the floor lip locked, but the floor was soft. It was unlike any texture I have known, softer than the softest pillow.

I kissed her again before treading down on her kissing her neck, her shoulder, her breast and then her navel. Then as I looked into those crimson eyes with one swift move I parted to see her cunt. I reached down and with my tongue found her clit. I sucked on it flicking it with my tongue, using my fingers to finger her pussy. I saw the wanton look on her face as I did so; she jumped up slightly every time my fingers went in. I then took my fingers out slicked in her juices and licked it.

It tasted out of this world. It was a flavor I could have never dreamed of. I wanted more. I went back in lapping up all the juices which were just flowing out at this point. I scissor my legs onto hers our pussy lips touching each other. I then began to rub my pussy onto hers, our juices mixing. I started gaining momentum as I too was getting ready to cum and I knew she was too. She kept sucking on my toe which was sending me over the edge. We came together our muscles convulsing at the same time. I fell to the floor and laid there to catch my breathe.
"Wow!" I said breathlessly, "I have never done this with a girl before but with you it is so natural."

"I know what you mean," She said laughing then looked at me seriously, "To gain power there is something you must do first."

"Wasn't this it?" I asked her.

"Only half babe," She said smiling, "Now close your eyes and open them in about five seconds."

I nodded and did as she said; I opened my eyes to see Nyssa stroking a big fat cock protruding above her pussy. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen; its size seemed to defy nature as it stood at about 11 inches long unwavering in size. Nyssa herself was using to hands to stroke that humongous cock.

"I hope I didn’t shock you," she said looking down, "All fae and succubae have cocks, for they are the vessels of their power. We are an all-female race with our cocks appearing when we want to. I have to cum inside you to give you my power babe."

"Shock me?" I said grabbing her dick with both of my hands, "You keep showing me things like this, I might fall in love with you."

I used both hands and tugged at it wanting my hands to feel all of it. I looked up at Nyssa who was in pure ecstasy biting her lower lip.

"How do you like my hands sliding across your big fat dick?"

"I love it!" She moaned.

"I bet you want to fuck my pussy don’t you Nyssa?" I teased her, "I bet you want to fuck my brains out."

I saw drops of pre-cum leaking out and licked it up. My eyes lighted up as the taste of it was even better than Nyssa's pussy. I wondered how it would feel to have this dick inside me. I wanted to wonder no longer, I lay down and spread open my pussy.

"Take me, Nyssa!" I pleaded, "Use me as your special whore!"

"Ohhh, babe!" She licked her lips, "I think I am the one who might fall in love with you."

She slapped her dick on my pussy, feeling it up and teasing it. Then she came inside me, inch by inch I could feel her slowly fill up inside of me. My insides stretched out to accommodate her. She slowly slid out before she went back in gaining inches in the process. I could feel her inside my womb which was unnatural.

"Hey babe, I am going to fuck you now." She said kissing me in warm embrace.

She then started to ram me. I could feel her dick pistoning in and out, in and out. She started going at it faster, massaging my pussy.

"Fuck me!" I moaned, my tongue hanging out.

I jumped up and down on her dick, every hair on my body standing outright. My body was on fire from the constant simulation my pussy was receiving. I was coming again and again, orgasms one directly after the other.

"I am going to cum!" She moaned.

I could feel her dick pulsing as she emptied everything into my pussy. Even as she came she kept fucking me as if to completely paint my insides with her sperm. She slowed down and then pulled out ushering a flood of gooey whiteness from my cunt. She crept near my pussy and lapped it up, rubbing my clit fast which gave me one last orgasm.

She grabbed my face and we kissed, exchanging her sperm into my mouth. My pussy juices still on her tongue, I savored it. Every taste, every sensation it was ours to remember.

I fell into her arms and saw the room illuminate, the once dark room now filled with exotic furniture. We were no longer on the dark floor but rather on a comfortable bed. The room was adorned with trinkets I have never had the pleasure of seeing.

"This was the room we been in all along," she told me caressing my chest, "Without power you simply saw it as an empty void. You now have power of the fae, so you can see it for what it is."

"So we can free Nancy now?" I asked her.

"Not yet babe." She told me, "The power of the fae is simply not enough, you must be become much stronger to defeat Qum Sla'ut"
"All right," I said, "So am I gonna grow a dick too?"

"You can choose to summon it yes, but you are too weak from the sudden injection of power." She said, "It will happen when it happens."

"So if I need more power, does that mean I have to fuck Stuart too?" I asked scared by the thought.

She laughed, "Maybe, babe. Goblins are powerful beings in their own right. But I will let you think about that one."

I drifted off into sleep with thoughts of Stuart trying to romance me. Yuck!


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