Reborn to be Better. Chapter 3

Reborn to be Better. Chapter 3

*** Warning, the following work involves the topics of incest, nonconsensual sex, bondage, and mental conditioning. All participants are over the age of 18, and this work is a complete work of fiction and has no basis in reality for any persons. ***

His sister had seemed to break yesterday when the last ball had fallen out of her pussy, he had taken her again and again over the next 24 hours, each time he took a break, he would place her straight in-front of the television playing snow, and secure the headphones to her ears to replay the tracks over and over into her head.

Once he had even given her a break, laid her on the bed and let her rest for a short half-hour, but only after he got her to tell him some things.

“Say you’re my slave.”

“I-I’m you’re slave.”

“No, I want you to say, ‘I’m Jason’s Slave.’”

“I’m J-Jason’s Slave.”

“Now say how you need my cock”

“I can’t live without Jason’s cock..”

Apparently having caught on that I wanted her to talk in the third person, she repeated exactly what I wanted her to. Jason kept brushing her face with a cool rag, speaking softly, gently, and showing her a tenderness that contrasted his previous behavior in a manner that was shocking.

“Say that you trust me entirely..”

“I trust Jason entirely..”

“That’s a good girl, now one last thing. I want you to say ‘I’ll always do what Jason asks, no matter what he asks. Because I love him. His happiness means more than my life.’”

“I-I’ll always do what Jason asks…. No matter what he asks… Because I-I-I love him.. His happiness means more than m-my life.” She choked out, a tear slowly falling down her cheek.

Watching her eyes vibrating dangerously in her head from her lack of sleep, Jason knew he couldn’t push her any further. Taking the rag and placing it on her forehead, he walked over and turned off the lights, letting her fall quickly into sleep.

Jason’s heart was pounding in his chest as he rewound the tape recorder he had been holding in his hand and listened to his sister’s voice. She repeated his phrases almost perfectly. This, he knew, would either be his end, or would be the beginning of the rest of his life.

After this moment, not only her life, but his too, would be reborn to be better.

**********23 Hours Left**********

Jason Fremont sat on his couch tapping his leg. His heart was pounding in his chest.

Jason had spent the last two days and nights tormenting his sister. Fucking her, breaking her, and trying to remake her into what he thought he wanted. Now he wasn’t so sure.

Their mother was coming home tomorrow, her travel plans having been delayed due to weather, but now he knew he was fucked… Their mother always took his sister Adriana’s side in every petty little squabble. Now here had tied her down, fucked her, and tried to break her mind.

This wasn’t a petty squabble, this was unforgivable. Their mother would get home in 24 hours, and when she did, he knew that he would go to jail, probably for the rest of his life.

Jason was rubbing his wrists as these thoughts racked his brain. How could he be so dumb as to believe he could turn his sister into this. He couldn’t own her, she was just a sneaky, conniving bitch. She was probably playing along hoping to get him to let himself relax, to slip up or slow down. She must have known that he had only a limited time, and that she could be saved if she held out. She was just trying to survive…

Standing up, Jason knew he was in too deep. He would either remake his sister, or he would go to jail.

Heading to his computer, Jason spent about an hour working on the recording he had taken of his sister, dropping the pitch of the phrases, he hid them into some relaxing sound tracks and rebuild his brainwashing musical mix.

After he was sure he had set up the vocal cues right, he burned the music onto his mp3 player and took it into the room he was holding his sister in.

Looking at her, he knew he wouldn’t have much time left, so he set up the music to play in the room and set the speaker to a gentle volume, careful to not wake her, he made sure the speakers were as close as possible. She was still, but he knew she was at least alive from the rhythmic move of her chest.

Staring at her chest to watch her breathing, he felt himself harden, and while he wanted to take her now, he knew he had to wait. He needed her to be an active participant, not a victim.

After setting up the music, he went up to her room and grabbed some of her drugs from the drawer he knew that a cliché like his sister would store it in.

Setting up an incense burner, he lit up her weed, and started to fill up the room. He needed her relaxed, not that the exhaustion didn’t help, but he needed to make sure she was in as deep a trance as possible, and the drugs might be able to push her over the edge and into a mental oblivion.

After setting up his little hot-box, Jason went to grab a camera from their garage and set it up to watch his sister, if she moved in the room or tried to leave, it would alarm him to his sister’s phone and let him know. He needed more time, but maybe this would all work. He had to convince himself that he could do this.

If he couldn’t convince himself, how could he convince her.

**********18 Hours Left**********

Jason had watched from his security camera as his sister never moved.

She had laid in the bed for the past 6 hours and never moved a muscle. Several times he had gone down to see her, and make sure that she was even alive. He knew that sleep deprivation was dangerous, but he was desperate, and this was the only way he could think of to fix this situation.

Racked with guilt and fear, Jason had gone to his room and packed a bag. He wouldn’t go to jail, he would rather run. But the fear would always crumble when he thought of the power, he was so close to having over his sister.

The music was playing over and over.

6 hours of music, laced with his own sister’s voice telling her that she was his, that she lusted for him, and his happiness was the most important.

Finally deciding that 6 hours was enough, Jason went down the stairs and knew he needed to wake up his sister. He was running on fumes himself, sometimes napping, but always waking with a start, thinking his sister had escaped and called the Police.

Walking into the room, Jason waded through the gentle haze of marijuana smoke over to his sister.

Slipping a collar around her neck and tightening it, he gently shook her awake.

“Adriana, wake up, its time for your training.”

Mumbling something Jason couldn’t hear, she started to try and sit up, but was clearly very sore. The welts on her ass and legs made it hard for her to take a seated position, so she slipped off of the bed and onto the floor.

Adriana felt the cold floor on her ass and felt immediate relief, her welts were swollen and painful, but she felt that she had deserved them. The floor is where good slaves sat.

**FUUUCK!!! I have to Kill This Loser!!**

Something told her that she should be angry, but that part felt so foreign, like a stranger shouting in a fog.

Looking up at her brother, no.. her Master, Adriana was so happy to have been given so much time to rest. She knew that he must have sacrificed and suffered so much to have not had access to her.

Staring into his eyes, she realized that this wasn’t where she should be looking and redirected her gaze to his feet.

**No!! I have to kill This FUCK**

Staring at the tile, Adriana whispered softly, “Yes sir, what would you like me to do?”

Jason stared at his sister.. She had slid off the floor and sat at his feet. ‘What did she say??’ He thought..

‘No… No… This isn’t real’ his mind raced. ‘This has to be a trick.’

“I want you to come over here with me, I’m going to teach you, to train you, dear sister-slave.”

Attaching a leash to his sister’s collar, he pulled her over to the bench again, laying her sweet frame over it. Securing her arms and legs to the ends, he freed his cock and knew he had to have her. He couldn’t wait any longer, and knew he would fuck her slowly and see how she reacted.

Feeling down to her pussy, he found it soaking wet. He fingered her gently for a short while before he pulled out and pushed his fingers near her mouth. He didn’t even need to wait as she immediately began to suckle on his fingers, tasting her juices on him.

‘That was it,’ he thought, ‘the last vestige of her resistance was broken.’

**********12 Hours Left**********

“Who do you belong to?” He whispered? Sliding his cock up and down her folds, teasing and wetting his entire length.

“You Master.. I belong to YOU Master..”


Sliding his cock slowly into her, he felt her wetness and warmth engulf him. He reveled in the power he had over her, and the tightness she squeezed him with.

“What are you?” He spoke louder.

**I’ll FUCKING KILL YOU** Something sounded off in her head, but the voice was getting softer.

“I’m your SLAVE, I’m whatever you want me to be..”


Jason couldn’t take it anymore, grasping her hair, he pulled her backward to look at him, seeing that her eyes looked genuine, he fucked her hard. His cock slamming into her over and over, he listened to her strained grunts and whispered to her, “Don’t you dare cum yet whore.. I know that’s what you want, but you haven’t earned it.”

“YESS SIRRR..” she managed to grunt out as he fucked her viciously. Wrapping his other hand around her neck, he began to squeeze slowly. Feeling her body begin to slacken, and watching her eyes bulge and roll back, he released her.

Pulling his cock out of her, he kept his hand tangled in her hair and walked around, sliding his slick cock between her lips, he waited.

Once he saw her eyes begin to flutter, he knew she was waking up, and began to slide his cock into her mouth. “That’s right Bitch. You wake up to my cock, its you only reason for living. Serving my cock, and serving my needs.”

While slowly fucking her, he felt her begin to suck and knew he was safe to start going harder.

Readjusting his grip on her hair, he dragged her head farther down his cock, over and over, pulling her off and stuffing her back down.

Adriana started to gag as Jason continually entered her throat, and reveled in the fact that she was being used. She knew Jason would keep this pace, he would use her over and over, because that was what she was meant for.

Feeling his balls begin to boil, he slammed his sister back down onto his sock one last time and came down her throat. His vision dimmed from how hard he was cumming, and the sensation of his sister swallowing over and over, her throat milking his cock made him want to keep cumming, and kept him rock hard.

Having spent himself, he pulled out of her mouth and looked down at her, seeing her tear-streaked face, and cum dribbling down her chin slightly, he knew he had to record this.

Grabbing her phone, he took some pictures before he freed her from the bench and sat back onto the bed. “Come here slave,” he cooed to her. “I have one more task before we start your next training session.”

Crawling on her hands and knees, she felt she might know what he wanted, after all, she had made quite a mess on her master. “Clean me up now.” Jason commanded her.


Adriana shoved down the voice violently in her mind, she would never hurt her Master. Slowly slipping her Master’s cock into her mouth, she ran her tongue across the entire length, making sure she didn’t miss any of her juices on him, and for one last measure sliding him deep down her throat and holding him there for a moment.

Jason felt his cock slip down into his sister’s throat again and wanted to test her again, putting his hand on the back of her head and pressing down.

He wrapped his legs around her shoulders and locked her head into place. Staring straight into her eyes, he told her, “My desires are the only thing you care for. You’ll give up your life for me if I want it, won’t you?”

Staring into her eyes, he felt her try and say something around his cock, feeling only the vibration, but knowing from her devoted stare, that she had told him yes.

He held himself in her throat for what felt like an hour, but he knew could only be minutes, and watched as she choked on his cock, her hands resting gently on the bed as she resigned herself to choking to death on her brother’s cock.

Her hands twitched constantly, and he watched her eyes start to bulge again, her face turning a red and then a deep purple. Jason watched her slowly choke, letting this happen, and refusing to fight back or try and free herself, and knew this was heaven..

He pulled out of her and watched as she gasped and almost wretched onto the floor, but held it back. Looking up again into her Master’s eyes, she opened her mouth again, ready to accept more abuse. Whatever he wanted from her, she would give him.

Jason stood and slipped his cockhead back into his sister’s mouth and looking at her, whispered “One more test. Swallow it all.”

Having come down her throat against her will, and almost choked her to death as she gave no resistance, he needed to know what she would do willingly. Relaxing a little, he began to piss into his sister’s mouth.

The stream was hot and came out so fast, and at first, she gagged slightly, but obviously was trying her best to drink every drop that he poured out into her. Drinking it like he was pouring honey down her throat. He watched her tilt her head back to make more room, taking deep breaths through her nose, and swallowing tremendous gulps as he filled her mouth 2, 3, 4 times before he finished.

**********6 Hours Left**********

‘She’s mine entirely,’ he thought. ‘She’ll never tell, and I have her for myself.’

Pulling out of her mouth, Jason took a blindfold and placed it over her eyes again. Taking Paint-on Latex, he started to seal the blindfold into place on her face, and then worked to cover her mouth as well after placing the gag back into her mouth.

“I’m the source of everything you feel and love.” He spoke to her, covering her naked body in stroke after stroke of Latex. Covering her entire body, even putting a cap over her hair to seal it onto her face. He took the dildos off of the belts and placed them over her pussy, sealing the area in Latex as well, knowing she wouldn’t feel anything.

Taking her collar off, he sealed her neck, her chest, her stomach and legs. He covered every inch of her except for her nose, allowing her to breath, but knowing she wouldn’t feel anything else. Replacing her collar once he was done, he attached her leash and took her upstairs, walking her like a dog until she was in the living room.

Jason pulled out his sister’s phone and took some more pictures before he noticed he had missed a phone call and had a voicemail.

His mom had called and left his sister a message.

She wouldn’t be back for another week. Her work had recalled her back to another area and would need for her to stay even longer.

Jason looked at his slave. ‘With this much time. Who knows how far we can go, or which of your friends we could drag down into the depths with you.’ Jason knew the possibilities were almost endless. All he had needed was more time.

Placing headphones over her ears, the only stimulation she would feel would be his brainwashing music. She couldn’t feel, or see, or taste. Only hearing over and over the commands and suggestions.

Jason knew that these would rot her mind. Crumbling any semblance of personality that she had left, and would leave her as his perfect slave once he freed her from her new cocoon. Once he peeled the latex off, she would be complete. She would be his, and she would be reborn.

Jason’s cock grew hard again, thinking of his sister bringing him her ‘friends’ to train. And this was when his thoughts strayed to his mother… The possibilies were endless…

**********168 Hours Left**********

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