Daniels Revenge Part 2

Daniels Revenge Part 2

Daniels Revenge Part 2

Karen was motionless as she recovered from her orgasm.
The voice taunting her about her bodys' vulnerabilty to stimulation and that she would be having more orgasms.
That despised her to no end. This monster!! Taking advantage of her in that way! She knew it was only natural for her body to react to the vibrator in that way. She knew she was being raped. But how can it be that this fiend could want it to be pleasurable for her.

"Coward!" she thought to herself.

Once again she heard movement from behind her. What could possibly happen next?

Daniel moved back to the table. He silently laughed to himself. He had made Karen cum in no time at all. He had given her pleasure now it was time for the pain.

He picked up the harness from the table. Attached to it was a 10 inch long and soda can thick dildo. He buckled the harness around his waist and tightened it so that it would not slip down.

He turned around to see Karen struggling slightly against her restraints. She was trying not to bring attention to herself.

That did make him laugh out loud. His laugh metallic because of the synthesizer, scared Karen because she knew she had been caught.

"Listen to me very closely" Daniel started saying " the next part of our day is now starting. Please feel free to scream as loudly as you want. This will hurt. But it wont kill you"

Karen cried out sobbing "please dont hurt me. I'll do anything you want."

Daniel thought to himself "Can you give me back my heart?"

"I AM going to do anything I want" Daniel said.

Karen realized that he was right. Again she tried, without success, to struggle against her bindings. It was to no avail.

As she was struggling she felt the pressence of her captor behind her. And the hardness of the dildo attached to the man. Daniel hit the small of Karens' back with the length of the dildo.

She felt its weight and size and shuddered. It caused her to fight violently against her restraints.

Karen was crying in earnest now. She was scared. She felt the large rubber dong smack her ass again. A hand now grabbed a handful of her long curly brown hair and wretched her head back to her attackers head.

Daniel whispered to her "Fuck you bitch" and let her hair go.
Karens head fell forward and rested in her outstretched arms.

Sobs came from mouth.. "Please, I beg you! Dont do this."

Daniels' response was to spread her ass cheeks apart and lick her tiny asshole.

Karen shook as the tongue probed her asshole. The tongue slowly drawing circles around the pink hole. Daniel prodded his tongue into her now wet ass. It was so tight. He knew this was gonna hurt and hurt badly.

Daniel withdrew his face and tongue from Karens' ass.

Karen felt the head of the giant dildo press against small opening of her ass. She could feel a cold slimy liquid dripping down the crack of her ass.

"Dont do this! Please, I beg of you" Karen cried. Tears streaming out of her eyes into the blindfold.

The response of her attacker was more pain than she had ever felt before and that included giving birth to Angela.

Daniel grabbed Karens' hips as he nudged his dildos' head against her pink asshole. Karens' pleas and begging infuriated Daniel. She hadnt listened to his pleas long ago.

Karen let out a blood curddling scream. She felt the large intruder rip through her puckered asshole fast and hard. The pain caused more tears to flow and more screams.

Daniel smiled as he heard Karen scream. He looked down as the cock was buried about 5 inches in to her ass. He pulled Karens hips back into the mammoth cock to take its full length.

Karen was seeing stars as she felt the cock go deeper into her ass. She knew she was screaming but couldnt hear herself. The pain was excrutiating. She felt the cock being slowly withdrawn from the depths of her ass. She felt relief as the cocks head was pulled back to just inside the opening of her asshole.

Without warning, the dildo was rammed to its base back into her ass. Karen felt the air leave her lungs. She couldnt scream.

Daniel started fucking Karen as hard as he could muster. Long deep strokes. All resistance had left Karen. Her head was limp in her arms.

Daniel stopped fucking Karens' ass after a minute or two. He had done his damage for the time being. She was sobbing. Mumbling "no, please stop. It hurts"

Daniel pulled the large cock out of her ass. Looking down as he pulled the last inches out, he noticed the cock was no longer skin toned in color but a mixture of brown and red. The large head plopped out.

Daniel walked over to the table and unhooked the harness. He let it drop to the floor.

Karen heard it fall to the ground even through her sobs. It was a loud thud that brought her out of her dizziness. Her ass was hurt. She felt the air hit her opened hole as soon as the giant cock was pulled out. She felt the ooze coming out of her still gaping asshole. She tried to close her hole with her sphincter muscles but it hurt too bad.

"This is going to be cold" she heard that damned metallic voice say.

With that, she felt the wetness of a towel wiping her lower body down.

She felt the towel wipe clean her ass and legs.

Daniel cleaned her up. Her ass was a mess. He had caused her only a fraction of the pain she caused him. But he cleaned her.

When he was done cleaning, he looked down. She was clean and her asshole was only slightly gaped.

Daniel lowered his head and lightly kissed her ass cheek.

Karen didnt say a word but her only thought was........

"What the Fuck!"

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