Pleeky Blinds Her: Chapter One

Pleeky Blinds Her: Chapter One

Pleeky Blinds Her: Chapter 1

So ever since I was little, I had this dream, or fantasy more so of how I always wanted to go to college. That lifestyle where no fucks are given, all I do is hookup with young teenage girls, and party. Which, at the time, and still to this day sounds amazing. But I never thought I would actually get a chance at fulfilling every single one of those fantasies.

Throughout my life I hated school, I still do. Regardless of myself being "smart" or "athletic" I honestly hate being there and I don't want any part in it. The only reason I do what I do, (play baseball in college, and major in business) is because I want to eventually pay my parents back for everything that they've done for me. I don't see anything wrong with that. However, even though I dread waking up every other morning and going to an actual class, I do seem to enjoy myself when I want to.

Okay, I guess I'll share the more personal side of myself to start off, not that you care, but whatever.
I'm about 6'2" 185 pounds, athletic, Greek heritage, (a lot of people comment on how much they like my complexion) I have dark brown hair that's decently long, probably to my neck, but maybe a little shorter. I've always been a modest person, I don't brag, I don't talk behind people's back, and whenever I have sex with a girl I find attractive, the only person I go to is my best friend Trek. Trek a.k.a. Trent Resky and I have been best friends since first grade, and yes...we are the cliche best friends who do everything together. We hang out practically every day, we work out together, we play video games together. There's not much we don't do, but I won't keep rambling. Also, no, this is probably not going where you're thinking and we don't have threesomes together.

Like I said, since I was little, I've always had an insanely high sex drive. I distinctly remember when I was younger, I had this pillow in my room that I would grab and literally hump the shit out of it until I couldn't anymore. I would either imagine it was one of my moms friends with a busty chest in a skin tight silk dress, or one of my sisters friends with a tight body and basically a face that was a canvas for cum. I did this for a few years until I grew out of the phase, and I was beginning to grow up. I found a picture on my sister's iPod touch once while I was looking for a game to play, it was of her and her friend making out in skin tight panties, knee high baseball socks, a tight crop top tee shirt and no bra. My newly teenage cock sprang right up in my athletic shorts. They were both in the same outfits, and they were both 18, so you can imagine where I'm coming from. I was never "attracted" to my sister, and I'm still really not, but that picture made it seem like it wasn't even her and it took me to another planet hormonally. My sister Rayne had(s) long brownish blonde hair, a set of D cup tits, a face with the straightest, whitest teeth, and slight freckles with a nice tan complexion and probably one of the tightest asses I have ever seen. Also in the picture with her was Maggie her best friend, about 5'2" short toned body, tight round ass, short athletic legs, (volleyball player, still to this day) with a C cup bust and a face that was to die for. She has one of those faces you can't really describe when you see it, but there's just something so innocent about it that makes you want to destroy it with cum. Maggie is, and to be completely honest, probably the basis of why I am so into the things that I am into. I would hear stories through my sisters bedroom door, as my eager childhood self would sit with my ear to the door about how many times she was pumped with her boyfriends cum over the weekend or how he would put her feet together with ankle socks on and fuck them until he shot his load onto her stomach. These things are what I grew up on.

So with this picture, I grabbed the iPod, and I grabbed the pillow, and fucked the hole I had cut into it a few weeks prior with every bit of energy I had, imagining with every thrust my cock went deeper and deeper into Maggie's hot, wet, tight cunt, or my sisters soft saliva dripping lips. With every grunt and moan came another wave of pleasure and a different vision that would cycle through my mind. My cock gliding in and out of her lip gloss covered mouth as my balls hit the underside of her chin and her cute little moans meant my dickhead was gagging her. The last vision is what probably drew me over the edge, I had her on all fours fucking her from behind as I cupped her chest and thrusted into her pussy as I held her skirt up. She had on these long red stockings and no shoes the thought of girls feet bouncing uncontrollably as I fuck them drove me insane, and still does to this day. She was screaming in pleasure, and with every pump I could feel her teenage juices squish on the sides of my cock as I went in and out hearing the noises of her pussy. Maybe 5 minutes in I felt something I had never felt before, and I slowed down a little bit, but I pulled out of the cotton stuffed hole. My sister and Maggie apparently walked in as I was pulling my cock out of the pillow, but I was too hypnotized to notice. I grabbed my cock with my shaking hand and felt it pulsating, but I didn't want the pleasure to stop, so I quickly started humping again. But when I came close to that feeling again I stopped, but I immediately felt this hand reach around my chest and down past my waist. Maggie's small, lotion filled hand wrapped around my cock that was impressively large for my age, and slowly began to stroke me off as Rayne stood there with her arms crossed with a little wet spot on her pussy that I could see through her cotton panties. What set me off is that my horny older sister was really enjoying this. Just as I got scared to follow through with what I was feeling, Maggie licked my ear and whispered sensually, "let it flow, whatever you're feeling, burst that into my hand as hard as you can, don't hold back." So I absolutely didn't and I shot out what felt like three waves of goo onto Maggie's wet hand as she yelled out "yes! Good fucking boy, keep it going, give me all of your cum." Whatever that meant right...cum I guess.

They walked out of the room for the night, and for the remainder of the evening I sat outside the door listening to what seemed to be pleasure moans coming from both girls as I massaged my cock and balls. I swear, a few times I heard, "Oh FUCK Rayne, deeper, push it deeper! I'm going to squirt, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUCK. Yes baby, let me lick my juice off of your pretty little face." Not sure why I was feeling what I was feeling. But let's just say, my regeneration of semen allowed me to have a drawer full of socks that were 99% filled with "cum" by the end of the night.

Yes, I've always been into feet, I don't know why. I would imagine a lot of it is contributed to my sister and Maggie exposing me to it at such a young age, and having an 18 year old sister with 18 year old friends that would always be hanging out at our pool with nothing but bikinis on that left little to my imagination. Ass cheeks that hung out, bikini tops that were too small that allowed quite a bit of chest to leak out the sides, and so much baby oil rubbed on their toned bodies I think I could have used their abdomens as my humping pillow. Something always drew me to feet and turned me on about them. I still don't really know what that is, whether it's the curve of the arch, white painted toe nails with tan bodies, or how girls can just use them as another tool for milking a man. Feet are not my first priority into liking a girl, obviously it's just a bonus. It's not like in a serious in depth kind of way, but I cannot date a girl if her feet aren't somewhat cute and taken care of. Along with that, I fucking love a girl with a pretty face and nice're probably thinking, uh yeah Pleeky we all do. Oh! by the way...I'm Plenko. My name is short enough, but my friends decided to shorten it and call me Pleeky, don't ask why because I don't know. Anyway, a pretty face can mean a lot to me. It can mean she either has long legs, and a skinny frame with gorgeous eyes and a nice complexion, long blonde hair, and teeth that aren't necessarily perfectly straight, but they have a formation about them that turns me on. It can also mean she has short brown, or even blue hair, with perfectly straight teeth, a nice tan body, shorter, but fit and toned, and a giant set of tits that I can fuck, as my cock slides up into her mouth. It can really mean a lot of different things, and I've never limited myself to a "standard" that wouldn't allow me to experience all of the different types of women that are out there. That's honestly the primary reason I could tolerate going to school. I was surrounded by hundreds of different breeds on a daily basis. That playground, that aquarium of fish to use for my own pleasure, as a teenage boy with raging hormones and a cock that was surprisingly large, it was and is heaven for me.

Anyway, now I'm 18 and my sister and all of her friends are 24. I don't see them often, but when I do it's always a fun time, but those stories are for a different time.

So to be honest, I don't really know how I'm going to go about writing this for you. I want it to be pretty much "I experience something, and the second I do it's documented for you guys to read" I feel like I'm a generous enough person to give you guys that, and I think you'll enjoy it. So I'll start off with my VERY first experience as a Freshman at Marriolla University.

I was attending my first party as a Freshman. For those of you who know what that experience is like, you feel for me. Pretty awkward at first, you don't really know anybody, but after a while you kind of find a groove. In all seriousness it's almost identical to a high school party, except the girls are actually developed, and you don't need to grind with a girl to get hard. A few of my friends from the baseball team eventually showed up, and even though you're "on the baseball team as a starter" you're still a Freshman and that's what they view first. For me, I'm pretty outgoing so I can usually mingle and get along with most people, and girls naturally come to me. (Not trying to sound like a douchebag). As I'm standing talking to Trek, out of the corner of my eye I see this girl that I was seeing for the first time. Easily one of the most attractive younger girls I've laid my eyes on. Hair that was perfectly bleached blonde, not that trampy white trashed bleached, but a nice natural type, about 5'1" with a body that was toned incredibly with an ass that stuck out just the right amount and a nice set of C cup tits that were so natural, they swayed evenly each time she moved. You could see the outline on her sides where they aim down towards her pussy in a slight V shape, but not like body builder style. She had a white no sleeve crop top on and a diamond belly button piercing that was driving me nuts. The black see through leggings she had on, along with the turquoise blue vans sneakers with pink ankle socks added to what I was now calling an angel. What really drove me crazy that was finishing it off, was the gooey, precisely applied lip gloss that was glistening off of her gorgeous face from across the room.

I was falling in love with this girl, or so I thought. The only thing running through my mind right now was..."how am I going to get this girl naked and into a bed tonight." Now I'm not saying I didn't want to have future plans with this girl, but for tonight, I wanted her. I wanted her in every way possible.

I did what I would've normally done in any situation, and I told Trek to hold on for a minute while I went to the bathroom. I started walking towards the bathroom and I happened to "bump" into the goddess. "Oh damn, my bad, excuse me." I said.
"Oh! No problem, hey do I know you?" She said questioning our relationship.

"Not that I know of, at least I don't think so." I said hesitantly.

"Oh, well okay. Well I'm Maddie. Nice to meet you..."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Plenko."

"Whoa, sweet name, Italian?" She asked sensually.

"Italian and Greek yeah, good guess." I said surprised she actually knew my nationality."

We talked for a long time, and by a long time, I mean by the standard of the current millennials, so two or so hours.
At the end of our conversation I asked her if she would want to go back to my place to hang out and watch a movie or something to get the fuck out of this party.

"My God, I thought you'd never ask." She said excitedly.

When we got back to my place, I laid down on the bed because I was so fucking exhausted. It was a Friday night and I had gotten up early for my Management class, I think I shut my eyes for a few seconds when I felt something, or someone for that matter grab me literally by the cock through my shorts.

I opened my eyes and Maddie was kneeling on the bed in a pair of silk pink panties, a too small bra on to where her tits were kind of falling out, and she still had her pink ankle socks on from earlier.

She started stroking me through my shorts as I was lying there, I was still shocked so I wasn't sure how to react yet, all I know is that I kept getting harder until I reached my full size which is about seven and three quarter inches. It's pretty close to eight inches, so I usually just say eight.

"Holy fuck, I don't think this will fit in any of my holes." She said tempted to try.

When she said that I lost it, that drove me crazy. I guided her off the bed and onto the floor while staying on her knees, I slowly pulled my shorts down as her hands were still fondling with my balls through my boxers, my cock acted like a rubber band and once I pulled the end of my boxers over my dick, it sprang up and hit her in the side of the cheek.

"Jesus Christ, we are going to have so much fucking fun tonight."

It was funny that she said that, as soon as she did, I hit play on my music playlist and "peaches and cream" came on by Snoop Dogg and apparently that triggered her sexually. She gripped my cock from the base and stuck her tongue out at the bottom and slowly ran her wet gorgeous tongue all the way up from the bottom to the tip. When she got to the top of my cock she swirled it around, and slowly wrapped her lips around the entire diameter. She was going a little slow for my liking, so I made sure her mouth was secured on my rod, grabbed the sides of her face, and started thrusting into her mouth and down her throat. I started off a little faster than she was going, but eventually sped up to a pretty decent speed. I could tell she was in shock, her eyes became super widely opened, and every time I thrusted I heard an "uh, ugh, ooh" squeal as I watched her spit ooze out the sides of her mouth.

What was amazing is that she was rubbing her pussy through her panties the entire time, and you could see her cum soaking the front of them. She was kneeling so perfectly that her thighs were resting on her calves to where her leg muscles were showing so beautifully. I could tell her jaw was getting tired, so I slowly pulled out of her mouth and watched the spit pour out of her mouth and onto the floor.

She started stroking my dick so I would stay hard, awh how caring of her, right? Lol.

I grabbed her hand and helped her up onto her feet as we stood there making out for a minute, still slowly humping her as we stood there, feeling my spit soaked cock rub against her tan abdomen. A few times, the tip of my cock hit her belly button piercing and it turned me the fuck on.

I pushed her onto the bed and put her legs over my shoulders, squishing my head between her thighs, fucking Christ what an amazing place to be. I could smell the distinct scent of her pussy before I even made it down to her waist and once she pulled down her panties, it hit me like the burst of heaven I thought it would be. I immediately dove in with my tongue out and started flicking her clit. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and were guiding my face into the motions she liked. Being face first in her dripping wet pussy with her thighs around my face and her heels digging into my back, was like being in a pool that you wanted to drown in. When I came up for a breath, she SCREAMED out, "GET BACK DOWN THERE, I HAVEN'T CAME IN THREE MONTHS, MAKE ME FUCKING CUM BABY."

This is when I knew what was about to happen was going to be amazing. I dove back in, sucking on her clit, massaging her tits, and grabbing the back of her ass as I pushed her harder and harder into my face. I could feel the muscles in her body contracting as my tongue when in and out and around the lips of her soft hairless cunt. Occasionally her ass would come off of the bed and she'd thrust her whole body into my face and it would surprise the shit out of me, but every time she did it she squealed at a high pitch and pussy juice would run down the sides of her legs.

After quite a while, I think she went into a state of a trance after she kept orgasming, her legs started shaking uncontrollably and all she managed to stutter out was...
"Ohhh...m m myyyy FUCCCCCKING PUSSSSSSY." I felt a wave of juice come out and hit me in mouth, I tried taking in what I could, and she finally came down from her ecstasy trip. She pushed me off of her so I ended up on my back and my cock flopped and hit me in the stomach. She laid on her back so our heads were at opposite ends, and she slowly ran the entire length of her leg, from her ass to the bottom of her foot down my cock, the softness of her panties and the smoothness of her thighs and calves made me hard immediately. She was a magician with her feet and she gripped my cock between her toes with her pink ankle socks on so my cock was within her two arches perfectly, making what was basically a cunt with her feet. She started stroking me off like they were hands, and it didn't take long for me to start oozing pre cum out of the tip of my eight inches. The pre cum eventually made its way down to her feet and started soaking into her socks which made a weirdly amazing sensation of a lubed hand. She could tell I wanted to cum so she purposely slowed down and pulled her feet away from me as she giggled.

She knew that was going to drive me crazy, so I reached forward, grabbed her from the base of her back right above her ass and lifted her on top of me. She straddled me at just the right position to where my cock was between her pussy lips and she slowly started thrusting on me as she ran her hands up and down my chest. I couldn't take the feeling of her silky cum soaked panties rubbing my penis anymore, so I slid them to the side, lifted her up onto her toes watching her calf muscles flex as I pushed my cock vertical to where the tip was right at the start of her glistening opening.

I slowly lowered her down onto me as my condomless cock began sliding into her inch by lubed inch watching her tight pussy mold around my cock. With her ass cheeks in my hands, I could feel that her legs were shaking the entire time she was coming down onto me, I felt her pussy juice start to drip onto me as she finally reached the bottom of my cock. She stayed there for a minute until she realized that I was completely inside of her. She looked me dead in the eyes, and all she managed to get out as she was trembling was...

"My pleasure."

I slowly started thrusting upwards as she matched my movements with her hips, her perfect blonde hair bouncing off her back as she propelled off my cock upwards, "Oh fuck Pleeky, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" "You feel so fucking good, please keep fucking me just like this!"

With my hands around her moist body and her tits pressed into my face, my cock kept getting deeper and deeper inside of her with every pump,
"Oh shittttt, I can feel it in my stomach!"

She started kissing me as her pussy massaged every inch of me that was engulfed in her.

Regardless of how good this position felt for the both of us, I had to get her on all fours and get inside of her from behind.

"Baby girl, get the fuck on your hands and knees for me."

As I pulled my cock out of her, she quickly put her mouth around my eight inches and cleaned me off of all of her juices. She got onto all fours, I rubbed her saliva into my cock to make sure it was gooey enough to slide inside of her smoothly. I aimed the tip at the beginning of her and asked if she was ready for me.

"Please, please don't make me wait any longer!!!"

With one thrust I put my entire cock through her hole. "FUCKKKKKKK! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YES YES YES." She yelled out in euphoria.

With that one single pump, her toes curled in those beautiful pink socks, her hands gripped the sheets in fists, and her squeals became loud enough to where my neighbor started banging on the wall. As her whole entire body started to shake while I was inside of her, her pussy started contracting on me, which was driving me to the point of cumming. I didn't want to cum, because I didn't want this to end, but I was definitely looking forward to other sessions with this girl, but hey, if this was the only time I'd ever have sex with her, I definitely made the most of it.

I pulled out of her tan, toned, teenage body and kept stroking my cock.

"Baby, baby I need to cum! Spin around and suck my fucking cock!"

She spun around, sat criss cross on the bed, and without using hands, she aimed her lip gloss smeared lips at the head of my cock and took every inch of me inside of her face. With her tongue swirling around my tip and my pre cum dripping down her throat, I grabbed the sides of her face and fucked that little slutty mouth harder than I fucked that small cotton pillow when I was thirteen. I hit the back of her throat a few times and I swear I was fucking her so hard I was afraid of her skull fracturing.

I started pulsating, my legs started shaking and I started slowing down, I pulled my cock out of her mouth hearing the "Pop!" her lips made on me when the head made its way out.

"Stroke me until I cum, stroke my fucking dick until I shoot my load baby."

And that's exactly what she did, after a minute or so she started talking dirty to me to really get the most out of my cumshot.

"Yes Plenko, I can feel your cum building up in your balls, I want that hot cum all over my pretty little face."

"Ughhhh, uhhhhh, ughhhh." Is all I managed to get out.

With one last pump from her white fingernail painted hand, my cock pulsed one last time and just as she was half smiling from the pleasure I was receiving, the first rope of cum made its way onto her forehead, it was a perfectly straight line of semen that ended up halfway back onto her head but started on her upper lip. The second rope hit her square in the mouth and started dripping onto her chest, one drop made it to her thigh, since she was still sitting criss cross. The third and fourth rope went directly into her mouth and into her throat as she coughed and giggled at the warm and gooey liquid that was making its way into her stomach. The final and fifth stream of cum I wanted to be a direct shot into her throat, so I shoved my cock into her mouth, to her surprise. Her eyes widened, her hands gripped my legs, and her body shook as she ate the last shot of my cum.

I pulled out of her mouth and had her suck off the remaining liquid that was still on my cock as she wiped the drips off of her thighs.
I still had so many fantasies in my mind of what I wanted to do to this girl, and hopefully I could fulfill them, I can't believe I had never met this girl before tonight.

"Ugh baby, you are fucking perfect."

"Thanks, you amazed me tonight Plenko...I can't believe you were so shy in high school."

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