Me and My Brothers Chapter IX

Me and My Brothers Chapter IX

IX.Sex Shows

I no sooner returned to the kitchen and Marty and Donny arrived, very shortly after Louise and Bobby showed up. Almost at once we were eating and laughing as we all seemed to have something stupid to say. Louise said something about Bobby getting tangled in the sheet and it seemed so funny to her that she could barely explain. Marty said, “I would like to have seen that?” From there we got into a discussion of watching porn.
“What I want to see,” Louise said, “Is a real sex show, not one of those porn shows.”
“Louise, have you watch much porn,” Bruce asked.
“Well, not much but it all looks fake,” she replied.
“What she’s trying to say is that porn is always orchestrated,” Marty interjected.
“Well I don’t know where we could go to see a sex show,” Bruce said.
“Me neither,” Louise and Marty said in unison.
Donny spoke up to say, “I know.” Every one fell silent as they looked at him. I wondered how he could know of a place where there was a sex show and I think everyone else was thinking the same. He then said, “We could put on our own sex show.”
There were several, “What’s,” and, “No’s,” expressed before Bruce said, “That’s not a bad idea.”
“Yeah, think about it,” Donny began, “One of us couples could put on a show for the rest.”
“Yeah,” Bruce looked at Louise with what I could only describe as a lecherous look.
“Oh no, not me,” Louise said with a red face.
“What about you Marty?” Bobby asked.
“Not in front of my brother,” she responded glancing at Bruce.
Bobby who had been silent until now said, “Here’s the thing. If we are going to do this we have to all agree to go along. To be fare each and every one of us has to agree to take part. And we know Carly is stuck with Bruce since Donny and I are her brothers…”
“Stuck huh,” Bruce interjected.
Bobby continued with only a slight pause, “…and Bruce and Marty can’t put on a show so well, I think Carly and Bruce should put on the first show and then the rest of us will put on shows.”
I looked at Bruce who was looking at me. His look showed me he might want to put on a show but he did not say anything. I thought about putting on a show. It excited me. I glance around at all the faces looking at me. It appeared to me that what we did this afternoon depended upon my next words. I thought I had always wanted to be watched. I looked into Bruce’s eyes and said, “It’s up to you.”
Before Bruce could respond, Donny said, “What she means is she’ll do it if you want to.”
“I didn’t say that,” I snapped at Donny.
“Oh I want to,” Bruce said, “but I want to be sure that what Bobby said a little bit ago goes. That is I don’t take part unless you Louise and you Marty,” he pointed at each of them, “take part in your own shows. Okay?”
Louise and Marty looked at each other. Marty glance at her brother and back to Louise and said, “I don’t know.”
Louise who had started this conversation said, “Come on Marty.”.
“I don’t know…watching my brother…my brother watching me…seems weird,” Marty said as she glanced around appearing to want help in her decision. She closed her eyes and frowned.
It was my turn to help her. “Think of me. I’ll be showing myself to my brothers and then I will be watching them. If there is anything they shouldn’t know about me or there is anything I shouldn’t know about them…well once seen, forever known. Still I’m willing. It excites me. I’m so excited I could jump Bruce right now.”
“Yeah, it excites me too…still…” She didn’t seem to be able to say yes.
Bruce reached across the table to grasped Marty’s hand and said, “Remember the time we swore to never keep secrets from each other?” She nodded. He continued, “Remember what caused us to do that?” She nodded. “Well, this is kind of like that. Think about that. Don’t you see that we have more to gain than to lose?”
She pulled her hand away and said, “God Bruce, you don’t have to get all serous about it.” Looking at me she said, “Let’s do it.”
“Okay,” Bobby said, “I think that we all have to agree that we each will keep the secret to just among us and never tell anyone else. I know I feel an obligation to my sister and brother and I believe Marty and Bruce feel the same so Louise,” He turned to her and took her hand, “since you hold no blood ties here, will you agree to be fucked by each of us boys as a show that you will keep the secret?”
“Oh my,” she said. Before continuing she looked around at us and when she got to Bruce her eyes stopped. Looking at his eyes she asked, “As a sex show?”
Bobby said simply, “Yes.”
Still looking into Bruce’s eyes she said, “Yes…okay…I agree.” She turned to me and said, “I feel just like you. I could jump Bruce right now.”
“All right,” Bobby said, “Bruce, Carly, you two are going first right?”
I grasped Bruce’s hand and he said, “Guess so.”
Bobby continued, “I think the rec room is where we should put on the shows so you two,” he indicated Bruce and I, “Go in there and plan what you are going to do. The rest of us will plan out what order each of our shows will be in. Oh, and I think that anything less than ten minutes is not a show. Marty do you…”
As soon as Bobby had said we should go into the rec room, Bruce was pulling me along with him. He turned on all the lights so the room was well lit. It was a very large room. In one corner there was a weight bench and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. A second corner had a tread mill and a recumbent bicycle. A third corner had a pool table and the fourth corner was set up as a theater where at least eight people could watch a large screen TV. The side of the room opposite to the entrance had a fire place with a small dance floor.
“I think on the floor in front of the TV would be a good place,” Bruce said.
“I don’t know,” I said as I looked at the big leather couch. “I kind of like the couch.”
“We could toss some pillows on the floor.”
“Last night when we were on the couch I wanted to stay there but I was afraid of your sister coming…”
He interrupted me, “The couch will be fine. We can move it around like this.” The couch was on rollers and he spun it around so that it was under the TV.
I looked at the arrangement and it looked like the two short couches and other chairs were arranged just for this situation. I said, “I think Bobby wanted us to decide what we were going to do in our show.”
“We can start by undressing each other,” Bruce said.
“That’s easy, all we have on are T-shirts.”
“Then you can go down on me for a while,” he said.
“Yeah and then you can go down on me,” I said.
“Then when you get all excited, I’ll stick it in you,” he said.
“Okay, then before you shoot your stuff, we’ll take a break to kiss, you can suck on my titties, and after a while you can go down on me again. When I start screaming, stop and give me your peter. I’ll then suck you off until you shoot. That should take more than ten minutes.”
“That sounds good,” he said as he moved in close to me to give me a kiss. His hands swept down over my back to the hem of the T-shirt. Under the shirt he squeezed my cheeks and then slid his hands slowly up my back. He pulled me tight against him and I felt his hard peter attempting to get between my thighs. All the while our tongues were dueling as we passionately kissed. My hands were doing the same as his except mine stayed outside of his shirt.
I broke from the kiss and pulled away from his embrace. I ran over to the doorway and called, “Hey you guys, if you do not get in here now, we will start without you.” I heard a chorus of voices. I ran back to Bruce and said, “Let’s start.” I grasped his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He stood naked before me with his bright red hairy body glistening in the bright light. I wondered if Louise would be attracted to his hairy body.
As he whipped my shirt off I heard the others enter the room. “Wait a minute,” Bobby said. As he began going over the rules I looked at the girls as they looked at Bruce. It looked like they were both fulfilling a long standing curiosity that they had. Bobby was explaining that a timer would be set for ten minutes, we were not to stop before the timer went off, and after the timer went off we had two minutes to finish No clothes were to be worn. He mentioned a half dozen other things but none of it mattered to me. At last he said, “Okay I’m setting the timer now.”
I placed my hands on Bruce’s hairy shoulders and slid them slowly down over his chest. I bent my knees as my hands slid down to his stomach. I continued to lower myself slowly as I slid my hands down onto his thighs. When my knees reached the floor I was face to face with his peter. I smoothed the hair back with my hands and wrapped a hand around it. As I took the fat head in my mouth I glanced to see the four audience members watching intently. Marty was leaning forward. Louise was changing position to get a better view. My brothers had smiles on their faces. I moved my hand away and buried my face in his hair. I moved my head so that his peter went in and out of my mouth. Bruce put on a show of pleasure by loudly proclaiming, “Oh that is so good.” After approximately a minute he pulled me up to my feet and whispered in my ear as he kissed me on the neck, “Sit on the couch.”
I eased back and sat on the edge of the couch. As I did Bruce came down with me. He took a tittie in his mouth and I felt my pussy awaken. He slid his tongue down over my belly into the trimmed hair above my pussy. He smiled up at me. I noticed the audience moving to see better since their view was blocked by my partner. Bruce found my button and I involuntarily moaned. He dove in and gave me the ride I loved. I expressed my pleasure with a loud moan. Soon with the added excitement of being watched I found myself losing control. I tried to keep from bucking into his face as I called out for him to keep going. When he pulled back I pulled him into place again as I insisted he not stop. I called out my pleasure as I soured on high. I lost all sense of time and place. Bruce used his strength to pull away. I felt him come up on top of me and he in one stroke buried his peter in my pussy. “Oh yes,” I called out and he repeatedly pounded into me. I was coming down from one of my highs when I remembered where we were. I glanced and there was Marty, less than two feet away sitting beside me on the couch. Donny was on the other side of her sucking on one of her exposed titties and looking at me. I looked to the other side and there was Louise with her hands on her breasts. Bobby was nowhere in sight.
While pumping his peter in and out of my pussy, Bruce began sucking on one titty and massaging the other. I began feeling another high coming on so I rested back and enjoyed it. About the time I again became aware of where I was, Bruce pulled out and we kissed a long sloppy kiss. His mouth was full of my juices and his face was covered. I must have really been extra juicy. He nibbled my ear and kissed down my throat and then went after my titties, first one and then the other. I tried to remember the script. I had lost track. I thought, oh well whatever he does will be fine. Moving my head from side to side I saw the girls were still sitting where they had been. Donny was no longer sucking on Louise’s titty. Bobby was alongside of Marty now.
Bruce again went down to lick my pussy. He went after it with all he had and I was again losing control. Soon I was jumping and twitching in every way. I called out how wonderful I thought Bruce was at licking pussy. I then felt myself going to another place. The next I knew I had slid off the couch so that my head was on the seat and my butt on the floor and there was Bruce’s peter at my mouth. Bruce began fucking my mouth. I wanted to open my eyes to see where the onlookers were but they would not open. I smacked my lips and swirled my tongue as his peter went from shallow to deep and back again. I heard the ding, ding, ding of the alarm and Bobby announced two minutes to stop. I increase lip pressure on his peter and in short order was rewarded with a load of hot stuff. He pulled out with a couple of spurts left and I got stuff in one of my eyes. I expected it would burn but it didn’t. It just blurred my vision in that eye.
There was clapping and someone said, “Bravo.”
Marty said, “Bruce that was great.”
“It was incredible,” Louise said.
I heard Donny ask, “Carly, do you always go wild like that?”
“Like what?” I asked as I wiped the stuff out of my eye.
“I never saw a girl go wild like that before,” he said.
“Don’t make a fuss about it Donny. You should be telling her how hot she is,” Bobby said.
“You are Carly. You are one hot peter sucker. I think we should make some kind of exception to the rule so I could get sucked by you,” Donny said as he tried to lay it on thick.
“Okay that is enough Donny. You and Marty have two minutes to decide where you are going to put on your show,” Bobby announced.
“Where?” Donny asked as if he had not thought about it.
“What’s wrong with right here on the couch?” Marty asked.
“Sounds good to me,” Donny agreed.
I was still lying there with my head resting back on the couch. I felt Marty lay out behind me. “Start the clock,” Donny said.
“Starting the clock,” Bobby said.
I turned to look as Donny opened Marty’s robe. I had seen him many times go for my titties but that had always been followed by the thrilling feelings. This was different; still I felt my pussy tingle. Bruce handed me my T-shirt. I sat up to put it on. I then scooted around so I could watch the show while sitting on the floor. I realized the hardwood floor was quite cold against my bare bottom. I was still so warm that it felt good to me.
Bruce sat beside me and put an arm around me. He whispered, “God, my sister’s got beautiful tits.”
As we saw Donny’s robe open to reveal his peter, I whispered, “God, my brother’s got the biggest peter I’ve ever seen.”
“It is kind of big,” Bruce whispered back.
“It’s a gagger, but I bet it would fill my pussy,” I whispered and then added, “…but I’ll never know.”
We were only a couple of feet away from where Donny’s peter was sliding in and out of Marty’s pussy. “God, look at that, he’s stuffing it all the way in. She’s like a porn star,” Bruce said as we saw the entire length of Donny’s peter disappear within her.
Soon the two on the couch were moving and to stay out of their way we had to move back a foot or so. Donny got on the bottom and Marty squatted over his peter and inserted it into her pussy. She got in a position to pump rapidly up and down. I had never imagined doing what she was doing. I told myself that is something I would try the next time Donny and I had a chance. In a few minutes Marty changed positions again going down on Donny’s peter while at the same time offering her pussy to him to enjoy. Donny’s tongue snaked out to lick every part of her pussy. At the same time she was giving him a good blowjob, really taking him deep.
“God,” Bruce said, “I can’t believe she’s swallowing the whole thing.”
“God yeah,” I said, “I’d gag. She’s good.”
I glanced back and saw Bobby watching. His eyes shifted to meet mine and we smiled at each other. Louise was watching the action while cuddled up close to Bobby. I looked back at Donny licking intently at the pussy pressed close to his lips. After a few more minutes I began to get bored so I reached over to pull on Bruce’s peter. He hugged me tight and we turned to kiss. Soon I felt his hand find my pussy. I had the thought that if we did not stop we would be in the midst of a new unscheduled show but I thought, what the hell…who cares?
Next Donny and Marty changed into a doggy position and they were in a position where I could watch his ball sack slap her pussy with each stroke. I had often wanted to watch this but not until now had I ever had the chance. Both of my brother’s balls hung low until just before they blew. I wondered if all men’s balls drew up like theirs did when they were ready to blow. He reached around her with both hands to massage her breasts.
Just before they again changed positions I wondered how much time was left on the timer. I glanced but from my angle I could not see. The position they moved into was with Marty on her back taking his peter in her mouth. At first Donny forced it slowly down her throat and then pulled it out. He picked up the pace a little when the alarm went off. Bobby announced two minutes to finish. Donny gave her several more strokes before pulling out and shooting all over her breasts. I was surprised he did not shoot more.
Louise went to the bathroom to get a towel for Marty and Bruce went to get a soda for each of us. Bobby began speaking in a conspiratorial way as he said, “Carly and Marty, you’re going to set the alarm. I’ll do Louise for ten minutes and then Bruce will move in and take over even if I am not finished. If he last for ten minutes then when the alarm goes off Donny, you will move in for ten minutes. If she calls for us to stop we will but if she doesn’t, we will try to keep up changing off every ten minutes. Carly will you tell Bruce?” I nodded.

To be continued in Chapter X. A Gang Bang

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