The Thorned Rose Ch.04

The Thorned Rose Ch.04

Scarlett pursed his full lips as he leaned over to the low desk beside his bed, taking the quill that waited there, dipping it in black ink and tapping away the excess before making a note on the paper that waited beside him, speaking the words aloud in a soft voice as he did.

“The Orcess, while dominant in her nature, I have found, can be subdued with the right leverage. While they strive to come across as in charge and powerful, a statement certainly enhanced by their obvious strength and physical prowess, they, like most I have found, can be easily manipulated with the promise of pleasure.”

“Hey, fuck you!” The Orcess, Linza growled, digging her fingertips into the softness of Scarlett's plush ass cheeks, glaring up at him.

Scarlett glanced back and down at the muscled, naked shemale Orcess splayed across his bed, whom he was currently straddling, the Orcess’ thick green cock buried and throbbing in his soft elvish ass.

“If you don’t stop complaining I won't finish you off~” Scarlett said, voice chastising as he moved his hands onto Linza’s own, guiding them to his wide hips and holding them there. “Understood?”

Linza narrowed her eyes some, recognising an element of what Scarlett had just put to paper in his words, but as she felt the elf begin once more to gyrate his hips Linza closed her eyes and let out a low rumbling moan of pleasure.

Scarlett smirked some as she looked down at the Orcess, it didn’t take much to make them his playthings.

He bit his full lower lip and raised himself slowly, letting the thick cock draw slowly from the hot tightness of his ass before pushing back down, letting out a soft feminine moan as he once more started to ride her, bouncing his ass against her as she panted and moaned, her fingers squeezing at his hips, guiding him up and down on her shaft, as if to use him as nothing more than a pleasure toy.

Scarlett felt his cheeks flush as the pleasure flowed through his body, tilting his own head back and closing his eyes as he bounced eagerly on her cock, feeling the veined length glide in and out of him.

He had done a lot of soul searching in the last week since his encounter with the Dark Queen and his discovery of Mayla’s deception. He had been forced to confront many truths about himself and about the people around him.

He parted his lips, panting as his luscious red hair flowed in an almost fluid motion around him as he rode her, feeling the Orcess’ heavy cum filled balls slap into his cheeks with each energetic bounce.

He had, for the most part, avoided Mayla since his discovery, barring her from his bedroom and only speaking to her in a polite and professional manner while out working the main Tavern floor. She had seemingly come to accept this penance, but he knew that with each passing day she grew more and more desperate to rekindle what had been a budding friendship, perhaps even romance.

Scarlett, in part at least, wanted that again with the chubby landlady, but at the same time his confidence in her, and indeed all humans had been shaken by her deceit. He wanted to believe things were different, but the wounds of her playing off of his naivety for her own gain sexually and financially were still all too fresh.

Almost as if to put off confronting Mayla he had instead turned his questioning inwards on the mystery that was Scar and Scarlett. Even after a weeks thought, even as he let this tall muscled goddess of an Orcess, with her pearly white fangs, slightly pointed ears and thick black hair pound her cock into his thick ass, he still debated his place. He was, he thought, male, despite his feminine mannerisms and aspects and despite his love of makeup and feminine clothing. After all, he had no desire to grow breasts nor felt any loss at not having a true womanhood. He just liked the girlier things in life.

An extension to that was his baffling and newly discovered sexuality. He had no real desire in woman, finding the prospect of being the one giving instead of the one receiving unappealing, while at the same time he found that he had no real desire in men, finding them crude and unattractive, instead finding his interests settle on the feminine body with a very singular masculine feature.

In that, he had all but stumbled onto what he hadn’t even known was his niche, this Inn that catered almost exclusively to women with a little extra. That this was the cities only such place combined with his anxiety of trying to set up anywhere else, despite Mayla’s actions had convinced him to stay, at least for now.

In all, he found it difficult to place himself, In essence, he wasn’t anything set in stone, he wasn’t truly a man, but neither was he a woman. He wasn’t straight, he wasn’t gay, he wasn’t bi. He was Scarlett. The elf that had come out from the lands of his people to explore and learn.

He had first thought when he had set out that he had been gripped by the wanderlust randomly, as it was believed happened to Elves. But with each passing day more and more he thought that it might have been something else. Perhaps, not having ever really felt at home he had been struck by the wanderlust as a way of his mind telling him he had to find his place and himself.

Was that place here in The Thorned Rose Inn? Or was this merely a single stop on his journey of discovery.

“U-ugh, I’m going to cum!” Linza grunted from beneath him, causing him to snap from his thoughts about himself and Mayla back into the here and now, her fingers holding him tighter as she started to thrust her hips up, meeting his downwards bounces to increase their overall tempo, causing their slapping of flesh and flesh to echo throughout the room.

Scarlett blinked and looked down at the Orcess, about to scowl at her for breaking his inner reflection but quickly realised he was exactly where he had wanted to be. Orc’s after all, for some historic reason were especially distrustful of Elves and in comparison to the usual advances made against Scarlett, he had practically had to throw himself at Linza to get her to accompany him to his bedroom to help him with his ‘research’.

And she was good, strong and eager, with a high stamina and a very impressive length. She perhaps wasn’t the most refined, of all the races Scarlett had ‘coupled’ with in the last week in a string of sexual adventures Linza was certainly the most unforgiving in her rough actions, hips snapping up, hands pulling down, forcing him onto her length again and again as his entire body shook with the force of the thrusts.

He had been giving too much thought to his conundrums and research as opposed to the Orcess herself, something he would have to make up for in the run to the finish line if he was to be able to entice her back with ease whenever he fancied something with a little more power than Mayla or the other human shemales could offer him.

He upped his vocals, no longer suppressing the noise he made out of courtesy for the other patrons in the tavern, instead he gasped, moaned and whimpered like the best of whores, his hands resting on her muscled abdomen as they fucked, his expression one of pure lust and desire, one that he had quickly mastered and one that, he knew, drove his partners mad.

It was quite one thing to be fucking, of all things, a genuine elf, but it was quite another thing to have that elf so incredibly interested in you that they looked at you with absolute pleasure and affection.

Given the near mythical status of elves sexually, for most just to know that they a mere human, dwarf, gnome or orc were genuinely pleasuring one, especially one such as Scarlett by fucking his ass generally provided a massive confidence boost to them.

However, to Scarlett's surprise, his sudden shift in demeanour away from being a fuck toy to being an engaging, pleasured partner, if anything, seemed to enrage the sex crazed Orcess further as if she was offended that an elf was getting pleasure from her rough, brutal ass fucking. Scarlett made a mental note to check this out in future ‘experimental sessions’, it was as if the Orcess had some sort of repressed dislike for Scarlett being pleasured and would’ve seemingly preferred to see him suffering on her cock. Next time they went at it, Scarlett decided, he would struggle more, cry out more and generally see if the Orc enjoyed that more, a little snuggle struggling.

But for now he had a plan and he would stick to it, gasping and moaning in pleasure, squeezing his tight ass down on the thick length filling his tight love hole, milking the Orcess shaft and trying to coax out the thick load of hot cum that he knew waited for him, secretly enjoying the extra layer of fury his pleasure brought her to.

He stared down at her with half lidded eyes as they coupled, their eyes locking as she fucked him, claimed him, tried to use him with increasing frustration as he got off on it. He started to lean down intending to lock lips with hers, desperate to see what it was like to kiss an Orcess in the full swing of passion, for science, of course, but as he did so he felt her hand suddenly move from one of his trips to wrap in a length of his fire hair, pulling him back and dominating him as she bounced herself up into his body.

No kissing, Scarlett made the mental note as he was taken, feeling the steely hardness being buried deep within him begin to throb and pulse in a way it hadn’t previously, but a way he had come to understand.

“Y-yes!” he cried out in heated pleasure, his voice echoing not only through his walls, but he was pretty sure, through the entire tavern, the bed creaking and the headboard banging into the wall as her body pounded into his, each thrust becoming sharper and shorter and the orcs pleasure reached a climax, her hot seed beginning to spill out into his ass, long thick pulses that, disappointingly was almost identical to Mayla’s.

With each successive partner, Scarlett had hoped to find something new and exotic, some new sensation or some new, extreme quality, like different quantities, flavours, temperatures, colours. But he was quickly discovering that all the races were nearly identical in these respects, only changing in the sizes of their otherwise uniform cocks.

The only time he had experienced something completely wild and out there had been that fateful night with the Naga and, to his own surprise, he felt himself almost missing the true weirdness and bizarreness she had offered. After all, his desire to suck dick and get fucked was matched only by his wanderlust driven need to experience something new, which, as it stood, was being hampered by just how similar every species was.

Not that the climax Linza was currently wracked with wasn’t amazing, Scarlett lived for these moments, gaining his own ultimate pleasure in bringing her to her own. It was odd, but nothing felt quite so good to him any more than the knowledge that he had brought someone else to that place of ultimate pleasure.

She jerked her hips, holding his beautiful red hair balled in a fist and holding her other to his waist, keeping him deep on her cock as she instinctually ‘bred’ him, spending her seed as deep inside of him as she possibly could.

This too he had come to realise was a habit of many of his partners. Few had opted to cum on him, almost all exclusively desiring to spend their load as deep in his body as they could manage. He wasn’t sure why this was, but it was definitely something he was making an effort to learn about through extensive study and practical examination.

The Orcess started to lessen her grip on his body and Scarlett felt the pool of warmth inside his stretched, full butt, recognising the sensation of a load of cum she had just deposited for safe keeping, her expression one of relief and happiness, her grin all the more interesting for the two protruding lower canines, or fangs that stood prominent and gleaming.

“H-how was that?...” Scarlett breathed, panting hard as he felt her hand finally fall free from his hair, letting him settle back into a tired sitting position on her still hard cock, feeling it pulse and drain every single last drop of creamy white cum from her cock into his ass.

“Fucking... Elf slut...” Linza growled some, her exhaustion obvious in her voice “Why’d you fucking take so long to persuade me to fuck you?”

Scarlett smirked a little, making a note in his mind for later about how easy it was to exhaust a physically superior orc with sex. Seemingly it left them vulnerable and weak. He would have to test whether this was achievable with something simpler like a blowjob at some point.

“Had to make you want it.” He teased, biting his lip as he slid himself up, feeling the hot, cum slick length of Linza’s cock slide from his ass. He let out a soft gasp as the head popped free, her cock flopping, soft and glistening against her stomach as he moved to stand.

She watched him as he moved to his mirror, fetching a brush and starting to fix his hair, “You going already?” she asked, moving her arms under her head, grinning as she relaxed, truly sated.

He shrugged, setting the brush down and giving his make up a touch up as he sat nude and glorious on the stool. “This was just my lunch break. I have to get back to work you know.”

“Hmph, well don't be a stranger, elf.” she grunted, closing her eyes and seemingly content to recuperate on Scarlett's own bed, not that he minded.

He smirked, “That depends on how well you tip I suppose.”

“Pff, like I’d ever give you just the tip.” She grinned, glancing across at him.

He laughed some and eyed her with an affectionate smile, he enjoyed a little conversation with his ‘romancing’, though he had learned not everyone of his partners had been into that aspect of spending their time with him, more interested in just busting a nut he was pleasantly surprised to find that, of all the races he had encountered, it was an orc that was one of the more keen to speak with him, not just fuck and go.

“Ooh I’ll definitely be seeing you again.” he said as he pulled on his serving girls dress, getting himself made up and ready, so easily going from a fucked-up post sex mess to being the embodiment of perfection. It came so naturally to him, “For other experiments, you know?”

“Ominous.” she commented, but her tone was mirthful. Before she had cum she had been terse and snappy, desperate only to fuck him and spend her load, now that she had done she was almost a completely different person, talkative and humorous. Scarlett glanced towards his notes, wanting to write so much more down but knowing that he would be needed on the main floor soon to help Mayla, he would have to set time aside to get off the main floor early someday, take Linza back with him and give her a quicky so he could spend an evening with this talkative version of her.

“Just make sure you clean up after yourself when you come back downstairs.” Scarlett said with an airy tone, eliciting a grunt of confirmation from the orc as he moved to the door, a bounce in his step as he left Linza behind him to recover, closing the door behind him and making his way towards the stairs.

Scarlett arrived in the main sweeping hall of the tavern, looking as pristine as he always did, drawing the attention of many of the regular midday patrons, as he made his way towards the counter where Mayla stood, the regulars let out a rolling cheer, raising their respective glasses and tankards to Scarlett, laughter and glee breaking out in the tavern.

Scarlett couldn’t help but smirk and roll his eyes as he moved, leaning his elbows on the counter, his body bowed backwards slightly in a lithe pose. The patrons knew of his habits and deeds, they had taken up the duty of cheering whenever they noticed him return from his antics, which wasn’t usually that difficult to figure out, especially today, what with him all but dragging his mark Linza away back towards his room then reappearing sometime later without her as she recovered.

“Have fun?” Mayla asked, voice cautious. She, as she had always done over the last week, tried to be polite, trying to rekindle their wounded friendship, but she was met with a frosty glance, his beautiful eyes looking her over.

“Mmhm.” he responded dismissively, “It’s quite quiet, do you need me to work? Or pick anything up?”

Mayla smiled a little and shook her head, “I sorted all that and I can handle the afternoon crowd if you want a break until this evening.”

He nodded simply and stood, collecting his coffee which she had prepared for him and placed before him on the counter as she always offered after his little sessions.

He considered going back to Linza to continue their conversation and maybe have a round two, but as he scanned the tavern he noticed a group and began to saunter his way across the tavern towards them.

He smirked playfully as he approached the table which was full of shemales familiar to him, a couple of humans, a dwarf, two halflings, all of which he had played with at least once over the last week.

His friends greeted him cheerily, expressions and words playful as he moved to sit side saddle on the laps of one of the humans, her arms wrapping possessively around him as he settled down with his beloved coffee, happy to chat and socialise as the human woman held him, asking questions about his encounter with the Orcess.

Mayla watched on from the counter and sighed a little. It had been so long since they had had a real conversation, she was beginning to wonder whether or not he would every warm back up to her, but she would suffer her penance of silence, gods knew she didn’t half deserve it.

Mayla worked on as the day pressed on into the evening, Scarlett, who had not been needed during these quieter day time hours had seemed to enjoy instead flirting and socialising with his friends, but now that the evening crowd were beginning to filter in he left their company to begin flitting around the room.

He was, as always, a delight to watch, though his mannerism from when he had first become a ‘waitress’ with her had changed. Where before he had scooted around the room serving drinks and politely making conversation, his dextrous form avoiding any groping hands and keeping clear from anyone especially rude, now, however, he was just as flirtatious, pressing his curvy soft rear back into the hands that would reach out to grope him, a playful smirk on his full red lips.

He had in his last week developed much more confidence in himself and his sexuality, the sexual creature she had known in private becoming unleashed upon any packing woman who showed him an interest, which in her Tavern was virtually everyone.

The evening progressed and the money rolled in, the takings always excellent when Scarlett was flitting around, the patrons all the more keen to order just to get Scarlett’s attention and presence at their tables. Despite the fact that it had almost been two weeks since he had first walked into The Thorned Rose, the impact of his presence hadn’t waned at all, people still in awe at the mere opportunity to see a genuine elf, let alone the chance to talk and interact with one.

Mayla initially had been concerned that his presence here would dilute her clientele. After all, the intrigue of seeing an Elf wasn’t specific of her ‘gifted’ female guests, every gender of every race wanted to get a chance to see him. However, the rumours of Scarlett's presence here had initially been dismissed by most as just that, a rumour. The only ones to truly believe that Scarlett was there being her core visitors who had seen him with their own eyes. But as the rumours became more prolific and the people had become intrigued, Mayla’s deception had been revealed and Scarlett had taken to, quite frequently in fact, walking the city, visiting other bars and taverns for a drink and giving the opportunity for those that wouldn’t normally frequent The Thorned Rose to gawp at him without having to come by her little spot.

Despite the lack of communication between Scarlett and Mayla, outside of professional courtesy, the two of them operated like a busy workshop, taking money and handing out drinks with a practised ease as the evening went on and on. At one point in the evening, a tired but satisfied looking Orcess came from the back room and joined a table to a round of cheers, which were met with her own jeers.

As the night drew deep and the patrons started to stumble out filling the night air with a drunken song, he had hadto help more than one to the door. The last patrons these days were always the hopeful stragglers, no longer the ones simply vying for an extra drink, but instead the ones hoping that they would be invited back to Scarlett's room on the sole merit of being the last ones standing. Or, in some people's case, crawling.

But tonight Scarlett, oddly, wasn’t feeling it. Since the evening crowd had come in he had felt a weird sort of disconnect. Of course, he had played his part, flirting and serving with his sexy little smirk, but his thoughts had, oddly, been elsewhere.

Silently he helped Mayla tidy up the tavern, closing the door to the night, the two of them now having a key to it and helped to wipe down the surfaces, all but ignoring her as they worked until they were finished.

“I’m er, going to get some sleep, Scarlett.” Mayla said, voice soft and tired as it often was after a busy night.

“Goodnight Mayla.” he said simply as he tucked chairs under tables, sounding distracted.

She hesitated, but simply nodded, turning and walking towards the rooms with her head bowed slightly.

He looked over to watch her go and frowned a little bit, waiting until she had left before moving towards the bar, taking out a small bottle and pouring himself a very small glass of white wine, the closest thing he had found to his native flower petal drink, albeit much stronger.

He took a sip and almost immediately felt the alcohol begin to afflict him, he was more susceptible to it than humans and it took a lot less to get him drunk, so he always avoided drinking it in front of others lest they see how much of a lightweight he was, something he had established was a bit of a faux pas.

He moved to sit in the big empty room, which just a couple hours ago had been a hive of activity and sipped his wine, alone.

“Ai lainu torenni…” he swore, sighing softly to himself, clasping the small glass between his delicate hands, looking at the translucent liquid as if searching in it for answers.

Though he was happy with himself and who he was, it still irritated him that he couldn’t identify what he was, not having a word in his language and not finding one in common for a person such as himself. While the fact that no label existed that he knew of made him feel unique, it also made him feel alone and doubly outcast.

“You can sit here all you want and pretend that's your problem.” He said to himself, looking down at the distorted reflection of himself in his wine. He’d already come to terms with himself, even if it was an odd one.

It was Mayla whom he hadn’t come to terms with. His method of ignoring the problem until it went away clearly wasn’t working, each day and night he saw her pining after his attention, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, he knew she missed him. His company, he thought, as well as the sex.

And in an odd way, despite everything, he missed her too. She had lied and betrayed him for her own gain, yes. But would he truly never talk to her again? He had enjoyed her conversation, her company, the sex.

She hadn’t been the largest in that department, on the longest lasting, or the most unique. With her curvy form and middling years she was nothing unique, really, but there was a quality to her every other partner had lacked, a connection. Every other partner Scarlett had had he had met, brought back to his room and gone at it with. But Mayla. He worked with her every day, spent time with her, helped her, knew her a little even. That had made it different, special.

He finished his wine and let out another deep sigh, resolving to make a decision but struggling to actually do so.

Biting a full soft lip he reached into a pocket of his dress, pulling out a copper clip he had been tipped at some point and turned it over in his hands.

“Heads you speak to Mayla. Tails you leave well enough alone.”

He flipped the coin.

He watched as it spun in the air before with nimble hands caught it, holding it in a balled fist, the coin flat against his palm. But he found himself hesitating.

With a start, he realised in his tipsy state his heart and mind had betrayed him, he hoped the coin was heads.

With a smile and without looking at the result he slipped the coin back into his pocket. If he hoped it was heads, that was the decision made.

Mayla stood in her all too quiet room drying herself off with a cloth after washing herself down as she usually did following a shift when she heard a knock at the door.

She furrowed her brow in irritation, while she made sure to tell the night guests which room was hers in case of an emergency, save for her tavern legitimately being on fire no one ever came to her with an issue that couldn’t have waited until morning.

“What do you want?” she said, voice snappy, loud enough so she could be heard through the door as she dried herself off.

“To talk.”

She froze, but only for a moment.

She wrapped herself up in her cloth and made her way quickly across her room to her door, unbolting it and swinging it inwards.

Scarlett looked over Mayla’s form, naked save for the cloth that only just managed to make her modest, her full breasts pressed to her chest by the fabric, her blonde hair loose and wet at her shoulders, her eyes tired, but betraying excitement at having him come to her.

“Can I come in?” He asked, his expression hard to read.

“Oh, of course.” She replied, stepping aside as she realised she had been all but blocking the door whilst staring at him. “Are you… Is everything okay?”

He shook his head as he stepped into her room, she closed the door behind him and rebolted it out of habit.

“Lay down on the bed.” he said simply.

“I… What? You want to?...” she asked, sounding a little confused.

He shook his head again. “No, no. Just lay face down.”

She eyed him a little sceptically but followed his direction, pulling the cloth over the curve of her butt while, still confused, she lay face down on her bed, arms folded under her pillow and head resting atop, raising herself slightly so her substantial bust wouldn’t be too uncomfortable as she lay there.

He moved over and pulled a bottle of something from a pocket of his dress. She watched as he climbed onto the bed and straddled her, their butts, comparable in size despite his smaller stature and more slender frame pressing together as he sat on hers.

“We need to talk about the thing…” he said.

“I know. But… Why am I lying down?” she asked, unable to help herself.

“You were looking a little stiff the last few hours today. I figured you could use a massage.” he said gently, pouring a trickle of cool liquid onto her back before setting the bottle down, pressing his delicate hands into it and starting to rub the liquid into her skin. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it made her skin feel hot.

“O-ooh, that feels good, you’re too good for me Scarlett...”

“I know.”

She bit her lip some, the two of them falling quiet as Scarlett massaged the herb mixed oil into her back, the liquids odd heat radiated across her back, relaxing her muscles far more than Scarlett's hands or a simple oil would’ve, she had to admit it felt wonderful.

She lay there for some time, under the soft, kind hands of the Elf, each caress and push against her tired muscles working them out, making her feel so much more human.

Finally, she found the words she needed, simple, but difficult to say, especially for someone as proud as Mayla was, “I’m sorry, Scarlett.”

He paused for just a moment, before continuing his massage, “Did you know your actions would hurt me?” he asked, voice gentle.

She paused and in an almost imperceptible way, tensed, Scarlett wouldn’t have felt her tense had it not been for his hands pressed to her.

“No.” she replied.

He frowned a little bit, “Do you think continuing to lie is going to help us fix things? It’s time for truth, Mayla.”

She didn’t reply for another long while, ashamed at being caught out so easily now, just lying under his pressing palms and seeking fingers as he seemingly rubbed all the tiredness and ache from her back.

“Part of me knew, yes. But-”

“Why did you lie to me about everything?” he asked, interrupting her, again she hesitated, very carefully picking her words before she responded each time.

“I.. I don't know I-”

“Yes, you do.” he replied smoothly, his ploy of a massage working as intended, his senses so refined and his fingertips so sensitive that he could feel each twitch of her muscles, easily distinguishing her truth from her lies. “Why?”

Mayla bit her lip some, swallowing as her mind tried to think of something to say, trying to come up with some half truth to share. In the end, though, there was as he wanted, only the truth.



“You, leaving…”

Scarlett tilted his head some and, knowing she couldn’t see him, smiled a little. He had suspected that that was the case, but it felt good to know for certain, nothing excused her actions, but any answer other than that and he might still have left. “Go on.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the guilt once more swell through her body, though her body was relaxed under the careful, gentle touch of the Elf, her mind swam in anxiety. Though she had known this conversation was coming, indeed she had hoped it would to revive their relationship, it wasn’t making it any easier for her.

“I just… You’re an Elf, Scarlett, you really can’t have any idea what that means to humans. It’s like a mythical being just stepped foot into my Tavern, a mythical being who… Who showed an interest in me…”

Scarlett felt a shuddering breath roll through her body, could feel her on the verge of tears, but he stayed quiet, his silence encouraging her to continue.

“I haven’t had much luck with partners and when you, an Elf, came to me, of all people… I couldn’t just let you go. I had to keep you… So I lied, and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Scarlett… After I’d made one little lie I couldn’t stop, I had to keep lying, because if I told you the truth, you’d leave me.”

He listened, head tilted some as he massaged her back, letting her finally come clean to him.

“It was all a lie, even our first night together, the payment, the room, the pillows.”

Scarlett was sure that if she hadn’t been hardened by her life as an innkeeper she would be in tears, he could feel her fighting to hold them back, her breath shaky, a bead of a tear at the corner of one eye.

She spent a few long minutes regaining her composure, resigning herself to the truth, that she had no control over Scarlett, that Scarlett would go and do whatever it was he pleased.

“What… What will you do now?” she asked, voice concerned. Despite the fact he had continued to work here the last week she wasn’t entirely convinced he wouldn’t just up and leave.

Scarlett paused for a few long moments, feeling the worry in the tenseness of her muscles, even after his massage. He let out a long slow sigh, breaking the pregnant pause that hung in the room.

“Forgive you, I suppose.” he said lightly, leaning in and kissing her cheek.

She opened her eyes and looked back and up to him, surprise and confusion written on her already tired face, a few tears falling to stain the cloth of her bed. “W-why?”

He smirked slightly and shrugged, “Because I want to keep working here.” Her expression fell some, but his smirk deepened, “And because I think I care about you a little. Yes, you lied to me.” he hesitated, pursing his lips, “A lot, but, well, I’ve spoken to a lot of people in the last week and you’re right, I’m an Elf in an Elf-less world. I think whoever I’d gone to would’ve used me in some way, I mean I was fleeced for a small kingdom's worth of money just on my way here. At least with you, I managed to discover something important about myself and maybe, for the first time ever, fit in, in a way. It doesn’t excuse what you did. But in some small way, I at least understand why.”

Mayla, always the optimist bit her lip as she leaned up on her elbows, looking over her shoulder at Scarlett, admiring the beauty before her, she was tired, yes but she was never that tired… “Does… That mean… We?” she raised an eyebrow hopefully.

Scarlett laughed, feeling his own anxieties and worries melt away in an instant and playfully tapped her butt, “Mayla! You’ve only just discovered I’m not abandoning you forever and ever and you’re already angling for a roll with me?”

She shrugged helplessly, defensive, “It’s been a while!”

He giggled and his mirth made her smile, feeling a warmth return to her that had been absent since his discovery of her deceit.

“Maybe tomorrow night hm? I’ve already had that Orc woman today and she was just like the rest of you!”

Mayla looked up to him, “Rest of us?”

“I mean it was a different colour but it was the same general size and shape as everyone else's. After the naga I just kind of assumed every race had a different thingy.” he shrugged, pouting.

Mayla grinned a little, starting to regain her confidence with him, “You sound disappointed!” she teased.

He felt his face flush a little, “The Naga was fun! And I like learning new stuff…”

She smirked a little and eyed him over curiously, “Okay okay, so maybe we won't do that tonight… Don’t you usually go out for a midnight walk before you sleep these days?”

“I do?” he replied, his blush retreating as the conversation switched to something more mundane.

She paused for a long moment, thinking. “Would you mind dropping by the merchants quarters? There's someone there I’d like a letter delivered to?” she asked, voice sweet.

He raised his eyebrows a little, a little surprised she had given up her advances so easily but happy to help her once again, “Sure, I’ll just go change into my sensible clothes?” he said, climbing from her and finding a towel to wipe his oiled hands on, passing it to Mayla who took it gratefully.

“I’ll just write out the letter, should be done by the time you’re ready.” she said, smiling as she sat up, her full breasts proud on her chest as she arched her back, reaching behind herself with the towel, starting to wipe herself down.

“Oookay?” he said, eying her with a little suspicion, it wasn’t like Mayla to so easily give up the chase, maybe she was just so relieved that they were good again that she didn’t want to risk it by being pushy.

Scarlett left the room and stood outside the door for a moment, thinking about what she could be planning, but shrugged. It was as it seemed and he doubted she would so quickly deceive him after that discussion.

He returned some minutes later, wearing his ‘sensible clothing’, which amounted to a long fur lined coat thrown over his barmaid's outfit and his heels replaced with snow boots. The outfit, he knew, was pretty ridiculous, but for the sake of a walk it was easier than changing into a completely new outfit. And besides, people couldn’t see his skimpy little dress for the thick coat.

“Do you have the letter ready?” he asked as he swung open the door, his hood already up as he often wore it now. With his red hair tucked back and the hood obscuring his ears, he was free to wander the streets without constantly being cat called and pestered, something that, while he enjoyed, hampered his ability to explore the city in peace.

Mayla, wearing a simple nighty looked over to him and nodded, smiling as she offered him an envelope, addressed to an ‘Eveia’.

“She’s staying at the Broken Axe on Broad Street.” Mayla nodded and Scarlett tilted his head some, thinking, trying to figure out whether or not he had encountered that Inn already.

“The Broken Axe… The Broken Axe… Isn’t, isn’t that the Mercenary tavern? For the caravan guards?” he asked, uncertain as to whether he remembered correctly.

Mayla brightened and nodded, “Ah! You’ve been there, excellent, you’ll know the way then.”

He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, taking the envelope and glancing between it and her. “Mmm… Alright. I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Morning shift as usual.” She confirmed.

“With pay,” he smirked and she smirked too, nodding slightly. “Alright then, sleep well Mayla.”

“Oh, you too…” she said, her smirk deepening, which did nothing to assuage his suspicions.

He left her and The Thorned Rose Inn in his tracks, walking through the dark fire lit streets of the city, curiously peering at each person and party he met, marvelling at the diversity, the men, the women, the indiscernible.

Eventually, his feet carried him to Broad Street, the sign of the Broken Axe half swaying in the wind, the other half lying impaled in the ground. As it catered almost exclusively to guards and warriors it stayed open at all hours, not having to worry about criminals and vagabonds, no one would dare.

He stepped into the warmth of the Inn, it was very late in the night but the Inn was still well stocked with patrons. Caravans could come or go at all hours and there was always a fair amount of people looking for a drink.

Scarlett due to the anonymity of his outfit, bizarrely, walked through the tavern towards the counter without the room falling silent or all heads turning to look his way, quite a unique experience for him, all things told.

He waited patiently until the barman came to serve him and Scarlett smiled at the man softly from under his hood. “I’m delivering a message for an Eveia? Is she here?”

The barman eyed Scarlett with a weathered gaze, trying to make something of the lipstick wearing waif that had entered his inn, but shrugged and pointed towards some stairs. “Top of them, second door on your right I reckon.”

“Thank you!” Scarlett said brightly before turning and making for the stairs, feeling the barman's gaze on him as he walked out of sight.

He found the door easy enough and knocked, waiting patiently in the hall as he heard movement inside.

The door swung open inwards, revealing a woman nearly eight foot tall with strange long ears, not long like an Elf’s but long like an animal of some sort, her body broad and muscled. She wore loose fitting pants and a shirt that didn’t cover the tanned muscles of her abs, only covering the heavy swell of her breasts.

She pushed a few strands of short blonde hair from her eyes, “...What…” her voice sounded grouchy, he assumed he’d woken her, or at the least interrupted her readying for sleep.

“Are you Eveia?” he asked, tone disarmingly polite.

“I am. Who’re you?” she asked, frowning intensely as her eyes focused, eying him over with some uncertainty.

“Just a messenger.” he held out the envelope, which only caused her frown to deepen, “It’s uh, from Mayla?”

“Huh, the hell does she want at this hour.” Eveia replied, yawning theatrically.

She all but snatched the envelope from his hand and opened it with ease. Taking out a smaller envelope, her expression darkening. “What the fuck is this? Some kind of joke? What’re you playing at?”

Scarlett blinked, surprised and a little worried as to what Mayla had gotten him into. “W-what?” he asked, voice confused.

She pushed the smaller envelope back into his hands and he fumbled to read what it said. ‘Scarlett’.

He looked at her, his confusion met only with discontent. “I um... “ he swallowed, wilting some under her gaze and decided to open his own envelope, her gaze not shifting as he pulled out a small piece of paper and read it silently to himself.

‘She’s a half-breed and has a horse cock. You’re welcome. Mayla.’

Scarlett blinked and looked back at the woman, recognising the ears then as being equine, he felt his heart skip a beat.

“Well?” Eveia said, voice terse, impatient.

Scarlett hesitated, then tucked the papers into a pocket and raised his hands, lowering his hood and smiling brightly, “It was just nonsense, she must be drunk or something. It’s a long walk back to the Inn for me though, would you mind if I came in for a drink before I walk back?...” he said, biting a full soft lip a little, enticing, his voice soft and feminine.

Eveia’s eyes widened as she drank in the sight before her. She had been just a few moments from kicking his ass for intruding on her, but then she saw the ears, recognising his features from the rumours that had been whispered more than once in the Broken Axe about the so called Elf Mayla had at the Thorned Rose. She had been out on caravan for the last couple of weeks and hadn’t yet bought into the rumours, at least until now. “Fuck… You’re that Elf, that Scarlett?”

“Mmmhm, so, can I come in for a red wine?” He asked demurely, casually unlacing his heavy coat and slipping it from his shoulders, revealing his slender form and blossoming hips in the tight outline of his serving dress, his long vibrant hair spilling free as he looked over at her, hopeful.

“Uhh, sure, but I don’t drink wine.” she replied, standing aside as he walked into the room, her eyes drinking him in, he looked more than a little comical, slight and feminine in a pretty little dress, the outfit completed with his out of place heavy boots.

“Mm, neither do I.” he smirked as he stepped inside and looked around, the covers on her huge bed were thrown back and only a single candle was lit, she had been in bed when he had knocked, he realised now with certainty.

She shut the door behind him, the light in the room fading as the lights of the hall was blocked by the door, the room lit now by the single candle, casting flickering shadows throughout.

“So, why are you here?” she asked, uncertain.

Scarlett had to push down a smirk as he removed his boots, he couldn’t be any heavier handed with his intentions but they never believed it at first.

“That depends, do you appreciate bluntness or not?” he asked, sitting on the edge of her bed and tilting his head cutely.

“I do.” she said simply, taking a step towards him.

“Well, I hear you’re… Different.”

She frowned, hands moving to her hips as she adopted a defensive tone, “So what, I guess you want to mock me? Study me? Or tease me like the rest of them?”

Scarlett blinked and pursed his lips distastefully, “No no.” he made a note that it was a sensitive subject.

“Then what?” she pressed.

“Well, since you appreciate bluntness, I want to see it. I want to play with it. I want to make you cum.” he smiled.

She hesitated, her hands falling from her sides as her expression was replaced with one of disbelief, “Wait, you want to fuck me?”

It was his turn to hesitate, “Well… If you’re as big as I’m imagining maybe not, but, I still want to have some fun.”

She eyed him, her own scepticism written across her face. She was attractive, he noted, but not in the classical sense, her face was expressive, strong and scarred. It showed of experience outside of the gentleness of simple life, it spoke of a hard life hard lived, a woman forged in battle.

“Why?” she asked, dubiously.

“Because I think you’re hot and I really, really want to see it.” he admitted, a warmth flowing to his cheeks.

“It’s… Pretty disgusting.” she said, voice uncertain.

He figured from her words and tone she hadn’t had many good experiences in her love life, he would put that right.

“I doubt that.” He replied patting the bed beside him, “I bet you just can’t see its beauty.”

“You don't know it like I do.” she said, cynically.

Scarlett shrugged and smiled brightly, “Let me get to know it then.”

She narrowed her eyes a little, conflicted. Despite her size, strength and the obvious confidence she carried herself with he could see this confidence didn’t extend to her own physical sexuality. She was nervous, afraid, torn between her self-disgust and the temptation to experience what Scarlett was potentially offering.

After a moment she moved to climb on the bed, cautiously as it creaked under her weight. Scarlett remembered that muscle weighed more than fat and that, with her sheer size and strength he wouldn’t want to end up under her.

She moved to sit at the head of the bed, legs out stretched and Scarlett moved to crawl onto the bed, easing between her outstretched thighs, she looked down at him, a little anxious. It was cute, he thought, to see such a strong person so timid in the flickering candle light.

“Hey, just relax.” he said, smiling as he lay comfortably between her thighs.

“You’re kidding, right? An Elf shows up out of the blue at my door and says she wants to play with my cock. This isn’t exactly standard practice for me you know.” she said wryly.

He pursed his lips some, taking her point and remembering what Mayla had said about his mythical status. “I can leave if you want? Or we can take it slow, dinner, date, moonlight stroll?” he said a slight smirk on his red lips.

She paused, then shook her head, moving her waist and hips slightly to offer him better access as she seemingly decided to take whatever he was offering.

He smiled and nodded, switching his attention from her, to it. His curiosity reaching critical mass, he reached for the waistband of her shorts hooking his finger tips under it and starting to slowly work it down, revealing, inch by inch, her soft cock.

Though it was as he had expected, it still surprised him to see it. The cock, as long as the half-breeds own forearm, completely dwarfing Scarlett's, was soft between her thighs as he revealed it, moving about to completely discard her shorts, allowing her to spread her thighs fully.

The cock lay on the sheets between her thighs and she looked on, anxious as to how he would react.

Even soft it was the biggest he had ever seen, thick and resting atop two massive balls, each larger than his own balled fists. He stared mouth open in awe and wonder.

He had been craving something different and Mayla had delivered.

“You… Don’t like it, do you?” Eveia asked, her voice low, sullen.

He blinked up at her, mouth closing.

“Like it?” he asked her, biting his full lip, his eyes half lidded. “Eveia, I love it… May I?”

“Er… You can do anything you want?” she asked, uncertain as to what he was intending. “I mean if- Ugh…”

Her thought was cut off as his small hands moved to lift and weigh her soft, flopping cock, feeling it in his hand as he leaned in under it, his full soft lips pressing against her massive balls, kissing them, licking them, worshipping them.

Eveia bit her lip at the sudden rush of sensations, her eyes widening as she gripped the sheets with one hand, the other coming to rest on the back of Scarlett's head, urging him forward into the soft smooth sack of her balls. She seldom had a partner that would touch her, that was mainly reserved to desperate whores who she paid a premium to, but to have a willing partner that wasn’t disgusted by her was an incredible rarity, to have one so keen as to so quickly go from pleasantries to worshipping her nuts was unique.

“Oh fuck, you’re serious aren’t you.” she breathed, looking down at him as he bathed her heavy balls with his tongue, her hands stroking the equine shaft which began to harden in his hands.

“Mmm~” he responded, moaning into her nuts and she felt a swell of confidence rising inside her, feeling it blossom and urge her more natural dominating instincts to take control.

“Oh yeah? Don't be gentle down there then, show me you love them…” she urged.

She was rewarded by a sudden sucking on her nuts, a deep moan flowing from her lips as Scarlett doted on the heavy orbs, each long kiss leaving a red imprint of his lipstick on the sensitive skin.

He felt the texture of the cock in his hands become more distinct, it’s softness filling out as it thickened and lengthened, becoming hard, each vein distinct under his fingers. He looked up and felt his heart skip a beat, above him the massive cock loomed, long and thick, animalistic with a huge, flared tip.

“What do you want to do to it?” she asked, looking down past the truck of her cock to his flushed, amazing face, a smile on her lips.

Want? He was past wanting, he needed this in his life. “Let me suck you off? Please? I need to make you cum! Please?” he repeated, practically begging.

This again swelled her confidence and she feigned giving it thought for a moment, enjoying the odd power trip of having someone plead for what she often considered a curse and a burden, everything about the situation driving her to desire him. Her sexual encounters outside of jerking herself off were few and far between. If this had been a human showing this level of interest in her she would’ve considered it a miracle, for it to be an Elf, she didn’t even know what to think about that.

“Hmm… Alright…” she said, her voice full of false uncertainty, “But you have to promise to come back again before the week is over.”

“Deal!” Scarlett replied eagerly, his hands moving up the sides of her cock, caressing it as he pressed it to his face, breathing in its scent as he admired it.

She let out a satisfied moan of pleasure, reclining as his soft Elvish features and fingers caressed her horse-like cock. “Great… I swear I’ll find a way to fit this in your pussy.”

Scarlett glanced up at her, his blush spreading as he hesitated, “Uhh. I don't… I don't have one of those.”

Eveia snorted and smirked, “Fuck, you’re a trap?”

“A what?...” he asked, slowly kissing up the length of her hard shaft.

“A trap. A male who dresses like a girl and looks like a girl, you know, men are lured in, thinking they’ve found a hot girl, and find out that hot girl has a dick, not a shemale like me, just… You know… A trap.”

He paused just as his lips made their way to the flared tip, his eyes widening. Her description of him fit and it made sense. It was a label that fit, he was a trap. That meant there were others like him, he wasn’t as alone as he had thought.

Eveia parted her lips, about to question why the Elf suddenly looked so gleeful but as he started to kiss the massive tip of her cock with thick plush lips and an eager explorative tongue her words faltered into a sigh of pleasure.

She watched as he started to work her cock with a keenness she’d never received and he’d never before given, his hand gliding up and down her massive cock, feeling the soft skin and steely shaft under his fingers as he struggled to pleasure as much of her flared tip as possible, suckling and kissing, licking all over the sensitive tip, his eyes locked with hers as he worshipped her length.

She went quiet, one hand on the back of his head, not needing to guide him as he so desperately worked her, soft pops and wet noises filling the room as he worshipped her horse cock, completely overwhelmed by its size, it didn’t just dominate him but the whole room with its sheer presence. Why any girl wouldn’t consider themselves blessed to have something like this in their lives to worship he couldn’t understand.

He found the flared tip had some give to it, a sponginess that he hadn’t expected and he started to get ideas, as he worked it with his lips and tongue he began to experience, working his lips around the flared edge of it, seeing how much of it would fit into his mouth.

It would be a tight fit, but…

He leaned forward and let out a whimper as the flared tip pressed wholly into his mouth, it filled him more so than most cocks did, and this was just the tip.

Eveia gasped as he took the tip of her cock entirely into his mouth, feeling his lips tight around it, struggling as he sucked hard, his tongue lathing over the flat tip and she felt her pleasure start to rise.

One of his hands continued to massage and squeeze the thick length of her massive cock, the other hand moving down lower to caress and weigh at her lipstick stained balls.

She stared at the Elf, the sensations being brought to her more extreme than anything she had ever felt in her life and she knew she would not last long, the pleasure too intense, too wonderful.

She tightened her grip on the back of his head and looked at him, seeing her own lust and need being mirrored in his own gaze and she saw he desired her climax almost as much, if not more, than she did.

She bit her lip and moved her other hand from the sheet to bat his hand off her shaft, it moved to her other heavy ball, both his hands now massaging her cum filled orbs as her own hand started to stroke her cock, jerking her horse cock off into his mouth, preparing to cum.

He felt the cock in his mouth take on a hardness that almost dislocated his jaw, her balls twitching and pulsing in his hand and he knew she was coming.

He assured that with such a tight seal the cum would have nowhere to flow but down into his stomach and, as he had done so many times before, he’d prepared to swallow her entire load. In fact, he took a weird sort of pride in that he had always managed to swallow every drop given to him, and despite the fact that he knew her load would be bigger than those he’d taken previously, he had no doubt this would be another success, confident in his abilities.

As the first rope of thick cum streamed into his mouth, his cheeks bulged with the hot musky liquid, he squeaked at the suddenness as he started to gulp it down, eyes widening, but before he had even started to swallow the second pulse was pouring from her cock into his waiting mouth.

He had assumed wrong.

She came in a true torrent of horse cum, thick and hot, a never ending stream that poured from her cock faster than he could swallow, each pulse met with a grunting moan from Eveia, despite the tight lipped seal he had around her cock, thick strands of cum escaped to roll down her pulsing shaft, more and more flowing into him, taking every valley of escape that it could, thick horse seed pouring down his open throat into his stomach and even more shooting from around his lips to stain Eveia’s skin and bed. Despite that, his cheeks still bulged and the pressure mounted, the thick cum pouring from his lips lubricating them, making it easier for what was to come.

As the pressure of cum in his mouth built it overwhelmed the seal of his lips around the flare of her cock and with a sudden explosion of cum the tip burst free of his mouth, the cum that had been in his mouth slid out, soaking her cock, balls and his tiny hands in her sticky seed as more and more began to shoot into his mouth, across his face and into his hair, matting it with streaky hot lines of cum.

He held himself up as best he could, though he was mainly held in place by Eveia’s hand holding his red hair, keeping his face lined up with her cock as she sprayed him with her pent up load.

As the trickle subsided Scarlett was left for the first time irrecoverably ruined. He had outlasted a Naga with the help its own venom, but the sudden rush of cum had overwhelmed his ability to swallow it and had left him a cum soaked mess. He couldn’t just fix his make up this time, he would need a long bath to be in any way presentable.

Eveia eventually released his head as the flow of thick horse seed subsided and his head fell limp, laying on her wet sticky thighs, his swollen, sore lips and rosy cheek resting against one of her cum soaked balls, her glistening shaft beginning to soften, resting its slick self over his face as he panted, cum trickling from his mouth, all of his senses seemingly lost to horse seed.

“A-ah… That was fun… Still want to come around again this week?” She said, teasing as she looked down at the mess she had made of the trap Elf.

“W-what…” he said weakly, not opening his eyes, though a weak grin formed on his features, one hand squeezing one of her strong thighs, “You… Not up for… A round two?”

He meant it as a joke, of course, but as he felt the cock resting above his head twitch, he realised with a sudden mix of desire and horror that this sex starved human-horse half-breed had taken that as a challenge and was more than ready for a round two. Scarlett wondered if he was capable himself of a round two, but it didn’t matter. So long as he succeeded in making her cum again, he didn’t much care how comfortable the experience was.

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