Sexual Shenanigans of Trump Supporters: Nicole Arbour, Kaitlin Bennett, Ashton Whitty and Lauren Southern

Sexual Shenanigans of Trump Supporters: Nicole Arbour, Kaitlin Bennett, Ashton Whitty and Lauren Southern

“I’m getting’ too old for this shit” thought Dustin Heard as the car traveled into the Hollywood Hills. He was headed toward Nicole’s mansion high above Los Angeles. Tanned, busty Nicole Arbour. That big, blonde American bitch. She was goin’ down. Permanently. She and all her cute little blonde girlfriends.

Nicole Arbour. Lesbian madam. 40 years old, 5’ 10” tall, leggy, athletic, strong. And stacked. Like a brick house. 50E-24-38. Shoulder-length thick blonde hair. Bright red lipstick, toenails, and fingernails. Golden tan from sunbathing in the nude. Neatly trimmed pussy. A real, live Amazon queen.

Nicole had been supplying beautiful American blondes to Kayleigh McEnany’s escort service. A very lucrative partnership. Kayleigh had double-crossed Donald Jr and Eric. Embezzling from the Trump was a big mistake. Kayleigh was dead now. Orders from Donald Jr and Eric. Now it was Nicole’s turn. Big, beautiful, blonde Nicole. She should have stuck to whoring on her own. Joining up with Kayleigh really made Donald Jr and Eric very angry. Soon Nicole would be dead meat too. And all those beautiful American blondes. Too bad.

As the car moved through the hills, twisting and turning around each curve in the road, Dustin wished he were behind the wheel rather than hiding on the floor in the back. He was a big guy, and it sure was cramped, but he knew the curvaceous cutie driving the car, Ashton Whitty, would soon reach Nicole’s place. She knew the way. She was one of Nicole’s many lovers. And Ashton had her own set of house keys. Dustin would take the keys from her when they arrived. And he would take Ashton too. In his own special way.

Then he would have a nice long visit with Nicole.

Dustin was good at being quiet. And, in many ways, he had enjoyed this car ride through the hills. He was almost sorry it was about to end. It had been fun to break into Ashton’s car and hide in the back seat. And then wait. Wait for Ashton to walk out across the parking lot and get in. Dustin had watched her leave her building. She was blonde and leggy. Just like her boss. Only younger. About 25 years old. 5’ 9” tall. Gorgeous face. Full lips. Shimmering blue eyes. Golden blonde hair flowing down to her waist. Tight body. 34DD-24-36. Beautiful breasts. Alluring ass. Dressed to kill. Skintight black leather miniskirt. Matching black leather strapless halter top. Knee-high black leather boots with 4” stiletto heels. She had a very sexy walk. Real slow. With lots of nice hip action. And her tits looked good in that leather halter top. Bouncing and jiggling. She was built. Built real nice.

The smell of her exotic perfume had filled the car when she got in. And she let her long blonde locks fall over the headrest and into the back. Enveloping Dustin as he lay there in the darkness. He played with her luxuriant hair a little bit while she drove, running his hands through it, holding it against his face, but she didn’t seem to notice. She smelled good. Real good. And he could see between the seats. See her long right leg stretched out under the dashboard. Moving back and forth between the gas pedal and brakes. Pumping the accelerator. And the brake pedal. Leather miniskirt riding high up on her thighs. Exposing a beautiful pair of long, shapely legs. Encased in very expensive stiletto-heeled leather boots. And she was horny. So very horny. He could tell. By the way she kept touching herself with her free hand. Squeezing her tits through the black leather halter top. Running her hand up and down her thigh. Slipping her fingers under her short skirt to pleasure herself as she drove. Sighing. Moaning. Nice. Very nice.

Suddenly, the car slowed. And turned into a long driveway. Moving slowly, up a steep hill, towards the front of a big house. It was more like a mansion. Fancy. Very fancy. Surrounded by trees. Deep in the Hollywood Hills. It was time to take the keys from Ashton.

But, before he could make his move, two figures approached from the front of the mansion. Walking towards the car. Two women. Both blonde and beautiful. Just like Ashton. Dustin looked them over from his hiding place in the back seat. He already knew them. Two of Nicole’s bodyguards…and lovers.

The one on the right. Kaitlin Bennett. Big. She was a big girl. But in a nice way. A very nice way. She was in her early twenties. Glamorous doll face. Wide smile. Deep blue eyes. Pouty, full lips painted bright cherry red. Spectacular body. Busty. Leggy. 5’10” tall. 38DD-24-38. Big braless breasts swinging and bouncing as she walked. Thick, wavy, platinum blonde hair. Like Marilyn Monroe. Wearing a bright red, stretch lycra, micro minidress with a deep V-neckline, spaghetti straps, and a plunging open back. So short that it barely covered her tight buns in back and her red G-string in front. So tight that it stretched around her full hips and round ass like shrink-wrap. Back seamed thigh-high silk stockings caressed her long, shapely legs. Red spike-heeled platform stilettos surrounded her pretty feet. A heavy orange and black gold QAnon necklace hung around her neck, falling down between her big tits. Kaitlin. A platinum blonde bombshell. Showing lots of deep cleavage. Plenty of long, curvy leg. And that perfect round ass. Big. Tight. And hot.

And the other girl. The one on the left. Lauren Southern. About 5’ 6”. 110 lbs. Late twenties. Cute and curvy. Seductive baby face. Sexy smile. Dimpled cheeks. Big green eyes. Honey-colored long blonde hair. Glossy pink lipstick. Long gold earrings and glittering gold bracelets. A gold QAnon pendant dangling from her pierced navel. Wearing a shiny blue metallic micro miniskirt, matching blue metallic tube top, and expensive spike-heeled black pumps. Her high, firm 36C tits bounced and jiggled as she yanked open the front passenger door, hopped in, and started talking.

“Ashton. Listen Ashton. We’ve got a problem. Nicole. She got, you know, carried away again. With another black girl. What was her name? You know. “Stacey Dash”. The one we picked up the other night at the club, and brought back here. Remember? Well, Nicole. She hated Stacey right away. Because Stacey was black. And because of her body. Stacey looked so good in that white leather catsuit with the zipper pulled down, and her big tits falling out, and her big, round ass stretching out the back, and those platform spike heels she had on. And, well, you know. Stacey was a real hottie. With that body. And that long, thick, curly black hair hanging all the way down her back. And Kaitlin and I really wanted to fuck her first. You know. Before we killed her. She was so tall and sexy. And everybody wanted her.

Nicole didn’t like that. She was so jealous. And, well, Stacey got nosy, you know, about all the QAnon stuff everywhere in the mansion. And she started making jokes about “Aryan blondes” and “Stupid QAnons” and shit like that. And Nicole got real mad as usual. Stacey got scared and tried to leave, but we wouldn’t let her. We kinda had a big fight. You know. Then we held her down, and stripped off that sexy leather outfit, and tied her up. Well, then Nicole started asking her lots of questions, and Stacey wouldn’t answer. And, well, you know, then Nicole started working her over. I mean really working her over. Especially those big, chocolate-colored boobs. And, well, we all just got carried away.

I grabbed Stacey by the throat, and Kaitlin held her feet down, and her hands were tied, and she was screaming real loud and kicking, and all the other girls were just watching and laughing. And Nicole, well, you know, Nicole had a knife and she just, she just kept, you know, working her over, you know, with the knife, over and over. Slicing her up. And nobody wanted us to stop. And we did some nasty things to her. You know. Really nasty. We chopped off all her long, thick, black hair. Nicole’s gonna keep it as a souvenir. And we stuffed her white leather thong down her throat. You should have seen it. Her eyes were bugged out like big saucers! And we put lots of different things in her pussy just for fun! Kaitlin kinda went nuts. She really did a number on Stacey’s ass with that, you know, strap-on thing. And Nicole used her big QAnon branding iron on Stacey’s tits. And I strangled her with my hands. And it just seemed to go on forever. And we, you know, killed her. Now we have to get rid of the body ‘cause it’s pretty messed up. And, well, Nicole wants us to use your car. And, well, we have to do it now ‘cause Nicole’s having a big party tonight. There’s already a bunch of really cute American girls here. They’re all blonde and sexy! And Nicole says we can have any ones we want!

Nicole says she’ll do something special for you if you help us. She knows how horny you are, and how much you like French-kissing! Come on, say “yes”, will ya? I’ll kiss you long and slow, with lots of tongue, just the way you like it. And I’ll let you do my pussy if you want. You know how much I really love it hard in my pussy! And did you see Kaitlin? She’s so ready for some hot action tonight. Look at her in that shiny red dress with all that beautiful platinum hair. God, she’s so sexy! She looks just like Marilyn Monroe! And you know she likes it when you wear your leather miniskirt ‘cause it makes your butt look hot! She really wants you bad tonight. She told me so. But you better watch out. She’ll get you drunk and try to do your ass with her strap-on when you’re too wasted to say no! Just like she did with Stacey. She’s a real ass bandit! Just another crazy QAnon bitch, like Nicole. And all the rest of us! So, Ashton, come on. You gotta help us. We need to get rid of the black bitch now. Then we can all go back to the mansion for some fun. Okay?”

“Sure, Lauren. I’ll help you. No problem. It’ll be a pleasure. I’ve always hated those black sluts anyway. They’re not strong and blonde and beautiful like us. Fuck em’! But, first you gotta give me a kiss. Kinda like a “down payment”. Come on, Lauren, gimme some tongue. Kiss me good, baby. Then we’ll dump that black whore, and find some new dark-skinned sluts to fuck with. Someone different this time. Not another black bitch. How ‘bout a cute little Filipina girl, or maybe a Mexican chick with nice big tits! We’ll bring ‘em back here, and deal out some serious punishment and pain. I just love it when they scream and holler! Then we’ll kill ‘em just like Stacey. Nice and slow. They deserve it. There’s too many of them around here anyway. They’re everywhere! Let’s kill a couple tonight. I wNicole feel the rush this time too! C’mon, baby. All this talk about killing more cinnamon-colored bitches is makin’ me so hot and horny. Kiss me. Kiss me real good! We’ll make Kaitlin so jealous!”

Ashton and Lauren leaned together for a deep French-kiss, red lipstick mixing with pink gloss as their wet lips came together and their tongues began a deep and satisfying exploration.

Dustin’s heart began to pound. He squirmed in the back seat. He felt ready to explode. Tonight’s assignment had suddenly changed. It had once been “business”. Now it was “personal”. Stacey. They had killed Stacey. These crazy American blonde bitches had killed Stacey. Donald Jr and Eric’s “Stacey”. Dustin’s “Stacey”. He’d been trying reach her for days. Now he knew why she hadn’t called him back. Nicole. Nicole had killed his Stacey. Nicole would pay for this. And these three American blonde bitches, Ashton, Lauren, and Kaitlin. They would pay too. Who would have thought? They were all QAnons! Every one of them!

Suddenly, Kaitlin appeared next to the car. In that red minidress. And those tall platform heels. With all that platinum blonde falling around her face and shoulders. And her big chest heaving up and down. She was frantic. Waving her arms. Pointing. Pointing into the back seat. Shouting. Shouting something. What? What was she saying? Ashton and Lauren couldn’t quite make it out. “Something”, “Someone”, “in the back”. What?

“What the fuck is she talking about? Ashton, roll the windows down”.

Ashton hit the button and all four windows lowered. Kaitlin was screaming.

“There’s someone in the back of your car! In the backseat! There’s a guy in the backseat of your caaaaarrrrrr! Ahhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Let go of meeee! Nooounnngggghhh!”

Dustin had already made his move. And he struck like lightening. Rising up towards the window, he reached outside, plunging his hand down the front of Kaitlin’s low-cut red dress, way down into her deep cleavage. He grabbed one of her luscious 38DD braless tits with his strong right hand, squeezing hard, jerking her forward, pulling her head through the open window, before hitting the button again. Before Kaitlin could pull herself back out, the window came up, closing on her slender neck, pinning her gorgeous face and platinum blonde curls inside the car while her voluptuous body and long stocking-clad legs writhed outside. Kicking and squirming. Choking and gurgling. Twisting and turning. Squealing. And squealing. And squealing. Kaitlin’s stiletto-heeled red sandals scraped on the gravel driveway as she stumbled against the side of the car. Shouting and screaming. Pushing on the tinted window. Banging her fists on the glass. Gripping the window with her fingers, she pushed frantically against the immovable glass with her hands, trying to break the iron grip that the window had on her head and neck. Kaitlin’s big tits spilled from the V-neck of her red minidress, flattening against the cold window glass. Her round, firm ass strained inside the short, tight dress, big buns wiggling wildly as her struggling and squealing intensified. Her tongue protruded sexily between her ruby red lips, and her big blue eyes widened and bulged as she began to slowly strangle, her head trapped in the closing window.

“One down, two to go” thought Dustin, as he turned his attention to Ashton and Lauren. But the two blonde babes were already making their move. He could see them both. Reaching for something. Ashton’s hand was in the car’s glove compartment. Lauren’s was in her purse. They were pulling out handguns. And turning towards the back seat. Dustin’s mind began to race.

“Shit, an hour ago I thought these American chicks were all just a bunch of high-class hookers. What’s up with all the fucking guns? And all this QAnon crap?”

As he finished that thought, Dustin grabbed a handful of Ashton’s mane of long blonde hair, and yanked hard, pulling the screaming blonde out of her sitting position, and halfway back over the driver’s seat. With her head and shoulders now hanging into the backseat, the voluptuous whore continued screaming. And screaming. And screaming. Waving her gun in the air, trying to get off a shot. Big tits bursting from her halter top. Leather mini riding high up her firm thighs. Spike-heeled boots slamming against the steering wheel and windshield as her long legs pumped and kicked.

Dustin popped open his Italian stiletto knife, and drove the 13” blade through the rear of the driver’s seat, and into Ashton’s back, impaling the screaming blonde on the long stainless steel knife blade. The blade cut through seat fabric, shiny leather, soft skin, toned muscle and hard bone before exploding up into Ashton’s big right breast, slicing upward through her succulent tit meat, punching out through her nipple and the front of her strapless halter, leaving a jagged hole in the tight fabric of the black leather top, with the bloody knife tip poking up and out. Ashton’s big blue eyes widened in disbelief, her gaze fixed on the sharp blade protruding from her once-perfect breast. Her mouth fell open in a noiseless scream as blood began to trickle from the corners of her big red lips. Then it began. The wild struggling. The furious flailing of arms. The violent kicking of long, booted legs. And the noises. The squealing noises. A growing crescendo of thrashing and screaming as the impaled blonde tried in vain to free herself from the 13” blade that kept her stuck to the seat.

Just then, Lauren spun around, swinging her pistol towards the back seat. Dustin ripped the gun from Ashton’s twitching right hand, and shoved the barrel between the seats. The simultaneous roar of two handguns filled the air with a deafening noise. Dustin felt the hot breath of Lauren’s bullets whizzing past his ear, and heard the shattering of glass behind him as the window exploded.

A near miss for Dustin, but no such luck for Lauren.

Two hot slugs drilled into Lauren’s jiggling right breast, while another tore through the center of her big left tit, obliterating her large erect nipple. A fourth bullet ripped open her pretty navel, shattering the gold QAnon belly piercing, burying itself deep in her tight gut. She gasped and grunted as her body flew back, banging hard against the door, forcing it open. As blood squirted from the three burnt black holes in her shiny blue top, trickled across her tight tummy, and dribbled out of her pretty pink mouth, she began to fall backwards out of the opening passenger door. Lauren’s long legs splayed apart, forcing her blue metallic miniskirt up her thighs, and exposing her rhinestone-embroidered black satin thong. And a little tattoo. On the inside of her right thigh. A QAnon. A little QAnon tattoo. Cute. Very cute.

Trying to pull herself back up, she clawed desperately at the passenger seat with her left hand while frantically waving her pistol with the right. Trying to straighten up. She had to get off another shot. She had to. But she was falling out of the car. And she couldn’t pull herself back in. The harder she struggled, the further her head and shoulders slid out the door. Long legs now spread wide, Lauren’s right foot was caught under the dashboard, while her left foot draped between the seats, spike heeled pump hanging into the back. As she fell still farther out the door, her right hand banged hard on the edge of the dashboard. Lauren lost her grip on the gun, and it clattered to the asphalt, just inches away from her outstretched hand.

Dustin sat back, taking a second to catch his breath. But his ears began to ring. From all the noise. Ashton’s shrieking combined with Lauren’s groaning and Kaitlin’s gurgling was starting to give him a big fat headache. Time to make a decision. Let’s see.

“Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe, catch a QAnon bitch by the toe, if she hollers…kill her first.”

Ashton. Yes, he would deal with Ashton first. It made sense. She was certainly making the most noise. Lauren was only moaning. And Lauren wasn’t a threat anymore. She had lost her gun. And she was hangin’ out the door. Gut shot. Tit shot. And bleeding all over that shiny blue tube top. And Kaitlin wasn’t going anywhere either what with her head being stuck in the window. And besides, she was only choking and gurgling. Ashton. Yes, Ashton would be first.

Dustin watched her desperate struggling. Her long blonde hair hung down behind her, draping over the back seat, swinging back and forth as she writhed and squirmed. He liked the way she looked in that sexy black leather outfit. Everything was so short and tight. Her tall black spike heeled boots banged and crashed against the steering wheel and car ceiling as she madly kicked and kicked and kicked those long, shapely legs. Her tight leather mini stretched around her firm ass, sliding up and down her long, toned thighs as she twisted and turned. Her gorgeous tits swelled up and out of her leather halter top, the long knife tip rising like a silver spike from the center of her huge right breast.

Then he saw it. The tattoo. A little QAnon. Just like Lauren’s. High on the inside of her left thigh. Right next to the black leather thong that barely covered her neatly trimmed pussy. He wondered if Kaitlin had one too. A tattoo…and a thong…and a cute pussy. He would find out soon enough.

Dustin leaned in close, whispering in Ashton’s ear as he stroked her long blonde hair with his left hand, pawed her leather thong with his right, and used his tongue to slowly lick the dripping blood from the sharp knife blade that rose out of her breast.

“I heard your friend Lauren say you like “French-kissing, long and slow”. You want some now? Lemme show you my special technique. You’ll love it. Every now and then I use it on a beautiful girl like you. It’s gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for ya’. It’s a real killer. I guarantee it.”

Dustin began slowly licking Ashton’s red lips, then pinched her nostrils together just before placing his mouth over hers. The talented Italian hitman locked his lips around hers, forcing his tongue down her throat as her wild wriggling and squealing intensified. He French-kissed her deeply, plunging his tongue in and out of her mouth, rolling it round and round as she struggled frantically for air. Her long hair swung back and forth behind her as she bucked and rolled in the seat, clawing at Dustin with her red-painted fingernails as he kissed her deeply…and kept her from breathing.

Dustin continued his kiss of death, keeping his mouth locked over Ashton’s ruby-red lips, pinching her nose shut with his left hand, while using his right to explore her voluptuous writhing body. Sliding his fingertips back and forth across her flat tummy. Stroking the front of her leather mini. Reaching underneath to fondle and squeeze the front of her glossy leather thong. Exploring the sweetness that lay underneath. Caressing her big, jiggling knockers. Squeezing and squeezing and squeezing her magnificent breasts through the soft sexy leather of her strapless halter top. Once again, he whispered in her ear.

“Okay, babe. Get ready. Here it comes. This one’s for Stacey”.

Dustin gripped the knife handle protruding from the seat, slowly slid the blade out, and then shoved it hard back in. Again and again and again, he pulled the knife out and plunged it back into the seat. And into Ashton. With each deep thrust, more of the bloody knife tip exploded up and out of her rolling and wobbling breast. Ashton shuddered and quivered, rising up in her seat each time the sharp blade ripped a jagged new hole in her tight leather halter top. She rose up one last time, arching her back, tits thrust upward, eyes wide, legs twitching, moaning loudly, then she fell back. Silent. Unmoving. Dead.

One down, two to go.

Dustin leaned forward. He was sweating. He kissed Ashton again, thrusting his tongue deep into her wet mouth while running his hands through the long mane of thick blonde hair hanging to the floor of the back seat. This sure was hard work. But very satisfying nonetheless. And at least it was a little quieter now. Only one girl groaning, and another girl gurgling. He would deal with Lauren next. He would save Kaitlin for last. She really did look just like Marilyn Monroe. He liked that. Besides, Kaitlin was the one who’d hurt Stacey the most. He would do her last. And he would enjoy her the most. Beautiful, sexy Kaitlin. Platinum blonde Kaitlin. With that skintight red dress. And those long, muscular legs. And those big firm tits. And that round, inviting ass.

Dustin picked up Ashton’s gun again, and looked between the front seats at Lauren, still lying on her back, falling part way out the passenger door. One leg under the dashboard below the steering wheel, the other leg thrust between the seats, her spike heeled pump almost laying in Dustin’s lap. Legs spread wide. Blue micro miniskirt hiked up to her hips. Writhing. Squirming. Moaning. Gut shot. Bullets buried in big, firm tits. Shiny blue tube top stained red. But she was still alive. And still trying desperately to retrieve her own gun. The gun that lay on the ground outside the car. Only inches away from her outstretched hand.

Dustin leaned between the seats, eyeing Lauren closely. Admiring her beautiful face and tight, athletic body. Watching her blue miniskirt rise and fall on her luscious thighs. Big tits thrust upward. Blonde hair hanging out the door. He slid the gun barrel up and down her long right leg, tracing the outline of her pointy spike heel, and the curve of her shapely calf and toned thigh. Stroking the gun up and down her leg from ankle to crotch, rolling the barrel back and forth across her QAnon tattoo, poking and probing the front of her black satin thong with the still-smoking barrel. Slowly pushing the handgun up and underneath her shiny blue metallic skirt, sliding it back out, and then along her thigh again. Sliding upskirt again, then back out. Over and over. Up and down. In and out. Poking, probing, exploring. While she writhed and squirmed. Stretching her arm back over her head. Trying to pick up her weapon. She was close. So close. Wiggling fingertips only inches away. She stretched. She strained.

Dustin was really beginning to admire her effort.

“You’ve almost got it, baby. Just try a little harder. You’re almost there. Come on. Stretch it out. You’re almost there. Come on. Just a little bit more. There. That’s it. You’ve got it!”

Dustin watched her grip the gun with her right hand. Trying to raise herself up. Trying to point the gun.

“I heard you tell Ashton that you really love it hard in your pussy. Well, Ashton can’t help you with that now, baby, but I can. I got something for you. Something hard for your pussy. Yeah, something hard. And hot. Real hot. Something that’s gonna fill you up. Nice and deep. You know. I always aim to please, baby. I aim to please. Sorry sweet cheeks, but your time is up. This one’s for Stacey.”

Dustin leaned between Lauren’s legs, sliding his gun up her thigh until it disappeared under her short skirt, rolling the barrel in slow circles over the rhinestones that adorned her shiny black satin thong. Then he pulled the trigger.

For an instant, an earsplitting roar echoed inside the car. Lauren grunted loudly as the hot slug blew a large hole in the center of her thong, drilling into her, lifting her body into the air, throwing her back. With arms flailing, legs kicking, and breasts jiggling, she sailed backwards out the door, thudding on the ground outside the car with only her long legs still inside. Lying on her back, tits up, she writhed and squirmed, rolling, twisting, turning. Her tight micro miniskirt slid down her thighs, bunching at her hips, exposing her blood-soaked thong, and perforated pussy. Shapely legs rose high in the air, kicking and kicking and kicking and kicking. Wildly. Her tall spike-heeled black pumps flew off her twitching feet, exposing pretty red-painted toenails and shiny gold toe rings.

Lauren arched her back, moaning, groaning, rolling her hips from side to side. Her struggles grew weaker. She exhaled one last time. Mouth agape. Eyes wide. It was over. Two down, one to go. Miss Kaitlin.

Dustin slid across the seat. Face-to-face with Kaitlin. Now bug-eyed and turning blue, she was losing her epic battle with the window that ensnared her slender neck. She needed some air. Mouth-to-mouth. Yes, that was the answer. A little mouth-to-mouth. He stroked both hands through her thick platinum hair. He licked the tip of her bulging tongue, and tasted the cherry flavor of her red lipstick. He kissed her. Deeply. Probing her mouth with his tongue. And he let the window down. Ever so slightly. She coughed. She gasped. Sucking in mouthfuls of air as the window fell away from her neck. Giving her a little room to breathe. The color was starting to come back into her beautiful face. Good. Wouldn’t want her to die too soon. There was so much more to do.

Kaitlin began to holler. Holler at Dustin. One minute she was strangling in the window, now she wouldn’t shut up.

“You stupid bastard! Who are you? Who the fuck are you? You killed Ashton and Lauren! All because of that stupid black bitch, Stacey? Are you crazy? Are you fucking crazy? Mein Gott! She was nothing! Nothing! She was a worthless black whore! You son of a bitch! You’ll never get away with this! You’ll never get out of here alive! There are more of us! Inside! There are more of us! We are all Aryan and strong! Not like that whining black slut, Stacey! We are all blonde and beautiful! We have guns and we will stop you! We will come after you! And kill you! Nicole will kill you for this! When I get loose, I will kill you! I’ll kill you myself! Let me go! Let me go now! You swine! Let me go! Now!”

Dustin gripped her head again, stroking his fingers through her thick platinum hair. He leaned in close for another deep French-kiss. She squealed and struggled for a moment, but then relaxed as he probed her big, red lips and warm, wet mouth with his tongue once again. Then he pulled back.

“Ssshhhh! Ssshhhh! Quiet down, will ya. You gotta learn to calm down and relax a little bit, baby. I’m not letting you go. I’m gonna kill you. Then I’m gonna kill all your blonde QAnon girlfriends when they come out to see what’s going on. Then I’m gonna kill Nicole Arbour. And you can’t stop me. I heard your dead friend Lauren call you ‘a real ass bandit’. She said you ‘really did a number on Stacey’s ass’. Stacey was my lover. Did you know that? I guess not. What did you do to her? I wonder. I’m gonna find out. I’m gonna try out a few things on you. A little experiment. You’ll have to let me know if I’m on the right track. Hold on. Excuse me for a minute. I think I hear someone at the back door. Your back door. And a sweet back door it is. I’ll meet you there in just a minute!”

Dustin exited the car and walked to the side where Kaitlin stood struggling, head through the window. He stroked his cock to full hardness as he watched her wriggle, squirm, yell and curse. Kaitlin’s big tits shook and wobbled inside the tight V-neck of her low-cut dress as she frantically pushed and pulled at the window, banging her fists on the unyielding glass. The shiny red lycra micro minidress clung to her curvaceous body like a second skin, thin spaghetti straps draping across her shoulders, open back plunging down to the crack of her ass, skintight red lycra fabric stretching around her full hips, barely covering her round, firm buns. Her long, lean, well-muscled legs poured from the dresses’ sky-high hemline and into a pair of strappy red stilettos, the 5” spike heels clicking and clattering on the asphalt as she stumbled and staggered. Silk stockings caressed every inch of her sleek, supple legs, the long, dark back seam traveling up the backs of her calves and thighs like an erotic highway, leading to paradise.

Dustin stepped in behind her, pressing against her, pressing into her, running his hands down her naked back and over her shiny stretch lycra minidress, following the curve of her hips, over her flat tummy, up across her chest, squeezing and squeezing her big 38DD rack, back down across her trim waist, under her dress, to her red G-string, stroking, and stroking, and stroking with his hands, caressing her sleek stockings, running his fingertips up and down her curvy legs, squeezing her calves, then moving high up her thighs, to his final destination, her gorgeous ass, stroking, petting, squeezing, feeling the tightness of her big, round buns through the slick lycra fabric of her skintight red dress. Dustin whispered softly in her ear as he slowly lifted the back of her tight mini…and saw the little QAnon tattoos on her beautiful big butt cheeks.

“Nice tattoos, fraulein. Just like your sexy, dead, QAnon bitch girlfriends. Sorry, they can’t help you. Nicole can’t help you either. You’re ass is mine now. Your ass is mine. Get ready, you big, beautiful, bootylicious, blonde bitch. Here it comes. This one’s for Stacey.”

“No! Noooooo! You fucking bastard! You can’t do this! You can’t do this to me! Wait! Wait! You’ll never get away with this! What are you doing? Don’t! Don’t touch me! Get your dirty hands off me! Get away! Get away from me! You bastard! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Nicole will kill you! She would never let anything happen to me! I’m her lover! Her lover! You can’t do this! Nicole! Nicole! Help! Help me! Nicole! Nicole! No! Noooooooo! Nooooooooooooo! Nicole! Nicoleaaauuuuuhhhhhh! Annnnaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhhh! Oh mein gaauuuggghhhhtt! Annnnnnaaaaaaauuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Annnnnnaaaaaaauuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Kaitlin shrieked like a banshee, howling Nicole’s name as Dustin mounted her big, round booty from behind, plunging his huge cock deep into her hot, juicy ass, up to the hilt. Kaitlin’s high-pitched squeals echoed inside the car as Dustin thrust hard and deep, plowing her creamy Aryan ass for the very first time. He picked up the pace. Stroking and stroking. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Pumping her ample and curvaceous buttocks hard from behind as he pulled back on the thick gold chain of her gleaming QAnon necklace, using it like reins, gripping and pulling back as he thrust hard, deep into her warm and appetizing ass, riding her like a kinky cowboy, pounding her sweet cheeks as she bucked and rolled, her head twisting and neck stretching, trapped by the closed window and strangled by her own heavy QAnon necklace. Writhing. Squirming. Thrashing. Gurgling. Squealing. And squealing. And squealing. And squealing. And squealing. And squealing. And squealing.

Dustin slid his hands to Kaitlin’s curvy hips and pulled her back. Putting his full weight behind each thrust, he pounded her beautiful round buns with long full strokes, drilling deeper and deeper with his big, thick shaft. Her gorgeous bubble butt wiggled and jiggled, bouncing against his crotch as he continued his steady, deep stroking. Kaitlin’s spectacular tits rolled and wobbled, swinging from side to side as Dustin continued his erotic onslaught, grinding his 10” cock in and out of her tight ass like a red hot piston. The once proud and arrogant platinum blonde QAnon bombshell wailed and squealed with each powerful thrust, rising up on the tiptoes of her red stiletto-heeled platform sandals, curvy leg muscles tensing and tightening as Dustin rhythmically buried his huge cock up to the hilt in her delicious ass. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke after stroke.

Dustin was almost there. He could feel it. Rising up like a volcano. Ready to erupt. He pumped her hard. Harder. Harder. Harder. Harder. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. As he exploded into Kaitlin’s exquisite ass, Dustin heard her neck crack. She shuddered and jerked, twitching wildly, groaning loudly one last time, then went limp. Still hanging from the window. Arms at her sides. Huge 38DDs pressed flat against the side of the car. Platinum blonde hair spilling around her gorgeous face. Eyes bulging. Tongue poking out between her glossy red lips. Stocking-clad legs splayed out across the cold asphalt. Red lycra minidress hiked above her ass. Tiny red G-string wrapped around her ankles.

Dustin had to move fast now. He needed to find Nicole. But it wouldn’t be easy. There were more of these crazy blonde QAnon bitches inside the mansion. He would probably have to kill them all to get to Nicole. Might as well start now.

Dustin rolled the car window down once more, gripped Kaitlin by her luscious thighs, and hoisted her voluptuous body through the opening, part way into the back. She hung there with her upper body inside the car, neck stretched, head bent awkwardly, platinum blonde hair spreading in waves across the backseat, her upturned ass, long legs, and red spike heels still dangling out the window, rivulets of hot cum dripping down the backs of her shapely thighs and calves, staining her silk stockings. Dustin pulled off the sexy G-string dangling from Kaitlin’s ankles, rubbed the red panties slowly up and down the backs of her cum-stained legs, then held the G-string to his face, savoring the erotic aroma of his own cum mixed together with her hot sweat and the expensive body lotion she’d applied only an hour before her death. He pushed the sticky G-string past Kaitlin’s big, red lips and into her sensuous mouth, using his fingertips to push the sexy red panties deep down her throat.

Dustin moved over to Lauren. He slid his hands around her slender ankles, pulling her into the car, and laying her pretty feet and red-painted toes across Ashton’s naked thighs, leaving only her big tits, beautiful staring face, and long blonde hair dangling out the door. He slid Lauren’s black satin thong past her toned thighs, curvy calves, and pretty manicured toenails, then held it to his face, inhaling the erotic aroma of her warm blood mixed with the expensive perfume she’d sprayed on her pussy just 30 minutes before. Kneeling down, Dustin shoved the blood-and-perfume-drenched panties past Lauren’s pink lips and into her gaping mouth, using his fingers to force the black satin thong deep down her throat.

Ashton was fine where she was. Bent back over the driver’s seat. Impaled on Dustin’s switchblade knife. Tits up. Long hair hanging into the back. Booted legs draped over the steering wheel. Leather miniskirt bunched around her hips. Dustin pulled the switchblade from the seat back, using Ashton’s long mane of thick, golden hair to wipe the blade clean. He pulled the knife down across her chest, slicing her halter top in half to expose her two magnificent 34DD tits, then carved down through soft leather and toned thigh to sever the side strings of her sexy black leather thong. Gripping the shiny black triangle covering her pussy, he pulled up, tearing the panties off her cooling body. Dustin held it high, like a trophy, admiring the glossy black leather, and breathing in the erotic aroma of soft leather soaked and stained with the urine of a true Aryan bitch. Dustin wouldn’t stuff these panties down Ashton’s throat. He would keep them for himself.

Dustin could hear noises now. They were coming. The other blondes from the mansion. Coming outside. He would be waiting for them. And he would deal with them all. One after another. Then he would find their leader. Madam Nicole.

And the real fun would begin.

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