Dare into a relationship pt.3

Dare into a relationship pt.3

It was Saturday morning and the sun was shining into our room. I looked to the side and I could see my beautiful girlfriend sleeping next to me, and the memories of last night started to come back, which got me super horny. This brought an idea to my mind, to start the morning with one of the things she wanted to try.

I took the bed sheets from over her and started to kiss her feet.

“Hmm baby, nice way to wake up…” she smiled at me with her eyes semi-open

“I thought I start your day by worshipping your feet like you wanted, what do you think?”

“Love it babe, I’ll just enjoy it while you do your thing”

She closed her eyes and started moaning while I licked very inch of her feet, from her heels, to her toes and in between. Sara started touching herself while I continued to lick her feet, until she orgasmed.

“What a nice way to start the day, thank you” she kissed me and got up to go to the bathroom. “We need to do this more times, I love to have you licking my feet honestly.”

I made her company while she peed and started getting ready for the day.

“I’m down, I don’t have a fetish but your feet are super pretty… So, what do you want to do this Saturday?” I asked her.

“I was thinking we could go out for lunch and have a chill day? But tomorrow, I want to do another thing on our list.” She grinned at me.

“Oh yeah, which one?”

“I want to do the Master/slave one…”

“That’s one I really want to do too… I’m already quite dominant in our regular sex life, how do you want this to be different?” I asked genuinely curious what she had in mind.

“This won’t be about you dominating me, this will be about you owning me. I really love you and trust you with my life, and for some reason, the thought of giving myself with no limits to you sounds incredibly intimate, kinky and romantic at the same time”

“Wow the way you put sounds really intense… I love that Sara.” I smiled at her

“Ok so let’s discuss later after dinner how we want to do this” she told me

The rest of the day went by very calmly. We had lunch out, played some video games during the afternoon and watched a movie. We were now in the living room after dinner, reading our books.

I decided to introduce the topic. “Ok, so what’s your vision for the thing tomorrow. How do you want this fantasy to play?”

“Ok, so tomorrow from when we wake up, until we go to sleep, I’ll be your sex slave for the all day with no stops. Simple as that…”

“Should we talk about stuff you want to do, limits…?”

“No limits on my part, this is what this is about. It’s a day where I’ll give my body and mind to you. I don’t want any marks for life, but I know you won’t do that” she said laughing. “I’ll have two safe words, ‘yellow’ if I want you to slow down, and ‘red’ if I want you to stop what you’re doing because I can’t go on, but I won’t use them unless I’m really in my limit”

“Sounds intense baby… I have some intense and fucked up fantasies from time to time, you’re sure I can do them?” I had a few things in mind that I’d seen in some hardcore pornos I was thinking about, and wanted to make sure this wouldn’t backfire on me.

“Anything baby, that’s the point of this experience. Make me your whore, just don’t forget you love me through it”

“I could never forget it” I said honestly.

We spent the rest of the evening cuddling and watching our tv show together.


I woke up feeling a warm sensation in my penis. Looked down and saw Sara waking me up with a blowjob

“Good morning Master, thought it was a good idea to you wake you up correctly”

“That’s a good girl, keep going until I cum, that will be your breakfast” I was trying to keep myself composed, but inside I was incredibly excited with this. Sara was really getting into character and I loved the idea of a day where I could live all of my depraved fantasies.

I ended up cumming in her mouth after a few minutes, she showed me her mouth full of cum and then swallowed it down.

“I have some rules for you today bitch. First you are to stay naked the all day. Second, you only cum when I allow you to. You’ll also have to ask for authorization from me to use the toilet.” She nodded her head agreeing to it. “Also, you won’t challenge me on anything I ask of you, no matter how depraved it is. You said this is a day to push limits and we agreed the only ones would be too much pain and physical marks. If I come up with something you think you can’t do you can use you safe-word, but I’d ask you to try to push yourself ok?”

“Ok Master” she answered smiling of excitement. I kissed her and hugged to show her I loved her.

“Ok let’s start with a shower, get on fours and follow me”

Sara followed me to the bathroom on her knees and hands which was a very submissive and humiliating thing to do, which turned us on immensely.

I got below the warm water and told her to wash my body which she did diligently, using her soapy hands to wash every crevice of my body, from my feet, to my asshole, foreskin, chest and everything in between.

“Good job slave, you can wash yourself now, and don’t forget to do an enema because I’ll be using your ass. I’ll be downstairs waiting for you”

I decided I was going to use this Sunday to play some videogames with my friends, so I started a call and we all got to play online together. After 30 minutes Sara got downstairs, naked and on fours.

I muted my call “Slave, go get me a beer and suck my toes while I play with the guys. Don’t make any noises so they don’t hear you.”

I went back to my call with them and Sara was quick to bring me a beer and get a chair where I could rest both my feet and she could do her task. She was getting quite good at worshipping my feet, she had done it in normal situations a handful of times by now, mainly because she knew how much I loved it, but also because she had some fun doing it. The first time she had done it she barely used her tongue, instead kissing my soles, which after she told me was because she was a bit disgusted by the idea of having feet in her mouth. I was able to persuade her and tell her how much it turned me on, and eventually she lost the disgust and did it happily for me on special occasions. Today she was being amazing, being very sloppy on my feet, making sure to lick between my toes, sucking my heel and giving long and slow strokes with her tongue on my soles.

After half an hour of this, I decided to get out of the call with my friends “Slave, go to our room and get on fours with your legs well spread. When I get to your room I want to make sure I see your holes open for me”

Sara went to the room and I went to grab a couple of things I needed for my next idea. She was being a good slave until now and I wanted to reward her for it.

“Those holes are looking nice and wet for me, aren’t they?”

“Yes Master, I’m so turned on by being your little fucktoy” she answered with her girly voice

I grabbed an eye mask and put it on her, as well as a ball gag for her mouth and cuffs for her hands.

“Now slut, I’m also going to use earplugs so you can’t ear, say or see anything you understand?” She nodded in agreement.

“I’m going to give you your best orgasm ever, but you have to behave well to get it.”

I put the ear plugs next and looked at her. Her pussy dripping, mouth gagged with a ball, mouth that just a few minutes ago had all my toes inside it. I knew I was looking at a woman I loved and a rare breed, and I was so lucky to have her.

I started by eating her pussy and tasting all her juices while playing with her nipples. I could hear her moans from her gagged mouth and her body wriggling but without being able to move much. Once she was close to orgasm I stopped and let it calm down. Once it had settled I started fingering her, bringing her close to an orgasm again a couple of minutes after, which meant she was incredibly horny and close to come. I stopped again right at the edge and I could hear her groaning and trying to speak from her ball gag, although it was quite intelligible. After I let it cool down I grabbed her nipple and twisted it, causing her to feel a jolt of pain in her chest, from it. I continued twisting them, alternating between the two, while I used two fingers to rub her G-spot and finally make her cum. She squirted all over the bed and came for what must’ve been close to 20 seconds.

I could see her body was completely dead, sweat and squirt all over it. I took her bindings off and brought my wet hand to her mouth for her to suck her juices off.

“Baby that was sooo good, one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had” she said with a tired but smiling face.

“I’m really glad you liked it, but address me as you should or it’ll be the last orgasm you have for the next few days.” I said this smiling at her, but I wanted us to continue with our power dynamic.

“Sorry Master, I was just really thankful for the pleasure you gave me” she grinned at me while saying it, which I reciprocated.

“I’m going to order some Thai, take a shower but be quick slut”

Eventually Sara came downstairs where I was already starting a movie to watch at lunch, and the doorbell rang.

“Slave, I want you to open the door naked like you are, and get the order from the guy”

Her eyes opened, incredulous and scared, but I knew that while it was scary, part of her would be turned on by it.

“Go on, show your naked body to the delivery man”

Sara went through with it an opened the door. It was an older man, probably around 60 years old and looking kinda gross in a certain way. He at first looked surprised, but then started grinning, looking at a very hot girl who was young enough to be his daughter.

I was right behind her and saw this as an opportunity to humiliate her: “If you want you can touch her boobs.”

She looked at me with pleading eyes, but he didn’t lose any time and started grabbing and squeezing them. Sara’s face was redder than I’d ever seen, but I could swear I heard a moan coming from there.

“Can I do any more with her?” the man asked

“No, I’m afraid not, that was your tip for the ride, thanks and have a good day”

“I was really afraid you were going to let that man going further, Master…”

“Were you really thought?” with that I put a finger in her pussy which was extremely wet again. “It doesn’t feel like you didn’t like that old dirty man touching your body…”

“It’s not my fault that you’ve made me so horny today Master!” she said while her legs gave out and she leaned on me.

“Let’s go have our lunch, and hold on to your urges”

We had a quite lunch in our sofa while watching a movie. I decided to join her and get naked after I finished my food, and put her head right above my dick, which got the message right to her and she started to suckle on my penis while we continued to watch the movie.

After a while I was getting quite horny and told her to get in between my legs and raised them, putting my open ass level with her face. She got the message and started eating it, alternating between licking, making out with it, and pushing her tongue trying to get it inside. She spent a good few minutes eating my ass, and I would jerk my cock from time to time, but I didn’t want to cum soon and I knew that would happen if I jerked while she used her tongue on my asshole.

“Put your finger in my ass and massage my prostate while you suck me.” I ordered her.

This was not the first time she was fingering me, so she knew what to do and found my prostate a short time after, which sent jolts of pleasure through my body. Eventually I couldn’t hold on and came in her mouth, in an incredible orgasm.

I wanted to push the envelope a bit more and decided to request something that I knew would be kinky but that really turned me on.

“Ok slave, now I want you to take that finger from my ass and bring it to your nose and smell it.”

Sara looked weirdly at me but slowly took her finger out of my ass, looked at it (which luckily for her, looked cleanish), and brought it under her nose and took a few whiffs of it.

“How does that smell?”

“It kinda smells a bit like ass…”

“I want you to put that finger in your mouth and suck on it and use your tongue”

“No Master please, this finger was just inside your ass for a long time, that’s really dirty!”

“Exactly, and you’re my dirty slut who loves every part of me. That finger looks clean so it’s not like I’m asking that much. Now use your tongue and clean my ass from your finger”

I could see Sara thinking for a couple of seconds, probably trying to decide if she was going to say her safe word or taste the inside of my ass. She decided on the former and slowly brought her finger to her mouth and used her tongue to clean it, making sure to suck it while doing it.

“That’s a good girl, that wasn’t that bad right?” I said to her holding her in my arms and kissing her.

She smiled at me and thanked me.

It was getting darker outside and I decided to go for a run

“I’m going for a run now slut, while I’m gone I want you to go to our bed and edge yourself without letting yourself cum. You have to film it all, so I can see later and know you haven’t cum. Understand?”

“Yes Master, I’ll miss you…”

“I won’t be long gone” I answered and gave her a kiss in the forehead.

I went for a 45 minute run and made sure to make it intense for Sara’s next submission. Once I got home I went to our room and saw my beautiful girlfriend naked, with her vibrator on her clitoris and sweat on her body from bringing her body close to release so many times.

“Finally, I’m so fucking horny Sir!”

She instantly let go of her vibrator and moved forward to grab me.

“Hold on! Get on your knees in front of me, you’ll get your release, but before you have to lick my balls after this run.”

I was doing this thinking that it would humiliate her, having to suck my extremely sweaty balls, but to my surprise Sara just took my shorts off and went crazy on my balls like they were the last delicacy on earth.

“Do you like licking my sweat?”

“I’m so horny for you I could do anything, just want your body on me!”

This turned me on like crazy and I could do nothing more than take the reins and start fucking her like I knew she deserved. I started fucking her quite roughly, but after my run I was pretty tired and eventually we ended up making love, sweaty body on sweaty body, kissing each other all over, and for a moment we forgot our dynamic and went back to our loving relation, enjoying each other and sharing the crazy love we felt for one another.

“This was so good...” Sara said while we were cuddling post sex

“I’m loving every part of this day baby, thank you” I kissed her. “How are you feeling about it until now?”

“I’m really enjoying it too. I love our normal sex life, but it’s definitely a different kind of fun to have you command me around and make me do stuff that is humiliating and dirty, but that I enjoy doing because it’s with you.”

“So what do you say we do something new and dirty, slut?” I said smiling at her, making sure to emphaticize the word slut.

“Yes Master, I’m ready to serve” she answered perking up and smiling too.

I made her follow me to the bathtub and get on her knees in front of me.

“I think you can guess what is going to happen slut.”

“I have an idea Master…”

“Tell what I’m going to do.”

“You’re going to pee on me”

“That’s right slut, I’m going to pee all over your body, a last frontier to mark your body as mine, and for you to show your devotion.”

She actually didn’t look scared or anxious about it, probably from the close moment we had shared just before, and still high from our love.

I started by peeing on her boobs, splashing my golden stream all over her chest and arms, a bit of it splashing on her chin. I then told her to open her legs and started pissing on her clit, which she seemed to love by her reaction, the warm liquid sending lot of pleasure through her body.

I stopped my stream after a while and looked at her.

“Now baby, I want you to open your mouth, taste me, and drink me down. Do you think you can do that?”

Now she did look a bit anxious, but her resolve towards her submission for me was bigger.

“I’ll try Master, but I’m not sure about drinking it…”

“Do this to show me your love and devotion. If you love me as much as you say, you can take any part of me, right?”

“You’re right. But I want to do this not as your slave but as your girlfriend. If I’m drinking your pee I want it to be as two people who love each other, not as a Master who makes his slave doing it, ok?”

“I love the sound of that baby” I answered smiling at her.

She smiled too and opened her mouth for me. Soon after a few drops started coming out and after that my piss started flowing from my dick to her mouth. I stopped the flow when her mouth was halfway full and looked as the love of my life close her mouth and swallowed my golden piss. I could see it wasn’t easy for her, but she was able to smile at me through wet eyes and opened her mouth right after, demanding more of my piss. She swallowed two more mouthfuls of me, each one more easily than the last.

“That was so fucking hot baby I swear… What do you think of it?”

“It tasted awful, but I enjoyed doing it for you. Feel like we’re closer than ever, knowing I drank the pee from the man I love” she said laughing and kissing my dick.

“It was a huge turn on princess, I swear, thank you for doing it.”

“Do you want to do anything else to me today?” she asked

“Not today, let’s just clean each other and enjoy the rest of the night cuddling with each other”

“Sounds great! Perfect ending for an amazing day!”

We spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company, every time I thought to the things we did that day I’d get instant boners, and at the end Sara made sure to put me to sleep with an amazing blowjob and rimjob. I was sure more days like this had to come in the future.

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