Phoenix ch 01

Phoenix ch 01

Tanya danced across the stage and flipped her pale blue garter high over the heads of the cheering crowd. She was stripped down to her matching blue lingerie – corset, panties and stockings, now, and the corset only covered the lower halves of her large areolas, barely concealing her eraser-hard nipples.

“That’s all, boys,” Tanya cheerfully called out to her guests. “Nothing else comes off! I’m not stripping naked on my wedding day for anyone but my husband!”

She stepped down off the stage to a mixture of ‘boo’s’, hugs, kisses and repeated congratulations. She had waited before personally entertaining her guests until most of the invited MI personnel had already left the reception, just in case she’d ever want to ‘un-retire’ and go back into active duty. There was some semblance of comportment involved in being an officer, after all, albeit a retired one, so she was surprised to come face to face with her immediate senior, Colonel Brady.

“Sir!” she stammered in recognition of his emblem even before she remembered she didn’t have to follow military procedure any more. She laughed nervously as she recalled her new civilian status. She was also nervous because she was trying very hard not to stand at attention with most of her clothes off in front of her ex-senior officer.

“At ease, Major,” he laughed. “I mean, relax, Miss Tanya, Ma’am.” They both laughed. “You may call me ‘Jim’, now.”

“Yes, sir… I mean, okay, um, Jim,” Tanya replied, trying to laugh off her embarrassment.

“I never thought that you’d actually want to ‘become’ your undercover character,” Colonel Jim said, raising his glass to take a sip of Cold Duck. “But, since you have, I have an assignment for you.”

“I thought I was retired, sir… Jim,” Tanya replied, somewhat reprovingly. She knew something was up, but also knew that this man wouldn’t ask her to do anything she didn’t believe was right.

“Yes, and this fits in perfectly,” the Colonel said.

“Alright,” Tanya murmured. “You know I’m yours to command if you need me. So what is it you want me to do?”

“Nothing,” Colonel Jim replied. “Go, enjoy your life. But think of me if anything ‘unusual’ ever happens, okay?”

“Unusual?” Tanya clarified. “You mean like – if ‘she’ comes back?”

“Something like that, yes,” Colonel Jim replied. “There was no trace left to prove she ever existed except for the fact that we all saw her – no remains; not even a DNA trace. That has to mean something, but I don’t know what.”

“Sir,” Tanya said, more firmly now that she decided not to be a covert friend to him, “I saw what happened – we all did! And I know for a fact that I’ll never have the opportunity to report what you want to hear. I only wish it were otherwise.”

“Hey, new bride,” Frank said, coming up beside her and giving her a hug. “This is happy time, right?” He looked from Tanya to the Colonel and back again, a quizzical expression on his face.

“Excuse me,” the Colonel said, smiling at the pair. “Congratulations, Mr. Tabor. She's a wonderful catch.” He shook Frank’s hand. “And now, Tanya, I must be on my way. Thank you for inviting me.”

“What the hell was all that about?” Frank asked as he watched Colonel Brady leave.

He felt Tanya shrug in his arms. “They still want…” She sighed.

“Well, some people never give up,” Frank decided. “So they become Colonels in the secret service.”

They both laughed. Tanya swayed for a moment, starting to feel all the champagne and Cold Duck she’d been pouring down her throat.

“Whoa, there, party girl,” Frank laughed as he grabbed her by the shoulders and helped her straighten back up. “You got started too early for me.”

Most of the guests that were ex-members of the Target Club were leaving, now. Several were hanging around to say goodbye, so Frank and his barely clad-in-blue damsel shook hands and/or hugged them as they left.

“Ha!” Frank laughed as he stared around at the empty but very messy bar. “Jessie and Rose were smart – they’re already long gone!

“Well,” he shrugged, now gazing at his scantily-clad brand new wife, “I’ll… um, clean up tomorrow!”

With a yelp and a laugh, Tanya was hoisted into the air and carried up the stairs by her strong, hunky husband. Once in her room, Frank deposited her solidly on the bed and dropped to his knees on the floor, gasping and wheezing. Tanya twisted around and kissed him, but he was so out-of-breath from the stairs that he couldn’t stop gasping for air through his mouth to return her kiss.

“You’re slobbering all over me!” Tanya exclaimed, laughing. Then she swung around and dropped her legs down, one on each side of him. “Here! Put all that hot air to some good use!”

She fell back on the bed, giggling madly as Frank shoved his face up between her legs and began blowing on and biting her skimpy blue panties.

“Hahahahaha Ow! Hey!” she yelped as his teeth started getting a little rough.

Raising his head with her fists in his hair, Tanya pulled him up, over the bed, and on top of her. It was more like he leap-frogged up from the floor onto the bed, and on top of her, of course. She grunted loudly as he squashed down on her.

“Come on, get off!” she complained, rolling him over. “You better not be that tired, boy!”

Sitting up, she began unbuttoning his tux jacket, then pulled the long red sash from around his waist. She playfully draped it over her bodice then continued unbuttoning and unzipping whatever she could find until Frank’s clothing was all loose.

Tanya glared at her new husband, annoyed. He was still covered! Sliding off the bed, she yanked his shoes off, then pulled down his pants. She started to throw them across the room, then remembered they were rented and hung them over the back of a chair, instead.

As she got it off him, Tanya straightened his jacket and hung it over the back of the chair with the pants.

“You still have too many clothes on!” she declared, coming back to the bed.

“Want me to strip for you, baby?” Frank asked, his eyes dancing mischievously.

“Sure, Tiger! Do a Jamie Lee for me!”

Frank rolled off the far side of the bed and ran his hands down his sides like Tanya did when she was on stage displaying her marvelous breasts and slender figure to her adoring patrons. Tanya hopped up and knelt the middle of the big bed that Frank had built.

She stared, both hands over her mouth to keep from braying right in his face with hilarity as she watched Frank slowly and very sensuously shake his starchy, but tired, white shirt off, undulating his masculine shoulders and letting the sleeves slid down his arms.

“You are soooo funny!” Tanya squealed, almost losing it completely.

Encouraged by his new wife’s reaction, Frank twirled the shirt around and flung it out across the room at her. She reached for it, but it fell short and landed on the edge of the bed. Now he was swaying his hips from left to right and back again as he pulled his damp t-shirt up, exposing his belly, then his chest.

He pulled it the rest of the way over his head. Tanya took the opportunity to close in on him while he was blind and had his head covered. Laughing exuberantly, she grabbed the ends of his t-shirt out of his hands and wrapped the material around his neck.

“Hey! Who turned out the lights?” Frank asked, his voice sounding anything but worried as he felt Tanya holding him upright so he wouldn’t lose his balance and fall.

Her hands ran quickly down from his shoulders to his pectorals, her fingers tweaking one nipple and making him yelp with surprise as she bent down and playfully licked the other one.

“Whoa, you little tart!” Frank called out, blindly grabbing her by the arms. “So that’s what that feels like! No wonder you like it!” He pulled his undershirt the rest of the way off.

Taking her in his arms, he suddenly became very serious and kissed her deeply, passionately, fully on the lips – no silly tongue action, no tricks, just a really, really great kiss.

“Wow…” Tanya murmured when she could breathe again. She felt, rather than heard, Frank chuckle deep in his throat as he kissed her again.

“You’re quite a kisser, mister,” Tanya murmured as she came up for air again.

“Yeah, probably,” Frank mused, smiling at her face, “but I feel inspired. Maybe it’s whom I’m kissing…” He kissed her again.

“Oh, no, Shakespeare!” Tanya replied, rejecting him this time. “One more kiss like that and we’ll be doing it standing up right here! I want my very first husband to take me properly – flat on my back in bed with my legs spread wide! At least, the first time!”

“Sounds delightful!” Frank chuckled, releasing her. “You want tied down, too?”

“Uh,” Tanya said, her mouth hanging open intelligently. The question took her by complete surprise.

'How could he know that? I never said anything, I thought I’d work on more of a gradient – ease him into it…'

Frank laughed and began unfastening her corset. “Damn! This thing is tight!”

After a moment, he got it loose. The tightly stretched material rubber-banded around Tanya’s waist as the last hook released. Tanya let out a sigh of intense relief. “Oh, God – that’s almost as good as sex!”

Frank grinned as he rubbed her sides and back where the corset had imprinted a copy of itself into her tender, warm flesh, feeling her undulate slowly back and forth as she enjoyed his cool hands caressing her itching torso.

His hands inevitably moved up to cup her ample breasts and his thumbs began teasing her hardening nipples, causing her shoulders to move forward in protest as she tried to endure the intense sensation. Guiding her down to the bed, he kissed her neck and shoulders, then began trailing his lips and tongue down toward her aroused nipples.

“I was wondering how far you’d go,” Frank murmured as he snuggled his face into her cleavage.

“What’cha mean?” Tanya asked, trying to focus. It occurred to her that she may be just a little bit tipsy and slurring her words.

“On the stage when you were stripping off your wedding gown,” Frank replied, lifting his head and smiling at her. “I had no idea the front panels came off like that.”

Tanya laughed, “Oh, yeah, that.” It occurred to her that she should probably never tell him that her wedding gown was the costume she wore for the Miss Nude USA Contest she almost won. She moaned as Frank turned his head and began chewing and kissing his way up the side of her right breast.

“Did you want me to?” she asked, still not understanding his earlier comment.

“What? You mean strip all the way?” Frank asked. “I wouldn’t have minded – they’ve all seen you starkers.”

“What about the Target Room?” she asked, still uncertain. 'May as well lay the ground rules early, she thought to herself, 'less confusion and upset later. Lay? Ha ha!'

“What?” Frank asked, finally ending his nipple torture. “Oh, I get it. You want to know how far you can go now that we’re married.” He kissed her gently on the lips.

“If you feel you need to, and I’m not around,” Frank said, “I suppose it’s okay. There’s no reason for you to be unhappy or frustrated. I’m not a prude and I won’t condemn you for having physical feelings. But, I don’t need my women used and abused like Jake…”

“You’re sweet,” Tanya cooed, delicately interrupting him, “and I appreciate it. But I don’t need anyone but you. At least, not for the next few days…”

Frank laughed and pushed her backward to lie flat on the bed.

“Ooh! Handsome and strong!” she laughed as she landed.

Frank pulled down her panties, so she lifted her legs to help. He couldn’t help but notice she shied away slightly when he reached for the tops of her stockings.

“It’s okay,” he said, soothing her. “I know how to take off a pair of stockings without running them.”

“I thought I’d leave them on,” Tanya replied absently. “Most men like the way they look.”

“Are they comfortable?” Frank asked, gazing up at her. His eyes had a question in them and Tanya was pretty sure what the question was, but she knew he loved her too much to ever ask it.

“The stockings?” Tanya asked. “No, not after I’ve been lying down awhile. My legs cramp if I leave them on too long unless I’m on my feet.”

Frank smiled and reached for the tops of her stockings again. This time, she let him take them off.

“I’m not most men,” he said quietly as he pulled the second stocking down past her heel and off the end of her toes. He laid them both very carefully over his tux jacket.

“No, you aren’t like most men,” Tanya murmured. “And for that alone, I could love you.”

“You could?” Frank asked, laughter in his eyes, now. “What do I have to do to win you over completely?”

Tanya grinned. Her loving new groom just opened the door to her perverted mindful of fantasies. If everything worked out, by morning she wouldn’t be able to walk.

“Well,” she mused, “you could start by tying me to the bed…”

“Ah, ha!” Frank chortled. “I knew it the instant I saw that corset cutting you in half! You’re a bondage freak!”

“Guilty,” Tanya whimpered, barely able to keep from laughing at his exuberant reaction. “So, tie me up and punish me…”

“Uh-huh, right,” Frank replied. “What with?”

“Oh!” Tanya said, suddenly realizing that he didn’t actually have anything to tie her up with. “Well, let’s see… You have a closet full of clothes, darling. Use your imagination.”

Frank hopped up and brought back a half-dozen long-sleeved shirts. “Okay, sweetheart,” he said, his voice full of promises as he dropped his load of clothes on the bed. Tanya scooted into position and held her right arm out, presenting herself to be tied up.

Frank playfully tied a sleeve around her wrist. “What now?” he asked, not sure what she wanted.

“Tie it around the headboard?” she said, looking around hopefully for someplace to tie the other sleeve around. “Hmm, I guess you have to use the frame.”

Frank ended up scraping his arms down between the headboard and the mattress and buttoning the cuff of the remaining sleeve around the frame holding the box springs. While he was there, he did the same to another shirt, then tied its loose arm around her left wrist. Now, Tanya was flat on the bed with both arms tied over her head.

Tanya still had enough freedom of motion to reach her face with her hands until Frank grabbed her legs and pulled her farther down on the mattress so he could bind her feet, too.

“God, you look hot,” Frank panted, standing back and gazing at his handiwork.

Tanya lay in the center of the bed with her legs spread wide and tied, helplessly watching. The look on her face translated into pure lust. He could do anything he wanted and she couldn’t do anything about it except maybe scream.

“What’cha gonna do to me, mister,” Tanya cooed, role-playing the kidnapped victim.

“I haven’t decided,” Frank said thoughtfully, trying to make his mind work in an area where he’d never gone before.

“Ah!” he exclaimed quietly, remembering some props from the stripper’s dressing room downstairs. “I’ll be right back.”

“Bring something to eat,” Tanya suggested, calling out at his bare ass as he disappeared through the door.

Frank practically flew down the stairs and across the bar to the stage door. Once in the dressing room, he pulled a couple of feathers out of a costume, then entered the kitchen area, hoping to find something erotic to use on her waiting, bare body. Gathering stuff as he found it, Frank realized that he’d need a laundry basket to carry it all, so he went back into the dressing room and found one.

'Hmm, let’s see,' he thought, going through the kitchen again. 'Maraschino cherries, bottle of wine, a bucket! I’ll need ice!' he put ice in the bucket around a bottle of wine left over from the reception. 'Yeah! Chocolate syrup!'

He headed back toward the stairs, then stopped. 'Food! She said…' That part was easy. The bar wasn’t cleaned up yet, and there was food everywhere – mostly wedding cake.

A malicious grin spread across his face at the thought of smearing moist, white cake and frosting all over her breasts and belly, then squirting chocolate and pouring maraschino cherries on her.

'A true, wedding cake delight,' he thought excitedly as his imagination went wild with images of filling her sweet, blonde cunt full of wedding cake and then fucking her cake and frosting filled pussy.

He cut a big chunk off the wedding cake and carefully laid it on top of everything else in the laundry basket, then carried it upstairs.

Tanya had pulled herself up a bit so that her legs were tight against the shirtsleeves tied around her ankles, but her arms were loose enough to reach her face again.

“Sorry, I had an itch,” she explained when he sat the laundry basket down and gazed at her from head to toe.

“No, that’s okay,” Frank said, distracted. “I was just wondering where to start.”

'Anywhere, you dolt,' he thought to himself. 'Just start! She’ll love whatever you do… Just do something!'

He looked at her as she lay there, waiting. Her hips were slowly moving back and forth, indicating that she was more than ready to begin. He started with the feather. Tanya smiled when she saw it, then closed her eyes so she’d be surprised when he touched her with it.

Frank gently stroked the feather along her ribs and watched Tanya tremble sensuously at the gentle, ticklish touch. She began breathing a little heavier through her mouth, now, instead of her nose, her entire upper body moving with her erotic breathing.

'God! She knows how to turn it on!' he thought as he slowly brushed the end of the feather against her flesh. He circled her breasts with the feather, drawing circles closer and closer around her nipples. As the feather made its circling approach, Frank found it hard not to start giggling in glee as he watched her nipples almost triple in size at her arousal.

He lifted the feather away and Tanya arched her back, trying to find the feather with her breasts. He slapped the soft end of the feather across one hardened nipple, making her gasp at the sudden sensation. When he looked at her face, he saw that her eyes were still closed. She was really into her bondage.

'Next time, I’ll blindfold her, as well,' Frank thought. 'She seems to like not being able to see what I’m doing.'

He continued on around, across her breastbone and up to caress her neck with the feather, then headed across her body toward her other breast. Tanya moved her shoulders and sighed, unable to contain her pleasure at his gentle, sensitive play. Her eyes were still closed and Frank wondered what she was visualizing, if anything at all.

In another minute, he had her left nipple as aroused and pointy as her right one had been. He started gently slapping them one at a time with the end of the feather. Then, using the sharp end, he delicately touched the point against one of her nipples.

Tanya jumped, gasping. Her eyes flew open, then she relaxed when she realized what was touching her.

“What did you think that was?” Frank asked, laughing with her at her startled response.

She didn’t reply. Instead, Tanya closed her eyes again and arched her breasts up, wanting him to play with them some more. Laughing gently, Frank drew some circular designs around her breasts with the pointy end of the feather, leaving delicate white scratches in her soft, creamy skin. He continued down past her rib cage and drew on her stomach for a minute or two, making her twitch a couple of times.

Reaching into his basket of goodies, he grabbed an ice cube out of the wine bucket and stuck it into her belly button. With a surprised yelp, Tanya was up with her eyes wide open again to see what he was doing.

“You don’t trust me!” Frank accused her.

“Yes I do,” Tanya replied anxiously. “I just wanna see what you’re doing, that’s all.”

Frank got up, leaving the little ice cube in that sexy indentation in the middle of her tummy.

“Where’re you going?” Tanya wanted to know.

“I’m going to blindfold you,” Frank replied, looking for and then finding his red sash.

Tanya held her head up without protesting as he tied the wide cloth around her face.

“How’s that?” he asked. “Comfortable?”

“Yeah, great,” Tanya replied, trying to move her head so that she could see him through the little pinpoint of light coming through down by her nose. After a few seconds, she decided it wasn’t worth the effort, and simply lay back to let him do what he would to her.

She could feel him moving around on the bed. Every nerve in her body was expecting to be touched or pricked with something. There was a definite and very pleasant buzz starting between her legs. She hoped he would do something about that, soon, as well.

Something very sweet touched her lips. She awkwardly opened her mouth and raised her head forward to find out what it was. Frank was brushing her lips with a small piece of cake. She closed her lips around it, moaning with pleasure at the taste, then realized she had a finger in her mouth, as well.

Chuckling, she swallowed the bit of cake and frosting and began sucking on his finger. She heard his sound of approval, then he withdrew his finger. She felt something warm and squishy being applied to her right nipple. From the smell and feel of it, it was more wedding cake. She smiled and sighed in pleasure as Frank applied more wedding cake to her other nipple. Then he delicately licked it off – first one nipple, then the other.

Something wet dripped on her face. It also had a strong, sweet smell, but more fruity, this time. Licking the moisture off her lips, she recognized cherry syrup and realized that Frank was probably holding a maraschino cherry near her lips. Opening her mouth and raising her head, she blindly searched around for the treat. After a few seconds, he let it brush against her lips and she greedily sucked it into her mouth and chewed it up, moaning in pleasure as she swallowed her little prize.

Then she felt something dribbling around on one breast. It was thick and some of it ran down her side. After her entire left breast seemed covered with the substance, she could feel Frank drawing designs, dribbling the cool liquid around on her belly.

He drew some dainty circles around on her stomach, then dribbled some right on her aroused clit, making her gasp at the sensation.
She felt his finger touch her down there for an instant, then something wet pressed against her lips. She opened up her mouth and licked. It was chocolate!

“Yum!” she moaned. “God! Am I covered in chocolate?”

“Yep!” Frank replied, “and I’m going to lick it all off!”

“Oh, God!” Tanya murmured as she felt his mouth greedily suck up a chocolate covered nipple.

Frank’s wet, tickling tongue chased the sticky, wet chocolate around her breast and down the side of her rib cage, all the way to the sheet she was lying on. Tanya was so aroused now that she couldn’t hold still. Finally, Frank stopped teasing her tickle spots on her rib cage and began licking up the trails of chocolate he’d made on her belly, slowly moving down toward her chocolate covered pussy.

As his warm, liquid tongue moved farther down her belly, Tanya kept pushing up with her torso, raising her pelvis into the air, desperate for him to touch her down there. She moaned in frustration as he licked all around her clitoris, missing it with every sensual lick as she twisted back and forth, trying to introduce her clitoris to his warm, lapping tongue. Then, it finally happened!

“Aaa – Ah!” Tanya cried out as Frank’s tongue landed squarely, right on her hard little clit! The sensation was incredible and she writhed uncontrollably as her first married orgasm ever flooded through her body, completely overwhelming her.

“Wow, baby,” she heard Frank exclaim with surprise. “Fire hydrant!”

After her first big cum, Frank returned to her clitoris, delicately licking it with his tongue, not giving her a chance to settle down. Tanya kept crying out and squirming, one moment crushing her pelvis up against his face, the next moment trying desperately to escape his unmerciful tongue-lashing.

After a few minutes of pure tongue torture, Frank let his new bride relax, his tongue too tired to do anything more right now. Tanya lay gasping on the bed, her arms and legs still tied, her body covered with a fine glistening sheen and lots of sticky chocolate tongue streaks.

Frank leaned down and licked from the bottom of her soaking wet pussy lips all the way up to her clitoris, giving her one final ear-shattering orgasm. Tanya lay on the bed for several minutes, twitching every few seconds as another tiny orgasm escaped through her over-sensitized body.
Whimpering weakly with every exhalation, Tanya felt around with one hand and finally managed to pull the red blindfold away from her eyes.
“Oh, God, you are so fucking incredible…” she murmured, still out of breath from her orgasms.

“Glad you liked it,” Frank joked. He was still sporting a handsome hard-on, but didn’t seem to be in a hurry to use it yet. “Want some wine?”

“Yeah,” Tanya sighed weakly.

Frank got the bottle out and carefully lowered the rim of the bottle to Tanya’s lips. He poured just a little, then stopped. After she swallowed, he poured a little more, then took a big swig himself and put the bottle back. Spying several droplets on moisture on Tanya’s breasts, he gently rubbed them in with his hand.

“There’s more cake,” Frank suggested, bringing out the big piece he’d cut earlier.

“God,” Tanya gasped, looking at it. “We can’t eat all that! I’d be unconscious for a week!”

Frank grinned and broke off a piece, offering it up to Tanya’s lips. After feeding her a couple of small bites, he ate some, himself, then got up on his knees.

Tanya shrieked her pleasure and surprise as she watched Frank take the rest of the piece of cake and begin to masturbate with it, completely coating his hard cock with cake and white frosting. Then, putting the remaining cake next to her on the bed, Frank waddled up on his knees to where Tanya could reach him with her mouth. As he got closer, Tanya laughingly tried again and again to stretch toward him, noisily sucking air through that lovely ‘O’ of her sexy mouth.

Finally, he reached her. Not much of the cake got into her mouth, but she had fun enthusiastically trying to lick and suck it all off his cock. There was more cake and icing around her mouth and on her cheeks than she managed to actually swallow.

After a few moments of letting Tanya suck his hard cock and gently fucking her face, Frank pulled away and repositioned himself kneeling between her legs.

“Am I finally going to be fucked by my husband?” Tanya asked hopefully.

Frank didn’t answer. Grinning wickedly, he reached down and picked up the remaining cake lying next to her.

“Oh no!” Tanya cried out. “You’re not going to… Yike!”

Taking the cake, Frank smooshed it all over her belly, smearing cake and icing all over her torso. Taking a big gob of smashed cake in his both hands, he smooshed it up between her tied-open legs. Tanya twisted around wildly, trying to squeeze her pussy lips shut so that no cake would get up inside her. It didn’t work. In only a few seconds, her pussy was full of squishy, mushy white cake and frosting.

Tanya angrily squeezed her pelvis, trying to force it back out. Frank laughed and held his hand tightly against her slit, pushing whatever came out right back in. With a growl of frustration, Tanya dropped her head back and lay there, angrily radiating her upset with him.

Rubbing his hands over her cake-covered torso, Frank positioned himself up against her labia and shoved his hard cock up into her cake-filled pussy.

“Oh, God! That feels fantastic!” Frank cried out as squishy white cake and moist pussy heat surrounded his cock. He began fucking her with earnest, not waiting for her to catch up.

Reaching over and dragging the laundry basket closer, he pulled out the chocolate syrup.

“No!” Tanya cried out, trying to jerk away from him as she realized what he was going to do.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Frank grinned at her as she twitched. “Do that again!”

Tanya jerked again, several times as Frank sprayed chocolate syrup onto her belly and breasts. Slowing down, Frank leaned back and pulled almost all the way out, then covered his exposed cock with chocolate. He could hear Tanya whimper as the cool, thick liquid flowed over her clit and down her pussy lips.

Frank pressed the lid closed, then rammed his chocolate-covered cock back inside her. He laughed in surprise and Tanya yelped as a fountain of sticky chocolate erupted and sprayed up over her belly. Pulling out, Frank rammed her again. There was less of a splash of chocolate this time.

Running his hands lustfully over her sticky belly and breasts, Frank quickly brought Tanya back up to an aroused state. Nobody could ignore that much sensation, although she tried really hard not to let him win.

After a couple of minutes of his hands on her body, she was writhing underneath him, moaning and crying out, her body flooded with orgasmic sensation once again. She was so full of sticky stuff that she didn’t feel his orgasm. But she knew he came when he rammed into her extra hard a couple times, holding intense pressure against her clitoris with his pelvis as his entire torso twitched several times.

Lying next to her afterwards, Frank ran his fingers up and down her sweet, sticky belly.

“God, you’re a lovely mess,” he murmured, then he fell asleep, his arm resting across her sticky, chocolate covered stomach.

Tanya worked her hands free from the shirtsleeves, then twisted around to lay on her side, her legs still spread, but now in a walking position. Pushing her sticky breasts up against his face, she lay down, thinking about suffocating him in all that gooey chocolate he’d promised to eat. She fell asleep before she could manage it, however, completely exhausted from all those wonderful orgasms.

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Sara's Awakening Part 4

The first paragraph is Sara still remembering. After that it jumps back to her in bed where the story began. The next few weeks brought much of the same. During the week she went to school but on the weekends she waited for daddy to go to work so she could continue learning about sex. She studied the videos and read forums. She was learning fast how to make a man cum and was desperate to try it out for real but the only man she wanted was her father. Sara opened her eyes to find her door was closed again...


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My Girlfriend Serena

I simply walked into my apartment and handed the bag to my girlfriend and sit on the other chair across from hers and eat my salad quietly as the noise of the television filters through the otherwise silent room. I silently watch her eat as she stares at the television screen. I get up to throw away my salad. As I walk past her I can feel her eyes lingering on my body. I return to my seat silently. Even wearing an old tank top and a pair of yoga pants she's still beautiful. Her creamy soft skin shines brightly from...


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A cold evening on the campus

It was the middle of December, three days before the college broke for Christmas. The days had become really short, and if you lived in the middle of a concrete forest like I did, really cold. I was in second year then, having given the end semester examinations, and trying to enjoy the few days that remained before we all headed off for our homes. But one can only enjoy as much with an empty hostel, most of my mates having departed already inspite of the fact that college was still on. Not so for me, my parents would mail me...


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My Life 7 - 3-some with my sister and my best mate

Susan announced a few days later that she had wanted to have a threesome with me and Colin. She had declared it was only fair as I had been with her and Lynne and she was keen to broaden her horizons. I think she was also curious to see the pair of us together and although Sue hadn’t told Colin that I had been watching the pair of them through the keyhole when she and Colin had sex, I felt sure Colin wouldn’t mind sharing her with me. I made the suggestion to Colin later that afternoon, when he came over...


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Sam 25

Solar time unit = year planetary time unit = day ------------------------------- Sam was tired that was certain. The fight he'd had with Triot had used up the last of his reserves. The sunlight he could feel was helping though not fast enough, for him. The power presence that he'd felt earlier, was coming closer. Reaching out he felt the barrier he'd put up. Not the strongest he'd ever done, though he hoped that it held. A stirring beside him had him looking at Thantas, a small groan sounding in her thoughts. I feel weaker than I did when I emerged from...


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